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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • Enjoyed it. . but not as much as the others

    As another reviewer mentioned, the patient was the least interesting aspect of the episode and I was nodding my head to it. Surely was. The patient and the diagnosis for the episode didn't capture my attention as others have. It was not cos the patient was infected with full-blown AIDS its just that it didn't grab me! and keep me intrigued like the previous eps.

    What i DID enjoy from this episode was how our 'Grey Horse' LOL ;) was closing the gap between himself and Stacey. I liked that! Found myself grinning at most of their scenes. Especially them lying on the floor, propped up on both arms beside a dodgy mouse catching apparatus! Kudos for how it looked. And calling the rat Steve McQueen, 2 points for style right there!

    Ohhhh and ofcourse how could I forget, Cameron slipping and giving into temptation! Hmmm right..

    All in all, just a 'great' episode this one.
  • House and Stacy, Cameron and Chase, and fun or self destruction

    I thought this episode was a classic, and provided a further stepping stone in the House and Stacy marathon. I both loved and loathed how House manipulated her; its clear he has feelings for her, but he is utterly useless at expressing them.

    I thought the scenes between Chase and Cameron were excellent- it was crazy seeing Cameron go wild like that! Foreman's face after House had deduced what had happened was a classic.

    The patient storyline was okay, but by no means perfect. I thought the patient had a lot of depth, and his relationship with his dad was interesting. It was particulary dramatic when House antagonised him and then hit him in self defense to prove his diagnosis.

    Overall, I thought this was another solid episode, but once again doesn't quite hit the perfect mark, as the case itself wasn't at its peak, and I thought the subplot with him coughing blood on Cameron wasn't particulary interesting, or relevant to the storyline.
  • Cameron sleeps with Chase.

    This episode was so jaw dropping, I was like wow by the end of the episode, first of all Stacy & House are getting very comfortable with each other once trying to kill a rat. Then Cameron might have HIV, that's amazingly disturbing when the blood goes in to her eye & mouth, and you just see her there. Then the most important scene, she gets high & hooks up with Chase, the next day she looks like hell & rants about a sick patient all angry. Then everyone finds out, then the dad & the gay patient both have to get surgery & they apologize to each other. And finally Cameron's days of struggle begin. A very scandalous episode!
  • A gay man with AIDS collapes in front of House and Wilson forcing House to treat the man who apparently has been stalking him for weeks. Throughout the episode we also see Cameron face a problem of her own, a possible life threating disease.

    The episode starts with a gay man with AIDS waiting outside House's apartment for him (aparently this has been happening everyday for a couple of weeks).
    The man has an unknown condition and wants House to help him, all House wants is his paper. The man collapes after a tug-a-war with House's cane.
    Cuddy and Stacey both tell House to treat the man unless he wants to face assult charges.
    After a variety of negative tests House and the team still have nothing. Cameron then goes to do a test on the man and he accidently coughs up blood in Cameron's eyes and mouth, possibly infecting her.
    Cameron returns to work looking worried, while the team believe that toxic drugs are to blam so Cameron and Chase go to the man's Motel to find them. While they are there Chase suggests that they go out for a drink that night after what happened earlier that day, Cameron declines.
    Meanwhile when the patient nearly dies he asks Cameron to tell his father he said sorry.
    Later that night we see Chase going in to Camerons apartment saying something about Cameron changing her mind and them going out for a drink at some new bar, Cameron replies by kissing him and starting to unbutton his shirt. Chase realise's that she is high and that she is only doing it because of the whole maybe infeacted by AIDS thing. But aparently he doesn't care and we see them going in to her bedroom kissing and ....well u knoew the rest.
    Oh and about the patient he had a paracist that he got from a dead fox while hunting when he was a kid.
  • The patient was the least interesting part of the episode.

    The patient in this episode was quite the jerk. The patients can be anything from little angels to normal people to kind of annoying, but I think this was the first one I genuingly disliked. His attitude annoyed me, as well as his whole personality. I guess he could be excused to some extent because of his history, but still... he was really annoying.

