Season 6 Episode 5

Instant Karma

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • Instant Karma

    More development on tonight's episode of House. I'm really loving the season arc this year. I'm glad Chase & Cameron are getting the screen time they definitely deserve, and we got quite a powerful story line to do these two justice. With Chase being under investigation for murder, and Cameron doesn't know, whilst Foreman covers for Chase.

    We got a lot of twists and turns as well like who messed with Thirteen's flight. Going from House to Cuddy to Wilson and then back to House was pretty entertaining. We got a cleverly plotted episode with a few ongoing themes: one of which being instant karma.

    It was definitely a funny turn of events to see the moment the father gave up all his money, his son got better. Then we got the biggest moment on tonight's episode: House finding out. Great episode with a lot of great moments. No Taub has been doing this show wonders, and I hope Thirteen comes back soon. Great installment.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of House, the following happens. A billionaire brings his sick son to House, to try and cure hm. The young boy is very sick, and the father blames himself. He believes that since he got rich, everything bad seems to happen to his family. Soon after running many tests they diagnose his son, and tell him that he will only live for one more day. Then the father signs away his company and makes himself bankrupt.
    As the day come to an end, as if by magic, House realises what is really wrong with the son and starts him on medication to cure him. The next day we see that the son is well again, and the father believes that it is because he bankrupted himself. Also in this episode we see Foreman and Chase as they get ready for the M&M, and begin to worry that someone will uncover the truth about what happened to the dictator, who died in the previous episode. We also see 13 going away, to Thailand, and she nor w know how long for.
  • House M.D.: “Instant Karma”. I think that after this episode, you can safely say that this season’s start is really very strong.

    House M.D.: "Instant Karma"

    Dr. Chase: (to House) Whether you want to be in charge or not, you are, and you always will be.

    House M.D.: “Instant Karma”. I think that after this episode, you can safely say that this season’s start is really very strong. Unwittingly I caught myself thinking that I really miss the old team. I’m not saying that Kutner, Taub and Thirteen weren’t ok but classic is just classic. By the way, recently reviewed the interview with Peter Jacobson, I realized that his role in House M.D. wasn’t quite his level. Peter is really a good actor with a remarkable sense of humor. How unfortunate that I almost unfamiliar with his filmography, but I promise to mend. But let back to the main theme of today’s story. And so… A rich businessman brings his son, who’s suffering from stomach pain, to Princeton Plainsboro, and believes he’s a victim of his wealthy position and success. I will only say that this businessman is an idiot. In fact, his idiocy gave the name for the episode - “Instant Karma”. At this time, Chase and Foreman are solving their problems. As we see, The Tyrant even being in the other world doesn’t rest. It was a little hint… Of course House can’t simply ignore Chase’s strange behavior. And Cameron isn’t blind. Oh, we forgot about Thirteen, whose flight to Thailand was canceled. “More additional detective storylines!” Yes, yes… Scenarists heard you.

    Мy rating - 4.6/5 Link to original review -
  • The team is back together.. yay

    Ok, may I start saying how good it is to have the old gang back together? I'm not saying Kutner, Taub and Thirteen weren't ok but classic is just classic.

    I'm enjoying this new House. Being considerate to others isn't a bad thing and we can clearly see House is making an effort here.

    He tries to prevent 13 from taking her trip and gives Chase a good excuse to keep him from ending his career due to Dimbala's death last week. All selfless actions and without gloating or anything.

    I don't see how 13 can remain on the show. It has always been House plus 3, which we already have at the moment. So she has no place in the team... I'm afraid..

    Unless.. oh well.. Foreman and Chase didn't get any heat for the case but surely, something is gonna happen when Cameron finds out Chase didn't tell her the truth. Will it be a relationship breaker? Dunno..
    It'd be too bad her leaving and 13 coming back filling her spot..

    Anyways, good episode, House is better than ever, especially with the old team kickin old school!! haha

  • An exciting and at the same time moving episode, with everything back on track and the old team performing to the best of their abilities under House's "shadow" supervision, who in his turn is trying to empathize with other people. Loved it!

