Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • Tear's were shed

    I actually did shed one. It was a beautiful thing Foreman did there at the end. Also it's nice to see both Foreman's and Wats.. pardon, Wilson's characters fleshed out some more.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house a women comes in for seziors but thing is formen thinks she is faking them to get a nice meal and clean stuff but thing is the others dont think so they start to look over stuff and think she is not faking them and they dont want her to fall between the cracks and so she goes missing when they go to do more tests she gets tazerd and so that opens up more possibitles but at the end when she leaves the hospital you realize she was faking them this was a good ep
  • For first time in this series was too late to save her

    Last few week i have been complaining about episode well this week i kinda of like it mainly because House couldn't saved her, i'm sorry but you get tired of House always finding the cure on time but i can't believe House couldn't save her. This shows you, one thing that even House can't save all his patients. Rabies it's strange diease still i can't believe it was obvious, the bats was massive give-away. i figured out it could be that but i assume House would came to same conclusion which he did but it was too late.

    The other patient the girl who has amensia, i was really impressed by Dr.House's observation skills, he notice how each student clip-board caused the patient to make-up a story. The drawing were funny, the way he talking about women car-accident then at end he hold out a pin explaining how he managed to figure it out. That made me smile.

    i'm slowly understand his scasism toward medicine, if for moment u don't take him too seriously you kinda of enjoy it.
  • They lose a patient- cue tragic music- doctors bicker and eventually bond in a solemn final scene...

    This episode is notable for the fact that House fails to save the patient for the first time so far in the series. It is quite an emotional episode, watching the woman search for what turns out to be her dead family and realizing that she has been left all alone in the world. What is interesting is that Foreman at first dismissed her case, believing the worst of her, and his antipathy towards her is never fully explained- yet in the end, it is he who remains by her bedside, keeping a vigil as she dies. Wilson, who passionately championed her case, is conspicuously absent. What is good about this episode is the development of the interaction between Wilson and Foreman. The show is called House because he is the main character, but it enhances the show's dynamics to see the other characters interacting amongst themselves, and strengthens it overall.
  • I can't think of a good summary. Just read my short review.

    The teaser about gave me a seizure, but after that I rather enjoyed the episode. I didn't quite get everything that was going on, but I may have been a little distracted with the internet. It's probably not a good idea to have the computer monitor on top of the TV.

    There were some funny lines and situations in this one. Especially with the anorexic girl with memory loss (I'll be lucky to even pronounce that medical term).

    Not my favorite, but good!
  • Catching up on lost episodes...

    The good thing about re-runs is it let's me catch up on the ones I have missed, and I missed this one the first time around.

    Opening was interesting - what caught me was that this ep has Leslie Hope in it, and I didn't remember having seen her in this show.

    "Fake low blood sugar - now that's acting"... lol

    Foreman is being a prick again, and Wilson is very protective - why? I like the comment about the most interesting part being how much Foreman *doesn't* want House to look at Victoria.

    A two day wait for an MRI? Wow, here it takes two months - I speak from experience...

    I love the interaction between House and Cuddy in this show - it's great. This show is one of the best out there for wit. It's a very dry, and rather black wit, but still, can be vastly amusing.

    Looking at that ice bath is enough to send chills down my spine...

    Why didn't Foreman mention earlier about the bats in Victoria's box? Not that it would have helped her - it seems she was too far along even then, but still, might have cleared things up a little earlier.

    I'm not sure about Foreman taking it upon himself to "forgive" her for the crash, but it did seem to make a huge difference to her, so I suppose it's acceptable.

    All in all, good episode - not the best, maybe, but writing was up to par, and there were some interesting teasers for later episodes.

  • To those who say this is the first person House anybody hasn't been able to save: Anybody remember the baby in Maternity?

    Well, I liked this episode, but there were a few things that put me off it a bit.

    First, inspecting the jumper with vomit on it, naturally done by House, was gross. Smelling it, that's fine, putting it into someone's face and then licking your fingers off is downright sick (No wonder Cameron and Chase were tempted to cough their guts up).

    Second, the ice bath seemed a bit traumatic for us veiwers in our homes. I understand it was for a good cause, but Victoria seemed very distressed whilst being plunged in.

    Overall, it sort of broke away from the whole "Oh, we screwed up a bit thanks to House's workers, but at least we saved the patient" outline. I think I've described it differently before, but whatever.
  • Definitely different for a House episode, not that it is a bad thing what so ever.

