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  • The episode I NEVER thought I'd actually see. (SPOILERS)

    Wow, I am kind of just sitting here stunned after watching the season 6 finale of House. This is the episode I never thought I'd see.

    The very beginning of the episode is a jumble of scenes: House, dazed, broken, bloody, clutching something in his hand...could it be...vicodin?

    Then we cut to eight hours earlier. House gives Cuddy a housewarming present, since she and Lucas are planning to finally move in together.

    Right after that, they go to the scene of a huge disaster. A crane has crashed into a building with devastating results. The whole area looks like a bomb went off. At this point, the plot goes in two different directions. Back at the hospital, the operator of the wrecking crew is being attended to by the diagnostic team. Everyone else thinks he just fell asleep at the wheel, causing the accident, but House suspects there's an underlying cause at work. Meanwhile, House discovers a young wife named Hannah, whose leg is pinned beneath the rubble. She has the option of having her leg amputated, but is staunchly against it. House makes a speech to Hannah where he basically tells her that he is a hardened, broken man who has lived with the pain of a mangled limb every day of his life. He says the pain has warped him as a human being. He's speaking to Hannah, but it seems like he's also speaking to Cuddy, admitting he wishes he was a different person. It's so uncomfortably raw and poignant.

    In this episode, House is basically reaching a crisis point. Wilson kicked him out, therapy isn't working, Cuddy is going to marry Lucas, he tried to save Hannah and failed, he has driven everyone away. He's not doing drugs anymore, but he's STILL miserable. My heart breaks for him.

    When House finally goes home, he stares in the mirror for a moment. In that one moment, Hugh Laurie displays such vulnerability....his self loathing is so evident. Then House rips the mirror off the wall to reveal a hidden stash of vicodin.

    Cuddy walks in as he sits on the floor, the pills in his hand, the choice unmade. She tells him she's broken it off with Lucas, because she loves House and she wants to give a relationship with him a try. She helps him up off the floor...they kiss. If you're saying "WTF?!" right now, I'm right there with you. When this happened, I was seriously thinking I was the one on drugs. I can say honestly this is the one thing I never expected to happen on House. I had hope that Cuddy and House would get together, but I truly thought she moved on with Lucas and there was ZERO chance something like this would happen. So many things were amazing about this episode. House's vulnerability, his struggle with addiction, (the Huddy kiss)...HOUSE, you have truly blown my mind. I'll be tuning in next season. For sure. I only wish the writers of Bones would follow suit!!
  • this whole season has been just depressing...

    this whole season has been just depressing...

    I gave it a good rating nonetheless because simply put it was a great episode. However, one thing I'm starting to dislike about house is the overall feeling you get when you watch it. Now when I get done watching house I just feel's like super dark and what not. I'm sure most of you can concur even if you like it that way.

    side note: what's up with cuddy at the end? I assumed it was definitely real because even house questioned it as being a possible hallucination..but after reading the reviews I'm starting to wonder. I definitely don't like that idea...

    I liked the first 3 seasons (and even the fourth) because it was just good stories, good cases a stronger balance of plot energy (for lack of better words I suppose). One could say the show was a lot funnier in those days. Looking back on this season I can't remember the last time I laughed while watching an episode. A couple moments here and there perhaps but beyond that the show is too somber.

    I say bring back the House that did anything he could to escape clinic hours and popped too many vicodin.

    I have high hopes for the 7th season but if the show continues onward down its current path I might become disinterested... :O
  • Out of character, jumped the shark or simply character development?

