Season 6 Episode 5

Instant Karma

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2009 on FOX

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  • The team is back together.. yay

    Ok, may I start saying how good it is to have the old gang back together? I'm not saying Kutner, Taub and Thirteen weren't ok but classic is just classic.

    I'm enjoying this new House. Being considerate to others isn't a bad thing and we can clearly see House is making an effort here.

    He tries to prevent 13 from taking her trip and gives Chase a good excuse to keep him from ending his career due to Dimbala's death last week. All selfless actions and without gloating or anything.

    I don't see how 13 can remain on the show. It has always been House plus 3, which we already have at the moment. So she has no place in the team... I'm afraid..

    Unless.. oh well.. Foreman and Chase didn't get any heat for the case but surely, something is gonna happen when Cameron finds out Chase didn't tell her the truth. Will it be a relationship breaker? Dunno..
    It'd be too bad her leaving and 13 coming back filling her spot..

    Anyways, good episode, House is better than ever, especially with the old team kickin old school!! haha