    Good episode, theyre all good really. Though this one is one of my least favourite episodes in season one. I guess it was because there was just something missing in it, although the humour was pretty good. I enjoyed the part "I found her lying...on the grass". Funny stuff for sure. The opening scene was pretty different, not all that intense but interesting nonetheless.

    The reason i labelled this episode as "Out of character" was because this is the first time in the series that House and his team of doctors find out what is wrong with the patient too late, and the disease or infection has progressed too far. It was a little sad at the end because we found out she used to have a family and was definitely going to die.

    Medical Problem: Rabies
    Rating: 9.2/10
  • Opens your eyes

    i really liked this episode because it did develope your knowledge of the character, especially Wilson. Also it shows another side to the homeless.the are as talented as us, well some are. Having an episode that does mean that the patient is definatley going to live gives an insight to the emotion a proper doctor or nurse may have if they lose a patient they have been trying so hard to save. Hugh Laurie has more amazing lines that just make the whole emotive episode lighter. Which you need in an episode so close to a characters heart. This episode really gave wilson a push, and im not complaining. Omar epps in this episode as well gets to show raw emotion with Foreman. Im not upset or annoyed that the patient died, it gives a emotional edge to the show.
  • Review

    I did not think that this episode was as funny as most of the House episodes that I have watched, I did however think that for the first time since the Pilot episode that the writers did a really good job when it came to character devolopment. The scenes with Ed preending to be "Paul", Leslie Hopes husband, was a great scene. Watching him be there for her when he was so intense about letting for go in the first two minutes showed that he really had come a long way. The House interaction at the end of the episode with his collegue (name?) was also really good. Learning about someones motives is always a good thing and I thought the last five minutes of this episode were very well written. The rest was just pretty average though, nothing to write home about.
  • Not one of the best episodes of House but pretty good

    One of the main reasons that I think I didn't like this episode was the beginning. All the flashy lights gave me a headache. The case wasn't too interesting either it was just okay.

    Foreman assuming that Victoria was just trying to get a free meal and a night of the streets added to Foreman's character. I enjoyed Wilson screaming to House about how unfair Foreman was being to Victoria that was very humerous. House's medical students were also humerous I loved the part where he told the one that she was wearing a low cut top to show off her boobs because he thought they were having a state the obvious contest.

    The rabies stuff was good too. All in all it was an okay episode.
  • House deals with a homeless person.

    Her sickness seems to change throughout the episode which made this episode sort of confusing. But how it got personal at the end, was pretty sad. Also she could die in like 3 days, and the episode ends, with you knowing she will die soon, because of the cancer, because of the other sicknesses that I forgot. Like I said, it was confusing, I like how Wilson really cared because his brother was homeless, also I like how House figured out it was rabies because when he stabbed him that was hilarious when he found out that he was stabbing him with the shot. A productive episode.
  • Lost souls

    Una lección de vida que me hizo llorar. Una homeless pidiendo clemencia a su manera paranoica y llena de humillación e inteligencia. Un intento desesperado por librarse (amigándose) de sus queridos demonios antes de morir. Foreman se luce, mostrando sus miserias. El amigo de House que jamás sabré el nombre también, exponiendo el lado oscuro de su historia. Por primera vez lo médico pasa a un segundo plano para adentrarnos en lo humano, en el dolor, en la miseria, en la bendita misericordia, en el llenarse de paz antes de dejar este mundo de guerras. Gracias por revivir por unos minutos mi corazón.
  • A very moving episode

    Foreman and Wilson clash over how to help a homeless person, making House take an interest in her.

    I forgot (yet again) how fantastic this episode was until I watched it again. The story was particulary moving as Victoria lost her family (and her life) due to a car crash which she blamed herself for.

    Foreman and Wilson clashed over how to help her, but it shown some decent character development as they end up helping in each other in the end. Wilson admitting to House about his brother was indeed very moving.

    House provided some much needed comedy in this episode, seen with his clashes with Cuddy, his brilliant one-liners ("he knows more homeless people than any of us! Go check out the hood dog!"), his "teaching" methods (in replace of the clinic scenes this episode), and how he learnt the patients name through her painting, only to reveal a surgical pin.

    I never gave much time for this episode, but re-watching it reminded me of just how good it was.
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