Season 2 Episode 3

Humpty Dumpty

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on FOX

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  • Could of been better.

    This episode could of been better cause it didn't seem to have much development, though the plot was pretty interesting, still could of been better, my favorite scene is when the guy's little brother calls Cuddy a b***, that was hysterical. I also like how he fell off Cuddy's roof, another unintentionally funny moment. I thought Cuddy was going to be the patient first hand, and Cuddy whines through the whole thing about guilt. Then they have to cut his hand off, ouch! I like how House & the gang break in to Cuddy's house, another funny moment. He gets better of course, an okay episode.
  • Cuddy development...

    This was the first episode of House that has actually focussed upon Cuddy. The dynamics between House and Cuddy were brilliant, and their relationship is almost on par with House and Wilsons.

    The focus of Cuddy's background and care both compares and contrasts her character's with House- both have narcistic qualities, yet both are opposite in expressing them- Cuddy feels responsible for everything, whilst House feels like he should know everything.

    I thought Stacy added a much needed element to this episode- Wilson analyses House, whilst Stacy does the same to Cuddy- it gives the audience a could focus point, and is an ingenious piece of writing, not just focussing on Stacy being House's ex, but as her own character who has friendships with other cast members.

    I thought the whole scene where Foreman, Chase and Cameron were debating if House and Cuddy had a prior relationship was also a joy to watch.

    The clinic scene wasn't quite as funny this week, but also brought another, welcome clash between House and Foreman. Overall this was a great episode, simply because it gave Cuddy her first episode in the whole series of House, and showed off Lisa Ecclesteins acting skills. Another great installment.
  • "Are you acting intentionally dense?" "Huh?"

    When Cuddy's handyman Alfredo falls of her roof and developes an aggressive infection on his hand, she feels very guilty and tries - for the first time in ten years - to work as a "real" doctor (as House puts it). Instantly House questions her diagnosis because she's affected with guilt. Alfredo is getting worse and worse and eventually they have to cut off his hand leaving Cuddy riddled with guilt.

    I really liked this episode because in my opinion it marks the beginning of a possible relationship between House and Cuddy and we get to know more about Cuddy, her background, her past with House and her feelings. I think there are many moments in this episode where you realize that House and Cuddy might not only have a professional relationship but may have had something going on in the past. I also liked the case because the solution of the riddle was again very abstract and completely unexpected.

    All in all: Good episode with interesting and fascinating developments between Cuddy and House.
  • There was a lot going on in this episode. Overall, right up on par with the others.

    This episode could had so much going on, I can't even fathom where to begin. Once again, the writers of House have decided to 'exploit' the stereotypic emotionality of the female doctors on the show, as Cuddy's poor, immigrant house worker (Alfredo) falls off her roof. We learn tidbits about her and House's past at Michigan, when House was a "legend." The Cuddy-Stacy-Cameron-House love rectangle is in full swing, as all they pry into each others pasts concerning their relationships with House. Stacy even discusses it with Wilson behind Cuddy's back, and Wilson hardly budges with an adequate answer. Complications arise because of Cuddy's flawed paths of treatment, and Stacy advises Cuddy to stay out of the diagnosis -- which angers the immigrant family. House ends up finding a better explanation for the man's symptoms in a humorous scene while sleuthing Cuddy's home after he sends Cuddy and Cameron to Alfredo's house to investigate. The medicine involved in this episode was very interesting and kept me on my toes watching it.

    There was an interesting side-story of an older black man in the clinic who gets Foreman as his doctor. The patient is experiencing high blood pressure and Foreman prescribes a drug that is used for hypertension in the African American population. The black man sees this as racist and refuses to take it. He comes back to the clinic and becomes angry at House for the same thing, then House prescribes the same medication again and tells him it's what the Republicans would get. These drugs do exist, and the results are hard to argue. They work better in the African American population. There are slight genetic differences beyond skin color among ethnicities in the world, and these drugs work to 'exploit' that for the better of the African American population. Many African Americans are hesitant to believe in some medicine or trials because of a terribly unforgivable history of illegal testing in that population in the early part of last century and beyond.

