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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • A very interesting house, lots of classical piano. Also, special guest appearance as the main character, by Dave Matthews.

    A very interesting house, lots of classical piano. Also, special guest appearance as the main character, by Dave Matthews. Also guest appearing is the father figure from That 70s show; Red. You can not really tell it is him until you hear his distinct voice. This episode was especially insightful because you get to see Gregg House's talent at the piano. There are several points in the episode where he does duets with Dave Matthews on the piano. This is also one of those episodes where House makes a highly controversial call (removing half a brain) to end result: a life saving operation.
  • House has cancer.

    "You should be making out with Cameron!" That was my favorite scene, everyone was so giddy, seriously, "I'm so glad I didn't sleep with you." House was an ass in this episode, he could of just told the truth to his team. From the start, and House kisses Cameron, that was so amazing & it was just to get his blood, messed up, and it looks like Chase & Cameron are continuing to sleep together, And House gets to grab Cuddy's ass, so that's always good. About the patient,I didn't know you could live without half your brain, pretty kooky. The end was the best, one of the best episodes ever!
  • House has cancer.

    "You should be making out with Cameron!" That was my favorite scene, everyone was so giddy, seriously, "I'm so glad I didn't sleep with you." House was an ass in this episode, he could of just told the truth to his team. From the start, and House kisses Cameron, that was so amazing & it was just to get his blood, messed up, and it looks like Chase & Cameron are continuing to sleep together, And House gets to grab Cuddy's ass, so that's always good. About the patient,I didn't know you could live without half your brain, pretty kooky. The end was the best, one of the best episodes ever!
  • Dark yet beautiful- A very special episode.

    This was the best episode of the Season so far. A fantastic piece of writing from the writers. The story of a brain damage mad who so beautifully played the piano- House's care of him was quite extraordinary, and the way they played piano together was a beautiful piece of television.

    The decision at the end was kind of cruel, but touching that the father (brilliantly acted btw) chose to give his son a life rather than the piano was also beautifully and touchingly written.

    On the other hand, House stoops to a new love and fakes cancer. The episode kept me guessing the first time, wondering what he was hiding and the outcome would be resolved. It also gave room for some great character development. The team showed their care for House- annnnnnnnd there was THAT kiss! Three Seasons we waited for a House and Cameron kiss! It was compelling television.

    Furthermore, it showed just how much Chase and Foreman respected him, albeit in different ways, and how House is trying to distance himself from society. The end of the episode was quite touching, as he seems to make an effort of integrating with his team.

    All in all, a very clever and beautiful episode- one of the all time bests.
  • House may die - and he doesn't care.

    When a brain damaged patient who is also a piano genius collapses House tries to find out why he's on the one hand musically gifted but on the other hand not able to button up his own shirt. Meanwhile his team, Cuddy and Wilson find out that he's going to Boston to an oncologist and realize that House has terminal brain cancer. They all worry but House doesn't seem to care and focuses on trhe patient. In the end his team finds a way to save him but that's not what House wants...

    This episode marks a new low - but not a show's low, a low in House's personal struggle in finding a way to be painfree. Although you might consider he didn't want anyone to find out, it was bound to happen and he played with evryone's feelings. I liked this episode because I always wondered if there wasn't something to it (although it was clear they wouldn't kill House, duh), maybe that House would have only three years to live. I also liked the patient and the musical concept, especially with Hugh Laurie playing the piano, he's really good. Finally it was interesting how House's friends reacted to him dying and the way they all care for him although he's an annoying jerk.

    Very strong episode with an interesting patient and an insensitive House.
  • The subplot on this one is out of this world. It takes the cake - even for House!

    My oldest son has autism. Part of this show threw me back over 20 years. The patient in this episode had a traumatic brain injury at the age of 10. As an adult, he is a savant who plays the piano. On TV, savants are all over the place. In real life, savants are extremely rare.

    Sometimes, the young man parrots what has benn said to him. My son used to do this when he was learning to speak. This is called echolalia. Luckily, my son got past this point.

    I could empathize with the father. There are times my husband and I had to make some gut wrenching decisions. We had to chose between two things, when in reality, the best thing would have been to have both.

    The ending was very charming. There is a bit of the unknown, but things look promising.

