Season 8 Episode 16

Gut Check

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 09, 2012 on FOX

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  • the Ultimate practical joke!

    I give props to House for this one. Normally I can sympathize with Wilson but on this one he was just a sucker and he deserved every bit of it. And if I had a friend like House that put all that time and money into pulling a prank like that then I would be amazed and proud that he spared no expenses to ensure I got what I deserved.

    The case itself wasn't that interesting but I really liked Chase trying to be nicer to Park. I have known awkward girls like her and its quite a chore to try to be nice to them. They are socially awkward and live in their own little world. I think Chase was trying to be nice and Park is trying to live out her fantasy in spite of it all.

    BAD.nothing worked...totally boring..yet again..The whole season has been a waste except for maybe 3 or 4 episodes. Show is going out with nothing left and nothing emotionally charged with it. ..i think 5 episodes left..can they at least come up with something (and they have already WRAPPED production was tweeted by one of the producers a few days ago so they are DONE shooting this show) to end on a decent note. too litle too late already--shows numbers are quite low (and they should be) all that is left are the loyal and the blind...the loyal would appreciate something well written for the final five..the Blind theink THIS was a GOOD episode Seasons 1-6 and then tell me this is a"Good" episode. It;s just BAD. The show jumped the shark the minue Hosue drove a car into Cuddy';s house and has never recovered .inceredibly poor writing has led to what we have now..nothing left to offer. They should have taken outside scripts..but this show has been a CLOSED series to outside writers.
  • Gut Check

    I get it. I understand everyone's frustration, but I think people are being extremely negative. House is still an incredible show, and maybe this episode was a tad predictable, it was still funny and interesting. Think about ANY other show, the 8th season is always not as good as the 2nd or 3rd one, BUT WOULD YOU REALLY PREFER TO BE OUT OF HOUSE? I am dreading the day when this show will end, because where would I get my medical knowledge? Also, they will start the finale arc in the 19th episode, so get ready for an awesome ride two weeks from now. Focus, and I'm sure you can find a lot to be entertained by in this episode. Miller Fisher is an AWESOME diagnosis, and the medicine was solid, about the plasmapheresis being a temporary cure? GENIUS! Wilson's naive nature is always funny - all in all, not as good as most of their shocking-type endings, but as I always say, even House at its absolute worst shouldn't get anything less than a 7.5, but I added a point because I love the medicine.

    (and by the way, to the person who said: "get outside scripts"? That is exactly what they are doing, which IS THE PROBLEM! this episode was co-written by Jamie Conway,and the last was written by Daniel Weiss, BOTH FIRST TIME WRITERS! get ur info straight man - and I think that it is SHIT that they don't bring back Lawrence Kaplow, and don't make Liz Freidman write more, because those guys brought me to tears every time)
  • Embarrassingly Bad

    They should be ashamed of this episode. The Wilson / son plot line was totally implausible, the machinations of it were completely illogical and unrealistic. If they're running on fumes, it will be a shame that after eight years all people will member is that they put out some really garbage episodes
  • Gut Check

    I think this episode was below House's Standard.

    Since this is the last season, I would expect every episode to be of higher standards, or at least up to par with what I call House Standard Episodes which is at least 8.5 or higher according to rating system above.

    I probably seem like I'm being a little too harsh, however it's because I love House so much and because House has always put out great episodes, I think my expectations are too high for this season.

    Don't get me wrong, I really liked this episode, but according to House's average, I would think that this final season would be House's finest.

    I hope the next few episodes are amazing.

  • Gut Check

    The Good Wife just did a hockey episode, including dealing with enforcers and faking the ready to play test, but tonight's episode was still solid and better than some of the other recent installments. It did not feel like the show was limping to the finish line for the first time in awhile.

    The Secret Life's Greg Finley actually did a solid job as the hockey player, but the medical mystery turned into more about morality and goals than figuring out what was wrong with him. Wilson having a kid, only for it to be an actor was a nice twist too.

    Strong show tonight.