Season 3 Episode 24

Human Error

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 29, 2007 on FOX

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  • Who said House is not an optimist!

    This is definitely the best season ending so far. This episode is within the top 5 of my favorite House episodes. It's got it all. Even though House is "depressed" and "miserable" not only he loses Foreman, he fires Chase and Cameron quits, at the en of the day he remains optimistic, with the comfort that everything will be alright, life goes on with or without those 3, not sure if he cares or not, maybe a little but it doesn't matter. Near the end of the episode the part where he smokes a cigar and has a drink with one of his patients' spouse is priceless and artistic. For that part alone i adore this episode, not to mention he starts playing his guitar again, so from now things will be very different and interesting.
  • Season 3 Finale...

    I thought this was a good, solid way to end a good, solid Season.

    The case itself was very interesting, and it was very brave of the couple to travel that far to get to House. The whole 'talking with no pulse' thing was quite freaky, as well as the woman seemingly coming back from the dead! To top it all, House seemed to get on with the patient and her husband- I especially liked it at the end when they were smoking cigars!

    The other storyline focussed on Foreman, Chase and Cameron, as House's team is no more! Foreman seemed liked such a jerk in this episode, and that flattened the whole tone to me- he really didn't behave like I expected him too- he was a complete jerk. Nevertheless, I guess that was the point the writers were trying to make.

    Chase being fired came as a surprise, considering last episode House let him know he remembered why he was hired. Chase as got a lot better at diagnosing this Season, so I was pretty bummed, especially considering he doesn't feature as much now.

    Cameron resigning came as a blow too, as, although she is annoying, I do love her character- far more than her replacement, Thirteen. Nevertheless, perhaps the writers wanted to freshen up the show- the Season wasn't quite as strong as the first two, and it was in danger of being formulaic- I guess it had to come to this. Overall, it was a great episode, if a little sad at how the Team just all quit. Nevertheless, this was almost a first close in House's team, and it will be interesting to see how he copes without them, and with his dreaded fear of change. Overall Season score (based on my biased reviews)- 9.75 out of 10
  • Nothing will ever be the same...

    Everyone is outta here! This episode was good on all the acting & elements but why did it have to go down this way? Foreman quits, CHase gets fired, and Cameron quits. That realll bites, now House has to find a whole new team! That is just nuts. I did like the patient though, another different kind of patient formula. ANd a heated fight with House & Foreman. Cameron seems to resing for no reason. Chase gets fired cause House is mad cause of Foreman, the patient survives, but how will the sghow, now that everyone is gone!? I guess were going to find out till next season!
  • The End and A New Beginning

    There was no time for clinic duty this week. The drama in the office overshadowed everything else.

    The Foreman arc will most likely be remembered as the biggest mistake ever made by the writers and producers. There is not one single person on the forums who prefers the new team to the old one.

    The truth is that fellowships normally last three years. I have two friends that went into specialized fields. There is the internship for one year, the rest of the residency for three more in one area, then the fellowship in the second specialty was for another three years.

    The case itself almost did not matter. House discovered an anomaly when everyone else left the patient for dead, literally.

    I knew this end was coming and it was a bit anticlimactic for me. I wish I could say that the change would do House good, but it did not. Of all the years, Season Three is my least favorite. I am hoping that House will find its way in Season Five.
  • Foreman leaves, Chase is fired and Cameron quits. What!?!?

    First of all the patient story from this episode was amazing. A woman and her husband travel all the way from Cuba, in pretty dangerous conditions, just to see Dr. House. I mean if that alone doesn't warrant House's attention, which it actually doesn't, the patients heart stopping while on the table should. The funny thing is she's still talking. No pulse, no heartbeat, the whole nine yards and she is still talking. And if that wasn't insane enough the pretty much pronounce her dead and the husband says his goodbyes but when they take her off the machine her heart starts beating again. Total insanity. I was totally enthralled. Really good stuff. And to top it all off House actually seemed to care a little, not actually about the amazing circumstances of the case but about the patient and her husband. Though I can have been misreading that it really did seem like he cared a little, as he was determined to figure out what was wrong with this woman before he said anything to the already distraught husband. It was very un-House.

