Season 3 Episode 20

House Training

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on FOX

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  • Foreman's test

    I thought this episode was great in places, whilst not quite filling a perfect episode.

    Foreman's miss diagnosis kills a patient, leading him to rethink some of his life. I thought his connection with the patient was wonderfully acted and moving, although a little depressing. Foreman's family was also quite sad, it was different to see his emotions leak out. I think the background story with House and Wilson was a little disappointing this episode. Although it was interesting seeing more of Wilson's character traits, it was a little dull, and it didn't seem to fit the storyline well.

    Chase caused some more amusements by "gently reminding" Cameron he wants to date her- it was the funniest part of this episode.

    Overall, lacking in humour but still brilliantly acted and written- great potential for the climax of the season.
  • This is just a note, since I can't seem to contribute anything without being sent to the main page: Whoever wrote the episode summary listed here got it wrong: Foreman didn't order the steroid treatment, he ordered full body radiation. More in review:

    "The staff concludes she's septic as a result of the steroid treatment Foreman ordered, and he agrees to tell her what they've done."
    ~Quote from review
    This is just a note that whoever wrote the episode summary listed here got it wrong: Foreman didn't order the steroid treatment, he ordered full body radiation. It was the radiation that killed the patient, not the steroids.
    Cameron and Chase recommended the steroids, since they originally thought it was an autoimmune disease. Later, Foreman seems to really connect with the patient, and that causes him to think of a drastic cancer that no one else really had considered because it was so rare. His argument is that steroids are already suppressing her immune system and that full body radiation will just do it even more so, so it's not any different.
    Which eventually kills her.
  • A definite Wilson & House episode.

    Another dead patient on the way. As Foreman is a jerk & doesn't go as House says, and kills a woman, what appears to be an accident but Foreman only blames himself, and House will just make it worse until the end of course, when it looks like everything is better, wait until you see the next episode. My favorite plot is when Wilson continues to take Cuddy out on dates, and House digs up Wilson;t past when he confronts Wilson's second failed marriage. He finds more than he bargained for. Then Cuddy gets in to the middle of everything. And I also like how Chase still is asking out Cameron, great installment. Tearjerker part is when the girl died. Ouch!
  • Foreman's showcase

    This episode revealed so much about several characters. Foreman's parents are in town. Wilson gets a visit from ex-wife #2, "the worst realtor in New Jersey". She wants him to take their dog, Hector. Later, there are a couple of funny anagrams of Gregory House's name.

    Cuddy turns down a date with House to go to a play because she is going to an art gallery with Wilson. House looks at a condo #2 is selling to get info about her life with Wilson.

    Aside from all of this, the real story is a patient whom the team struggles to diagnosis.

    All the stories weave nicely into a surprising conclusion.
  • Um episódio intenso e emocionante que abre o início da história dos episódios finais.

    Toda a história de triângulos amorosos acabou no episódio anterior, e agora a história é mais séria.Omar Epps fez um excelente trabalho como Foreman neste episódio.
    A história de Wilson,House e Cuddy continua mas ganha menos importancia agora.House vai conhecendo mais a mulher de Wilson, uma péssima corretora de imóveis.Tudo termina quando os dois brigam feio no escritório do médico, com direito a ela levando sermão de House.
    E conhecemos a família de Foreman no episódio.O pai dele pede para o filho visitar a mãe, enquanto ela lembrar quem ele é.A cena final do episódio é comovente, com Foreman falando que fez algo ruim (que você lerá abaixo) e quando ela vai abraca-lo ele pergunta se ela sabia quem ele era.E ela responde: "É claro que sei.Você é meu Eric…"

    No caso do episódio, uma mulher teve uma doença um tanto incomum: perda do livre arbitrio.Ela não conseguia decidir o que fazer, seu cerébro parecia não funcionar mais para isso.Foreman se envolveu com essa paciente de um jeito que nunca vimos antes, já que ela mora nas ruas, assim como ele já morou.As tentativas de descobrir o que ela tinha foram várias e terminaram em câncer.Foi ele que avisou que ela iria morrer, por isso ela não quis mais ve-lo.
    Este foi um dos episódios que não terminam do jeito tradicional.Depois de Foreman tentar salva-la de todas as formas possíveis, ela acaba morrendo e é ele que carrega todo o fardo, por não ter descoberto o problema a tempo.E então, depois que ela já morreu eles descobrem que o fecho do sutiã dela havia cortado sua pele, deixando a infecção de estafilococo entrar por ela.Wilson ficou perplexo (Ela morreu de uma simples infecção de estafilococo?) ao que House responde (Isso e algumas más decisões).