    SPOILER ALERT: Do not read past this point if you have not seen this episode and want to be surprised!

    The part where House has inoperable brain cancer was crazy, especially since he was faking it! I was so blown away. I could not stop laughing. This was so wild, even for House.
  • probably one of my favorite episodes

    I loved everything about this episode, the introduction: I liked how Cameron cames in and sees the package, and when House asked if Cameron and Chase took a shower together, that was funny. The patient in this show was very unique, and i really liked how House considered giving him back his life by removing one half of his brain, it shows how personally House took this case, and how passionate he is about playing the piano. The whole scam with the brain cancer, i thought was hilarious. Yes cancer is serious and not to be made fun of, but everyone's reactions and the way they were acting before and after they found out the truth set a hilarious contrast. Loved the Cameron/House kiss, I've been waiting for that. Also, the House-Cuddy-ass-squeeze was fabulous! Everything about this episode was great, i think it might be my favorite!
  • Cameron baiting House. Chase hugging House. Foreman admitting to like House. Wilson upset for House. Cuddy worried for House.

    House only wanted to get high. In fact, he always wants to get high. However his reasons for wanting to get high is to relieve his undying pain. But to plant something in your brain!? Pills >> Implants
    Everyone meeds to feel good right? This episode shows a lot about House.

    Adored the way everyone was so worried about him and in the end it really slapped them in the face how House was lying to them. Well, not really, but still. I think they forgot to acknowledge the fact that he must have been going through a lot of pain for him to want to implant something into his brain. "I'm sorry you're dying. I'm going to hug you. Anything to say?"

    Aw... Chase.

    And Cameron being manipulative? Funny, odd, new and well recieved by me.

    I think the whole plot was rather ingenius.

    Yay for sly and miserable House!
  • Third season proves to be more and more striking and this episode just has all what needed and even more.

    After three-four House episodes what proved more and more better it was hard to believe that the set level could be passed and new level set. This episode is just superb.

    First, the really great "medical" story. There have been many special patience (almost all)but this one stands out. Well acted, most say.

    There are plenty of tensions between characthers and their development. And when we usually learn something about Cameron (I do not know why I feel like this) this time House has it's place.

    This episode defenetly has many of those moments when you laugh, when you just stare mouth open and think - OMG how this can be.

    My favorite places: Camerot trying to backstab, the thinking what the episode left after it is found out why House did it.. how desperate he most be?; all of them worrying, Chase hugging House.. and so one..

    Superb episode
  • House...

    Great episode, guest starring Dave Matthews and Kurtwood Smith. It was great to see everybody: all the team, Wilson and Cuddy worried about House. But nobody expected he was faking a brain cancer. The reason? He wanted to get high. Even for House, this was weird. Meanwhile, they treat a brain-damaged musical prodigy with inexplicable abilities. I loved the end, when Wilson makes a comparison between House and the cancer patients. And the part when he notices the others at a bar getting-together and having a good time. I want to see what happened then, when he goes inside... It was also great to see Hugh Laurie playing piano.
  • An obese man is admitted after collapsing while house pretends he has cancer to gain accentance into a drug trial

    It was interesting to see the House's team reaction to his supposed illness when all he ever seems to do is give them a hard time. Both Wilson and Cutty joined in with their concern also showing that House can't be all bad. House's diagnostic skills seemed to to be preduiced by the patient's weight but like always he comes through with a last minute diagnosis. The team varying attitude to the patient shows the various attitudes to patient obesity. Cameron seems to be becoming more like House in her dis reguard for hospital rules and her admittance of unauthorised drug to keep the patient in hospital. Another thought provoking episode.
  • The team goes through the motion to save their boss, or so they think....

    Half-Wit is a difficult episode to analyze because it has some strong performances by Guest Star “Kurtwood Smith” who plays a very dedicated father and very bad ones from Jesse Spencer who plays Chase who couldn’t pull off the crying part, House is dying or so the staff think, everyone has an opinion and House is dodging all responsibility, he mislead the team and by doing so, he ends up alone with a guy that has a partially dead brain… he goes to the extreme by telling the father that the surgery is necessary in order to give his son the chance of some kind of life, the piano duets were fabulous showing once again the mad skills Hugh Laurie has as an actor. The icing on the cake were the kissing scene with the manipulative Cameron (who is actually sleeping with Chase), the Foreman putting things in order angle and Wilson explaining House the difference between being depressed and feeling alone… small steps to a normal man, huge leaps to a person like House, who antisocial personality we grown to enjoy over the course of the series. Solid Work.
  • Season 3 Episode 15

    Well, faking a brain cancer in order to get high was kind of unexpected. Even for House. Anyway, it's also true that House is House (as Cuddy says LOL) and you never know when it comes to him.