    Though he was more concerned with Foreman leaving and even admitted it. He admitted it! I had to double take. He actually told Foreman that he wanted him to stay. That was...well again very un-House. I mean always agreed with Wilson, he's not this total uncaring jerk though he can seem that way at times, but even still House always spouts all this stuff about having to actually be invested in someone to make an effort. Just seems like House is actually exhibiting some signs of growth and change. Again how very un-House. And yet he fires Chase. Totally out of the blue with no warning and just when I was starting to like the little bugger, too. I mean Chase really has come far this season. He really stands up for himself, his opinions, and what he wants a lot more. He's become more assertive and far less timid. I mean he used to kind of sit in the background surrounded by all these dynamic characters like House, Wilson, and Cameron. He was starting to come into his own and bam he's fired.

    But that wasn't even the big bombshell of the episode. Cameron quit! She quit! I could not believe it. She quit and almost seemed I don't want to say happy about it but she seemed ready to move on. Ready to move on right? To Chase. After all that protesting the lady shows up at his door in the middle of the night and they cement was I was so wishing would not happen. They are a couple now ladies and gentlemen. It's nothing personal I just don't see it working out. I mean they look cute enough together, they seem to like eachother I guess, and Chase as I said is becoming a far more likeable character it's just I've always seen Cameron with House.

    Overall I really liked it, thoroughly enjoyed the hour. It had that perfect blend of medical drama and character drama, with that dash of romance thrown in. It wasn't what I was expecting, though I don't really know what I expected from the finale, but that made it all the more enjoyable. Filled with surprise you could say. Two thumbs up!
  • This episode has main two storys: the cuban couple who risked their lives to see House and the resigination of Foreman, Cameron and the firing of Chase.

    The episode starts out with a cuban couple getting rescued by coastal patrol, their mission: to see House.
    Throughout the episode the wive goes from bad to worse and a one point actully dies... and comes back to live.
    You also see the the side story playing out: Chase getting fired in the first 15 minuets, Foreman getting ready to leave( Finally )and the realitionship of the 3 going from bad to worse to awsome.
    At the end of the episode the wive is back to normal, Cameron quits and my personal favourite part: Chase and Cameron getting back together. One awsome episode!!!!
  • A good ending to a great season of house!!

    If I'm completely honest I must say I much prefered the season 2 finale but I still loved this finale. I think Cameron is my fave character bar House of course, i just like how she does things and I thought her reply to houses reaction to her resignation was brillant. i am glad House fired Chase because I wanted him to do something to put him in place! I for one like the Cameron/Chase thing and was glad to see them together at the end. I don't care much for Foreman and just think he was being over dramatic and stupid in this episode and the previous few! I'm really starting to like Cuddy, hope they expand her even more next season! Is it me or is Wilson just annoying? Can't wait for season 4 and to see how House handles being all alone!!
  • Brilliant episode

    This is one of the best episodes of House ever,all the cast were brilliant,This show goes from strength to strength.
    I love the originality and complex nature of this show.
    I wish all doctors could be exactly like Dr Greg house,it would make life a little more interesting.
    I hope Dr Chase is back next season,I don't think house really wanted to fire him,Dr Foreman will stay just to prove he isnt like House.
    I hope the next series continues to be this good and i hope this show runs for more years to come.
    bravo to all connected with House.
    House for president 08.
    brilliant show
  • House is all alone. Surprise Surprise

    I actually wasn't crazy about this episode. Chase and Cameron got together, which was cute. House diagnosed a previously unheard of condition - typical House. So he fires Chase, yells at Foreman, and lets Cameron resign and is left alone with the cuban husband who, by some genetic slip, has blue eyes. In terms of insuring that people with definitely come back to watch the premier, this episode gets a 10. Is House getting a new crew. Are they all coming back? Personally, the show wouldn't be the same. The show might be named after him, but House himself cannot insure the show's magnetism.
  • WOW! That's all I can say, this episode, for me, was the best finale yet...

