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Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2007 on FOX

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  • Morally repugnant.

    I love this show but I simply hated this episode. I know we're supposed to think House is a jerk but he was truly evil this time.

    He performed invasive tests on a teenager without her consent. And he did so just so he could find a cure for his own pain. His actions where not only illegal, they were immoral. I don't know if they exaggerate this aspect of the show but seeing minors being abused by doctors isn't my idea of entertainment.

    Don't do plot lines with unwilling minors as the patient of the week, House writing staff, it's just too disturbing.
  • A very unhappy Valentine's Day to all.

    Only Gregory House can waltz into ER, find a patient being treated after a car accident and instantly figuring out she had the disorder where she feels no pain. Her mother was in surgery to treat her injuries. Who knows why House pursued trying to figure out why the daughter needed to be treated since she already had a diagnosis. It is lucky that House did not kill her with his treatment. Lo and behold, at the end, something very gross was wrong with the teen and House saved her life.

    How can this show get any weirder? Oh, let's mess up Cuddy's social life. Throw in all the assistants ending up in a very sad space for Valentine's Day. Mix throughly and you have a bunch of miserable doctors.
  • Happy Valentine's Day...

    It's Valentine's Day in Princeton Plainsboro but none of the employees seem to care. Foreman dumps his girlfriend, Chase and Cameron start an affair based on Cameron's thought that she's most unlikely to fall in love with Chase and House... is House. Cuddy on the other hand has a date which drives House crazy and he keeps coming to her house to disturb her. But he has to deal with a patient, too, who can't feel pain but is dying slowly. House tries to save her, but he's not only interested in her well-being because he's like to know why she doesn't feel pain. Maybe he could use that knowledge for him.

    This episode is once again a good example of this genius show. You can see that House does many things to heal his pain even if it's risking someone else's life. I liked the Cuddy-House interaction in this episode and the whole scene in front of Cuddy's House was moving and funny. I also liked that the episode showed how doctors have to sacrifice their private lives for their jobs - if they even have one. Finally, this episode marks the beginning of the Cameron-Chase story-line which I find very interesting and at times funny.

    All in all: Great installment and a very unromantic Valentine's Day.
  • I wanna be insensitive!

    This episode was a real eye opener, I never knew there was such a thing as insensitive, that Hannah girl treated it as if it were a curse, feeling no pain would be amazing, the end was the revealing & unexpected part. "So maybe we should have sex" Cameron saying that to Chase. Woah! And Hannah jumping off that balcony, and getting up like nothing, it was as if she had super powers. Another thing that I liked about this episode is Cuddy going on a dating website to find a guy & obviously the guy is jealous of House,a setting stone in Huddy. A great episode.
  • The level of the episodes is set higer and higer

    One of those episodes that defenetly caught my attention - good story, great acting, also characther development, something new and striking, lot of exitement.

    I defenetly loved the patience choice in her - House got someone who was able to stand against him - worthy opponent. Who would have thought that it would be teenage girl?

    I must the patience in this episode is maybe the greatest plus - she is so different, she is so hard for them to handle. How would be life without feeling pain? Could we imagine even it? It was so enjoyable to see how House just comes in and gives the diagnose. He is too marvellous :)

    Anyway - great episode with lot of adventure and quite interesting ending
  • i know this is a like year old episode, but i really liked it, it was the first episode i ever saw!

    this was the first episode i ever saw. right when i saw this i got all of the seasons, and became addicted! this is a really great epsiode. I would love to not be able to feel anything. I lvoe it when their screwing through her head, and she fakes that it hurts, classic, then she jumps off the railing. if only chase and cameron and foreman grabbed her in time :-( lol. no, but really, this was a really good episode. I lvoe HOUSE and this show should never end, it should have like atleast 10 seasons! hugh laurie is amazing and he is the best!
  • Pain vs Painless

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of the Season, with the Sepa patient being a very interesting character, and opposite to those that House normally treats (in pain, obvious medical problems, etc). I thought House trying to find a way to cure himself was interesting, and it showed his depth of character, showing he doesn't WANT to be miserable. Wilson acting as his conscience is what we have come to expect, but it highlights that House is capable of feeling guilty and empathy.

    Foreman dumping the nurse (who I must admit, I'd forgotton about), shows his colder side. In many ways he is like House- he seems incapable of showing emotion. Berating Cameron was harsh- I felt that she experience some form of true love, even if the commitment was short.

    I didn't see the twist at the end with Cameron and Chase- it seems to me that can only lead to disaster! And what about House and Cameron?

    There seems to me more focus with the writers with House and Cuddy now, as seen when he continously interupts her dates! I thought it was very like House to do that, but perhaps shown his obsession with her not wanting to find happiness.