    The highlight was how the others reacted when they thought House would die. Chase was the funniest. "I'm going to hug you. Anything to say?"
    When Cameron kissed House so that she could stab a needle in his back and run tests, his face was just priceless.
    Even Foreman has shown he is human. :D
    I think Cuddy was the most affected by the whole thing. She didn't even try to prevent House from removing Patrick's half brain. :D Well, okay, maybe she did try, but you could see she wasn't convinced. LOL

    The medical case was really good. Patrick, pianist genius, and his father did a very good job. Besides the seizures were realistic. I liked when his father asked if he was happy and, seeing there was no reply, he made up his mind and gave consent to the surgery.

    Wilson's dressing down was great. Even House seemed impressed. :D

    I liked the ending... nice but not too mushy. All in all, perfect episode.
  • House has a health problem and the team work hard to find a 'cure'

    House sunk to a new low. Using another patients 'brain cancer' results just to get high. I've got to admit I was almost in tears when they said he had only a year to live. The look on Dr. Cameron's face made me hate him love him again. I liked the bit where she kissed him and tried to get a blood sample, and he just went along with it. The storyline with the father and son was touching, especially when the son buttons up his shirt at the end. I also liked the end when House goes and joins the team at that restaurant. Didn't see much of Cuddy in this episode, but the whole 'one giant ass for mankind' was cool. This episode was great.
  • House is carrying it to excess

    This was really unbelievable - even for House... Faking cancer to get high? He must have known that someone was gonna find out and get upset about it, how could he not anticipate that? It was really awful... just to get high? I can't get over this... And how can Wilson stand this?

    However, I loved the reactions of everyone when they found out. Even Foreman was nice and Chase hugging him? And then the hug with Cuddy - one small feel for man, one giant ass for mankind!! :D
    Then there still was that kiss... Cameron shouldn't have gone that far! Well, I'm also still wondering if she's really over House and what's the thing with Chase all about. She doesn't seem like the kind of woman to do this casual thing...
  • It's a revealing episode for House's team.

    Well, what was left to me by this episode, is that the team cares about House, although he is who he is. The aspect of cancer and death is enough to diverge the team's interest from the patient, to House (although he doesn't have cancer). I suppose they do see him as mentor, although they have these conflicts in each case. However, what the team gained in this episode, House lost. Although he tried to keep a lid on it, and prevent leaks, Cameron and Chase used the same method of B & E, to discover the truth. It's another episode where House tries to push away the people that care about him. At the end, though, he really understands the mistake, and makes up for it. I do believe that the writers should have stolen couple of minutes to present what went on in that restaurant.
  • i really like this and the next episodes

    Quotes just not from this episode! Cameron : the bedrooms down the hall Chase : youve been here before Cameron: no but where else would it be ( chase walks by cameron ) Chase : come with? Cameron : Your scared iof him catching us breaking into his home but your not scared of him catching us doing it in his bed! Chase : im gonna get fired anyway! Quote 2 Chase : do we have to solve a 20 year old case before breakfast? House : Did you two shower togeather ? ( asking chase and cameron) Chase and Cameron : NO House : Double no thats a yes Quote 3 : Cameron : ( talkin to chase ) so i think we should have sex Chase : Well that makes sence... Cameron : Despite the wisedom of pop songs theres no point of puttign our lives on hold until love comes along.. Were both healthy and busy people. and we work togeather so its convient Chase : like microwave pizza? Cameron : And of all the people i work with your the one im least likely to fall in love with Chase : Like microwave pizza Cameron : THe point here is to make things simpler not more complicated. Some day there will be time to get serious about someone. mean while we already had sex once and you didnt get weird about it! Chase : I get it i get it! So what if im offended by ur jugdement Cameron : THen your not the man im looking for. ( cameron walks away he smiles and follows her ) Quote 4: Chase : I heard you changed your mind about that drink Cameron : yah come on in Chase : i hear theres this new place.... ( cameron grads him and kiss's him ) Chase : are you high? Cameron : A huh ( kiss's him again ) Chase : i thought the lab disposed of the drugs Cameron : not all of them ( cameron starts to un button his shirt while kissin him ) Chase : whoa slow down your pupils are dialated ( cameron takes his shirt off ) Cameron : oh come on chaase dont turn into a good guy on me now! ( continues kissing him then ends up in bed ) ........>>>> The next day in the bathroom Chase : take this it will calm you down Cameron : Why are you so calm Chase : Considering your coming off meth Chase : We should probably forget about last night Cameron : Yuo dont want it to happen again Chase : When 2 ppl have had sex inless it sucks if they can do it again they will do it again and thats where it gets complicated.... and it didnt suck ( chase walks away and cameron smurks ) my favourite quotes
  • The best show ever