    I bet poor Cameron thought he was quite annoying too, at least when he was coughing up blood on her. I felt bad for her in this episode, being exposed like that must be very stressful. Jennifer Morrison got to stretch her legs a bit in this episode, and she did it well. What I didn't quite get was the subplot with her and Chase. My friends and I have been debating back and forth about this. Did they use a condom or not, and did Cameron bite him or not? Personally I completely missed the biting part, and I assumed they used a condom and that's why she didn't feel the need to include Chase in her little poll the next day. Some of my friends however insist that she bit him on the lip, and that she excluded him from the poll because she knew from the night before that he didn't always use a condom. Apparently when Chase was looking in the mirror toward the end he had a bite mark on his lip. Then followed the discussion on what the two of them were thinking if my friends were indeed right. It wouldn't surprise me if she bit him to make him feel the same worry that she's feeling, but on the other hand that would be petty even for her. I can't imagine though that Chase would be stupid enough to have unprotected sex with someone he knows might be HIV positive. I guess time will have to tell if either of them has been infected, and what further effects their horizontal ketchup dance will lead to. However it all turns out, I must say I loved the look on Foreman's face when House concluded that Chase must have slept with Cameron.

    As for House, I think he definitely reached a new low in this episode (or in the previous, depending on how you look at it). I can't figure out whether he actually does want Stacy back, or whether he just wants her gone. Judging from the look on his face after she found out the truth towards the end it seems that he at least didn't want to hurt her. Big jerk points for him either way.
  • Another great episode with interesting character relationships.

    The beginning was a little different and set up the entire episode nicely, and in an unfamilar way. This episode also set up another side story for Cameron. It was clear throughout the whole episode that there was something wrong with the patient, whether it was just because he was bitter or there was something wrong with the relationship between him and his family. It was interesting and just generally well done how they slowly introduced the awkward relationship between the patient and his dad. House, using his wit yet again, uses the family's relationships with each other to eventually prove his theory correct. With a great ending and more of the same clever humour, this is a worthy episode

    Medical Problem: parasites caused by Fox's in Montana
    Rating: 9.2/10
  • The tension between House and his ex girlfreind Stacy is unbarable. The rat Steve McQueen is the best character in this episode. He spices things up. He relieves the tension. I love Cameron and Chase!

    This is an awesome episode I really enjoy House and the cast. I really find this series the best out of all of the medical shows. The humor is the best! Nothing more to say about that. House and Wilson are the best without them being best friends the show would not be as good as it should. I am not sure who my favorite character is on the show but I really like Wilson. He is always the shy one and I hate the show without him! I am curious to what is going to happen in the next year.
  • A man had AIDS, Cameron tried drugs and ended up with Chase...

    Not exactly my type of episode. I had the feeling that in it everything is going around sex. House was chasing a rat with the intention to seduce Stacy, Cameron got drugged and slept with Chase and a man with AIDS explained that he liked sex with random partners...
    I liked that Chase cared about Allison and gave her the pills to help her feel better after the night they spend together. I am not a Chase\Cameron shipper but in this episode they seemed good together. I see them more like a brother and a sister and I am not really happy they slept together but I understan why she did it and at least he didn't dump her like a trash. The possibility to have HIV wasn't very pleasant. Better to say it's scary.
    The best thing in the episode for me was the rat story. I am glad that House understood about the infection and in the end he put it in a cage with a wheel.
    The patient case wasn't so interesting. I felt sorry about the young man with HIV but not because of the virus. I just felt pity that he lost his mother that way. Like it wasn't enough that he is sick and dying.

    Sorry for the mistakes, guys. I hope there is no big nosenses in this.
  • House treats a patient with AIDS.