    House season finales tend to be epic. Last 2 seasons, the finales were actually season savers. For this 6th season, my first feeling is that it was a weird episode. The setting , character decisions and outcome felt kinda out of place. Is it a good thing or not, that`s debatable.
    The biggest change here is the Dr. House character himself. Everything he did here FELT pretty much out of character, or was it? Season 6 introduced a new House so to speak, the changes were apparent at the start. In this respect, the events (character wise)of the last 2 episodes of this seasons were quite logical. The thing is that the procedural nature of the show meant they could not just change the character throughout. Fact is that in the middle of the season, we had a somewhat same House as the previous seasons, the therapist angle was inexistent, everything House went through at the end of last season were almost forgotten. And in the pre-finale, the therapist returned and the change in House became relevant again. IMO the events and decisions of the finale are logical given the character development House has been going through. The only hic is that the change was not progressive enough. So it may have felt out of character but it was not really. However has the show jumped the shark? Time will tell. House-Cuddy relationship offers some interesting premises but it might very well not work at all and change what actually made the show so good in the first place. But again, time will tell.
    Overall season 6 is a step up from last 2 seasons. It was great to have the whole team back for a run this season. It is the winning formula and I wished they`d keep it that way. What differentiates this season from the last 2 is its consistency. Very enjoyable how the played with House this season, 6 seasons and the character is all so fresh. The finale was great but not as epic as the last 2...but the fantastic premiere makes up for that. Can`t wait to watch season 7.
  • Fan service crap

    Wow.. where should I begin.. what an utter load of fance service cerap. The whole second half of the episode was like I wasn't even watchin House, more like Grey's Anatomy. I mean trough out the season the changes in House's personality have been suddle and now *boom* in an instance after Cuddy's little drama act House becomes a nice guy? And the in the end Cuddy magically appears into his appartment. And after one 'selfless act' Cuddy is willing to throw away a relationship that has lasted the past season. This episode sunk the series to a new level of low. Only good thing is that we might actually get rid off thirteen.
  • One of the weakest episodes. Ever.

    So the answer to House's great midlife/existential crisis, to his years-long search for relief and redemption, to his unending pain, is Cuddy?!? Let me guess, it was "bring your teenage daughter to work day" and the writers let a bunch of lovestruck 16-year-olds work out the plot.

    And the words... the words have all been said before. Cuddy's little "I love you" speech to House was particularly cheezy and unoriginal.

    With this ham-fisted attempt at crowd-pleasing romance, the writers (who are usually so great with layers and subtlety) have turned House into just another TV drama cardboard cutout. Next thing you know they're going to start doing crossover episodes with Private Practice.
  • I hope that House stay's on for a long time to come, it's one of the best hit series that has hit the television screen in a very long time

    House is one of the best on screen Dr's that has hit the screen since Marcus Welby. He's arrogant , but yet one of the most sensitive and inteligent DR's, that will remembered for years to come. Let's hope that they keep him around for seasons to come. I look for him to come out with his own private practice of his own, Just like DR Addison grey did.He tells tell it just like it is, and I love it. He's funny and brillaint all at that the same time. He's just AWESOME! Keep up the good work! I look forward to every new episode, and i also enjoy the reruns. Whoever writes the scrips , my hat goes off to you. The shows a 11 in my book.

    Thanks Karen
    In Ocala, FL
  • House should ALWAYS take place outside the hospital in next season

    really i don't get it. it's been 6 seasons already and each time season finale are the best episodes. and you know why??? because they take place OUTSIDE the hospital.

    At this point, despite some funny dialogs, i get bored watching House every week, it's always the same setting, the hospital.

    Why can't the screenwriters, at least for one season, come up with a twist: House around the world. It would be so cool to see him solve medical mysteries in Africa, Asia and whatnot. Why couldn't he take just one year off that would also serve as some sorta redemption for him. After all he's all about helping people, but not really if there's no medical mystery in the case.

    And when you think about it, how many rare cases can there be in one hospital, in one region of the USA??? yep, it's quite limited when you think about it.

    How many rare cases he's never heard of except through virtual symposiums without being able to face an actual case? So House could take a year off and tour the world maybe with a NGO or something.

    Seriously, it's time for House to explore the world and go out on the field use his skills to help solve rare case across the globe NCIS style. I'm being sick of watching him confined in his hospital, and witnessing pointless drama going in circle with his fellow workers. I like them, but wouldn't miss them much for a year.