    This episode left us with an absolute cliffhanger, that is making me crazy trying to figure out what is happening. I mean, you could guess on last years, and Season 1's. But this one just makes you wonder. What's going to happen to the former ducklings? And what's going to happen with House? Will there be new ducklings next year? What will happen with House and Cameron (I loved the moment... it made me want to cry. It was sooo sad). Now that they are no longer Employer/Employee how will there relationship devolope? The only thing I didn't like was that I don't think they said how the couple knew about House. Or maybe they did, and I just zoned out for a few minutes thinking about Wolverine from X-Men's arm muscles (It happens quite often)... but anyway, back on topic, even the case was one of my favorites. And I will definitly be tunig in next season.
  • Season 3 Episode 24

    And Foreman threw out another wise gem: "I don't want to solve cases. I want to save lives." Well, maybe I'm missing something here, but House is used to doing both.
    Anyway, the medical case was a bit weird but it was also interesting to see.

    At last, it seems Cameron came to her senses. Yay. She was sweet when she told Chase it was Monday but she didn't feel like waiting. :)
    I can't believe House fired Chase and then Cameron decided to resign as Foreman. I want the Team as usual next season... sigh!! I mean, even Foreman, before the whole "I wanna leave" era, was an ok character.

    The ending did fit perfectly House's self.
  • One fired, two resigned. What is left of House's team?

    This episodes really strikes and makes me wonder- what will come next. Quite many surprises - like the beginning. Somehting new and I loved it - people in sea and one trying to keep his suitcase anyway he can. House acts like he always does - he doesn't care.

    Wilson finally manage to make House thinking how to keep Foreman but while he acts kind and agrees with Foreman's thoughts, Chase is doing all he can to "help" and gets fired. First wow moment.

    Second great moment - when everyone goes to see House and ask why Chase was fired. Really enjoyable moment.

    Third - when the girls pluse stops but she still talks.... really unbelievable

    And then defenetly the moment, when they turn the mashine down and she still breathes

    And defenetly great thing when House wants to get credit from helping Marina and not giving any of it to the God.

    And ofcourse the ending - lovely, promising and we do not know nothing until Autumn.
  • Awesome, pivotal episode

    This was one of the best episodes of House, very pivotal and it leaves with a ton of questions we want answered next season.
    First let's start off with the case... A man and woman escape Cuba to see Dr. House, because the woman is sick. However they lose her medical records so all info is lost and House's team must start anew... Meanwhile Foreman is leaving and House refuses to admit that he doesn't want Foreman to go. Chase stands up to House about Foreman and House fires him, angering Foreman, Cuddy, Wilson, and Cameron.
    The patient's heart stops and House shuts off the machines only to find that her heart starts again... After scanning her heart again they find an extra artery which can be removed with simple surgery. Foreman leaves and Cameron goes to Chase and they kiss on his doorstep.
    Cameron gives House a resignation letter and House is left without a team.
  • An ailing Cuban woman plummets the depths to get to House. Tests go awry and House later informs the womans heathen husband she is dying. The husband starts praying and his wife's motionless heart starts beating. House's staff is dismembered

    The opening and closing scenes (Cuban couple in the water and House with his new guitar)could have been much better. The "meat" of the episode and the scenes at Princeton-Plainsboro hospital showed the same excellence that had me tuning in to FOX weekly.

    This episode really shone light on some reoccurring character traits. Foreman is more of a jerk than House is, he can just mask this in certain situations (In Euphoria s2e20,21, maybe Foreman's attitude and actions weren't ALL related to his illness?). Cameron can only feel close to someone if she truly has sympathy for them.
  • As season 3 comes to an end, we see a miraculous mystery, alongside conflict resolution that paradoxically provides for open-ended opportunites - and all peppered with clever symbolism.

    House faces several of the show's constant themes in this spectacular season finale - accepting change, the belief that House's cruelty is a facade, God as the protagonist and antagonist, and the effects of House's stubborness on his team of fed-up diagnosticians. With Foreman's departure looming, Wilson attempts to persuade House to ask him to stay. At first, House refuses to swallow his own pride and tell Foreman the truth. But later, House decides to acknowledge Foreman as an integral part of the team. Foreman is glad that House wants him to stay, but still plans on leaving the team, saying he'd rather save lives then solve frivolous mysteries. This bothers House, who then accuses Foreman of fishing for attention by dragging out his resignation. House pits himself against God, yet again. His only acknowledgement of a deity comes not as the main patient's husband turns to his last resort - prayer to the God he doesn't believe in - but when the patient's failing heart starts to revive itself. The patient's husband has come to believe after seeing such a miracle. House fires Chase, for seemingly no reason. Chase is infuriated because he doesn't know what merits his termination. Cameron, Wilson, and Cuddy are in shock, and continue to attempt to persuade House to rethink his decision. He refuses, and Cameron offers her resignation, and also admits that she'll miss him. She then shows up at Chase's door on a Monday, saying she couldn't wait until Tuesday for his usual weekly proclamation of love, and has decided to accept it this time. House's team has given up on him, and has decided to move on. He is now faced with the uncertainty of his future, but admits to his patient's husband that he thinks everything will be okay. In the end, we see that House has decided to replace his decades-old guitar with a brand new one. The guitar, in a way, represents House's past and future. He decides to let go of the past in exchange for a new, brighter future - a rae hint of optimism in his character and an embrace of change.
    "Human Error" proves to be an interesting end to a phantasmal season - it provides for resolution of major conlficts, but also opens the door to new, unusual story lines. It'll be interesting to see what direction the writers decide to go in.
  • This episode was all about change.