    This was one of my favorite episodes ever if only because *SPOILER ALERT* Cameron and Chase finally got together (however short-lived that was). I absolutely love those two together! And Foreman's expression when House gives it away to everyone else is priceless! One of my favorite scenes in this episode was also the one where House taunts the patient's dad just so he can hit him in the liver to help confirm his diagnosis. Haha. And of course this was the episode where we first get to meet Steve McQueen the rat which I have to say. seems like a weird pet for anyone else but is absolutely perfect for House somehow.
  • Elephant in a glass shop.

    IMHO The show goes downhill after this episode. They have dumbed down the writing and rehashed similiar premises over and over again. Television is fantasy, it's the overexaggerated consistancy of characters that makes a show great. Just look at some of the longest running shows on television like MASH, the Simpsons, Cheers, and LA Law. The "formula" to great shows is character consistancy, not hip contemporary controversy.
  • Review

    The scenes with House and Stacy looked like they actually might be going somewhere, right up until House blew it at the end of the episode. I think this episode just confirmed how unbelievably in love House is with Stacy, yet Stacy seems to have no interest in him after finding out the House actually went into her personal file and took the information that he needed. I thought the scens between Chase and Cameron were interesting. I think thats what the show needed to sort of draw Cameron away from House as he obsesses over trying to win back Stacy. I dont think the Cameron - Chase hook up will do anything in future episodes, but you never know. The case in this one was pretty boring - the father doesnt want to talk to his son and vice versa. I think the communications between the doctor and patients are always the big thing in the episode and the only scene that was good was House when he needed the dad to give a sample Pretty standard episode
  • This was a really good episode besides Cameron sleeping with Chase that was just beyond wrong

    I loved the beginning House and Wilson arguing because House stole Stacy's therapy notes was so funny. I loved how House just started reading them to Wilson and then Kalvin showed up and House "hit him"

    When House was in Cuddy's office and she kept telling him to go see Stacy and he kept arguing with her I was amused.

    Stacy and House having "sex" as House told mark when they were washing the dishes was another amusing scene. I liked House helping Stacy with her rat problem because it gave us more of the two of them interacting. I also enjoyed the fact that House found that the rat actually had an infection and was asking Foreman about Neurological conditions. House calling off the people from Trenton Pest and telling them to send the bill to Wilson was funny along with the rest of the episode.

    Kalvin coughing blood on Cameron turned the entire episode around. And then Cameron getting high and sleeping with Chase was just beyond wrong. Cameron in the morning after was very good though. This was a really great episode aside from the Cameron Chase parts.
  • Delightful, delicious plot and character twists!

    I think this is the 3rd time I've seen this one, yet I still get more out of it each time. (In this case, its airing on USA on 1/6/07.) There's the interplay between House and Stacy, his "ex". There's House and Wilson's friendship. And, lest we forget, the patient: Kalvin, the HIV-positive patient, and his interaction with Cameron, House, and his dad.

    But what puts this one in the stratosphere for me is how Cameron actually seems to adopt some of House's bluntness in her final conversation with Kalvin. She brooks no deception, makes the guy face his problems and even his self-deceptions — she lays it on the line just the way House does, and produces the right results (SPOILER AHEAD): Kalvin chooses to make peace with his father.

    Some of my favorite House confrontations aren't House-to-patient at all; they're when any of his team chooses to use bluntness with a patient, to either elicit bottom-line truth or demand that a patient face truth. House is truly an inspiration! — at least in that respect.

    And last but not least: I knew it was coming, I didn't have the tissue box ready -- but I definitely needed it at episode's end...
  • This is my favorite episode!!! And it was what drew me to House in the first place.

