Season 4 Episode 9


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2007 on FOX

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  • Wow! The story about the game and what we, humans, do to win it was spectacular.

    I have to tell the truth, I barely remember the patient or what was wrong with him. The contestants of the game capture completely my attention. And of course Wilson and his misdiagnosis.
    Cuddy gave House an ultimatum: Pick the final two for the end of the week or the rest of them would start getting paid from his salary. She told him while he was watching General Hospital, what a way to ruin for him his beloved soap opera.
    The patient was a punk rocker who was a drug addict. Our favorite doctor came up with the idea of make a diagnosis game: Whoever figure out what was wrong with Quidd (our patient of the week) first will be the first hired and the second person would be picked on point system, spontaneously introduced by House. The turn of every contestant to participate (run the tests)was the possession of House's resident eyeball statuette.
    And the game begins: we can see what we are capable to do pursuing our goals. This was the heart of the episode. We saw loyal competitors and not so loyal ones. The struggle between Amber and Thirteen was really good.
    Wilson story was so good. He misdiagnosed a case of terminal cancer, telling a patient he only had six months old to live, when he was just fine. House ( and I have to admit it, I was too) amuse by the way we react to dead. Never is the same. The guy was so upset to be perfectly healthy. He snuck his way in to the meeting when Wilson broke the good news - except that the guy didn't take it that way, since he'd already had three goodbye parties, had sold his house and had bought a ticket to Italy. Which, of course, fascinated House even more. Wilson's crazy patient decided to sue him, because for those three months he thought he was dying, he did more living than he had in his entire life. And, as it turned out,the absurd idea to sue came from none other than House, who was doing it to teach Wilson a lesson. Some things never change.
    At the end, just Taub and Kutner were the lucky ones. Amber, alias CTB) seem to care too much. Thirteen was a pawn.
    My favorite scene in the episode was at the end between House and Cuddy: "At least the game is over" "How long have you known me?"