    I think Half Wit was a good episode and I really llke Dave Matthews. He did a great job. I did not know alot about him but it was a good idea to put him along side Hugh in this episode. I think the show has alot to offer meaing that there are issues that will be iron out in future episodes.

    As with every episode of House it keeps geting better. I just love this show and the cast. My favourite is Hugh laurie and then Robert Sean Leonard. The others are great they add their bits to make it a great show
  • Try to help the music prodigy Patrick. House is diagnosed with brain cancer..................

    I really enjoyed this episode. This episode really showed the sarcasm and arrogance of House which is one of the main reasons I love this show. Patrick, a musical genius, is admitted to the hospital. Of course House chooses to take the case. He brings in a piano for Patrick to play and House plays with him. House plays the unfinished song that he wrote in Junior High and Patrick finishes it. House later on tells Wilson about it and says it's perfect. I think this really bothered House because it showed that Patrick wasn't a genius but he was genius enough to finish House's song. Which,might have made House jealous. Now, House is secretly communicating with another hospital in Boston and his team finds out about it. They start investigating and Cuddy finally calls them and asks what's going on. She soon figures out it's not a job offering but he is a patient. And later on they come to the conclusion of House having brain cancer. Now of course everyone is freaking out and they're like 'Oh I'm here for you House' blah blah blah. They are also trying to find a way of treatment to heal his cancer which is an up-hill journey. Now getting back to Patrick, House has figured out(of course) that if they cut out the right hemisphere of Patricks brain it will help him live a normal life but he will never be able to play the piano again. Which once again I think House wanted. So he gets the dad to agree and Patrick is cured to some extent. And at the end of the episode, Cameron, Chase and Foreman figure out that House doesn't have brain cancer and tell him. And to their suprise he gets angry cause he already knows, he just wanted the drug injected in his head. This actually really suprised me. I still can't believe that he would go that far but it's House and House is House.

  • House, oh House, you are a genious but...

    ... you really have to go see a shrink.
    During this season, he's been really crossing far beyond the line.
    First with the cop's anal consultation (by the way, great episodes. It was great to see someone ready to defeat our "mr. Know all"), but as always, our dear Dr. manipulated everybody and got what he wanted (which goes against Stones' lyrics "You can't always get what you want" - theme of one of HOuse's episode - I don't remeber which one).
    So in this episode, once more he passes the line. He's a real blo...y son of a b... I was quite disappointed on him in the end when they all found out he's faked everything. If he continues like that, he will eventually and once more, get what he wants: to be hated by everyone else.
    In fact, our great Dr. House needs a psychiatrist urgently.
    That's the problem with him. Fortunately, in the end, we see a glimpse of humanity which leaves him a chace to have a cure to his illness.
    Anyway and even though, he is a great doctor and person too.
  • House’s team have to deal with a genius pianist who’s loosing his ability to play and House’s possible brain cancer.

