Season 6 Episode 22

Help Me

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • The episode I NEVER thought I'd actually see. (SPOILERS)

    Wow, I am kind of just sitting here stunned after watching the season 6 finale of House. This is the episode I never thought I'd see.

    The very beginning of the episode is a jumble of scenes: House, dazed, broken, bloody, clutching something in his hand...could it be...vicodin?

    Then we cut to eight hours earlier. House gives Cuddy a housewarming present, since she and Lucas are planning to finally move in together.

    Right after that, they go to the scene of a huge disaster. A crane has crashed into a building with devastating results. The whole area looks like a bomb went off. At this point, the plot goes in two different directions. Back at the hospital, the operator of the wrecking crew is being attended to by the diagnostic team. Everyone else thinks he just fell asleep at the wheel, causing the accident, but House suspects there's an underlying cause at work. Meanwhile, House discovers a young wife named Hannah, whose leg is pinned beneath the rubble. She has the option of having her leg amputated, but is staunchly against it. House makes a speech to Hannah where he basically tells her that he is a hardened, broken man who has lived with the pain of a mangled limb every day of his life. He says the pain has warped him as a human being. He's speaking to Hannah, but it seems like he's also speaking to Cuddy, admitting he wishes he was a different person. It's so uncomfortably raw and poignant.

    In this episode, House is basically reaching a crisis point. Wilson kicked him out, therapy isn't working, Cuddy is going to marry Lucas, he tried to save Hannah and failed, he has driven everyone away. He's not doing drugs anymore, but he's STILL miserable. My heart breaks for him.

    When House finally goes home, he stares in the mirror for a moment. In that one moment, Hugh Laurie displays such vulnerability....his self loathing is so evident. Then House rips the mirror off the wall to reveal a hidden stash of vicodin.

    Cuddy walks in as he sits on the floor, the pills in his hand, the choice unmade. She tells him she's broken it off with Lucas, because she loves House and she wants to give a relationship with him a try. She helps him up off the floor...they kiss. If you're saying "WTF?!" right now, I'm right there with you. When this happened, I was seriously thinking I was the one on drugs. I can say honestly this is the one thing I never expected to happen on House. I had hope that Cuddy and House would get together, but I truly thought she moved on with Lucas and there was ZERO chance something like this would happen. So many things were amazing about this episode. House's vulnerability, his struggle with addiction, (the Huddy kiss)...HOUSE, you have truly blown my mind. I'll be tuning in next season. For sure. I only wish the writers of Bones would follow suit!!