    Overall, this was an excellent episode, with great character development and an excellent storyline, although the Season has still not hit the same giddy heights of Season 2.
  • 10
    Insensitive best epi ever. First of all Mika Boorem is one of my favorite actresses. Second I totally loved the do you like me house thing with Cuddy and House. I also learned about a new disease, CIPA. I honestly never heard of an insensitivity to pain. Mainly because I'm only thirteen. but anyways I was on my seat for half the episode and it was just, to me, amazing. I've watched it God knows how many times and have never gotton tired of it. But I will always ponder... why didn't House ask her for the spinal nerve. he could have been pain free. But oh well. I love this episode.
  • House is human after all, he gets jealous!!!

    House dealing with the CIPA patient was a very complicated episode because House has begun to show more flaws which make him a more complicated and layered character, more real so do speak… Hugh Laurie always brings something new to House and this episode was no exception, the supporting cast was very good, but the Robert Sean Leonard who plays “Dr. Wilson” has been stepping up all the way in season three with good performances in every single episode, he has become a menace to House “I have all the answers” by anticipating House’s ethical choices and this time is the only time that I’ve seen the doctor more concerned about him than about the patient wellbeing, he’s always advocating for his patients... even going to the extreme of torturing his staff with lame tests at late hours for more results, sometimes to indulge his crazy ideas, sometimes because he knows there is no one else they would go to… Wilson makes a strong point that strikes a cord in House (when forcing something is just plain wrong) and the tapeworm is a disgusting yet intriguing surprise… we haven’t seen many parasites in the episodes, plus and almost forgot…the House-Cuddy dynamic was pretty intense and yet is a point that the writers are going to work on later on. Foreman is a lonely guy and House predicted that he was going to end up pretty much like him…
  • House vs his female version.

    Love the comparisons in this ep. Dr. Greg is a person who gets enthusiasm and determination from being constantly in pain, so its fitting that he should be the one to identify the problem in Hannah though all the rest can't. Otherwise, at times this was almost a fantasy episode - probing for pain responses beyond the call, the great balcony scene and why not throw in a bit of stalking while we're at it. It's appropriate that we and the cast have got so used to Houses' strange mannerisms that seeing a spooky face at a restaurant window might be enough for some women to phone the local cop shop, but House takes it one stage further by going round the house.
    And topping it off with a live incision and a massive tapeworm was just off the scale - love this episode - so suitable that its Valentines.
  • Season 3 Episode 14

    One of the best episode ever.
    The medical case was really interesting. I like the fact that when it comes to House everything turns out to be as no-one could have ever imagined.
    Besides "Insensitive" was a great title. House's patient can't feel pain, while, on the other hand, House isn't able to feel people's feelings. Or maybe he just doesn't want. Go figure...

    Wilson and House interaction was the best part. I like when Wilson acts like House's conscience, helping him do the right thing.

    House and Cuddy are always fun to watch. When House crashed Cuddy's blind date and when he broke literally into her home, I couldn't help but laugh. He is so irreverent and I also love Cuddy's stunned reactions.

    Foreman is "becoming" House. What a shocker. Well, I did see that one coming.

    Last but not least... I can't believe Cameron actually asked Chase to be friends with benefits. Wait a minute! What about the well-mannered (and almost naive) doctor she used to be? LOL Anyway, Chase's facial expression just cracked me up. He couldn't believe it either. :D
  • This episode was pretty good. The story line was very interesting even though we have seen the "person who can't feel pain" ordeal before in other TV shows and movies.

    Some of the great lines from tonights episode -

    Foreman: She's about to jump of the lobby railing.

    House: What, do you think I can catch her?


    Foreman: There has got to be at least 25 feet there.

    House: Darn it, the record is 60.

    Ah, I love it. The acting was great in this episode, and the plot really kept you on the edge of your seat. That tape worm made me cringe. The preview for next week looks very revealing. I wonder what House's "secret" is that no one will see coming. Maybe Fox is just being over dramatic with the preview.
  • "... because we interpret them how our precedecessor taught us to.."

    I like this episode because I cannot believe 2 things... (1) that there is such things as CIPA (2) 25 feet long tape worm that can reside in our body. I begun to be afraid of where I eat, what I eat and be so clean. It's good though. This episode is so cool....
  • It's Valentine's Day and everyone's pairing up

    It's Valentine's Day and everyone's pairing up - except for Foreman who breaks up with his girlfriend. And Cameron takes Foreman's advice a bit too serious and asks Chase to be friends with benefits. I guess I know where this might be going. Why's she doing this anyway?
    So, House likes Cuddy. No surprise here, I always thought there might be something. But as usual his way of showing it is rather strange. The scenes with Cuddy, that guy and House were hilarious though. "I like him and I like sex. Do I have to wear a letter now?" Interesting reference... *cough*
  • A classic episode with a first hint that House may actually like Cuddy.