    First, I would like to apologize for the following awful english written review!!!!!
    And, now : at last, an episode about music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a great musician like Laurie, it was a shame that no episode, until now, was about music! So, this one is positively among the greatest, so far : clever, funny, emotional, AND, of course, romantic. Sometimes, all this in the same time.
    There were two scenes I liked particularly. First one, when House and Patrick play together, in the Patrick’s room. So much emotion. And obviously the second... the kiss!!!!!!!!! To be honest, I saw this scene so many times that I lost count! And I have to say : whatever, the shippers (one of whom I am!), the non shippers, the hameron and huddy say! This kiss was definitely hot! Not the hottest ever, but nonetheless!! And as romantic as it was funny! Love it! An other thing, I’ve noticed in this scene, that I’ve never noticed before (shame on me!) : Hugh Laurie has the most sexiest profile I’ve ever seen. Well! Actually, it’s not his profile, it is three quarter back, to be precise. I’m serious. It's obvious at the end of the kiss. Watch and tell me!!
    Of course, the rest of the ep was in the same vein, the Chase’s hug made me laugh out loud. Same thing for the scene when they come and tell him that he has not cancer. I like Foreman in this scene, particularly his remark about what House should do with Cameron. Knowing what we know from the previous ep, it’s hilarious.
    I didn’t see all the eps of the third season (I’ve just begun). Too impatient, I directly jumped on the 15th. but I like what they did with their characters. I already like each of them, in their own manner. But I found the character of Chase particularly interesting : from the indifferent and pretty selfish rich kid of the team, in the first season, he became more involved, and I found the hug scene very significant about his evolution. As for Cameron, she is becoming as tricky as House himself. Anyway, she’s trying. Obviously, she has a good teacher, even if, he’s still a wagon forward.
    One last thought about the kiss : I didn’t read anything about House being a head taller than Cameron, and yet, she didn’t need to force him to bend forward. Yeah, well, she grabbed her shirt, but he didn’t seem to resist very much, don’t you think?! What is it supposed to mean???
    So, eventually, a very good episode with so many promises for what’s coming next.
  • The final season of House.

    Our hero only has 12 months to live. Enough time for one final season ... perhaps.

    House is seeking treatment for a brain tumor. The treatment won't cure him however. It is basically a mega dose of an anti-depressant drug injected directly into the brain.

    His colleagues find out and are suitably devastated. He gets a long lingering kiss from Cameron, a surprisingly touching hug from Chase, and that fellow hard ass Foreman even admits that he likes him. He even gets to give the boss a pinch on the ass.

    Some have speculated that the reason for this drug was to allow House to get "high". I don't agree with that. House is miserable. As Cameron pointed out from his High School magazine ... House was the only one not smiling. House doesn't want to get high ... he just wants to stop feeling bad.

    Nice bit at the end when he joins his colleagues for pizza.

    Oh something about and idiot savant, great pianist, brain surgery, etc.
  • House has cancer! Oh no!

    Another fine example from the boys and girls over at House.

    This was a fine episode, and a big part of that goes to Dave Matthews. Who knew the guy could act? (Well, I'm sure if you've seen any of those movies he's been in you do. But I don't.)

    House's "sorta-kinda-not-really-cancer" story in this episode was kind of interesting, mostly in the ways that the characters interacted with him once they "found out." One thing that did bug me a little, however, was the way House's "crack medical team" dropped everything - like their dying patient - to try and get House into a clinical trial of some sort. If House were a real doctor in a real hospital, they'd be fired in three seconds flat. I mean, Cameron does stuff like this on a regular basis, because...well, that's just Cameron. But Foreman and Chase aren't usually like that. Poo poo on that, I say. Serves you guys right for finding out that he just wanted to get high. Come on, you guys - it's House!

    Speaking of that, you'd think by now House would just chop off that leg. If he's so concerned about ways to get rid of that pain that ails him so, why doesn't he just lose it? I mean, he doesn't have any trouble at all removing half a guy's brain just so he can learn to button his shirt. And he'd probably walk better with a prosthetic leg, too. Silly, silly House (and silly writers).

    All in all, a pretty decent episode. I'm looking forward to the next one - simply because it means we get eight new episodes in a row. Hallelujah!

    This episode was one of the best.
    'Cause every emotion was in it.
    It was terrible sad, so damn funny and much more.
    Every scene was a highlight.
    And Dave Matthews was so great. House and he on the piano it was amazing. The whole music in the episode was perfect.
    And the Cuddy-House moments just breath-taking. I don't like the kiss between him and Cameron, but as he grabbed Cuddy's ass ... priceless.

    So it was perfect, maybe a bit too much, but perfect!!!
  • The greatest episode of House ever.