    Foi uma descoberta frustrante tanto para eles quanto para nós ao vermos que o problema era tão simples.Mas é esta morte que definirá os próximos 5 episódios da temporada.Pois, como pudemos ver, ele não gostará nada de guardar isso para sua carreira.Foi um episódio excelente, que começou como qualquer um e evoluiu de forma assustadora terminando num clima tenso.
  • Scary. Sad. About Foreman.

    It's weird to say, but this episode was scary and sad at the same time. Scary, the way it happened. Sad, the development. I think it was the first episode since a long time with a death. The patient was boring... But still... If I'm not wrong, the only deaths I can remember on this show were the babies on season 1 and the policeman on season 2. And it's funny to say it. Foreman is my least favorite character on the show, but I felt sorry for him. This episode showed us a bit about his past and his family. It was sad to see that his mother didn't recognize him, because she has Alzheimer's.

    In the other hand, I loved the parts between House, Wilson, Cuddy and Wilson's ex-wife.
  • Season 3 Episode 20

    Definitely Foreman's day. Well, well it turns out Foreman isn't the cold and sensible neurologist he has always wanted to seem. Even though I feel like it's a bit out of the blue, it was quite interesting to see Foreman's character development, especially the part concerning his family.

    Cuddy and Wilson's date was so hilarious. So was House and former Mrs. Wilson's interaction.

    And the patient died. Well, I think this is realistic. I mean, House cannot always save the day thanks to his good intuition. Sometimes even House and his Team have to face to the bad, bad world. Anyway, the patient was really annoying.

    Gee, Chase's stalker era can get started. Please. That's so painful to watch.

    All in all, not bad but it could be better.
  • Foreman's Episode and the beginning of the great end

    It is so good to see that some other team memebrs get more attention too - this time it's Foreman's time (and will be until the end of the season)

    Also this episodes strikes with it ending - they killed a patience. It happens not very often but it's good. It is just so unreal to watch how they (Ok House) figures out what is wrong, they heal and cure and patience walks away smile on his/her face.

    I loved to learn more about Foreman's family, and I loved to see that not Cameron is the one who is emotionally involved but Foreman has proved - he can also be in any case he takes more seriously.

    But despite all that - nothing special. Just avarage House
  • This episode was absolutely fantastic. The acting was phenomenal, the story magnificent (and very touching), direction out of this world.

    I usually can find the exact 'classification' for an episode I am going to review fairly quickly. This episode, however, could be classified as many things other than 'Tearjerker,' which is what I decided upon: 'Well Written,' 'Fine Example,' 'Series Classic,' 'Pivotal,' Exciting' and 'A very special episode' all work for this one.

    I am truly overwhelmed with emotion even as I attempt to write this. So many wonderful things about the show, the actors, the writing, the songs, the directing, you name it. Hugh Laurie has taken Gregory House to a dimension so far superior to any other character on television. And it is surreal to see the cast's evolution as one of the best currently on television. Just to quickly summarize the episode, as I realize that I have yet to do just that: A female suffers from a mini-stroke of sorts, is misdiagnosed and perishes towards the end. Foreman (Epps, in his best performance of this show up to date) cannot stop blaming himself for the improper diagnosis, uttering the words 'I killed her' more than a few times. In the meantime, Wilson, House, and Cuddy continue their really weird (but very intriguing) 'love triangle' of sorts, and Cameron and Chase, although not too prominent in the episode, shine when they had screen time. But make no mistake - this episode was all Foreman's. Omar Epps gives a magnificent performance, and just reinforces why this medical drama is the BEST one to ever air on television.
  • Nice

    Finally another Foreman-centric episode. We haven't seen one like that ever since he almost died. And what a coincidence: right now his dad returns. Nice episode though. I actually felt really sorry for Foreman about "killing" that woman. Well, that's just what happens, doctors can't save everyone. It's a tough lesson for Eric though!
    I still don't know what to think about this thing between Cuddy, Wilson and House. House has obviously always been dancing around her, but what's with Wilson and Cuddy? I don't hate that idea either. But is he really interested? It's House's own fault, he probably missed his shot!
  • you could sumerize this episode in 2 words. Foreman quit. Ok not to a more detailed one. Foreman realized that he was becoming too much like house, when he risks killing a kid to save his brother. So he decided to quit

    This episode got a lot of low grades, probably because foreman quit. Well I actually liked this episode. It was definitely better then the last one. Were seeing house as the insensitive ass that he is again. And this episode emphasizes how her really doesn't care about anyone. This is the house that we all like and love. We go back to seeing him manipulate people and once again be the genius and main character of the the show. Also with Foreman leaving it leaves the question, who going to take his place. I have never been that big a fan of him. It was always as if he thought that he was better then house. But now with him gone we might be seeing a very good new character. Anyways I'll leave it at this. I liked the episode and can't wait for its outcome.
  • This episode more so focuses on Foreman!!!