    I think it's the only way that would bring some fresh air to this series, pretty much the same way it did when 24 was set in Africa at the beginning of last season. Changing a setting is always the best way to bring new interest in a show, as long as you keep the discipline in writing and same wit for your main character. I think it would work, because that's what the writers have been doing systematically for each finale of the past few season drawing each time a new interest, but quite too late in my opinion as it's always the last episode of over 20!!!

    House screenwriters: please at least think about it if you read this. Make this happen and it would be an instant hit!
  • A transitional episode but certainly not weak. House is a excellant show! fox could do so much more than the ignorant programmers who decide what is on

    a twist of character as house spends the majority of episode with patient, which expands with the (shock)ending looking forward to new season. Here's the stupidity; Fox should have shown the last three or four episodes before the start of the new season garner both awareness and fan base appreciation. WTF? it's still about rating isn't it you idiot TV programmers? Come on at least have the last few shows available online.I spent the last 5 years not watching much prime time television; disappointing that it has become, but after needing a doctor like house (didn't get one of course) I now have the time to mess around with mind numbing BS thank you to the actors and creators of this program for being as thoughtful and entertaining as they are.
  • Not really "House" quality

    This episode came off like a bad episode of ER. It didn't feel remotely realistic plot wise or in the relationship developments. The even stronger focus on House instead of some of the other characters was meant to build up to the climax to the Cuddy situation, but it didn't seem to work (the big development in 13's situation was really just a small diversion in the end). Cuddy just seems to flick a switch and say "you know what, I change my mind" after House acts nicely/reasonably for 30 seconds. I felt this was some of the weakest writing of any House episode I have seen (it is my favourite show) and even some of the scenese felt a bit corny. Not the best episode of House by any stretch.
  • Has the Shark Been Jumped? Time Will Tell.

    At first, I was very hurt and depressed over this episode. Now, I'm not sure what to feel. If you read the previous reviews, then you know what hapens in this epidose. You don't need a recap of it from me. If the love scene between House and Cuddy was real, then I officially hate the producers of the show. They're sell outs. I've been a loyal fan sicne 2004. I would have gone with House anywhere on his long journey, an odyssey. But after last night's episode, if it wasn't a subtle and gutsy trick a la Dafoe, I'm betrayed. This isn't House. That isn't Cuddy. The world's been inverted and destroyed with this last nonsense. House would NEVER be so open to everyone and Cuddy would never play house with House. It isn't just the creator of House to blame, it's Hugh Laurie for letting them take his creation and buy with it a narrow minded, vanilla-only audience. He's a sell out too. If this wasn't what it seemed to be, then I've been manipulated with hackneyed dross. Either way = Bad Work people! You've tarnished your past work by folding to popular pressure. I know that this isn't the first time the makers of "HOUSE" compromised. Season Four was the beginning of the end. "HOUSE" is just another tv drama, one of thousands that come and go leaving nothing behind them but a trace of illusory greatness.
  • Season six finale brings us some surprises.

    Some powerful scenes in this episode, I didn't think this finale was going to be much in the beginning of this episode. But I surely was wrong. Sure, this finale wasn't as good as the past 2 finale's on this show, but it still was very powerful and great. When a parking lot collapses, House ends up trying to save Hannah, a beam has collapsed on her leg, and House has to amputate it, he has to find every possibility to not get it amputated, Cuddy begs to differ. After a heated argument, we find out that Cuddy is engaged to Lucas. House gives Cuddy the book, doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for. As they are fighting, Cuddy yells out some harsh words. I was completely astonished at what she said: "I don't love you." House is forced to amputate Hannah's leg, and on the way to the hospital, Hannah dies, after the whole episode of trying to save her. House has a breakdown and goes home to get vicodin. Meanwhile back with the team, Thirteen is hiding something. By the end, we learn things aren't going so well for her. She's taking some time off. That's left up in the air. Something I certainly did not expect was Cuddy coming to House's rescue, she leaves Lucas, and the episode ends in a kiss. Cuts to black. Great finale.
  • Worst Episode Ever

