Season 2 Episode 19

House vs. God

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 2006 on FOX

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  • One foot in the wrong direction.

    For a series that usually sets such remarkable standards, this episode was disappointing at best, maybe even egotistic. Religion is controversy -that, I understand- but this episode completely eradicated all sense of legitimacy to Christianity. There was not even a portion of the medical case that was left unexplainable as a COMMON COURTESY to the religious audience. The believers became considered nutcases and crackpots with "hallucinations", or deemed incapable of making rational decisions. The only time it was attempted to "appease" the Christian viewers was when the boy commented on how House's life was based around uncertainty, leaving the doctor with a "thoughtful expression" on his face. Sorry, but that doesn't cut it. What are Christians supposed to think when the scoreboard showed God-3, House-3 ? There is always a line drawn somewhere when a major controversy is the basis of a show, and millions of viewers are waiting to see the outcome- one foot stepped over that line in this case. The score is House-0, Religion-1.
  • Missed the mark; would have been better left open-ended, not \\\"Christians who advertise their Christianity are immoral scum and the only true faith is that of the cynic\\\". That is an adolescent attitude...and a shame to this show.

    Watched an ep of House a few days ago. A young faith healer is shown to be just another sinner. The healing he performs is explained as an unexpected side effect of his immoral antics, and is temporary to boot. The \\\"healed\\\" person is a believer, though - poor deluded soul! And House\\\'s cynicism is left intact. All his settings are restored to Bleak. There is no hope in his world, just weariness and anger.

    Would it really alienate viewers to see someone who claimed to believe in God to live a moral life for real? In other words, do writers feel the aching need to set up paper Christians just to tear them down? Or are they scared that if, say, House has an evangelical patient who is true to his faith, will House\\\'s lack of faith begin crumbling like a sandcastle in a storm? If they do, that says way more about their insecurity in what is true than it says about faith healers, real or phony.
  • My #1 episode! Writing is brilliant!!

    House Vs. God is my #1 episode! The writing is sharp and crucial insights into many characters are built into this show. Do not miss this one, the bigger cynic you are, the more you will love it. Speaking of writing, anybody know what happened with HOUSE at the middle of S4? Did the smart writers quit during the writer's strike? The writing hasn't been this good in a LONG time. Watch it again to remind yourself of the best days of'll be amazed at the difference. Lots of heat in this one, and hard truths as well. Worth a repeat viewing!
  • Religion rears its ugly head...

    I really enjoyed this episode, which is probably why I have played it to death! The writing was brilliant, and it was interesting to see the team delve into their religious belief. I loved House's interactions with the 15 year old "faith healer", and how House believes faith is "moronic". I thought him and Wilson's friendship worked brilliantly, and it was interesting to see them at odd's during the poker game.

    There was a very brief insight into Chase, and I was actually left pondering what Boyd meant by "why do you always do things you don't want to do"- I think part of Chase wishes he didn't become a doctor.

    I thought it was better that there was less focus on the spat between Foreman and Cameron- that dulled down the previous episode.

    For me though, it was the interactions between House and Wilson that tipped this into a brilliant episode, and the interesting twist of proving that Grace was still dying in order to save Boyd, which I thought was a great twist. Contrary with some reviews, I think it gave an interesting insight into Wilson's desire to "feed on neediness".

    Overall, brilliant, controversial, with a great plot and good character development.
  • The only episode of House I did not fully enjoy....

    "House vs. God" is the only episode of House I can not fully enjoy (and I very much dislike Kal Penn but was able to enjoy the episodes he was a part of in seasons four and five). The acting is top-notch as always but, here in this episode, the writing lags behind the acting. "House vs. God" sees a young "healer" brought to House after collapsing during one of his faith healing sessions or whatever the technical name for whatever the kid was doing is. The thing that sets this episode apart from other House episodes as lackluster is this case of the sick healer, which is not as interesting or exciting as most other episodes in the series. Instead of focusing on great characters who have to deal with a thrilling and mysterious case and unpredictable office politics, the episode focuses on House's religious views, which I could not care less about. Sub-storylines dealing with Wilson and the Cameron vs. Foreman arc are redeeming qualities but only go so far.
  • The use of logic was excellent!