    I had read through out the forums about Haunting, how Cameron has an HIV scare, not only that she sleeps with Chase. . .I must be alone in the fact that I'm a Chase/Cameron shipper, anyways about the episode. I liked how it started with the guy confronting House about his case, then pushing him into the car IT WASN'T HIS FAULT. Its alright, it got Cameron and Chase to sleep together. Another favorite scene was House trying to get the rat and he was diagnosing it. Great times, Great times. I'm not to sure about Stacey though, she caused the pain. . .(sorry House biased) She was a major beast at the end, but she diserves to be, looking in her file. After Chase and Cameron slept together when she was late and in the elevator with House was awesome, when he commented on her being drunk, and looked closer and said maybe not. It was funny because she tried to ignore it with the comment about the rat. And when they were discussing condoms. . .and House suddenly knew about them sleeping together. What did he read the wrong script? just kidding. And again pointing out that she was high, by the constant moving and rapid fire. And where were Chase and Cameron when he gave her those pills to chill her out? And that comment about "If two people have sex, and unless it sucks, their going to do it again." was amazing. . .FORESHADOWING!!!! (I hope, maybe after his dad dies and he goes to her for comfort ((Just gave myself an Idea for fanfiction))) She did give him a longing look. . .I know it when I see it (OBSESSED) My only confusion was the end. . .with Chase and the cold sore in the end?? What does that have to do with anything?

    Well I'm done with this episode. . .its the BEST episode ever
  • i reaaly love the friednship between house and wilson. it started so well. house decides to give stacy the push after reading physc file. they go hunting for the rat tormenting her in her house. poor mark!

    the gay guy not a nice guy. i nearly went into shock when he spate on dr cameron, men that was really scary. she nearly passed out, but her sleeping with chase, not cool even though it was nice to see her lossen up for once. then dr chase really i wonder if they used a condom cos it really went fast ad very daring of him. i love foreman he is getting to be like house more and more evryday.stacy and house should get a room alrady!
  • A patient with full blown AIDS is refused treatment by dr. house. patient ends up in the hospital and the doctors can\\\'t seem to figure whats wrong with him. All the while, he manages to cough blood into cameron\\\'s eyes and mouth.

    i wasn\\\'t impressed by this episode. it was ok.

    i LOVE House. but this episode was too far fetched for me to handle.

    Let\\\'s start with Cameron: How weak of a character must she be to take the advice of a dying, drug addicted, HIV positive patient: to take drugs. that was so out of character for her. i was disgusted by her actions. although the scene with her and chase was pretty good.

    House: house doesnt hit patients. what the hell is that all about? He has gotten socked in the face, and practically tackled, and he never once hit a patient back. so that was out of character for him

    Chase: in this episode, how STUPID can Chase be to sleep with an intoxicated woman who may very well have contracted the HIV virus? who does that?

    the rest of the characters were fine:

    Dr. Wilson: Dr. Wilson was awesome, as always.

    Foreman: was fine. nothing unusual.

    i LOVE house, but this episode just wasn\\\'t as powerful as the other ones that they have had in the past. also, very out of character as i explained.

  • This was a great episode!

    I think this episode was awesome!Chase and Cameron are a must!I totally agree with houseluver55!They need to be together and expand the storyline of them sleeping together!I also thougth the gay patent was hilarous in this episode!Also i loved how this episode concentrated on Dr.Cameron not house again!I loved it and i bet a lot of other people will to!This episode was funny,seducing and very deep with its plot!i love the show and by far this episode is my favorite!!if ur reading this watch this episode it is soo good,but than the rest!Go chase and cameron,u guys rock together!YEAH! I LOVE HOUSE!
  • Chase and allison..... Oh Yeah

    i love this episode it's so great. The conflict with the HIV thing is great. And then Suprise, Suprise, chase and Allison they r so cute 2gether despite the fact that she was high on meth. I really don't like the fact thought that in the next few episodes and the rest of the season they ignore the fact that chase and allison slept 2gether. i think the writers should expand on it. You can't have 2 main characters sleep 2gether and then don't talk about it the rest of the season. It doesn't work that way. Something Needs To Happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bad writing meets even worse acting.

