Season 6 Episode 9

Ignorance is Bliss

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on FOX
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It's Thanksgiving, and the team discover they have little to be thankful for in their personal lives. Meanwhile, House takes on the illness of a brilliant physicist who has rejected his intellect to work as a courier.

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  • Nothing new - just old and boring

    What exactely was the plot of this episode: Medically more than strange an incoherant(I'm a physician), but this you can say about some far fetched cases. But the whole House-Cuddy-story running amok in an unstructured way? It's neither important for the story in general nor does it lead anywhere as far as character develloping is concerned. The whole episode is just a boring flow of depression. We don't learn anything new about House: Yes he is nacistically vulnerable- that we knew before, and yes, he's a egoistic stuborn donkey, this we knew as well. And nothing new about Cuddy either: To be in such as postition she must be hard and reckless, and -sick of House- that's the way she behaved - So what.

    This was the first episode I had to watch twice, I fell asleep.moreless
  • Where is this show going?

    I have to admit right off that I missed most of this episode. We cancelled satellite and are relying on a friend's taped versions (bad tape..etc). What I want to know is, who is (Lucas) related to? The producer? The producer's wife? Why on earth is he still in the show?? With the kind of start the season had, I was expecting great things to it's just into the sunset. Please somebody kill off Lucas! Not that HUddy has to continue - I personally don't think the actors have squat-doodly chemistry together - but I'd love to see more of House getting better, less House wandering around in a plot-less daze. Please someone do something!moreless
  • WOW... WHy so many bad reviews??

    I'm really surprised that there are so many low rated reviews on this episode. I know that a lot of people don't like Huddy but I though this episode handled it great. It broke my heart when she sent him to the wrong house and the lady offered him a turkey sandwich. He looked so happy when he got out of the car and when he heard that this was not the correct house, he looked so sad (and so did I). I could not believe that Cuddy could do such a thing, she always seemed better than that, but it proves that she still is not convinced that House has changed because she didn't want to risk him being himself at thanksgiving. As for him saying that at the end he would leave it alone, it showed that he too has grown because he is trying to let her be happy no matter how much it kills him. (If you love something, let it go!!) Next, lets talk about the case. I loved how the character paralled House in so many ways, that really felt like a classic House episode. How he changed himself for the girl he loved as House is trying to do, except House would never risk losing his intelligence (read the "flowers for algernon article in the news section, it sums this up better than I can). The 16 spleen thing was cool. I like how they delt with the 14 thing without the booring scenes between just the two and I liked the Chase thing as well (especially the punching House thing).

    Finally the Ignorance is Bliss. House used this to describe what the patient had done to himself, but in a way he was also describing him and Cuddy. She was ignorant to the fact that the drunken confession was a ploy and they both feigned ignorance in the end (House did not let on that he knew about her and Lucas but she could tell, however neither let the other know)

    I Loved this episodemoreless
  • Burden of being genius..

    So, I most say, the start of the episode was really thrilling: we got genius who does not want to be genius (not that we first do not know that and have to figure it out). There were much focus on chars. Thirteen and Taub are back and they are not getting it easy. But probably best developments and char moments go to House who has his last(?) try to split Cuddy and Lucas and what creative ways he does that.. Ok.. we get some weird things turning that try.. like clinic patience. I do not know, but if House can keep up that nice game.. it would be refreshing after very angry and not nice episode before it.moreless
  • Slipperly Slope?

    Okay, so 8 isn't a BAD mark, but compared to all my other House reviews, it sucks- big time. The soap opera that is Huddy has got to stop! This was at its worse. The whole being sent to the wrong address thing was just overkill- surely Cuddy would never have gone that far.

    The House and Lucas scene when House was pretending to be drunk was just awfully done- it was probably one of the worst scenes the show has ever done.

    The only saving grace was House and Cuddy's last scene involving the animal farm- it was more like their old relationship!

    The patient- who really cared? And he could have been so interesting! But no House vs Genius element here- there WAS some good dialogue, but not enough of it. The diagnosis was cool, but there was just no suspense with the case (again).

    Cameron's departure was hardly touched upon- wasn't she and Wilson friends? And Wilson hasn't berated or mentioned it to House since. He too is drawn into the horrible Huddy moments. Its frustrating.

    Saving graces? Chase punching chase, then House making excuses with the otterman was hilarious. And a clinic patient! My God, about time too! Apart from that, it was below average for a House episode. Still good compared to most shows out there, but so far from its best I had a hollow feeling in my stomach.moreless
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Vicki Davis

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Larry Cedar

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    • House: Put it on Dr. Wilson's tab.
      Cashier: I don't know who Dr. Wilson is, and we don't have tabs.
      House: Do you know who I am?
      Cashier: No.
      House: Good. (walks away)

    • Taub: It could be sickle cell.
      Dr. Foreman: Guy's white.
      Taub: Whites can get it.
      House: Come on. We get tennis elbow and all the money. Let them have sickle cell.

    • Thirteen: You're sure you want us to take out his spleen.
      House: Is that what a "splenectomy" is? I thought it was an ice cream treat. Yuck.

    • House: Do you know where Cuddy's sister lives?
      Dr. Wilson: You see, this is why I don't answer your urgent pages. Because they're not urgent pages.

    • House: I've decided what I'm going to do about Cuddy and Lucas. I'm going to break them up.
      Dr. Wilson: Of course.
      House: It's given me a purpose in life. A goal, a raison d'etre.
      Dr. Wilson: Albeit a selfish, mean-spirited, childish raison
      House: I think of it more as benevolent.

    • Dr. Wilson: (about House) How you manage to elevate your narcissism to beneficence is masterful.

    • Dr. Wilson: This is a three-hour drive. Have you considered the possibility that this is a vacant address?
      House: Do you think she'd send me to a vacant lot for Thanksgiving dinner?
      Dr. Wilson: If she's smart.

    • House: Sorry. I can't remember if I mocked you for being a male nurse.
      Nurse Jeffrey: I think this counts.
      House: Fair enough.

    • House: Sorry to inconvenience you. Dying patients can be so thoughtless.
      Taub: Don't.
      House: Great comeback. Is that Oscar Wilde?

    • Dr. Chase: Sorry about the nose. And the eye, and the, uh... eyebrow.
      House: Guess I deserved it.
      Dr. Chase: Well, if I thought that, I wouldn't be apologizing.
      House: Your fist slipped?
      Dr. Chase: Everybody kept bugging me, asking if I was okay.
      House: So you busted my nose to keep people off your back.
      Dr. Chase: Pretty much.
      House: Making people even more worried about you.
      Dr. Chase: Maybe. But at least they're not talking to me about it.
      House: Fair enough.
      Dr. Chase: Cheers.

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