    Purely from a dialogue perspective, this movie was brilliant. The writers of the show have always had a great gasp on believable sarcastic, dry but intelligent wit, but in this episode the brilliance of every character's lines really stood out. In one scene, every single line out of Wilson's mouth was a genius logic argument that couldn't be defied. He shut up everyone with whom he argued. No one had any comeback.

    Still, I must say the plot was creative in it's subtle way of playing with logic. It seems so believable that God could be involved until House opens up with another amazing logic deduction that explains it away. Definitely worth a rewatch, just to see if it was intended or coincidental.
  • A good episode, but far away from my favorite.

    This is the only episode that I've felt "weird" about after watching it. It didn't feel like a real house episode! I think it was too much about the whole "does God excist thing".

    I think it was good of the writers to not make a complete side of the "God" thing. Cause we who watch could self decide if people really can be healed by the power of God or not. I don't know if this sounds too stupid or not, but I felt like the episode kind of made "fun" of the religion. Not too much, but so that people who watch this episode really will think that christians must be insane. I am a christian myself and have never seen anyone like that, even though I've seen something non-christian would referr to as the person in this episode! Taking that this episode was so much about chritianity I think they should have made it more correct.. like in the scene where the patients dad says that God loves his son more, which absolutely isn't true.. christians believe that God loves everyone the same! I don't wanna overreact, but this was just something that was still on my mind after the episode.

    The Wilson and woman-patient story was only weird to me. I think the writers just put him in a relationship with her so that it would fit with all the "God told me you should play poker with Wilson" and all that. Just think of it; 1. Wilson isn't the kind of man who risks his job easily, so why sleep with a patient? 2. He has just talked with divorce lawyers, isn't sleeping with someone else maybe a little bit early? 3. Isn't moving IN with the patient a little to..uhm..not the good time? hehe, Okay, I don't have anything more now:P but even though it worked out ok, I still felt a little weird about it!

    I know I've almost only said "bad" stuff here, but that's because I can be really critical, but I also thought there was some good parts in there too;)

    to mention some: I liked the House vs. God thing..where they both got the score 3! and there was as usually many good quotes and jokes in there! The actors were good playing! And I think I maybe would have liked this episode better if I wasn't a christian myself, cause then you don't see all the "insults" to christianity that much:) so I can understand that someone would like it alot! and of course a genious episode-title:P

    ps: sorry about my really bad english, and PLEASe don't judge me of my "meanings" to this episode! thanks:)
  • The title explains it all.

    This episode ha so much twists & turns I could barely stand it! First of all the plot with Wilson is so genius, my favorite part is when Chase is looking around Wilson's patient's house & realizing someone lives with her, and it turns out to be Wilson, favorite part! Including the poker game plot. The real patient had herpes. And somehow that could heal people, that is just nuts. That was another twist, he was never a healer, he was a pervert, I'm glad the father finally came to his senses, I hated that kid from the beginning, but he was from Heroes! So I recognized his face. A great episode!
  • One of my favorite episodes, but minus points for the subplot with Wilson and his patient.

    I missed parts of this episode unfortunately, but I still liked it a lot.

    The patient plot was good. Not as interesting as a medical case, but it brought along some quite interesting ideas. What I probably liked the best about it was that it didn't provide a definitive answer. We found out how he had "healed" Grace, but that doesn't account for the other people he's healed. It seems up to us to decide whether or not he actually could heal people, or if there were other explanations. Or as Chase believes, that there are medical explanations, but perhaps they were given from God. The episode ends up not taking sides on the existence of God, which was a good move in my opinion.

    The episode also provided one of the most interesting storylines concerning House and Wilson that we've had this season. When Wilson came in and yelled at House, House seemed genuingly affected. The look on his face was quite interesting. I thought the "please can I play poker" thing was quite bad, why would anyone try to elbow their way into a poker game that way? But the scene at the poker table was quite interesting, as Wilson seemed to be able to read House quite well. It gave the impression that maybe he knows House better than we think, and that he can read him more easily than even House suspects. It was interesting to see him follow Wilson when he stormed out, and also interesting to hear Wilson's comments to him. My favorite scene though was in the end, when House seemed to want Wilson to move back in. When Wilson declined, House asked if the two of them were okay. The scene was played well between the two actors and it didn't come across as House being sarcastic nor as House being out of character. What it did do was show that House does indeed need Wilson, and that he values their friendship.

