Season 6 Episode 5

Instant Karma

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • An exciting and at the same time moving episode, with everything back on track and the old team performing to the best of their abilities under House's "shadow" supervision, who in his turn is trying to empathize with other people. Loved it!

    I really liked this episode. The writers are trying to get the team back on track after everything House and everyone else have been through, but without ignoring the new facts and the new situations. House is still abstaining from Vicodin, he seems to be tackling the leg pain on his own. Chase and Cameron look like they've invented a working routine to handle the occasional problems that might come up from them working together. At the same time their medical judgment is not at all impaired. Which accentuates the dysfunctional aspect of Foreman and 13's relationship. Chase and Cameron are doing it, and they're in an even bigger commitment, marriage, so why can't the other two do the same? My personal opinion, Foreman is too selfish, but in any case it seems he was right, these two can't work and be together at the same time. Also, the emotional tension between House and Cuddy is utterly gone this season, it seems the issue is now resolved, and nothing will ever happen between them. The medical case in my opinion was among the best in House so far, it was difficult to solve, tricky, there was suspense, medical emergency, the team changing their minds all the time and the human factor with the father, who in an instant abandoned all his wealth, prestige and power in the hope of gaining back his son. A really touching and substantial dilemma. Is all the money and power in the world worth anything if one is left without the people he loves? As in some other House cases (for instance the episode with the priest in Season 5), the question of metaphysics is left open to interpretation. The millionaire might have caught a glimpse of the machinery of the universe and tapped into the laws of karma, or House might just have had the right idea at the right time. House is manipulating 13 into not taking an indefinite trip abroad, and she tries to find out who is behind it. In the end she decides to leave after all. Seeing House refraining from his usual lack of bedside manner throughout the whole episode, it was kind of refreshing to notice he hasn't turned completely conventional. House without a bit of meddling and rude manners isn't House. But he is obviously making an effort to be more considerate to other people's feelings.

    Also, the issue with Chase deliberately contributing to the dictator's death is resolved by House's own intervention, during the course of which he delivers one of his best lines: "Better murder than misdiagnoses". I must say I was kind of relieved to see Chase off the hook, it would be a major shame if he were to lose his license over Dimbala.
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