    Interestingly, Foreman approaches Dr. House intending on yelling at him for prescribing the "white" medication to him, and upon finding out that he prescribed the "black" medication and told the man it was the white med, Foreman because even more angry at House. I found this to be believable but irrational, because there was no way that House could have gotten out of that situation without being yelled at. But he can take it, no?
  • Review

    I think this is one of the best episodes of House to date, with Cuddy being involved a lot more in this episode then she has in episodes past. I think that the Cuddy-House on screen connection is one of the strongest relationships on House. If there is anyone that stands a remote chance to stand up to House, its Cuddy. He gets the better of her in a lot of points in this episode though, reinforcing the reason why she hired such a jerk to work in her hospital. I thought this episode was one of the funniest episodes as well, one of my favorite scenes was when the guys decided to break into Cuddys house. All in all I tought this was an absolutly fantastic episode.
  • Cuddy the guilty

    Okay at first I thought something was going to happen to Cuddy and then Alfredo fell off her roof. I loved how guilty Cuddy was feeling and Stacy helped in making the guilt ridden Cuddy even better.

    I really enjoyed House taking Chase and Foreman to break into Cuddy's house. I thought House betting Foreman and Chase that he could get into her house in 20 seconds was an added bonus. I can so see House coming around to do "Handyman" work for Cuddy. It was so House to look through Cuddy's underwear drawer too. And Cuddy's reaction upon finding out that they had searched her house was priceless.

    Cameron questioning Cuddy about House when they were searching Alfredo's place was very interesting interaction for them, they don't have nearly enough scenes together.

    House Stacy and Cuddy trying to discuss chopping off Alfredo's hand was just too funny. Stacy was making legal decisions based on wanting House to be wrong.

    I also loved the end when House came in to let Stacy and Cuddy know that they were being sued and House asking Cuddy about why everyone thought they had, had sex.

    Awesome episode.
  • An asthmatic man suddenly becomes unconscious and falls off of Dr. Cuddy's roof while working on her house.

    Well this episode of house I felt moved very quickly, it seemed that they didn’t have enough time to do this episode, still it was enjoyable. The way thy conveyed the actors and the actions, as well as fitting in all the sly comments of house (played by Hugh Laurie) was very good. The way the episode started was a bit of a let down. It was hard to understand wheat was going on. Not one of the best scripts written up by the show. The end was a bit disappointing, and the main plot, house gets a difficult case, house puts patient through tough and agonising medical tests, gets them to face their fears, fights with his team over the diagnosis, and pulls through victorias, is getting a bit old.
  • In my opinion, as far as House episodes go, this one would not be considered one of my favourites, not to say it was bad at all.

    An excellent show, a mediocre House episode is basically what i am trying to say. As far as regular television goes, this still ranks way up there. I expected a little more from this episode but i was still satisfied. The beginning of it was a little deceiving in a good way when Cuddy started to cough after she drank some water, i wasnt expecting him to fall from the roof like that. Alfredo and his family were relatively interesting characters, the thing that made them in any way interesting was the fact that they were poor and Alfredo tried to tell his brother to stay in school so he can get a real education, something Alfredo seemingly never had. It was a good show, but as far as storyline goes it didnt really affect it.

    Medical Problem: vulnerable to disease in cockfighting arena
    Rating: 9.0/10
  • GREAT episode. Top 3 at least.

    Now is it just me or do I sence some luuv between House and Cuddy? I sure hope it's not just me. They would be a perfect match. Far better than Cameron and House. If I believed in god I would have thanked him for not setting them up.

    Anyway, GREAT episode. Top 3 at least. House is hilarious as always and I felt really good after watching it. Yep, this show sure is like fungus. It grows on you.

    Best quote:

    Dr. Cuddy: You figure a perverted sense of guilt makes me a good boss?
    House: Now would the world be a better place if people never felt guilty? Makes sex better. (points to Stacy with his cane) Should have seen her in the last months of our relationship. Lot of guilt. Lot of screaming.
  • This is my favourite episode of House- of all time! Love It! LOve It! Love It! Luvin' the great chemistry with House and Cuddy..