    What did come across as stupid and idiotic though was the subplot with Wilson living with his cancer patient. Where did that come from, and what exactly was the point? It just didn't fit, especially not given how he and his patient interact in their earlier scene together. It was just a convenient excuse to why Boyd knew about Wilson and the poker game. It seemed very uncharacteristic for Wilson to out of the blue move in with a patient like that.

    Chase showed better character continuity. I like that they subtly adressed what we learned way back in one of the first episodes, that he was going to be a priest but changed his mind. I like that they've let Chase keep his religeous beliefs, but without letting them interfere. I loved how he used the whiteboard like that, and the scene between him and House towards the end was great. This seems like one of the few episodes where House has appeared to respect Chase. He didn't even get mad that he used the board, even though he's made such a big thing about how Chase can't touch the markers.

    Where was Cuddy in this episode though? I saw her very briefly in one scene. Did Lisa Edelstein have the week off?
  • Just okay and nothing more

    This was in no way the greatest episode of House. It was actually kind of boring.

    Wilson was sleeping with his cancer patient who was bonding with House's patient which was pissing House off. It was like a continuing circle of annoyingness.

    House and Wilson were okay with the poker game, but they weren't nearly as fun to watch in this episode. Foreman and Cameron still with the tension left over from the article was also lame.

    Boyd and his father were really insane with the religious stuff. I can't believe how much faith his father really had in the Lord. It was annoying that they couldn't do any tests or anything because the family had so much faith that God would fix everything.

    Chase keeping the score between House and God was a decent storyline.

    Not really a good episode, because honestly nothing happened.
  • Review

    This is the first time I have felt unsatisfied after watching back to back episodes of House. I thought the only thing worthy of disscussion this episode was the case itself, which turned out to be nothing more then a lying fifteen year old teenage boy who really didnt have the voice of God on his side...ever. The fact that Wilson was sleeping with his patient was actually more creepy then it was shocking when the news was dropped on us. I can understand the intense sympathy that you could feel for someone, I just would put something like that on Cameron not on Wilson. I think that by making him have a relationship with a patient so soon after his divorce lowers his credability on the show. There was no clinic in this episode and minimal amounts of Cuddy. Average episode for me
  • Great episode for season two!

    I like this episode, its quite good. I just watched it again today with my little sister on my season 2 set (Hurrah! We have a fellow House fan! =D)

    1) It was an interesting idea, the thing with House vs. God and how the whole episode involved religion and such.
    2) The medical case was interesting as well, i liked it. 3) House was trying to do anything to keep Wilson out of his poker game. I enjoyed the whole poker game thing in this.
    4) It was quite funny too! I liked the humor in this!
    5) I really enjoyed the part where the only way they could prove the boy was sick was to prove she was still dying, or something like that.

    1) Some things about this episode could be insulting to some christians or other religions.
    2) What was with the whole Wilson/patient thing? It doesn't seem right, well, in my case.

    It was pretty good though! I enjoy it whenever i see it!
  • This episode has been one of my favorites. This episode was very well written.

    THis episode was really cool because the boy was healing people. Then while the boy is in the hospital he is walking around and cures a girl. We then find out that the boy gave the girl a virus which healed the girl. Throughout the episode House is giving points to himself and to God about who did what right. Which I think is kind of funny because w hen House has more points he is happy. He is kind of suggesting that he is greater than God.
  • A beautiful example on House's deductive capacities, a peep on his personality and beliefs. The deepness of thought summarized in House's dialogues was an absolute pleasure. Great episode, great show, great cast, superb actor (Laurie).

    House, an extremely well thought main character, is skillfully managed by his creators to keep the integrity of the character on this episode, and at the the same time reveal more of himself and his co-workers. This episode confirms many things I subconsciously had already assigned to House's personality and beliefs. Thank you for not betraying House! Thank you for not complying to the shallow, to the narrowmindness, and respecting the person you have created. It's not a matter of liking or disliking him: House is House, and he couldn't be any other way... and that's what makes it a riveting show for me. You gave us a beautiful example on House's deductive capacities (discovering the relationship between Dr. Wilson and his patient was brilliant) and his acute inductive reasoning abilities (the whole chapter!) The deepness of thought you summarized in House's dialogues was an absolute pleasure. Great chapter, great show, great cast, superb actor (Laurie).