    The acting was great as always. The script was atrocious. There's an emergency, let's send the administrator and the handicap to site. Someone is banging on a pipe for help, should we send a rescue personal to climb into the ruins or a man that can't walk without a cane? Oh no, they might need to do an emergency amputation on site, but a Doctor is disagreeing. Is it because of his personal and medical opinion or is he mad that the woman he had a one night stand with 20 years ago is engaged to another man? They do everything they can for the patient but she dies anyway, Wow like that never happens in real life. A recovering addict is Saved By Tru Luv. Worst episode Ever
  • Well designed.

    The end of the season was really good. Not only because of the great deal of emotions taking part in a single episode, but for the amazingly excellent final run of the season. This show has proven me how time can make a tv show better and how it can renew itself and improve against what, at some point in previous seasons, seemed to be sentenced to be a part of a past good show. I have to admit this has been a very grateful surprise to see how the show evolved and trasformed its episodes sometimes into drama, sometimes into philosophy and sometimes into the old House. All in all, I remain a House follower. I just hope they keep this level up.
  • An action packed finale, but what really happened?

    It was movie-like, as I expected. There was suspense, but it was tragic in the end in more than one way. House and Cuddy go to a disaster site-- a crane collapsed into a building. The doctors do what you'd expect them to do. Then, House learns from Cuddy that she's not just moving in with Lucas, but wedding him too. House gets upset and lashes out at Cuddy. She overreacts to this, saying some terrible things to our vulnerable Dr. House. Meanwhile, House tries to rescue a young woman trapped under the building, whose leg is stuck under immovable rubble. Cuddy advises the woman, Hannah, to allow an amputation, but House disagrees and fights for Hannah's leg (for the possibility of a normal, able bodied life). Eventually,House changes his mind, advises Hannah that she cannot wait any longer, she must lose her leg. He feels for her of course, due to his disabled leg. He still thinks that the surgical compromise on his thigh muscle was a worse fate than death and amputation whould've been the worst ofall. She finally allows it. Then, as they go to the hospictal via ambulance, Hannah suddenly dies. She'd had a fat embolism that travelled from her damaged leg or amputation incision area to her heart. House is extrememly devastated by this outcome. Foreman tries hard to comfort him, to lessen his since of failure and survivor's guilt, but it's no use.
    House goes home. He digs out his painkiller stash bhind the bathroom mirror and ..... ? Either he takes the pills then hallucinates a conversation with Cuddy in the bathroom of his apartment (she followed him very fast)or House is stopped by the sudden appearance of Cuddy in his apartment's bathroom; she proclaims her love for him and her decision to breakup with Lucas. They kiss and House never swallowed the pills. I lean toward the first option. Everything looks extra fuzzy in that hallucination/kissing scene--just like in last season's finale hallucination scene. It's out of character for the sensible Cuddy, too. Also, House accepts her "offer" too easily, too quickly. Woulsn't Cuddy be needed at the hospital after such an influx of crushed victims? Wouldn't it be impossible for her to get away, to follow House and check up on him, so soon after he arrives home? Actually, I am unsure if she was with him at the disaster area. Wouldn't the hospital administrator be indispensible at PPTH when word of the accident comes in? Even if she were there, a relapse has been coming on for weeks now. Anyway, there's more to ponder than whether or not House relapsed into hallucinations from drugs or if a miracle of a Cuddy putting her own fantasies into action instead of being the leader and mother-like responsible one... Something is going on with 13. SHe was late in arriving to the hospital, offered an unlikely excuse for her tardiness, then is caught by Taub in House's office. She leaves a note either of a request for a leave of abscense or a letter of resignation on Hous's desk. She confesses to Taub when he presses her to admit she's emotiaonlly compromised, that she is "not okay." Why? What is it exactly that has caused her to runaqway now? How will Foreman react? Will House fire her? Is she spiralling emotionally and physically? Clearly Taub fears another Kutner event. Apparently, Foreman (Cuddy too???) fears that for House too. House had to order him to let him go home alone when Foreman tries to convince him of his innocence. Overall, a fascinating episode. I want very much to see it again, before I can say for sure if the romantic interplay between House and Cuddy really happened or not, and to speculate on what might have led Remy to pull a Foreman season 3. Great acting, great setting, GREAT AMBIGUITY! This is what should have happened last season. "Broken" should have begun with the question of hallucination or no hallucination. This time it was done right.
    ALl summer we can argue over the facts! A months long cliff-hanger! Yay!
  • Alright until Katie Jacobs got ahold of the ending