    This is the first time I've caught this show, I hadn't ever heard of it, but saw that Sela Ward was on it, so I thought it was worth a look. I was wrong about that.
    I was completely floored by how bad this show is. Even the ever delightful Sela Ward wasn't enough to save this stinker. She, as usual, did the best that she could and rose above the horrible script that she was given to work with. Besides Ward, the only other performance worth mentioning is a very brief stint by Wings Hauser, but he too had very little to work with.
    The central characters are all completely crass and unlikable. It was strange to see Robert Sean Leonard on this series, must need the cash.
    The storyline is predictable and stereotypical of shows depicting gay men. This episode is the all too prototyped gay offering, victimized homosexual with a horrible life and completely devoid of any substance except his sexual antics. He hisses catty lines as is the norm in these shows. It's offensive, to say the least.
    The main character, so absurdly played by Hugh Laurie, shouldn't be anywhere near the medical profession, unless he's getting psychological therapy. He goes so far as to punch a patient to prove a point, I guess bad tv doctors never heard of ...first do no harm.
  • Great ep, as usual. Good character development, and House\'s obsession. =) I\'ve got a trivia/note, though...

    A great episode, as usual. Just love House, and am glad they\\\'re bringing it back for next season.

    To the moderator of this show: I noticed that as House and Wilson walks out of their apartment at the beginning of the episode, the apartment number says \"221B\" -- similar to the address for Sherlock Holmes @ 221B Baker Street. Just thought this was interesting. =)
  • House it's not alone anymore. He has Steve McQueen!!

    I like it, because as all the other episodes among the clinical cases are lights about the character personalities. This time, the fact of get HIV, really put Cameron sensitivines to test. She takes her patients advice and gets wild. So Chase is the target, she got high and had sex with Chase. That can complicate things a bit. At least he so confident with hius skills, because he told her "one of the causes a couple never have sex again is sex suck and i didn't suck".
    House its getting so obsessed with Stacy that search for excuses to be with her, chasing a rat. Well at least he got homself a pet. But first he broke into Stacy's therapist and read her personal file. That's extremist.
    Anyway i love the show. Always have admired the accurracy of the cases and i really admire House. I went to med school and he remind me a lot of one teacher.
  • Great Cameron discovery

    In this episode I lved the wild side of Cameron. She is more beautifull this seaons than the first one, I think she might have contact lenses to get so much bluer eyes, and she changed her hair color, she looks awesome, and it is time that she get more great moments
  • We see David Shore's minions discuss the issues of HIV/AIDS, House and Stacey have reconcilliation time, seem to be sailing smoothly, altough main romantic heat is generated by young guns Cameron and Chase.

    I agree, we are seeing waaay too many tumors this series, that issue, spoliers.

    The patient wasn't the main focus of this episode, but I LOVED him flirting with Chase! Heh heh, they were askin' for it! ("Come on, you're too pretty to be straight.")

    Whoever says Cameron wasn't realistic in this one should keep in mind: How would /you/ act if somebody coughed blood on you and you hadn't really done anything exciting in your life? I wouldn't go to using crystal meth. Drugs are not cool. Sleeping with Chase, on the other hand...

    Just one thing I don't get: The HIV/AIDS virus dies in the mouth, so why is Cameron at risk?
  • One of the best episodes in the second season. It showed a new side of Cameron, great subplot with Steve McQueen and the whole Stacy thing, and more.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The patient was pretty funny, when he hit on Chase especially, however the patient was actually not my main focus in this episode.

    The subplot w/ Stacy and the rat was very well done, especially with her finding out about House stealing her file. That added some drama. And I love Steve McQueen.

    But my favorite storyline of the episode was the Cameron arc. Jennifer Morrison did an excellent job in portraying someone who just found out that they might have HIV. And I loved when she did drugs and slept with Chase. It showed how she wanted to loosen up, and it was a totally different side of her. It was great.

    A great episode, can\'t wait till I get the dvd set to see it again.
  • A great episode!