    Who writes this stuff? Chapeau! It's either that you guys are really amazing or that -fortunately- I'm on the same line of thought as you are. Every detail is well thought (I enjoy a lot anticipating what hides behind those "details") , every word on each dialogue has a purpose, and every dialogue is intelligent and creative. House's character is so well defined I feel I went to Med School with the guy... so real you've made him. Sometimes I get very close to know what he's going to do but "I, the audience" can't stop him or help him or change him, so I just stand by him as friends would do, and... wait for the blow together.
  • Better than last week's,but, not by much.

    yet another medium episode.
    the episode bored me alot because House simply wasnt as brilliant as usual.

    the episode itself went the usual season 1 style,which is a problem because season 1 arc is simple:

    you get someone whos sick, cant find out disease, and then at the very end of the ep BOOM. something real little thing causing something real big.

    tho, i must admit, i enjoyed the unexplainable parts of the ep, how the boy knew so much, but i only enjoyed until..well you know. It sucks that they explained that,too.

    The only brilliant thing was the poker night. Lol, that wasREALLY funny.
  • House and co. have to deal with faith (or in House case, lack of). We learn a detail about the lovely Dr. Wilson. We're being set up for the end of the season.

    The patient: a teenage faith healer. He serves more as a plot device to expose the main character's issues than a compelling medical case. His first move after failing ill was to turn to eathbound doctors for his own healing.
    Turning point: Boyd reminded us the rol each person on the show plays. Chase cannot make decisions. Cameron and Foreman have trust issues. House views faith as a four letter word. Most importantly, Boyd's presence sets events in motion that reaveal Wilson to be a "functional vampire" a man feeding off of others' neediness to gain fulfillment.
    It's been established that Wilson is the voice of reason of the show, he is held up as a foil to everyone else's inadequacies. Now we see that he's a master manipulator. His "Golden Tongue" can convince a recalcitrant Boyd to put his trust in science and can tell a control freak of a doctor that he is as God made him.
    I truly believe that we'll see the repercussions of this episode's revelations down the road.
  • The score tally, House vs God, ended three to three. Though, House could only get a point for solving a problem and God got a point for presenting a problem. Given this, House could at best tie; God could not lose. Otherwise fantastic.

    Most of the religious stuff was extremely well put. Sometimes the show hits the mark, and this is one of them. House is one of the few shows that addresses religion from time to time. Each time it's fairly right on. You never run into House having no answer and pulling "God did it" out of his hat. The actor playing the faith healer did amazingly well. Cameron didn't get anywhere near enough facetime. This episode is perhaps in the top ten House episodes of all time.

    The contest is rigged.

    The score tally, House vs God, ended three to three. Though, House could only get a point for solving a problem and God got a point for presenting a problem. Given this, House could at best tie; God could not lose.
  • i adore this tv show and this episode it one of the reasons why

    as we all know house is a sceptic when it comes to religons and God in general. and this episode makes a point of it when a young kid claiming that god speaks to him is brought to the hospital after collapsing. house's witticisims and all around cleverness turns into a battle with god ending with house having three points and god having three points. we also find out that wilson has indeed been having an affair. and with a patient no less. so we start to see a different side of him as well. however the amazing house does not falter in this episode and remains his true sarcastic, and indulgent self. Gotta love him
  • Tie to the Mortal

    After last week's ep, this was a very welcome instalment. It focused on the relationship between House and Wilson, but left it almost unresolved. I love how they paired House up against a 15 year old in a battle of wits. There were also some great quotes! "Climb out of your holes, people!"
  • Another amazing House episode...

    This is definately one of my favorite House episodes.
    The medical storyline was interesting. The faith healer aspect was definately interesting and brought about interesting conversations between House and Wilson.
    The Wilson and House interractions are really what made this episode so good. It really developed their characters more, you definately found out more about Wilson.
  • Religion and House, not a good mix but wonderful entertainment!