    The premise behind the whole episode makes no sense. There is an accident/emergency so PPTH sends Cuddy, House, and Foreman? Cuddy, who is an endocrinologist, barely practices medicine anymore, and is supposed to run the hospital? House, who has a double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology and can't walk without his cane? How exactly does Cuddy expect him to walk with rubble all over the place? And Foreman, the neurologist? It seems to me like you would need people from the ER since that stands for emergency and they do this kind of thing all the time. It would have been perfect for Cameron but alas, the producers fired Jen.

    If House has had the book by Cuddy's grandfather for years, how did he get it dedicated to Cuddy and Lucas?

    House crawling through the debris and kneeling makes a lot of sense (sarcasm). They have been mentioning and showing lately that his leg has been hurting more than usual and yet he is ok to crawl around?

    Why were Chase and Taub working in the ER in normal clothes? I'm pretty sure there is a reason that most doctors (excluding House) wear a doctor's jacket or scrubs. A simple reason is just so you don't get blood and whatever else all over your clothes.

    Wow Cuddy, how conceited are you? Thinking House wants to save the leg just because he is angry at Cuddy and wants to disagree with her? Clearly there were no similarities between House's infarction and this situation (sarcasm).

    House says the pain made him a harder and worse person? Stacy said way back in season 1 when Cameron asked that House was the same before the infarction. Then again, I'm not sure if the writers even remember way back then.

    Why was House the one to do the surgery? Did I miss the episode where he became a surgeon? If they sent a neurologist, endocrinologist, and infectious disease/nephrologist, I have to imagine they had a surgeon there as well.

    I really hope they don't go down this path with 13 again. I was finally starting to not hate her anymore because she hadn't had any big storylines lately. I really hope they don't start giving her big storylines again with her disease getting worse.

    Oh jeez, I was hoping that Cuddy and Lucas were going to get married and this whole ridiculous Huddy storyline was going to get dropped; so much for that. Hopefully the season premiere for next season takes place a few months down the line and they got over this and we don't have to see them together at all. And Cuddy ends a serious relaionship and all of a sudden decides to go have sex with House? Seems kind of sudden. And when exactly did she have time to tell Lucas it was over anyway? And House throws away his vicoden because clearly Cuddy's love is all his leg needs (sarcasm).
  • Help Me

    Did this really feel like an episode of House to you? Seriously, even if you loved it, was this House? This very well could have been a script for NCIS, Flashpoint, Stand Off, or any other show that dealt with people trapped. No witty dialogue, none of the elements that made this show an instant classic were present in tonight's season finale, which was an okay episode, but just another disappointment, like so many recent installments of this program.

    It's enough with the House/drug issues. Focus on Princeton Plainsborough and let Gregory either relapse or fully recover; just pick one and live with it.
  • Only one word......AMAZING!