    This is my favourite episode of House- of all time! Love It! LOve It! Love It! Luvin' the great chemistry with House and Cuddy...those two are so cute together! =) So many good quotes,and it was really exciting, i realy wanted to know what was wrong with guy that fell off Cuddy's roof!
  • We Discover More About Every Character

    In this episode House was particulary harsh and carelessly broke several unspoken taboos. He touched upon the idea of race and was very brutal on Cuddy, especially. We see that Cuddy is a commpasionate individual while House wants to do it for the challenge. I would rather have a doctor who can cure me and have the personality of a cobra than one who is sweet as pie who can do nothing for me. However, I think that sometimes House really does need to back off, as he was blunt as ever, perhaps worse, in this episode.
  • House works. He treats patients and their illnesses like a puzzle, in the same way that the series takes chances in figuring out the puzzles of medicine and character psychology.

    House. Breathes life into the medical mystery concept, with its ability to go beyond social mores and accepted customs through House's snarky rebel attitude, and unabashedness in using risky and dangerous medical procedures on people.

    Right arm paralyzed? Get a neurosurgeon to work on the brain bleed. Looking for causes? Let's have the doctors traipse around a patient's apartment. Gangrenous arm? Let's cut off the right hand. Love it.

    This episode was no exception, especially with the character insight into Dr. Cuddy, and how she lets her feelings of guilt cloud her judgment, and her desire for perfection from feeling satisfied with life. Good insightful stuff rarely touched upon in television drama.
  • Season two is on the upswing.

    This episode is a prime example of why I love this series so much. I like it not just for the medical drama, but for the characters in the show and the development of those characters. This episode really does it for me on the character development side. Not only do we get to find out more about Cuddy and take a closer look into her life, but we get to find out a little about her and House’s past (and future maybe?).

    The only downside for me on this one would be the patient side of the story. I am just not as interested in this episodes patient as I was in the patients from the first two episodes of the season. However, what this episode lacks in medical drama it more than makes up for in character development, which was nearly non-existent in the first two episodes of the season. Overall, I would say that this episode is the best we’ve seen so far of season two, and hopefully a sign of more good things to come.
  • Great character insights and developement with superb acting. Good balance between the medicine and characters personal lives~!

    Very well written with insights into Cuddy, House and Cameron\'s lives. The shift in focus from House to Cuddy for this episode was well timed coming off a rather nasty previous episode. House\'s consoling speech with Cuddy came off very well- not too soppy not too brutle. Great acting all round~!

    Always interesting to see some obscure medical diagnosis being unravelled.

    Two thumbs up~!!
  • House is coming back

    This is the first episode of the season that mimics how good the first season was. House was not allowing his comedy to infere with his work which is something that I saw in the first 2 episodes of this season.

    I especially like the fact that they included the old baliff from Night Court (Mac). I was more focused on the racist guy then I was on the person they were trying to diagnose. It brings up a excelent Question. Should a ignorant person be told the whole truth? I don't think so.
  • Cuddy's handyman(who also plays Diego Alcazar on GH), is asthmatic and falls off her roof after she insists he fixes the leak for a dinner party. She feels terribly responsible, and House takes over. The tension seems to grow between these two characters

    House fanatics!!This is a classic. He is pretty deroggogative to Cuddy, and although she admits it herself, he is the better doctor. She spent so much time and energy to "be the best", that she missed out on alot. House is her backup, he finds what she misses, etc. There was a little racial scene when House told an elderly black man he could have the "white-man medicine", and he called him an oreo.
  • House treats Cuddy's handyman after he falls from her roof.

    The interaction between House and Cuddy was amazing in this episode... nice to see the emotion, the conversation between Cuddy and Cameron concerning the \"legend\" that was House in medical school hints at some interesting history. House\'s search of Cuddy\'s house was perfect.... absolutely hilarious. This season is starting out as addicting as the previous one.