    This was another fantastic episode. The simple character of House makes for great episodes but add a faith healer to the mix and you have instant ratings.

    The faith healer in my opinion was a bit of a cop-out. If you were truely dedicated to God as you would have to be to be that kind of person, you would definately not be having sex at age 15. Though his "mind-readings" of Cameron and other doctors and the predictions were pretty impressive, I hardly believe that he was as genuine as he said he was.

    The medical problem was actually quite simple. I would never have guessed that the reason was herpes. Plain and simple, would never have guessed. I didn't even know that herpes could do that to you.

    All in all, it was a quite satisfying episode and I would be more than pleased to sit down and watch it again!
  • Very nice. I loved it.

    I had a track meet when this originally aired, so I taped it. Watching it today, I knew why. Great insight into House, and House and Wilson\\\'t relationship. And, yeah, that kid was really cute. Personally, I thought the \\\'House vs. God\\\' thing was a little tacky, but that\\\'s just because I\\\'m very faithful myself. For (almost) the first time, I knew the virus--I did a presentation on herpes encephalitis for Biology-which doesn\\\'t mean I can spell it right. And the tumor thing? If I ever get cancer, I\\\'m going to tell my doctor to give me a virus so I live longer. Or some peanuts.
  • Its a game of House vs. God

    This was the first time I had ever watched this show. I thought it was really good. House has such a great personality, he really is the whole show. He is very mysterious about his ways and I love it. A young boy is hospitalized but refuses medicines because he says God will heal him all on his own. We find out that Dr.Wilson slept with one of his cancer patients. House finnaly agrees to invite Dr. Wilson to his weekly poker games. One of the doctors keeps tally on a board and everytime house does something right, he gives house a point but everytime something happens that is unexplainable and seems to be comming from God as a miracle, he gives a God a point. In the end its House with 3 points and God with 3 points. Awesome episode!
  • It gets better every week.

    How many people actually keep a tally on themselves and God?Only House would do that,just to prove a point.What's gonna happen to House and Wilson now?It's highly impossible Wilson will be able to find an apartment before Grace goes to Florence.Maybe TPTB will have him move back in with House,even thought he said he wouldn't.Where was Cuddy for all of this?When she finally did show up it was for like 5 seconds.House could have been a little nicer to Wilson at the poker game,he didn't have to tell everyone Wilson's life.Anyway next weeks episode should be quite fun to watch.Can't wait!!
  • Interesting take on Medicine and faith

    I found the episode of God vs House a very interesting one. It is not usually talked about in the medical profession out in the open. It was interesting to see how House deals with the idea of a supreme being, and even when it comes to God he remains as arrogant as House can be. However, I am impressed how they did put doubt in even House's mind. On an humor note, I appreciated the poker game. He had the laundry man, the mailman and the guy at the bus stop. That is awsome. Good show. A little off character from the norm, but I like that.
  • House III ... God III

    I wonder if they are going to play out this House v. God in any other episodes?! It could get rather interesting...yet, I feel as though Dr. Wilson\\\'s relationship with his patient was kind of out of character...yet I still think the House v. God ploy could become another running joke in the series! Keep it up!
  • Your Soapbox is Not Entertaining

    You cannot not have an opinion on God. He/She/It is simply too big. Only Gregory House would try to be bigger.

    And while this is interesting, having the characters serve as mouthpieces for points of view concerning religion makes this episode feel more like the late-night rantings of stoned college students.

    Thankfully, the writers yielded after the first act and instead turned the focus to House and Wilson's relationship, which I think has been the greatest improvement in the show. Not that it was ever a weak point, but the writers have made this friendship seem very real. These two have an understanding about each other and we can see why they would be friends. We can see that they recognize the other's major flaws but that they also know these flaws are what bind them.

    I'm glad that the writers aren't letting the Foreman/Cameron issue get off the table and from the look of next week's episode, it's going to be a sticking point for at least the rest of the season.

    While I think the quality of the mysteries has increased this season, I'm missing House's clinic hours which are like little mini-episodes. The humor is just as big, it just takes less time to solve.

    Next week is House's first two-part episode. It looks like it could have the potential to be the best of the series thus far.
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