Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on FOX

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  • A gay man with AIDS collapes in front of House and Wilson forcing House to treat the man who apparently has been stalking him for weeks. Throughout the episode we also see Cameron face a problem of her own, a possible life threating disease.

    The episode starts with a gay man with AIDS waiting outside House's apartment for him (aparently this has been happening everyday for a couple of weeks).
    The man has an unknown condition and wants House to help him, all House wants is his paper. The man collapes after a tug-a-war with House's cane.
    Cuddy and Stacey both tell House to treat the man unless he wants to face assult charges.
    After a variety of negative tests House and the team still have nothing. Cameron then goes to do a test on the man and he accidently coughs up blood in Cameron's eyes and mouth, possibly infecting her.
    Cameron returns to work looking worried, while the team believe that toxic drugs are to blam so Cameron and Chase go to the man's Motel to find them. While they are there Chase suggests that they go out for a drink that night after what happened earlier that day, Cameron declines.
    Meanwhile when the patient nearly dies he asks Cameron to tell his father he said sorry.
    Later that night we see Chase going in to Camerons apartment saying something about Cameron changing her mind and them going out for a drink at some new bar, Cameron replies by kissing him and starting to unbutton his shirt. Chase realise's that she is high and that she is only doing it because of the whole maybe infeacted by AIDS thing. But aparently he doesn't care and we see them going in to her bedroom kissing and ....well u knoew the rest.
    Oh and about the patient he had a paracist that he got from a dead fox while hunting when he was a kid.