    I really don't care when episodes zoom in on people who are really not one of the people who people tune in to watch. Law & Order: SVU has quite a number of characters to follow with my least favorite being Ice-T, but he goes have his own air, and I can enjoy an episode focused on him, but Foreman doesn't seem to have that air, and that was the first thing that disappointed about this episode. Factor in that he could have very cause the death of the woman, and the fact that a character you're not particularly crazy about gives a patient the wrong treatment which results in their death, more points are lost there. I've actually watched the episode twice @ this point, so I didn't hate it, but it wasn't my favorite episode by far. I prefer it when they focus on the entire cast, because I don't really believe this is a cast where you can pick an individual other than House and they can successfully carry an episode as well. Most definitely not to the point that House can, but I understand this is also a job for the actors and you have to give them their shine time in order for them to show what can do @ least. Not my favorite episode, but still an okay show. The illnesses, House, and the entire supporting cast keeps bringing me back for more.
  • Foreman finally grows up as a doctor.

    In House Training, it features a Woman who was originally very hostile at Dr. Foreman. House and the team end up misdiagnosing her with a disease which causes them to fry their immune system. The patient eventually dies, and this opens foreman's eyes to what has been going on in the last three years.

    The episode was very emotional. Especially since Foreman's parents were in town as well. But it also was an episode where House was being kind of a softy to foreman.

    House Training developed foreman's character to where I never expected it to be developed. I expect great things out of this storyline.
  • In short: House and Foreman treat this depressed woman who's done nothing significant in her life. No family, did drugs, etc. Foreman jumps the gun, and screwed up by killing the woman's immune system, preventing any other chance at saving her.

    One of the worst episodes in my opinion for the series. It was the slowest-paced episode that I can remember from all 3 seasons. Nothing much happened except Foreman character development. It wasn't all bad - it had some good points, but the storyline dragged and weighed the episode down. I am a devout House fan, but this episode turned me off. Foreman takes too much blame all of a sudden - not the kind of actions you'd expect from watching 3 seasons of him. What happened to his I-don't-care-I'm-a-neurologist ways?! So I guess, I'm saying the character "contiguity" is off to me.
  • A low point in the transformation of house from medical mystery to hospital drama show.

    I started watching House because of its simple genius: combining Sherlock Holmes-like mystery with a medical setting--like CSI where the murderers are diseases and parasites. In this respect, House was groundbreaking and unique.

    It has increasingly become clear to me, though, that the show's writers have lost the plot, growing increasingly disinterested in the diagnosis, and more interested in what makes the characters tick--ironically, moving further and further away from their goal as they attempt to approach it. The diagnosis is what makes House tick, both the character and the the show.

    This episode, then, is almost a "jumping the shark" moment, when the diagnosis is almost completely irrelevant to the episode's story, and the bulk of the time is spent exploring peoples' feelings (Foreman's about his job, House's about Wilson's dating style, Wilson's about Cuddy, Chase's about Cameron...).

    If I wanted to watch this tripe, I'd turn on Grey's Anatomy instead.
  • Brilliant, Funny, Emotional = Classic House

    Brilliant episode of House, loved how they made it a foreman centric episode. I think he has alot more depth than chase and cameron and has equally as much as House. I know its an odd thing to say but its also refreshing to see the team lose every once and a while with not the happy ending that most episodes have. I have a feeling the next episode could be like the scrubs episode "My Fallen Idol" in which after causing the death of a paitent Dr.Cox becomes inconsolable and distant from everyone else. Its also nice to see the humour in this episode, with House checking the back story on wilson's first date, its funny to see his little obession he has with wilson and women. Anyway another great episode from another great season of house.
  • What? A storyline about FOREMAN? I think I may be in an alternate universe!

    Not a bad offering, this one. Not bad at all.

    Firstly, I'm enjoying the psuedo-triangle between House, Cuddy, and Wilson. It's fun, House-ian, and dare I say...cute. I like that the writers have thrown caution to the wind and have decided to completely stop dancing around the issue of whether or not House has a thing for Cuddy. Granted, it'll no doubt be another two seasons or so before we actually see anything of substance come of it,'s a start.