    First I'd like to point out how incredibly movie-like the beginning of the episode was. With all the drama, the ambitious music and the strange surroundings it wasn't even clear if it was House to begin with. Until the familiar opening credits appeared. There were also other new experiments during the episode, mostly with camera techniques (Cameron's "I'm in the room" to name one). Even though this kind of style feels weird on a show like House, it's also quite refreshing. Anyway. The theme of the episode seemed to be change. Wilson claimed that House isn't good with changes and this worked as a motivator for House to - that's right - make changes. So he went and fired Chase. Chase, for whom the job was probably a some sort of comfort zone, was shocked at first but later realized it probably was time to move on. But some didn't see it that way: Cuddy and Wilson actually told House to take him back. Wilson doesn't seem to be able to make up his mind, first he blames House for not tolerating any change and when House makes one he's not OK with it. For the record, it's House's team and he can make any decisions he wants concerning it. Cuddy tried to use her power ("it's my building") but without a result. You'd think she would have learned by now that she can't control House.

    Probably inspired by the whole ordeal with Chase, Cameron left her resignation. She said she had learned all she needed to learn, and that's probably right. At least she has learned to know House: she knew it was pointless to expect any great emotions from him after her resignation. "I expect you to do what you always do. I expect you to make a joke, go on. I expect you to be just fine."

    When Foreman was about to leave, House finally came clean. He didn't want him to go and made it clear. Unfortunately all he got from that was Foreman's overly heroic line about wanting to save lives. This was one of the few times when House was honest about his feelings and he got shot down. Will this lead into closing up again (or should I say 'more')? And there he was. All alone, without his team. He had just gone through major changes and yet he was fine. Maybe it was an effort to show Wilson that he can deal with changes, maybe it was genuine. But getting the new guitar felt like proving a point: 'look at me, I AM capable of change'. But now to TPOW. The case could have easily been too soapy and over-the-top, but they actually handled it quite well. I just wish Esteban and Marina wouldn't have been such stereotypical characters, because I know the writers are capable of doing more original material. The case also brought up an obsession of House's again: the why. As before, he goes to the extreme to find out the reason. A good reminder of this quality of his. This finale episode left us wondering what will happen next. The ducklings will probably return in one way or another, but it will be exciting to see how. Although compared to the last two finales this one wasn't as compelling as they were, it was still enjoyable and exciting. Hopefully the upcoming season 4 will measure up to our high expectations!
  • Nice finale!

    Great to see it was the top rated show for the week in the Nielsens. Too often a great show like this does not get the top billing it deserves.

    Wow! What now?

    Do you think that is it for Cameron, Chase, and Forman?

    They have the ability to totally change things up. Or do you think we'll have a new crew in next year.

    If its the latter, I will miss those guys. But after thinking about it, who really watches it because of them.