    I think that this episode was the best one so far in the season. Another great storyline followed by great acting. In my personal opinion though I think that Chase and Cameron should sleep together only this one time and that Chase should get a girlfriend and then later one get married and have children. This episode was spectacular in the points that it made about the seriousness of HIV and it also had great music by different artists such as Amos Lee and Goldfrapp. I think House is the most excellent show and this episode is the one that proves it.
  • did not take to some of this story at all

    ok just did not like the alison sleeping with \'weasel\' yuck and seemed ooc for her even thoough its life threatening.
    hoping for more h/c shippyness soon.
    i am sorry to thoughs who are house/stacy but she did leave and she seems a mind player to me.

    and i know house is distant but my god he was more intrested in the hiv disease then the threat of one of his own??
  • Allison Cameron takes a walk on the Wild Side and Takes chase alon for the ride.

    This episode was very interesting. okay i didn't expect Cameron and Chase to hook up. it really showed how vulnerable Cameron is. Now since that Kalvin dude like threw up blood in her face she might actually die. and she took Chase along for the ride. :) Although I have to admit House hitting a patient was not too interesting at all b/c he does it like all of the time. pretty funny things that Kalvin said to Wilson and House at the beginning of the epsiode. and i'll admit that it was pretty kool that House had a stalker. he was pretty hallarious. And it was character revealing for house to steal stacy's therepy session things. it just showed how far he would go to see what was going on in her head.
  • Good episode, Chase and Cammeron? yuck!

    Very different from the usual House episodes, but still good. Kalvin, a gay man, accidently coughs HIV positive blood in Camerons mouth and eyes possibly infecting her. She has a talk with Kalvin and he tells her all she\'s missing out on, drugs, going to party\'s ect. She ends up high and hooking up with Chase (yuck!!!). We dont find out the results of her tests though. They leave us on a cliffhanger!
    House on the other hand helps Stacy kill a rat in her attic without Mark\'s knowledge. Soon, he started showing up eveytime mark was at therapy or out of the house(as in the place)and finds out the mouse is sick. He cures it. Stacy finds out House read her file from her therapist. Good episode all-in-all, you get to know the main characters alot better, but mainly just Cameron.
  • So I missed the whole House and Stacy relationship issue thing, but in this season, they are doing a great job reiterating it. I think I understand it now.

    I thought this episode was another excellent one. This show is so smart and brilliantly written. Just before watching this episode, i had read here that Chase and Cameron were dating each other (off screen), and then they put it into this episode, so I was pleasantly surprised. I want them to get together in the show as well, I think that they go good together. The whole rat sub plot was very funny indeed (steve mcqueen). House is so brilliantly clever not just with words, but with actions as well.
  • Really bad episode, especially considered in context of what other shows are doing now.

    First, the one good thing about this episode -- the mouse storyline. That was funny, and made me almost expect House to revert to Prince George (as played by Hugh Laurie in Black Adder III).

    Unfortunately, the rest was pretty much awful. People talking about this episode being "un-PC" obviously missed House's automatically labelling the patient's father as a "bigot" for not approving of his son's disorder. This is itself a bigoted (yet very PC) attitude. Still, given the active campaign in Hollywood to promote homosexuality, this was to be expected once they introduced a homosexual character, as seems to be a requirement on almost every show on TV now. The only non-PC aspect of this was that the writers resisted the impulse to portray all homosexuals as well-adjusted happy people superior to everyone else around them.

    Even worse, however, was the revelation of Cameron's extreme weakness of character. We already knew that she has a weakness for House bordering on emotional masochism, but but to be so easily influenced by someone so obviously messed up as this patient just didn't make any sense at all. How did this chick get through med school being such a weakling?

    And then we have Chase taking advantage of her meltdown, an act nearly as low as rape (and I'm sure some feminists would say it *was* rape); fortunately, Chase had already been established as being something of a snake, so at least his response was not completely out of character.

    I also wonder how often we need to be reminded that Wilson is a habitual adulterer.

    Finally, although House appears to get away with provoking patients (and patients' friends and families) in order to help treat them, the provocation and striking of this patient's father stretches credibility. In the real world (or a world even approaching reality), the fact that he saved both father's and son's lives would do nothing at all to forestall a lawsuit that would likely cost him his license as well as his job. Come on, this isn't Boston Legal!
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