    And oh man! FOREMAN HAS A PLOT! That NEVER happens, and it makes me SO happy that this episode centers around him, because he was way past due - what's the ratio here, 1435:1 in Cameron's favor? Seriously, writers. You have a character who is pretty interesting, and you choose to ignore him 90% of the time in favor of the least likeable character on the show. What gives?

    I also like that this wasn't just another "Doctor gets close to the patient, and then the patient dies" stories. Yes, we had that, but we ALSO got some stuff with Foreman's family, which is pretty cool. It's also worth noting that the Foreman essentially killed this patient, and I don't think that that's happened before on this show. I hope they explore it a bit more in the next episode - where he's at emotionally after being the direct cause of the death of another human being. It might be an interesting angle to explore.

    I have to say, though, the Patient of the Week was another in a long line of House Patients That I Absolutely Hate. Granted, I don't dislike her as much as the Whiney Rape Victim from "One Day, One Room," but she's annoying enough for me to go "bah." However, it's still kind of along the same lines as WRV - if I can't bring myself to like the character, why am I going to care about her ailment or when she kicks it? A fine example as usual, but not perfect.
  • What the hell were the rest of you even watching!?

    I find a lot of the comments on this episode to be absolutely ridiculous. And it's frankly absurd, frightening, and sad that so many of you, presumably on your own, all came to the same silly opinions. Since when is House supposed to be this infallable miracle worker who is always right? As he said in No Reason he's usually eventually right. In most episodes, he's had at least one wrong diagnosis that made a patient worse, several times he's almost even killed them. I loved that they finally gave us an episode that focused on taking the show out of this safe world where House will always eventually come to the rescue. I guess I'm just not so ignorant as to believe that they ever intended to portray House as perfection, but instead always thought of House as merely better than the rest. They have previously hit upon this idea of fallability with moments like "I take risks, sometimes patients die. But not taking risks causes more patients to die, so I guess I've been cursed with the ability to do the math." (from Detox, and very similar to what he said to Foreman in this episode), his past failure to save Hester (All In), the cop in Euphoria, erasing a man's memory for no reason (Words and Deeds), and very nearly doing a similar thing to what he did in this episode to the hypochondriac patient in Deception. Many people thought House ignored the case and let Foreman take over. When did this happen? Granted, there was another plot going on beyond the patient, but there always is! House did walk away while Foreman and Chase were bickering about the irrelevant how nice of a person the patient is, but then came back and told his team what he wanted them to do, just like he's done several times before. I'll give you that he does get distracted at the exact moment Chase says "Did you check for infection." but the fact that Foreman replied that she had no signs of an infection makes that tid bit basically moot. At the meeting where Foreman proposed his ill-fated plan, House was listening very attentively to what his team was saying and just happened to agree with Foreman. There is nothing new here, go back and watch some previous episodes. House is often just choosing between ideas that come from his team. And, at least from a laymen's perspective, Foreman had a very good case. No one thought it was an infection because she had no signs, the choices were auto-immune or cancer. Her disease was progressing too quickly to be auto-immune and it would have taken too long to fully test for it. Plus, radiation would end up treating both possible conditions. That's why House agreed, not because he was distracted by Wilson, Bonnie, and Cuddy. Was I the only one paying attention? One of you even just made up the idea that House wanted to do more testing and then just let Foreman do whatever he wanted. Another person said Staph doesn't present with fever, but look it up, it does.

    Then there's the insane idea that House didn't care. Did no one else see how sad House looked and how somber his tone was? He's a character that isn't going to come out and tell you his inner feelings, so they have to be subtle and you have to be paying attention. My guess is that you are all jumping on board with the one line Foreman had, "You really don't care, do you?" Foreman was very emotional at the time so I understand why he saw House's actions that way, but viewers at home have no reason to be that narrow minded. It's been stated many times that House is a good doctor because he wants to solve the puzzle and not because he wants to help people. That's what that scene was about. His obsession with solving the puzzle in no way translates into "he doesn't care if he kills someone." And neither does his use of logic to subdue and hide his emotions, like he was doing with the conversation with Foreman about guilt and forgiveness. There was a parrallel to this in the conversation he had right after with Wilson, House says he told Foreman guilt was irrelevant and then reveals he took in Wilson's dog, presumably out of guilt. Throughout the entire series, House has been shown to say one thing in an attempt to keep an objective logical mind, but he very often feels another. A lot of the people who are reviewing this episode are annoyingly fickle or at best have never seen any other episode. This was a rather typical episode with respect to the character interactions and differential diagnosis process, but just because the patient dies instead of simply getting worse, suddenly what they've been doing all along is out of character. The outcome was the only difference, not the characters.

