Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 2005 on FOX

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  • Catching up on lost episodes...

    The good thing about re-runs is it let's me catch up on the ones I have missed, and I missed this one the first time around.

    Opening was interesting - what caught me was that this ep has Leslie Hope in it, and I didn't remember having seen her in this show.

    "Fake low blood sugar - now that's acting"... lol

    Foreman is being a prick again, and Wilson is very protective - why? I like the comment about the most interesting part being how much Foreman *doesn't* want House to look at Victoria.

    A two day wait for an MRI? Wow, here it takes two months - I speak from experience...

    I love the interaction between House and Cuddy in this show - it's great. This show is one of the best out there for wit. It's a very dry, and rather black wit, but still, can be vastly amusing.

    Looking at that ice bath is enough to send chills down my spine...

    Why didn't Foreman mention earlier about the bats in Victoria's box? Not that it would have helped her - it seems she was too far along even then, but still, might have cleared things up a little earlier.

    I'm not sure about Foreman taking it upon himself to "forgive" her for the crash, but it did seem to make a huge difference to her, so I suppose it's acceptable.

    All in all, good episode - not the best, maybe, but writing was up to par, and there were some interesting teasers for later episodes.

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