    In this episode of House, the following happens. When a crane crashes into a building Cuddy and House go to the scene to help out. House gets attached to a female patient who is trapped inside of the rubble. As she is told she has to lose her leg to survive, she says no as does House. Only they have to amputate it in the end in order to save her life. On the way to the hospital, she dies. Cuddy and House have an argument at the site, and as the episode ends, we see House sitting alone in his bathroom about to take vicodin. Then, as if by miracle, Cuddy appears. She tells him that she has ended things with Lucas and that she loves him. Then they kiss and the episode ends. It was PERFECT. I am a HUGE Huddy fan and the last few minutes of the episode were just perfect and what I have been waiting for, for 6 seasons.
  • lol @ Houses hand at the end, it looked like it belonged to a 85 year old, anyhoo on with the review!

    I could go on forever on why this episode was just one of the best episodes of House yet but let's just say that the acting ability of Hugh Laurie is one of the finest on tv and it was an absolute pleasure to watch him play his most splendid role.

    I always knew from season one that they would write House a happy ending and they are certainly putting the wheels in motion for that with what i think to be the last season of the series, season 7.

    I know it's unrealistic as life is not a fairytale but cmon House has been through enough already, he deserves some happiness in his life and i for one can't wait to see him get it :)

    God bless House M.D, i would love this show to go on forever but all good things must come to an end and with a bitter sweet heart i cannot wait to see what season 7 has in store for us.
  • I just cant believe it. Best episode ever? Best show on televison right now? YES!

    Okay, I never write review, 'cause I'm not English and I don't want to bother you with my desultory thoughts but hey, today I just can't stay a lurker anymore. I need to write something just like House needs (well, almost, if you know what I mean *winks*) his vicodin.

    That was the finest piece of telly i've ever seen. Honest. Of course I need to watch it again and again to write a proper review about this materpiece. But my first impression (as I've just finished it, literally): BEST EPISODE EVER. There was eveyrthing in there, at every levels. A genuine BRAVO to you all, House cast & crew, you're the best!

    Forget anything else on tv; Upcoming serie finale of Lost? Meh. (no offence, I love it), go watch House, the show has never been any better.

    Oh yes, the next 4 months are going to be way too long. D*mn you brilliant American telly! But hey that's the game and what a game!! Is it September yet? Roll on season 7!
  • Excruciatingly brilliant TV

    I know it's a step away from "normal" House, but man, it's GREAT TV!
    We have House down and almost out, a second from next oblivion, and the salvation comes in view of something teased for 5 seasons.
    I don't mind; for most this will mean the panic button pressed - will House become happy and boring? Well, I choose to have faith in the writers who haven't really made a bad season yet.
    If there was one thing that seemed almost out of place, it was 13 leaving and the relationship between Talb and her strengthening - I just didn't buy the chemistry (just like I didn't buy it between Foreman and her). In any case, the whole diagnosis bit seemed --- unnecessary. I would have preferred Lucas in this story in stead.
    So, all in all, A fine, hard ending to the season and a good overture to the next (last?) season to be started in a different light.
  • Finally the episode that we were waiting for..

    from the begining of this episod i knew it was going to be a great one because of the eight hours earlier every great episode starts like that because it gives you a few sceans 8 hours later and then show you how they got there it was really good too when we saw house reaching for the pills and how he is covered in dust and wounds but then he turn out to be jusst fine the great scean was when house talked that girl into cutting her leg off by his own personal experience and for the first time we see house regreting what he did to himself but the thing that made this episode is house and cuddy sceane because we have been waiting a long time for this i just hope that house isnt going to ruin it in the seventh season iam really looking forward to the next season
  • Great ending.

    This was a dramatic and intense episode which ended a season which hasn't been the best. The scenes at the emergency site were well done and House was great in them. We see his funny side with the woman he has to treat but also the emotional when hew gives her a speech about getting rid of her leg. That was probably my favourite part of the episode I think.

    I also loved Cuddy telling House like it is...seems like that was a long time coming. When the woman died and House was obviously affected...that was hard to watch and you could see him slipping. Now that kiss with Cuddy...thank god it's not a dream. I'm just hoping they stop the mind games next season but it'll probably just start with some weird non relationship again...I hope not.