    I almost hope they do not come back. I would hate to think of the contrived storyline that would bring all three of them back.
  • house has finally backed himself into a corner through his constant manipulations of others and finds himself alone.

    after being a manipulative sob House finds himself alone after firings, and resignations from his staff. Who will put up with him now? A great episode, as Cameron discovers she really does have feelings for Chase (a no brainer-he's hot!) but it will be interesting to see how things work out- will House find himself after losing all those he cares about and relies on, will Chase and Cameron continue to "get it on?", will Foreman return?, will House hire a new team?,I can't wait until the next season starts, and the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place, but you know they will leave us hanging!
  • Great Ending to Third Season

    I thought it was a really good ending to the third season. We know House hasn't changed. I can't wait for the new season in September. In the end it will all work out for the best. Between now and Septmeber I can think of different things that could happen next season. For me the main thing is Chase and Cameron need to figure out what is going on between them because this thing that they have going right now is starting to get on my nerves just a little bit. Next season should be great... House Kicks butt.
  • fantastic

    this episode is definitely one of the best season finales i have watched so far. there's good - chase and cameron finally get together for real -, and there's bad -there's no one left on the team. house does what he does best which
    is to solve a case and save a life, and he still found it in him to adapt to a major change and buy a new guitar. life goes on. the irony of it all. so sad though that such a brilliant man is always alone, that he drives away everyone he is close to. of course, the series would never be the same without the three of them... it would be nice to watch how the writers will find a way for the 3 of them, chase, cameron and foreman, to get back in the series while all the while introducing new characters, i assume, which will be house's new team. until next season.
  • This was the standout episode of the third season, and one of the best episodes of the show period.

    House is all about the standout cast, and they all shine in the finally; most of note being the acting of House itself. His words to Foreman where priceless and true, and his scene with Cameron at the end was one of my favorite scenes period. See, this show has always been about the interactions between these actors, and the doctor work was always second line. While the case itself was basically more of the same (besides a powerful Cuban husband who aces his part) it is that interaction that shines in the finale. Because of this episode we won't look at the slightly weaker third season in disdain, because in the end it was a treat, and hopefully will push the storyline forward for the season finale.
  • Good finale.

    This was the season finale of House and it was pretty good. The case was interesting: a Cuban couple risk their lives to get the woman to House so he can figure out what's wrong with her and heal her. Throughout the case the question of God is brought up. Foreman leaving seems to annoy House and he fires Chase and Foreman leaves and then Cameron resigns. I loved it! Those three characters got on my nerves this whole season and I just wanted them to go. I hope they stay gone and the next season should be pretty new and interesting.
  • a good episode in the fact that they leave a very good cliffhanger for us to watch the season premiere in september. finally, starting to change it up a bit.

    i've been holding off to write this review because i wanted to see the episode again. and so I did and here's my review:

    good introduction - one of the better one's. "the chest, it's all her medical history records!"... "no I need to see Dr. House" .... how they ever heard about him from Cuba is pretty far-fetched. but again, one of the better intro's. thanks to the US coastguard i guess! i love the first few minutes, House spying on Foreman! Wilson is awesome. He tries to be nice to foreman in his office. interesting... later "Foreman's not as easy as Cameron, but of course who is..." [CAMERA PAN!! LOL] Cameron: "I'm in the room!". that was really funny!

    after Foreman cracks patient's wrist: "Wow, either Foreman's stronger than he thinks he is... or... seriously... or" [looks to the team]. nice acting from chase (spencer)... was really good in this episode. later, house "You're fired", chase "Whaa? because I yelled at you?", love the next few scenes! why is he rocking out in his office? lol that was pretty funny. so was this: House: "what's on the pet scan" cuddy: why'd you fire chase; house: "do you know what's on the pet scan.... few seconds later, wilson: "you fired chase, what the hell is wrong with you" ... "you are indespensable .... but still fired.... [hangs up] that was awkward"

    "did you give an angry cuban my home number!" - that was good too. when he's on the tv calling into Wilson while doing surgery... "help i'm trapped in a monitor!", the med students...awesome. later " i need to look at her heart... can't find my wallet"... patient :"thank god" ... house "don't make me slap you". i actually like the speech that house and foreman exchange near the end. his apartment changed like for the third time

    in all, this was a well-written episode. plot development, sets up an intriguing season premiere. definitely well worth continuing to watch the series. by no means are chase, cameron, and foreman gone forever.
  • People leave, a couple is in peril, House is still a jerk. I love it.

    I'll be honest, I didn't see the whole episode, but I'm a bit confused. With House firing Chase, Foreman going through with his resignation, and Cameron also leaving, where does that leave the series? Are they all going to miraculously rethink their decisions to leave, or is House going to hire a new staff? Does he really even need a staff? I'm sure House could do most of the diagnostic hoop-jumping by himself; he seems to keep his team around just for his entertainment.I wanna see how this new season begins. If there is one at all.
  • he's a cold-hearted bastard without any regard for anyone but himself and is always in a brawl with god, that's House and we love him.