    And one last thing in response to those claiming this story is not medically possible. The cases on House are real. I've heard the writers say many times that the medical cases are backed up by documentation and first hand accounts from real doctors. They may not be the common way for a disease to present and progress and they will often fudge on the time frame for effective story telling, but if a disease has presented in that way, they use it. The entire point of the medicine on this show is to have very rare situations that most doctors wouldn't even know about. See that's why the patients are with House because other doctors couldn't figure it out. So it stands to reason that "My uncle whose a real life doctor says that wouldn't happen." isn't the best argument against the shows medical accuracy.
  • Very high and low

    I love that Foreman is finally back in the episodes. The last few episodes his character has more or less been written out. Omar Epps is an excellent actor and it's a shame that his character isn't used to it's fullest potential. That being said this episode was an exception. I love the use of his character and his interaction with his patient and his mother.

    The Chase/Cameron arc is rediculous and more than slightly stupid and I wish the PTBs would give it up already.

    I personally loved House's interaction with Wilsons ex although I found it somewhat implausible. If she hates House so much as to name their dog after him then why would she spend any time with him? However as always, Hugh Laurie did a wonderful job.

    The Wilson/Cuddy storyline has potential and was well done. Even if they don't get together it's nice to see the interaction of the characters on a personal level.
  • Was there a redeeming quality??

    It took me a while to figure out what to say about this episode, because it continued on the trend of the last few...which were awful.

    To list the two good points of this episode:

    1. Omar did a really good job. Foreman centric episodes tend to come at the end of the season and Omar does a good job. Actually this is more of a Foreman arc, over the next few episodes. We learn even more about his family and background, and why he judges people so harshly. Pot meet Kettle!!

    2. Wilson & Cuddy, the date was hilarious. Here is a radical idea, if the writers want to hook someone up on this show so bad, why not these two. Their's is at least a realistic relationship.

    Bad points:

    - House and ex-Mrs. Wilson #2, that was just creepy. Although him being sorry enough at the end, that he took the dog was okay. Should be entertaining as to how he's going to walk the pooch.

    - Cameron and Chase, enough already. The worst storyline ever just will not end. Chase stalking is a crime, give it a rest. Have you ever heard of beating a dead horse!!!

    - Speaking of Cameron, where the hell was she, after the ddx and that one awful scene, she disappeared off the face of the earth.

    - The medicine, oh yeah, that stuff. Now my medical knowledge isn't so hot, but from what I understand, if they had followed up on the lab work (bubble study) that Cameron was sent off to do, it would have come back with the right diagnosis from the get go, and nobody would have died. Plot hole much. (sigh) This is what the writing has been reduced to...childish games with House and Cuddy, no plausibility and Cameron and Chase, no common sense and the medical has fallen through the floor.

    I wish things would get better, but I haven't seen any falling stars lately, only falling expectations.
  • good the episode but plis not more Chase/Cameron chase

    Ok i love House inferiority complex that make him go after Wilsons ex wife to look for clues on why she married wilson. yes House likes having Wilson Around and enjoy Cudys angry orders, he likes them being focus on him. Another episode in were the diagnosis was left aside and this time this that result on the Patients death. Foreman got his duagnosis wrong and end up killing the girl, the story line was verry touching but this in not why I watch this show, I like the puzzle, I got Tired of the personal Drama, leave that for Greys anatomy.
  • i liked this house episode a lot, I think that is was really good and that I would watch it again. thats my summary.

    This House episode was really good in my opinoin. i don't know what you guys think about it, but i like all the House episodes. I don't know if i actually have a favorite house episode cause they are all so good!! Another opinion that has nothing to do with House is that these reviews have to have 100 words, MINIMUM!! I run out of things to say about one House when you have to use 100 words! It's crazy! All of this is only 87 words! I do not have anything else to say and I just have to type no more words!!!
  • This is the worst episode of House for a long time in my opinion

    This episode of House had very little in it and nothing happened.

    There was no real case, they spent about 10 minutes on the case and the patient died 15 minutes before the end. The story was mainly focused on how Foreman dealt with the patient and how he responded when she died. This is great - if it is done well - but this wasn't. It ended up being boring, Omar Epps did an incredible job with what he had but it wasn't enough to bring this episode up.

