Season 8 Episode 21

Holding On

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 14, 2012 on FOX

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  • House is

    Great episode but always loved the show
  • Holding On

    Hugh Laurie's accent broke a little bit during the shouting scene with Taub, but he is without question giving some strong performances in the final days of the House character. We are seeing Gregory House and Wilson pushed to new emotional levels, and we are seeing this long-running show end on a high note.

    Plus, Olivia Wilde. Brief appearance, but still good to see her return for the end.
  • Big Prank

    The end of this episode was probably one of the stupidest in this show's history. In the last scene, Foreman comes in with a so-called lawyer to tell tell House that his prank will send him back to jail. The lawyer indicates that his fingerprints were all over the paperwork that clogged the pipes. "REALLY?!!!!" The water managed to destroy an MRI, but not the paperwork! And they were able to find prints on wet paper?! Did they really call CSI in for this investigation? They announce that House's parole has been revoked without even a hearing to evaluate the evidence, or the lack of evidence should I say. Even had House's fingerprints been found on the paper, someone else could have clogged the pipes, and then they would have had to prove he did it intentionally! Sad end to an otherwise great and original show that should have ended two seasons ago
  • Thanks House MD

    The four first seasons of "HOuse"were perfect. After that, the quality has a bit declined; the last season was the worst one. But the overal quality has always been very good.

    The last episode was really great and I think that Wilson will once more sacrify himself for his best and only friend. His last action as a hero of virtues he is!


    Not everything I was EXPECTING..then again...with HOUSE I shouldn;t be 'expecting" anything. I only want HOUSE to be HOUSE which he has been excpet in a few episodes where they tried to expand his character that were thankfully met with mixed reviews. Wilson has never fooled anyone and never will. House finally has a TRUE emotional moment (I've been waiting for it) when confronted by Taub and let's put his deep pain and emotional burden. Taub stands silent (of course). The fact that after final resolution and a clear path to the end...House is being sent BACK to prison. Screwing with the MRI machine, he should have thought that was a serious act of vandalism..but he has been doing these things for eight years, so he probably let it slip by this is a serious parole violation. week ends the adventures and I have a sad feeling TWO characters are going OUT.. both not of their own choice. I have no advance screening copy--just a feeling---House back in prision will have little control of his fate on the inside, Wilson with terminal cancer already knows his fate. Can;t wait for THE END..Face it, there are no other Tv shows left that truly put the viewer into an emotional ride...they are all light hearted, or just dont REACH INSIDE the SOULS of characters. This show DARED in many weeks to go where others would not...thanks for eight years.
  • Best bromance on television. Period.

    If you don't cry through this episode - from beginning to end - you have no soul. Or possibly you've never seen a single episode, although even the most ignorant should still shed a few tears. This episode was brutally, unapologetically honest. Everything about the characters was moving and heartfelt and absolutely perfect. Nothing was contrived. Nothing felt insincere. Nothing was over the top or out of character. 13 did not drop 'rainbows and unicorns' style inspiration, just an honest analysis of the situation from someone who really understands. House stayed true to himself: conning Wilson at every turn to extend the life of his best friend, even if that meant making Wilson miserable. And in the end, when he finally had his change of heart, we felt like he had earned his revelation. And no sappy "I love you, man" ensued, just a casual "You got any Oreos?" which was so far beyond perfect I cannot stop myself from getting teary-eyes just thinking about it. This is, without a doubt, House at it's absolute best. This was a tear-jerker that wasn't TRYING to be a tear-jerker. It was so everything I have ever loved about House, magnified, times a 100, jam-packed into one episode with beautiful, perfect simplicity. I have never enjoyed an hour of television so much. I will be sad to see this series end.