    The episode develops in Valentine's day. Quite a day for House, considering that he has the great idea to take a nerve from a patient and transplant it to his leg in order to grow pain insensitive nerves. Curiosity once again, takes over House and tries by any means, to take that nerve. In the process of doing that he becomes too interested in Cuddy, where we have hint in all of series, that House may be into Cuddy. The lack of smart answers when Cuddy suggests it supports even more that argument. On the other hand we see that as time passes by, Foreman becomes more and more like House (or at least, this is how it perceives himself - with a little help from House). The amazing thing is, that at the end we have an unexpected development of Cameron's character. She, that in all the series' episodes, passes as the sensitive type, proposes free sex to Chase, without caring about his feelings when she supports her proposal by admitting that Chase is the least likely person that she could fell in love with. I didn't see that coming!
  • So many relationships changed in this episode, yet House still seems to be House.

    House and his patient have an argument about if its better to feel pain or not. House winning by using he got shot, but he didn't get shot because of leg pain, he got shot because he's a jerk. House also pulls out some Jewish jokes about his patient.
    Also I love the title: Insensitive meaning House's patient is insensitive to pain and House is insensitive to people's feelings. That idea was ingenious.
    House still is being House by screwing with Cuddy on her date. Then when Cuddy says "House, do you like me", I just about jump out of my chair so excited (I'm a Huddy shipper, who could have guessed?). And Foreman breaks up with his long time girlfriend (I only remember seeing her in one other episode though). Also Cameron and Chase getting together, but not a relationship. This could be trouble. I'm so excited to see what these relationships between characters could evolve into.
  • Cameron and Chase are going to ruin this show...

    I don't care about Cameron and Chase having a "friends with benefits" deal. That kind of plot is fine for shows like Grey's Anatomy or Boston Legal but not for House.

    I expect more intelligent plots from this show. Sure, I can forgive medical and legal inaccuracies for the sake of drama but all the only this this plot is going to do is turn Cameron into a manipulative "bad woman" and exagerate Chase's role as the underdog who's willing to be treated like crap by his boss to keep his job and by Cameron to get laid. Wasn't Chase supposed to be catholic by the way?

    And for the rest of the episode, House has done bad things for the sake of the patient but tonight he takes advantage that this girl is a minor and can't refuse treatment which seems so wrong to me, and he does that just to help himself. Luckily for him the girl was actually sick.

    And the whole "I'm in pain I should get away with anything" plot is getting old. If he's in so much pain, why not just amputate the leg. I'm sure that's what he would manipulate a patient into doing. But not himself because he's so super special and no one knows what his pain is like...

    That leaves us with House interrupting Cuddy's date, which in my opinion was the only highlight of the episode.

    Best show on TV today, I wouldn't miss this show for the world. Thank "Heaven" for TEVO! We needed a show like this a long time ago! I love Hugh Laurie, I love him! They couldn't have picked a better actor for this role. I need to know if anyone out there can give me information on where I can find the first season DVD set. I am having trouble finding it. ((( I live in Denver )))
  • What will the relationship between Cuddy and House develop into? Hopefully something exciting!

    I loved it when Cuddy asked House "Do you like me?". He was taken back and for a moment wasn't sure how to respond. I think that there is something there and would love to see how the writers decide to develop their relationship. I used to be really interested in the Cameron/House relationship but I believe that it has played itself out and can't wait to see what develops between Cameron and Chase. I think (or hope) that it is going to develop to something beyond just a sexual fling. Can't wait to watch the next episode to see it they tie up the relationship between Cameron and House so that the two of them can move on.
  • Didn't want ta get off the couch!

    This episode was so interesting that it got my MOM hooked on House!
    Though, one thing got me thinking...
    When she fell off the balcony, I recall that she broke something. With that, they probably took an x-ray or something similar... According to my school biology book here, tapeworms are chitinous, made of the same hard stuff as your fingernails! My point is, 'Do tapeworms show up in x-rays?'
    I tried googling it; I got nothin'...
  • Cameron wants a sex buddy. House is wants to steal a nerve. Foreman is House. Great episode.