    I really liked this episode. The writers are trying to get the team back on track after everything House and everyone else have been through, but without ignoring the new facts and the new situations. House is still abstaining from Vicodin, he seems to be tackling the leg pain on his own. Chase and Cameron look like they've invented a working routine to handle the occasional problems that might come up from them working together. At the same time their medical judgment is not at all impaired. Which accentuates the dysfunctional aspect of Foreman and 13's relationship. Chase and Cameron are doing it, and they're in an even bigger commitment, marriage, so why can't the other two do the same? My personal opinion, Foreman is too selfish, but in any case it seems he was right, these two can't work and be together at the same time. Also, the emotional tension between House and Cuddy is utterly gone this season, it seems the issue is now resolved, and nothing will ever happen between them. The medical case in my opinion was among the best in House so far, it was difficult to solve, tricky, there was suspense, medical emergency, the team changing their minds all the time and the human factor with the father, who in an instant abandoned all his wealth, prestige and power in the hope of gaining back his son. A really touching and substantial dilemma. Is all the money and power in the world worth anything if one is left without the people he loves? As in some other House cases (for instance the episode with the priest in Season 5), the question of metaphysics is left open to interpretation. The millionaire might have caught a glimpse of the machinery of the universe and tapped into the laws of karma, or House might just have had the right idea at the right time. House is manipulating 13 into not taking an indefinite trip abroad, and she tries to find out who is behind it. In the end she decides to leave after all. Seeing House refraining from his usual lack of bedside manner throughout the whole episode, it was kind of refreshing to notice he hasn't turned completely conventional. House without a bit of meddling and rude manners isn't House. But he is obviously making an effort to be more considerate to other people's feelings.

    Also, the issue with Chase deliberately contributing to the dictator's death is resolved by House's own intervention, during the course of which he delivers one of his best lines: "Better murder than misdiagnoses". I must say I was kind of relieved to see Chase off the hook, it would be a major shame if he were to lose his license over Dimbala.
  • Continuation of the Old Team

    I am thrilled the Old Team are back, but where are the Cameron moments? She seems so much weaker than before- are the writers trying to make a point? They gave deeper scene time to Thirteen and she isn't even on the team at this point! Its annoying- I was hoping for some Cameron/House moments, but the writers seem to be keeping to the now boring Huddy storylines. Grr.

    The patient (or rather his dad), was quite interesting, and it was interesting to see the twist at the end, and how he saved his son through "karma"- I wish the idea was explored a little more, however. It was nevertheless amusing to see Cuddy and the patient dads banter at the beginning.

    The main brilliance of the episode was the Chase and Foreman, as their scenes about the african dictator was just brilliantly written, and dramatic. It really did make for some good viewing! House cottoning on was also excellent, and I thought it was a touching moment when Chase told House he will always be in charge- now I just want to see Cameron moments too!

    Overall, a great episode, but something distinctly lacking- it feels the writers are pulling away from making the old team as good as they were- I hope this isn't a swipe at the viewers who have wanted the old team back for 3 seasons!!
  • For every action, there's a reaction

    4 episodes in and we arrive at 'Instant Karma'. Revolving around a kid who can't get a proper diagnosis, with the billionaire father requesting the immediate medical attention House and both Foreman and Chase deal with the repercussions of the President Dibala incident from the previous episode.

    For me, it was a decent enough episode. Good to see how the effects of the Dibala case were playing out on Foreman and Chase. House was ace as always, doing his thing. Was it me or he had barely any screentime? Not important anyway, the case itself was very meh IMO, they've had better.

    Looking forward to the next ep, as always :)
  • Old team together again

    I like seeing the old team working together for another episode but who exactly is running the ER?

    The dad seemed to know a lot about House's personal life. In jail or rehab or dead or crazy?

    Interesting dealings between Foreman and Chase about the trial thing, Foreman is only going to protect Chase as long as he isn't going to get caught. Chase thought he had his bases covered but the cholesterol was wrong and yet Foreman was still giving Chase a chance to come up with a plausible excuse.

    Ah, so apparently Chase is a brain surgeon. There was an episode last season where the writers made sure Chase pointed out he wasn't a brain surgeon but of course he does this surgery on the brain.