    Thirteen leaving? WHY!? She's my favourite person on the team...I hope it's not for long. So a great end to a mixed season.
  • Never felt so many emotions in the span of one hour

    This season finale was AMAZING. The story of the accident site was heartbreaking and revealed a lot about House and how he feels about his past. In "Baggage" we heard Nolan ask House what he screwed up, and now it is revealed that House regrets the decision he made about his leg all those years ago. When Hannah died, you could see the sadness and sorrow House felt, thanks to the astonishin acting talents of Hugh Laurie (how that man has not won an emmy yet is beyond comprehension).
    Then there is that final scene. I had myself all prepared to see House back on vicoden and miserable, but as always the writers surprised us and, for the first time in the shows history, gave us a happy ending to a season. I never really considered myelf a shipper, but I was so happy when Cuddy showed up at House's apartment. I also love that the final show was of them tenderly holding hands, a symbol of unity and a bond rather than just the physical act of sex House got the woman he wanted to be with and all of his hard work to change and stay clean this season have paid off. This was a perfect ending to this season and I can't wait for season 7!
  • A huge letdown.

    Long time viewer, watched every episode. The ending came as a total surprise to me. I was not rooting for House to fall deeper and deeper into the abyss, but I feel that he should have been saved by anyone else but Cuddy. Truly, anyone else would have been better in my opinion. Thirteen would have been excellent from "hey I have it worse" angle. Wilson could have shown up "hey I am still your best friend regardless of my relationship." Even freaking Lucas showing up with a "man-to-man talk" would have been great. This just doesn't make sense to me.
  • Did an entire season of trying be a better person finally pay off? The answer is inside this episode (and extension, this review, so spoilers be warned!)

    After the outta left field season finale of season five, with House hallucinating love time with Cuddy, I was afraid I could never get back into this show.

    The season opening for #6 was a real breath of fresh air, as it didn't take place in the hospital. The finale, also a breath of fresh air, doesn't take place primarily in the hospital. Something about not being in the hospital really rocks and I hope they incorporate that more next season.

    The finale focused around a crane collapse and the efforts of the firemen and Princeton plainsborough to help the wounded. House decides to give Cuddy her great-grandfather's book as a housewarming gift for her moving in with Lucas. She reacts strangely, something House tries pinning down for the rest of the episode.

    House finds a woman stuck far under the rubble, with a leg crushed, making moving her near impossible. His time with her makes him begin to question his choices throughout this season: trying to be a good person. He has two options, either amputate Hannah's (the trapped lady) leg, or lift her loose.

    House and Cuddy clash on the issue, which brings one of the most revealing and revelatory speeches from House when he finally gives in and caves to Cuddy's want to amputate. Six season, six whole seasons for him to finally admit the truth, and it was poignant the entire time.

    The ending scene will be discussed much for the next few months before season seven graces our televisions, but there is no question here about it's authenticity: he definitely wasn't hallucinating. This was the second moment we've been waiting for since day one and it was amazing to see it finally happen.

    Where to go from here? I have a funny feeling next season will wrap it up for our good/jerk doctor.
  • Could not be happier with how that episode played out. Nice having a new setting as well. Spoilers ahead.

    well, thank goodness for that. FINALLY! :) When he started speaking as someone walked into the bathroom, I was going, puh lease be cuddy! and yay! I am hopeful that wasn't a hallucination, as a) he remembered previous hallucination, and b) SURELY the writers wouldn't do that to us again....right? Loved the new setting, having him have his own person, whilst the others worked on a case. I think we saw some great things from house, new things, nicely done by the writers. When he was talking to Hannah, that honesty was lovely, how could Cuddy resist that, he actually processed and reacted emotionally to something she said. All in all I am a happy chappy, I look forward to next season and this (hopefully) new direction.
  • Response to previous poster and overall opinion of the season.