    I have to say, even though I had read spoilers indicating that there would be some type of relationship between Cameron and Chase, I definitely didn't think that it was going to come about with her suggesting they be sex buddies. Her reasoning that they had done it once and it hadn't made things weird, as well as her assertion that he is the one she is least likely to fall in love seems like part House rationale and part Cameron rationale. It will be interesting to see where they go with this. And can I take a moment to say I really like Wilson? Going through House's stuff and figuring out he was after a spinal nerve was outstanding. But was surpassed by telling House to take advantage of her guilt at the end since her B-12 was still low. I have to say, I felt the whole thing with Foreman and his girlfriend was forced. It seems she is only mentioned when convenient. Now they wanted to hit us over the head with the fact that Foreman is on his way to becoming House. We get it. There was enough going on in this episode without that. And how great was House's reasoning about how he found Cuddy at the cafe? Something along the lines of the most noncommittal location within walking distance. Perfect.
  • This one is a keeper.

    Now this is why I watch House. This episode was a breath of fresh air after being locked in a dark, dank closet with Tritter for most of the season. At last an episode that gave us all the things that this series, when it is on track, does best. First there was an interesting medical case, complete with the trademark unexpected twist at the end. The actress who played Hannah was well-cast--she managed to be both annoying and sympathetic at the same time, and she more than held her own with Hugh Laurie (no easy feat) in what has to be one of the best House scenes this season, as the two of them vie for the title of who's life sucks more. House won that round, but only because he cheated. The episode also finally incorporated all of the main characters into the storyline, something that has been missing for much of this season. The friendship between Wilson and House, a foundation of the show, seems to be getting back on track, and it was great to see Wilson act as House's conscience once more, however unwillingly, and force House to do the right thing. I've missed the interaction between these two. It was equally gratifying to see Chase finally stick up for himself and point out the obvious--no one says no to House. He's been taking the heat for being a suck-up for long enough on that front. And he continues to show his growing medical smarts as well--a recurring theme this season--by coming up with some decidedly House-like tactics to thwart House's attempts to perform a risky procedure on Hannah. Nice, too, to see Cuddy finally get some screen time. House and Cuddy together on the screen is always fun to watch. All in all, this ranks as one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far. Here's hoping they can keep this up.
  • House at his best. Gotta love the arguement with a 16-year-old.

    This is why I like this show. House, not only being a pain in the rear to his patient, but to Cuddy as well, and while sh is on a date...Classic. The way he argues with the girl about whose life is worth is classic house, not to mention the couple of Jewish jokes he pulls out of his butt as well. Once again he is able to solve the medical mystery with his incredible knowledge. I don't know about you, but if I were a genius diagnostician like House was, I would be an @$$ also, I would have earned it.
  • A girl comes into the hospital after being her and her mom were broadsided. The girl, Hannah has a metal rod in her thigh but doesn't seem to feel the pain so House decides to run tests to find out why and how she doesn't feel pain.

    I thought this episode was well written and that it really showed Houses character and how he really only thinks about himself 90% of the time instead of the patients. House feels pain all the time in his leg hence the vicodin addiction. This patient, Hannah feels no pain even after her thigh is punctured with a peice of metal. I thought that House's desire to continually run tests to find the result to why Hannah didn't feel pain was interesting and controversial. At first you think that it is unethical but in the end you realize that by running tests it could help others in pain and if it isn't actually true that something bad was causing the lack of pain that it had to be cured. In this episode like all the other episodes of House the writters have made the viewers think about what is and what isn't ethical in the name of medical research.
  • House is def. getting better!

    I won't bother to re-write the synopsis or anything, but i do want to say that the quality of episodes are slowly getting better and better. I personally really liked this episode, and i DO think that house should be up front and center and the case second. House is too interesting a character to miss out on, and if you want to have really 99% of the episode about the case then watch the health channel.
  • House Episode 3.14 "Insensitive" Airdate: Tuesday, February 13th 9:00PM-10:00PM

    In an episode where we learned the heavy consequences of being immune to pain, the show appeared to go back to its old roots. Every character relationship was built upon and further developed more than in all the episodes this season combined, and this week's medical mystery patient was apparently the Unbreakable offspring of Bruce Willis. When she and House were going back and forth with the disabilities their conditions give them I was waiting for House to say in his best Samuel L. Jackson impression, "They called me Mr. Glass."

    But before we get to grossest of diagnosis grossness that is causing Painless Hannah's illness (I'm really tempted to turn this into a poem but I'll resist), there was a whole bunch of other stories going on in this Valentine's episode. Foreman broke up with his girlfriend that most of us probably forgot who she even was considering this was only the second time we ever saw her, however he did have a nice scene with Cameron that may have prompted her end-of-episode proposal to Chase of "So I think we should have sex." Lucky bastard. We'll see if this sparks back up the sexathon that began last season.