    The medicine was not good, they never explained why the didn't catch the infection, the explanation was Staf Infection but that does cause fever despite what they say.

    House spent most of the episode stalking a woman because of a dog - very exciting...
  • I think it was a good episode.

    Nope. They weren't able to save the woman, actually, they even did something to worsen the infection and eventually kill her. I was actually waiting for something to happen that would suddenly ignite House and then they'd be able to save her, but as Foreman said, there wasn't anything anybody could do.

    Nothing much else happened in the episode but the Foreman storyline was really touching. Sometimes we wake up and think that you're the best guy out there but we would still make some mistakes. It's sad to see a death in this story, but I was thinking that maybe they couldn't save everyone. In real life I'd really hate to see someone go, but this is fiction, and there has to be some cases where you can't save the person. It shows the hardships that a doctor goes through when something goes wrong, and it wasn't his fault but he still holds some guilt over it.

    It's sad but I think this was an episode where we really get into the doctor's world.
  • I don’t understand you people…

    … when you say that House is not the same. He left aside the patient’s needs. Gosh, he has never really cared for his patients. He has always cared for his needs only and that’s all and that's what we saw in "House Training".
    His center of interest has changed in this episode. I think he wants exclusivity in all his “friends”… or should I say… exclusivity in all people’s lives who are involved with him (Wilson’s ex said something like he was one of reasons that led her wedding to an ending). Can’t you, people, see? He wants Wilson’s and Cuddy’s exclusive attention. He must be the center of the universe.

    Since he saw he was losing control on their friends’lives, he had to make a choice (that’s what he always does): should he try to beat the illness and take control of his patient’s lives OR should he get back to controlling his said “friends” lives? That’s why he left the diagnosis a bit aside.
    It’s true, he is really fond of Wilson and Cuddy but his actions show mostly that he wants to keep them under his grasp ALWAYS. After all, he’s uncapable of nourishing a “healthy two-way” friendship. I guess he has only “one-path” friendships, where people should/must come to him (he controls).

    In what concerns Cameron and Chase. I agree with you, people, it’s quite disgusting to see Chase still running after her. However, you should bear in mind that, first of all, he was in love with her and second, there exists many different characters in the world and some people let it go easily than others. It seems that is not Chase’s case. I can perfectly see the “character Chase” having difficulties to step away from a relationship, especially if he has been dumped. I think it’s quite normal he tries every now and then to regain what he “lost” (although he has never really had her, at first place, but in his mind… yes... they had a relationship). That’s the way he is, that’s the way he sees things and it is very consistent (I think) to what has been shown on Chase’s character so far.

    Regarding Foreman, we have already had signs on previous episodes that he could take over the situation. Cameron has always tried to force her path but Foreman, on the contrary, imposes himself quite naturally as a leader. The situation of the girl being dead because of medical mistakes is something very present in our real lives and I can’t see how House’s team would not face this type of difficulty. Certainly, making Foreman be responsible for this death and “not” in a direct way House, is intentional, I think. At first, it “saves” House from making a direct medical bad choice and second, the writers intend to better develop Dr Foreman. I liked this episode and differently from people’s previous reviews, I don’t think it has deviated from the real personalities of the characters. They have just been shown in a different view but they are all the same
  • House is not the same as it used to be. (spoilers)

    I'm having very mixed feelings about this episode. It was touching but on the other hand there was so much that bothered me. First I'd like to mention though how hilarious Cuddy and Wilson were at the exhibit. I'm really starting to warm up for these two. But with this said I'll move on to House and how out of character he was. It is established that House is 'the most curious man in the world' but this time I think it was pure jealousy instead of curiosity. And he actually made his jealousy public by interrogating Cuddy and Wilson's ex-wife. Another thing that bothered me was how House ignored the patient. He was so busy with the Wilson/Cuddy matter that he didn't get into the case at all. Then there was something that never happens: he listened to Foreman! House wanted to take some samples from the patient, but when Foreman said no he obeyed him and just let go. House wouldn't do that, he would either ignore Foreman or take the samples secretly. That was completely out of character in my opinion. Foreman was in the spotlight in this episode (it was about time too). We finally got to see his mother who was in a better condition that I had thought. On top of that the case got personal for Foreman. The case wasn't a big mystery this time but it was a milestone for the series: the patient died. And it was because the team screwed up. Foreman felt the most responsible as the others didn't seem to care that much (even Cameron!). Anyway it was great to see Foreman going through emotions for a change. Him punching the wall was a side we haven't really seen before. One of the most touching scenes was Wilson advising Foreman about telling the patient she's going to die. It wasn't easy for Foreman. Plus we finally learned what makes Wilson so good at it. So this episode was quite emotional. I have to mention one not-so-emotional thing though: why on earth did Chase have to bring up his and Cameron's relationship again? I thought the whole thing was buried in the previous episode. Yes we get it Chase, you are willing to have a relationship with Cameron! We don't need to be reminded of it in every single episode. Anyway, this episode was.. weird. I'm not sure how to feel about it. That explains the lowest rating I've ever given to House. I just hope that the next episodes will be the classic House that we know and love.
  • A great episode, but quite sad.

    Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this episode. I just found it a little bit heavy however.

    1) It was an interesting idea how they switched it around in this episode. Your thinking throughout the entire thing "Oh, no, their going to cure her at the last minute, it always happens." But they didn't in this episode. It was different, but a sad difference.
    2) I liked the idea of them giving her a radition only to learn that they just fried her entire immune system, meaning, she was going to die and they couldn't do anything about it. It was a sad subject though.
    3) House got a dog! I can't wait to see how that works out!
    4) I like the whole Cuddy/Wilson thing, it's interesting, I love how House harrasses them! XD
    5) I'm glad to see that Foreman's mom/dad are back in the story again, i'm glad that it wasn't just a one-time character apperance.

    1) Even though I did like the change they had, it was still quite sad that she actually died. It was a little too heavy. And since they diagnosed it early, it was a little slow moving near the end.
  • So, not a riveting case this week...but some very interesting developments with Foreman. Spoilers.

    Where to start? Where to start? Let's start with Lupe, a con artist, who lands in our precious PPTH. So, she had TIA, transient ischemic attack. I for one, nearly fell out of my seat...but not why you think. For maybe the third time of this whole series...I knew what was happening to her. She started saying she didn't know what to do and I just thought, TIA...and is. But I didn't see the end diagnose of just a Staph infection. It's simple and yet, it killed her, or partly killed her.

    Anyways, let's discuss the whole Wilson/Cuddy thing here. I thought it was cute he got embarrassed, because I said the same thing Cuddy said. I have never seen him embarrassed before, and it was just...endearing.'s part of his ploy! Yes, we learned how Wilson got all 3 of his ex-wives. He took them to plays, museums, and then he had them sucked into the vortex of Wilson-land...complete with the thriller ride of Gregory House. How do we learn this? Bonnie, Wilson's 2nd wife, who tries to sell House a condo-and House being House, tries to find out Wilson's wiley ways. "Are you comparing Wilson to a tampon?" Oh. My. Gawd. I think that's one of the funniest lines...ever.

    And on we go. So...I will stand up and say this...only once. I like Chase. Argh! I used to hate this character with a fierce passion. Alas, he had to turn...good. First, he tells Cameron very calmly and rationally, that he's going to remind her that he's there...every Tuesday. Okay, that one got me to smile. Then he goes on and tells her that just because he'll remind her...doesn't make him a stalker. Okay, that one got me to laugh. And I'll say this...Cameron, honey, grow up. For the first time in a long time...Chase is right about this because you were the one who wouldn't let it go in this episode. But I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we'll see our usual, normal, Cameron soon. His mother has Alzheimer's and his father is not exactly the daddy one wishes to have. He hadn't been home in 8 years...8 years...that's almost the entire Friends series. Anyways, when he and Lupe had that talk near the end, after she'd kind of gotten over him pretty much killing her(or that's what Foreman thinks) we finally got to see what he thinks of himself. Now, I know we all think that he thinks he's the best and all that mess but now we know what he thinks. He is the best...but only because he can't be who he used to be. If he shows weakness, he's still be the kid stealing cars and robbing houses. He's the same as Lupe, still trying to look forward but not able to get out of the past.