    The old witty, lying House is back and as great as ever! With continuing tensions rising (and climaxing with an ultimately ulterior-motive ridden kiss) with Cameron and several heart-warming hugs from team members (Chase and Cuddy) we can tell the whole group is getting closer. When House fakes brain cancer, to get high of course, the unwitting team swoops in with support and desperate acts to save him. Chase and Cameron, apparently together, also have a certain tension rising between them. However, in an otherwise serious case of an idiot savant, House is there with cutting remarks and hilarious asides that had me in stitches the whole time. Truly, the dialogue and the humor was at a level the likes of which we have not seen since the beginning of the Tritter mess.
  • A mixed bag: brilliant episode until the last few minutes. But the last few minutes manage to ruin the awesome build-up, by reshowing one aspect of House's character which has been done to death.

    House returns but only for a week - so to impress the fans, the writers decide to make an episode - just for the fans.

    That being said, it was very promising. Interesting medical case, and a very very good subplot: House has brain cancer?

    Surely, it was shocking, dramatic, and very sad, but I was praying that it will turn out to be real. I don't want House to die, but I also want to see him 'suffer'. He's done alot of bad things.

    But instead of us seeing House redeeming, or showing a small sign of being sorry, he digs himself even deeper.

    Unfortunately, this was done several times before, and David Shore, you and your team might think this is working - and yes, it does, for majority of people - but the minority who it doesn't work for is growing: it's getting boring.

    How many more times it's gotta be proven that House is uncivilized, doesn't care, and is willing to break the rules to get what he wants?

    I want to see the opposite now. I thought the painfully dragged Tritter storyline will actually make a difference... I was wrong.

    Although the medical case was interesting, by the end of the episode it was pummeled by the subplot, and I think most of us couldn't care less about the patient. Overally, the writers put alot of effort in this episode to impress the fans, which succeed for the majority, but definitely not for everyone. I also believe that the whole Cameron/Cuddy + House 'ship' is getting dragged away: someone should make the first 'step' already.
  • musical savant is admitted and house works to try and cure him before it's too late.

    First off I have to say that I am impressed with the acting done by Dave Matthews in this episode. I thought he played his part well. I really enjoyed all the piano scenes. That must have been cool for Hugh to jam with Dave a little on the piano. I didn't know it was possible to remove half of your brain. When they showed the scene where the surgeons are operating on his head and his brain was exposed, I thought that might be a little far-fetched but I am not a doctor so I do not know if that is possible or not. Anyway I thought it was a great episode with great acting.
  • very good episode very sad and interesting.

    the plot of this episode is that a very experienced pianist is having problems with seizures, hand crippling and life threatening health. during the patients mess, House pretends that he has brain cancer because he is treating another patient secretly. though House knows that he is making a mistake he visits cuddy's home and grabs cuddys butt and makes hilarious quotes about her. the patient (half-wit) makes a baeutiful ending to House's song on the piano and House still calls him a idiot. Very funny episode but sad endings and emotions flying about. at the end House tells the patients father that he needs to remove the right side of the brain for permanently having no seizures.
  • I don't think I'm the only one, but I thought the last episode was bit too much fanfiction instead of a regular House episode.

    I don't think I'm the only one, but I thought the last episode was bit too much fanfiction instead of a regular House episode. It seemed very random of House to pretend to have cancer so he could be able to get this implant to get him high all the time. Thus it caused everyone to act all nice to him and was the set up for House and Cameron's kiss. It didn't make too much sense to me. I don't think they portrayed Cameron's thoughts too well. It just raised more questions to me. Why was it done? What does House think? They didn't really answer too much but just ended it with House's supposed depression as a not surprising result of his antisocial behavior. Of course most people don't really care too much about the story and focused on all the giddy actions and romance, but I'll admit it's good to have it but it wasn't set up properly. It was just forced. It's takes the attention away from medical mystery story. I can only hypothesize that the show is going down this route because there isn't really much else to do and it's a way to stoke the fanbase but I'm sure there others that will be turned off by this change.
  • A Super Episode from one of my favorite shows

    Loved Dave Matthews as the half-wit; Emmy material IMHO.

    I was left wondering if House is really going to change (stooping to fraternize with associates in the final scene). If he does change will we all continue to watch or is his weird personality the real grabber in this show?
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