    The only reason I'm writing this at all is because one of the previous reviewers mentioned how depressing this season has been. I don't necessarily disagree with the statement, but I think that it's a positive move. We are so inundated with shows that happily end each episode (CSI, Law and Order, etc.) that we forget that in a medical drama, there will be some depressing moments. Furthermore, a chronic pain sufferer who has turned to drugs, alcohol, anti-social behavior, and so on will NOT lead a perfect life. The show has changed over the years, but that keeps it from becoming stale. If you want happy shows, go watch David Curruso strut his sunglasses while making witty remarks towards unrealistically catching a killer. A show that keeps you guessing is not a bad thing. This whole season, in my opinion, has been really good. The Premiere was amazing, the finale was amazing, and most episodes in-between have been really good too (including the Cuddy episode.)
  • It's a resolution long waited for, but to get there required an unusually clunky episode.

    The whole premise - a woman must choose whether to amputate her leg, or hope for rescue - was so obviously a thinly veiled method of making House relive his own decision that I'm surprised it appeared on this show. Normally there's a bit more subtlety involved. And in particular, two scenes in the middle were oddly blunt:
    - Cuddy spelling out House's loneliness
    - House confessing to the patient that he's become a harder person since he lost his own leg.
    Where was the tact in dealing with these fundamental issues? I suppose that after 6 years of dancing around these issues, the writers just decided to throw them in our faces and hope the resolution silenced our incredulity.

    And to a degree, it did. While I wasn't happy that Cuddy and Lucas got an off-screen engagement, and then an off-screen breakup, at least House and Cuddy can finally try to make things work as possibly the most dysfunctional couple on network television next year. As always, Hugh Laurie's brilliant acting sold even this most soap-opera installment among the House season finales.
  • If I could have put 9.8...

    I don't usually give episodes 10's, but hey, I was rounding up! This was, what I felt, an excellent conclusion to the season, but leaving some nice open-ended mystery as well; for example, what is up with Thirteen, how will House cope, was it a hallucination yada, yada, yada. I think that even if it was a hallucination, it has shown us that House's subconscious knows what he needs/wants to help himself and be happy. It means that there is still some chance for him and frankly, I don't think that the writers would do that to us again, it would be too boring. And also for the people (like Chase) who preferred House's snarkier, funnier self on Vicodin, I don't think the writers would give us that back, by allowing him back on drugs with no side effects. When he's gone clean before (albeit for a very short time) it's never been as radical or serious as this. The guy checked himself into a mental hospital for crying out loud! He knows he's got a problem that needs to be sorted. The only problem with the fairy tale ending that I'm sure a lot of fans (myself included!) really hope is true, is that I thought the ending dialogue was pretty poorly written. Cuddy came across as very blunt in her delivery of her breakup, behaving much more as House would. However, maybe we should just go with it. I don't know.
    An important piece of symbolism, again supporting the idea that House knows he needs to change- at least deep down, anyway- was the fact that he left his cane behind at the accident site and there was a very prominent camera shot that stayed there for a few seconds. I think this symbolises his wanting to get away from the pain and perhaps wishing now that he'd had the amputation. Again, another big step forward for House.
    Favourite scene: Near the end, between Foreman and House. Impeccable acting from Omar Epps and Hugh Laurie (ditto the scene in his bathroom. Very "little lost puppy who's seen the light".)
    OOC: Taub, I reckon. We don't often see him caring.
    Annoyances: No Wilson!?! wtf? What happened to everyone's favourite teddy bear?
  • didn't have a finale feel

    this episode didn't feel like a season finale, except for the like 5 or so minutes. that's why my grade is only a 9.0. I liked the plot and I felt sad when Hanna died and House being so upset. I liked the ending when House and Cuddy basically become a couple. The only thing stopping this from being a 10 in my book is the only parts that felt like a finale were the last 5 minutes.

    Oh, and people seem to be mad about House/Cuddy relationship, and blaming the writers for "Giving into Fan Peer Pressure." I doubt that is the intention, I think the writers did this because they felt it was a good choice to do.

    A-, can't wait for the next season!
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