    And yes, I had a tear coming down at the last scene. Granted, I had read spoilers and knew what was coming...but when I actually saw it...awww, I could feel the water forming. No, I said to myself and tried to remain stoic to the end. But when Foreman hugged his mother after she told him she had a little boy named Eric, and his face just...broke down with all these emotions that just...I don't even know. Great acting, Omar(though, I knew that already).
  • "What would you want? A doctor who hold your hand while you die, or a doctor who ignores you while you get better?I guess it would particularly suck to have a doctor who ignores you while you die."(House "Occam's Razor")

    It was very-very depressing episode, but the problem is we were depressed for nothing. I wasn’t depressed because the patient died, I was depressed ,because where wasn’t House I new in the diagnostic team. I made myself to watch the ep. 3 times in hole and two more times in parts, just to be sure. I appreciate the writer’s(Doris Igan) attempt to connect several themes from the previous seasons (Forman’s judgment and dislike of the “wrong” people(patients) (“Histories” ,”Euphoria”), communication difficulties between parents and grown up children (“Cursed”, ”Daddy’s Boy”), killing someone ,by a medical mistake, as a reality of practice medicine (“Tree Stories)) and the storyline we’ve had (Wilson-Cuddy-House triangle and Chase-Cameron “relationship”).To put all those together in one ep. has to be incredibly difficult and she’s done a great job. The actors were great as always, Chase- Foreman scenes deserved to be discussed separately, and all the “condo-spying” was fun to watch ,but…(Why there is always has to be a ”but” on House lately? I’m spoiled, I confess, I want “All Inn” or “Role Model” or an “Autopsy” with no “but” whatsoever.) There was one thing in “House Training” I couldn’t except -they deliberately made House don’t care about medical case and a patient. For me it’s the bedrail of the character (and the audience, who’s so invested in House). He was incredibly appealing, despite of being a jerk ect., because he has “his thing” (“What do I have? I have my brain. That’s it…I can make people better.. ”No Reason”) Take it away and all we have is just a pill popping jerk,” huge ego, sorry” ,nothing to be fond of ,no reason to watch. Unfortunately, it’s not just this ep., it’s the season’s sorry pattern – to show that House is not a hero. They eliminate almost everything that made Dr. Gregory House - H O U S E - no more piano, no ball , no “brooding in the dark “ thinking , no “differential diagnosis, people” and no good music on the show. And now it’s a white board. I want them back. ”Attica! Attica! Attica!...Attica.”
  • A very disturbing episode.

    There were lots of things I liked about this episode but way too many things I found to be highly disturbing.

    In No Reason, when House thinks the surgery messed up with his intellectual abilities, he screams at both Cuddy and Wilson:"I can make people better! And you decide to trade that for jogging shoes!"

    That's just how I feel about this episode in particular and about season 3 so far: if House isn't the best doctor around, and if he cares a lot more about Cuddy, Wilson, Wilson's ex and/or dog, then all we have left are his jogging shoes. That wasn't enough for him back then, and it's not enough to keep the show going for long.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for him being more energetic and interested in life again, - but he still needs to be House and he still needs to be the best doctor there is and to want to solve the puzzle before and not after his patient dies. It's the only justification he has for his lack of social niceties and blunt manners. If he doesn't have this, then he's just another creepy old guy who has nothing better to do then push his nose into everyone's business because he has no life. That's a very big mistake on the part of the head writers and producers and this specific episode just made it a lot clearer.

    Yes, the dialogues were great, but what is it worth if a patient dies out of pure negligence? How can this happen to the best of doctors? Sure, "doctors like us" can make the wrong decisions and end up giving the patient the wrong treatment, but this wasn't a justifiable mistake by any standards. Here the whole team and House were supposed to figure out a relatively simple diagnosis and they failed because of their faulty pre-assumptions (Foreman) and lack of interest (House). House's decision to let Foreman run the case, just like Cameron on the last episode, is fine, as it is time for them to start working more independently, yet, it makes no sense that House doesn't oversee the case the way he used to and that he doesn't care about the case at all. "Boring" he says - and goes to drill crazy Bonnie about Wilson's sex life! Yea, that's so much more interesting then saving a life. This, from the man who used to sit at home awake all night while trying to figure out what was wrong with his patient? Sad, very very sad.

    Glad you listened to my advice of last week, Foreman - see, once you ditched those horrible pastel shirts and ties you got yourself a leading role! Told you! A shame though you didn't bother to listen to the patient or your colleagues as well. Could have been nice to save the patient rather then kill her, don't you think? And when your patient is dying because of your arrogance, do you really think it's appropriate to tell her about how YOU feel and about your problems?! And not visiting your sick mom for 8 years?! Wow, what a nice sensitive person you are! Yes, I really fell for you.

    As for the rest of this episode - sure, there were some very  good lines, (House to Wilson: "You're an addict!!" - priceless), and funny scenes, but at this point, it feels like 4 more episodes and a big break is not such a terrible thing. Hopefully the writers and producers will use the break to think about how to get House back on the track and make season 4 a lot better then this one.
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