    Dr. House is a pain in the… well you know where, great season finale; House finally caves with Foreman making him the most important part of the team (the one who disagrees) Cameron has come full circle from a silly character placed out of reality to a beautiful yet Machiavellian doctor, Chase has been stranded for quite a while and I guess is time to let him go (House never believe he didn’t help Tritter in his investigation). Wilson grows into a more layered character and gives us more dynamic with House and Cuddy. Change is good or that is what Wilson kept telling him, is time to move on, a lot of people try to compare House to other medical dramas because the events occurring to the characters happened in a hospital, but is a medical drama at his purest, is House trying to compensate with rationality the downfall of his emotional side…is being cool at being miserable, is throwing sarcasm and mean jokes at the fact that you’re getting old and alone. It’s all about beating the odds.

    While giving us this ending they just made us very anxious looking forward to the next season, hopefully the staff will come back or guess stars in many episodes, if not…they have done a tremendous job and should be remembered accordingly.
  • It was very unexpected, but it was good. :D

    Well, a lot of things happened in this finale, and I really didn't expect them to happen. Chase being fired is out of this world, but then again, it is House. :P At first I thought Foreman wasn't leaving, and instead Chase was, but I was shocked that all of them left House.

    Maybe they could have done it earlier. Imagine working with a guy like House. Who wouldn't be uncomfortable or maybe feel like Foreman did?

    Anyway, in my opinion, the earlier House episodes were better (seasons 1 and 2), and I hope that in season 4 the writers do better than they did in season 3. The firing/resigning of House's team should spark a good storyline that would be shown throughout the whole fourth season.

    It was a good episode and a good season, but there are things to improve on for next season. Till then, lets hope for the best. :D
  • Love House!!

    What a nice ending!!! Very surprising.... I didn't expect Dr Cameron to leave Dr House, especially with her 'crush' on him. I hope Dr Foreman comes back and takes the job Dr Cutty offered him, then Dr Chase and Dr Cameron can work for him!! Then something will happen that will make Dr House have to work for Dr Foreman OR they will all have to work under Dr House again!!! I cannot wait for September to see what happens next, since Dr House has no staff!!! He freaks out about change, and now everything is changed... it will be funny to see him go crazy on new hires, that don't know how he!
  • In the season finale everyone in House's team is fired or quits, which leaves writers with complete freedom to start a brand new story line next season. Lets hope they will.

    This was the worst season finale of House. Those of seasons one and two were very exciting and let everyone with a lot of questions, we were eager to see what will happen next. This time it wasn't like that. It is clear that they are not going to fire the full cast so they will come back one way or another.

    On the other hand, I think that house is getting a bit repetitive. They should add a new story line, something really different from what we've already seen. I thought that the idea of Foreman having his own team and competing with House was very interesting. This season I often had the feeling that I had "already seen this episode" or "already heard this dialogue". I'm looking forward to seeing how they will solve this monotony problem in the next season.
  • They all quit, so what's next?

    Wow, the outcome of this episode really hit me by surprise. Foreman is leaving, House fired Chase and now Cameron quit, too!? Does this mean the show is over? Are they coming back to the hospital? Will House continue with new employees, so a new cast? So many questions...
    The medical story was a little weird (since I don't believe in neither god nor miracles really...), but I liked how House was having a drink with a patient's husband in the end. That's unusual and then he got himself a guitar, following old dreams, I guess. But he's still the same cold hearted guy that was not able to keep his staff together... Stupid him...
    At least, Chase and Cameron seemed to be brought back together by all this. It looked as though she missed him and then realized that she wants more than what they had. Well, that's how I see it. I hope the entire cast will be back and we'll have a great next season! Can't wait!
  • Change

    Fantastic episode of House, i feel really excited for season4. I think everyone knew Foreman was going to leave anyway, but the change that happened was a big on. Throughout "Human Error" the writers and hugh laurie made house and absolute dick, considering he is like that in every episode he was just full on in this episode. The way the episode was going i thought there might of been a change in House, but to fundamentally change House would (i think) be a massive mistake)
    I think change for this series is a postive one, it made a little odd to adjust next season, but its that little bit of freshness that House needs.
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