Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Chase suggests that Cameron takes Albendazol after contact with the patient's blood. Ironically, this drug is part of treatment for the echinoccosis that was diagnosed in the patient and his father. The team could've avoided surgery by starting this treatment.

    • In season 1, episode "Kids", we see that Cameron's house/apartment front door leads directly to outside. In this episode though, when Chase is waiting for Cameron to open the door, you can clearly see that he is standing in a hallway inside a building where there are several other doors.

    • In the scene where the patient coughs blood on Cameron, when they first show the blood on her face she has a few drops by her eye and by her chin. When they cut away to get the patient's reaction and cut back to show her face again the whole right side of her face is covered in blood.

    • Trivia: The wall calendar hanging in Stacy's kitchen is dated 1975.

    • Cameron and the others take absolutely no initial precautions whatsoever in the presence of a HIV-positive patient, such as safety goggles. Hospital standards are much more strict then seen here. Although later they make some efforts to protect themselves, they later refuse to wear facial protection.

  • Quotes

    • House: Two successful surgeries, two lives saved. I'm over my quota. Can I have next week off?
      Dr. Cuddy: Two family members assaulted.
      House: It was self-defense.
      Dr. Cuddy: You baited him.
      House: You're right. I was asking for it. The low-cut blouse, the do-me pumps.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Go see Stacy.
      House: We gave him EPI. He's fine.
      Dr. Cuddy: You need a lawyer. Go see Stacy. You hit a patient.
      House: Four words, two mistakes. He's not a patient and I didn't hit him.
      Dr. Cuddy: Of course you didn't. Go see Stacy.

    • Stacy: Okay, I blow my smoke into the vents so Mark doesn't know.
      House: I always knew it.
      Stacy: Bluffing!
      House: You started two weeks after my surgery. Menthols, then lights after a month.
      Stacy: Why didn't you say anything?
      House: 'Cause it helped me monitor your misery level. One trip outside was a good day, upwards of six you were in hell.

    • Dr. Chase: ...I thought you'd change your mind on getting those drinks.
      Dr. Cameron: Come on in.
      Dr. Chase: There's this new place on campus. . .(Cameron kisses him) Are you high?
      Dr. Cameron: Uh-huh. (kissing him again)
      Dr. Chase: I thought they disposed of the drugs.
      Dr. Cameron: Not all of them. (unbuttoning his shirt)
      Dr. Chase: Slow down. Your pupil's are dialated.
      Dr. Cameron: Come on Chase don't be a good guy on me now. (kisses her)

    • House: Steve McQueen without hair? It's a blessing he died young.

    • Wilson: Sooo... now you've gotta drum up another excuse to be around the love of your life. Could hit another patient.
      House: Naah. Don't like to repeat myself. People will say I'm formulaic.

    • House: I am not treating you.
      Kalvin: Because you're a closet case? (looks at House and Wilson)
      Dr. Wilson: We're...not together.
      House: He's so self-loathing.

    • Dr. Cameron: Why do you have a rat?
      House: Jealous?

    • House: Meanwhile, (Stacy) can't stop thinking about…I can't read that – is she obsessed with a "gray horse," or me?
      Dr. Wilson: It says she thinks you're an annoying jerk.
      House: It's a pet name

    • Dr. Wilson: (to House) Now you've got the proof you need. Just take those personal psych records to Cuddy – that'll show her Stacy is out of control.

    • House: Now let go of my cane before it becomes your new boyfriend.
      Kalvin: Honey, I will marry it if you take my case.
      House: Congress says you can't.

    • Stacy: You don't treat him, he charges you with assault.
      House: Just because he says I hit him doesn't make it true. Watch – I'm surrounded by naked cheerleaders. (nothing happens) See?

    • Mark: What’s going on?
      House: It’s not what you think. I know it looks like we’re cleaning dishes, but actually we’re having sex.
      Stacy: We’re working.
      Mark: Wow, wish I’d become a doctor. This place would be spotless.

    • Dr. Wilson: Trying to win Stacy back by killing an animal. Very caveman.

    • Dr. Cameron: I have fun.
      Dr. Chase: She has some scheduled for February.

    • (over the phone)
      Dr. Foreman: Bad time? Where are you?
      House: At your girlfriend's place. Ignore the moaning and squeaking.

    • House: Gotta go – it's killing time.

    • Kalvin: This is none of your business.
      House: You should have thought of that before you stalked me. Now I'm interested.

    • Dr. Cameron: So you always use a condom?
      Dr. Foreman: Uhhh, yeah.
      House: Brother's on the down low... got to.
      Dr. Foreman: I'm not ready for any Foreman juniors yet.
      Dr. Cameron: You?
      House: Working girls - they're sticklers. You're not going to poll Chase?
      Dr. Chase: I'm not an idiot.
      House: Obviously not. Who doesn't sleep with a drugged-out colleague when they have a chance?

    • House: Okay.
      Dr. Cuddy: That's it, "okay"? No name-calling, no squawking, no rending of garments.
      House: I like this t-shirt.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • House: I had to get rid of it before Steve McQueen ate any Coumadin. I named your rat.
      Steve McQueen (March 24, 1930 - November 7, 1980) was an American movie actor. Nicknamed "The King of Cool," he was considered one of the biggest box-office draws of the 1960s and 1970s due to what many film goers consider a captivating on-screen persona.

    • 221B
      In this episode, we learn that House's street address is 221B (it can be seen behind him as he leaves for work with Wilson). This is an allusion to Sherlock Holmes, arguably the world's greatest fictional detective, whose London address was 221B Baker Street. The two characters are similar in method if not profession: the key to their success is a towering intellect and an almost faultless eye for detail.