Season 6 Episode 22

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Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • Out of character, jumped the shark or simply character development?

    House season finales tend to be epic. Last 2 seasons, the finales were actually season savers. For this 6th season, my first feeling is that it was a weird episode. The setting , character decisions and outcome felt kinda out of place. Is it a good thing or not, that`s debatable.
    The biggest change here is the Dr. House character himself. Everything he did here FELT pretty much out of character, or was it? Season 6 introduced a new House so to speak, the changes were apparent at the start. In this respect, the events (character wise)of the last 2 episodes of this seasons were quite logical. The thing is that the procedural nature of the show meant they could not just change the character throughout. Fact is that in the middle of the season, we had a somewhat same House as the previous seasons, the therapist angle was inexistent, everything House went through at the end of last season were almost forgotten. And in the pre-finale, the therapist returned and the change in House became relevant again. IMO the events and decisions of the finale are logical given the character development House has been going through. The only hic is that the change was not progressive enough. So it may have felt out of character but it was not really. However has the show jumped the shark? Time will tell. House-Cuddy relationship offers some interesting premises but it might very well not work at all and change what actually made the show so good in the first place. But again, time will tell.
    Overall season 6 is a step up from last 2 seasons. It was great to have the whole team back for a run this season. It is the winning formula and I wished they`d keep it that way. What differentiates this season from the last 2 is its consistency. Very enjoyable how the played with House this season, 6 seasons and the character is all so fresh. The finale was great but not as epic as the last 2...but the fantastic premiere makes up for that. Can`t wait to watch season 7.