    House and Cuddy took a step in the "Huddy" direction when he intruded on a couple of her blind dates for medical approval and sarcastic comments, until Cuddy questioned his feelings for her which caught House off guard. But the best relationship on the show that was illustrated again this episode was that between House and Wilson, getting restored and seemingly back to the way it was prior to the Tritter storyline. Wilson continued to be House's conscious as he appropriately referred to it, and of course it was their deep and/or seemingly pointless conversations once again that set off the House light bulb of genius ideas that are causing the weekly medical mystery of doom.

    Unfortunately for people who have the ability to see, the light bulb genius idea this week was to pull a 25 foot tape worm out of Hannah's stomach that was clawing into her intestines. Hence the consequences of being immune to pain are not being able to feel a parasite inside of you, but fortunately for Unbreakable 2's main character, the guy on the other side of the spectrum this time is Doctor Genius who detected the problem through stealing Wilson's sandwich.

    From start to finish though, I thought it was a very good episode and one that provided some of the usual elements from the first two seasons that this season has been drastically lacking. Of course, as soon as the show starts resembling its old form, it's time for another three week break.

    Overall Episode Rating: 8.4
  • This episode was so weird, that it was great.

    This episode was so disgusting and weird. I loved it! At first it was going kind of slow and being boring like “One Day, One Room” was because that little girl was really getting on my nerves. All that crap about her being not scared of stuff and all that lame junk that sick kids always say was boring, then her incessant begging to see her mother got old really fast. But when it was getting closer to the end I was getting more interested because I so badly wanted them to do the nerve biopsy because I wanted the little girl to die; she was that annoying. Then when House had like a revelation or whatever, I really can’t remember, and he took her to the OR and pulled that worm out of her gut I was so grossed out! I couldn’t stop screaming because I got all scared that something like that might be in me too. That episode had me so disgusted I don’t think I’ll ever eat meat that isn’t burnt again. Anyway, the episode was great ad it totally makes up for the “One Day, One Room” episode.
  • Cuddy has a secret date. Cameron is finding good sex. House is finding good conversation about Cuddy's sex life. Foreman is avoiding his loving girlfriend. Oh an a patient that cannot feel.

    This episode was amazing! I do not know if the medical facts are all true or not. Especially Vitamin B deficiency=guilt, but it was just so interesting. Hannah had such an interesting case. Can you imagine just not feeling anything? The episode did a superb job in portraying the gift and curse that such a case would bring. Then there is House's obsession with her also presented, again, the real emotions of House. Everyone knows he is frustrated, but it never seems big deal until these episodes pop up. Lastly there is the understanding that Wilson has of House. Their relationship is just SO interesting to watch.
    There was just so much in this episode, but so well woven together. Of course the Cuddy & House implications. I actually always avoided it. But seriously Cuddy isn't bad looking at all :P

    OH! And this episode had such good lines. "Get. Away."
  • House so interesting

    I love House it is such a good show. Although, everyone I know thinks it's a bit too cruel. Of course they mean only House himself. This episode was interesting, I must say, even though I watched it al about one or two in the morning and I was probably not as deep or as amusing as I found it at that time but, oh well. In this episode House's curiosity was highlighted when he took on the sepa patient, a paptient that could not feel apin while he was constantly in pain. This war of pains was itself's extremly intersting and we also learned near the end of the episode about the lenghs that House will go to not experiance anymore pain. Cuddy also intersting in this episode where we saw her on a blind date. And Cameron in the end of the episode asks Chase if he wants to have sex. Which it's self is an intersting proposal itself until Cameron puts logic behind it then it becomes less intersing. We also further learn how almost every character on House has issues with realtionships all of their realtionships seem to fail when they as they always do tend to distance themselves from the person they have a relationship with.
  • Best of the season so far.

    An interesting case. A girl that can't feel pain being treated by a doctor in constant pain. Interesting because House had ulterior motives going into the case. That do-gooder, Wilson, set him straight however. As it turns out Hannah (the patient) did have a weird ... and somewhat gross medical problem. Wait for the last few minutes and you will know what I mean. We also seem to be seeing the beginning of something between House and Cuddy.

    I have to admit I am in two minds about this. While I think that this could lead to some interesting storylines I cant help but feel that the whole House/Cameron thing has been left pretty much unresolved. The bit between Cameron and Chase at the end seemed a little bizarre to me as well.

    Still I hope that something actually does happen between House and Cuddy and they don't just spend the next two or three seasons making eyes at each other.

    If I wanted to watch a show where nothing ever gets resolved I will go back to watching "Lost" again.
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