    And for the 2nd week in a row 13 is still fired and Olivia is working on another movie yet we see her more than Chase and Cameron in normal episodes. Why do the writers have to show her when she is fired? They aren't showing Taub. Who cares who cancelled her trip to Thailand or wherever and why House did it?

    Real good way to start off a marriage, Chase, lying to your wife. If he can trust Foreman to keep the secret who admitted he will only back Chase up if he can't get caught, why can't he trust his own wife? He was going to tell Cuddy until he got interrupted. And House figured it out. That now means everyone Cameron works with knows, like he is going to be able to keep it a secret, especially if he continues to act like he has.

    I hate how the writers wrapped the case up in a little bow. The father is adamant that karma is responsible for his son dying and if he gives away his fortune his son will get better and of course that is what happens. Real life doesn't work that way.
  • Really strong start of season

    I have no words. This season start has been so strong and every episode I watch.. it is just so.. good.. it catches, it has great story and maybe what I love most: it reminds old time. The old team is together and 13. is little on the picture but I never had anything against her. So.. I really think they have that kind of amazing atmosphere and the whole way the team is communicating. It is amazing.

    I loved the story, I loved the case and how it was solved. The way how one man believed that getting rid of all his money will save his son and someway, he thinks, it did. And House has it's own idea.. How everything went wrong with that boy.. He had all the money but instead that, he needed his son.

    And maybe even more exciting than the case, the substory of last episode aftermath: Foreman and Chase has to deal with the paperwork and the learning presentation (or how it is called)... and to get everything ok in paper isn't easy..

    Great episode.
  • This 6 season is amazing

    This episode as have all the episodes so far this season rocks, its different enough to revitalize a rather old formula of House been so antagonistic and simply anti, but so close to the original series of House which is what made this show so great, the original cast have way more depth than that of last season. The acting has always good on this show, but added to what fired up the writers to produce quality. This show may never end. This episode, Chase grapples with the blood swap of last episode, House actually shows he cares about the patient and not just working a puzzle. The patient situation is way more interesting then a normal case (last season), as the father of the patient is involved in the episode. And last the whole Karma issue, with the father sacrificing everything to balance his karmic debt and been right and happy with his decision, and to top it off you get House assumed to be a bad guy but actually relating to people and been nice - I loved it.
  • Getting Back to roots

    I feel like this episode, like epic fail, was sort of a transition episode. It clearly leading to something bigger, perhaps Jennifer Morrisons exit. This episode was not bad it just seemed to be missing something, kind of like some of the season one episodes that were clearly there to set the scene or add to the plot. In a way this season is sort of like season one, they are reestablishing themselves with the new storyline, just like they had to establish themselves when the show began. I liked the fact that the team again consisted of the Old Ducklings and the medical case was interesting, reminicent of season one. The things that made it fall a little flat for me was the lack of House-isms (It just seemed like he wasn't himself making jokes like last week) but I am sure that has to do with his rehabilitation and trying to accept Foreman in charge and decide what he really wants. Second I did not like the whole "who canceled her trip" Thriteen storyline. I know that they are trying to temporatily write her out because she is currenly filming a Disney movie, but they could have just sent her away, or if they wanted to do the whole "canceled trip" thing they could have spent a little less time on it (although it did give us the opportunity to hear House use the term MILF in a sentence which I found pretty amusing). Speaking of writing people out, anyone know whats happening to Taub? I haven't heard anything about Peter Jacobson leaving the show but he hasn't been in the last 2 epis and House hasn't made any effort to contact him like he has with Thriteen. Despite a few bumbs, I think this season is shaping up to be one of the best! They just need to get past the basic transitions (Thirteen leaving, Foreman in charge, etc)
  • A rich dude's son is gonna kick the bucket unless House can come to rescue.

    If it wasn't for last week's episode I would say patients never die on House, and that is something that can get a bit dull at times. The formulaic nature of this show may be tiring, but luckily the writing and acting is the best on television, by medical standards, so that can make even the most generic episode (like tonight's) enjoyable.

    I am glad they are finally doing something with Chase and Cameron, and they are giving Thirteen a real storyline as well to show that Olivia Wilde is more than just a pretty face and is actually a solid actress, but this episode just felt a little flat. I never got into the whole medical mystery and this just seemed like more of a build up for the future than an important episode.
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