Season 4 Episode 10

It's A Wonderful Lie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2008 on FOX

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  • Mary out of Christmas

    I enjoyed this episode primarily for the clinic side plot. It was intriguing that House up until the last 2 minutes was spouting atheistic anti-Christmas nastiness. Then at the end, he saves the patient, of course, and visits midnight mass where the devout clinic patient is in the manger re-enactment. I have watched the scenes leading up to this several times. Why does House find this women so appealing that he drops his beliefs and shares evening with her? Is she really a prostitute, or does she just allow him his nasty assumptions and wins him over with her wry smile? Is she lying or just not divulging the whole truth? Does she convert him or is he there just because she intrigues him? Way deeper than the over the top antics of the rest of the show. Excellent writing.
  • Old team meet New team!

    I love the chemistry and dialogue between the characters the most about this show and then it is how interesting the case is. I was impressed with both of these requirements especially House/Wilson and Thirteen/House. Although the clinic patient and House were rally good together and I loved those scenes especially the last scene in the church with their cheeky smirks!

    The Secret Santa sub-plot was quite funny and the actual case was entertaining. And the scene at the main desk with the new team and the old team was very good. Anyway, good episode but now there is no games or competitions it feels a bit off like what other running storylines can the writers come up with?
  • Classic Episode.

    If anyone was worried about the new team and their effect on the show, I think they should have their worries eased by this episode- it was classic House.

    The new team finally seemed to blend in with each other and also find themselves as character. 13's very much like Cameron used to be as far as caring about her patients, yet she also clashes with House and doesn't love him like Cameron did. Kutner is quite childlike yet provides great comic relief, whilst Taub seems to be a cross between Foreman and Chase. On the mention of Foreman, it was nice to see him back involved in the teams runnings.

    The case itself was interesting, and the patient focus was also classic House from the earlier Seasons. The daughter telling the blunt truth but caring was actually quite haunting to watch- credit to the guest stars acting. It was also the first episode for a while that House goes back to his favourite prognosis that "everybody lies". Meanwhile, House plays a secret santa game, and makes everybody give presents to him! (except Foreman by the looks of it). It provided some good comic moments, and also showed the developing bond between the new team. I did like the end of the episode when the new team meets with the old team.

    There was also a welcome return of a clinic patient, who flirts with House providing some good scenes.

    Overall, I understand why people may be a bit off with this Season, and indeed I myself looked at this episode and thought of immediate negative thoughts because of the lack of the old team, but basing it on face value it is a classic- House was full of one liners, his scenes with Wilson were classic, the team memebers banter has improved, there's a clinic patient and an interesting case. A great episode.
  • The Christmas episode of Season 4.

    This episode was basically about the truth about honesty, once House's method is proved wrong. Since when is it good to lie. Everybody lies according to House, but not to this patient, I would hate to share everything with my mom, that would be just awkward. My favorite scene is when the old fellows and the new fellows come together for the Christmas spirit. I loved that montage. And House ends up again with Wilson, then alone of course. The patient is cured, after being brutally honest. I guess it was a Christmas miracle. Sorry for all the Christmas references. An okay episode. I also like the whoel Secret Santa plot, hilarious. I loved Kutner in this episode.
  • The Christmas episode of Season 4.

    This episode was basically about the truth about honesty, once House's method is proved wrong. Since when is it good to lie. Everybody lies according to House, but not to this patient, I would hate to share everything with my mom, that would be just awkward. My favorite scene is when the old fellows and the new fellows come together for the Christmas spirit. I loved that montage. And House ends up again with Wilson, then alone of course. The patient is cured, after being brutally honest. I guess it was a Christmas miracle. Sorry for all the Christmas references. An okay episode. I also like the whoel Secret Santa plot, hilarious. I loved Kutner in this episode.
  • Who took the Merry out of Christmas

    Everybody lies, even at Christmas time. A woman with an 11 year old daughter has symptoms that are getting stranger and stranger. It looks ominous and death approaches on Christmas Eve. . . until House comes up with a miraculous cure.

    As usual, the clinic case was the comic relief of the show. A woman with strep throat and something to do with a donkey?

    The Secret Santa was absolutely juvenile - and House at its best. New team meets old team as the show comes to a close. House walks out alone - off to a surprising rendezvous.

    The funniest part of this show is that it was set at Christmas time and aired in January.
  • Average episode, nothing really special. The typical House.

    I liked this episode for the must part, and the overall moral of lies. I think House and the rest of the team made really good points. Everybody thought the episode was going to be about the girl and her calf, but then it turned into the mom and trying to figure out what happened when her hands became paralyzed. In the end, it was breast cancer, but not in the breast somewhere on her leg. The little girl was an excellent actress, in my opinion. The whole team buying House a present was rather amusing and him using Wilson's iPhone to lure them in was sly. Not a lot of Cuddy in this episode. I don't really like her too much. Overall this was a good episode and I enjoyed it. It lacked dry humor that you usually see and I found some of the jokes forced. Still, well written.

    Rating = A-
  • As good as House is, this is one of the weaker episodes, but it was not bad.

    The case: The case wasn't as interesting if you compare it to all those other cases that we've seen in the past, well, this season's cases haven't exactly been very impressive, but the thing that got this season going was the cutting-off of those people who wanted to be part of House's staff. So far nothing has impressed me with the new year of House, but I'm hoping for some improvement.

    The chemistry: I did enjoy the relationships and the character development in this episode. I do suggest they rid Chase and Cameron off the regular cast list, but if they don't, I'm guessing they'll be around more often next time, or the show will just be paying them extra for whatever reason. I'm starting to like the new group anyway. Kutner really is the funniest of the new staff members with his childish antics and all, but I'm hoping the others will have their chance to shine as well.
  • I'm not sure about this one. It was bittersweet.

    The POTW wasn't too bad. The mother was a bit boring but the daughter was fantastic (and a great little actress as all the child actors on this show are) and their relationship was good to watch.

    The diagnosis was unique and unexpected.

    Wilson's hat with antlers was all kinds of awesome.

    Loved the ending, loved the montage with the WHOLE gang bonding. Yet with this being the first episode of the 'new ducklings', it could have packed a punch being their first real day on the job. I mean that story arc regarding the survivor storyline dragged on (and I mean dragged) for months. It overstayed it's welcome. It would have been nice to character wise, do something special in concern to the new team. But it just flowed on like a regular episode.

    As for the new team. Do the writers still think they're writing for Chase, Cameron and Foreman? As this episode did nothing to dispel the Chase-lite, Cameron-lite and Foreman-lite theory (which I agree with). Kutner all eager and filled with Christmas cheer and then trying to suck up to House – Chase all the way. Although I liked Kutner here I would have preferred it 1000 times over if it was Chase with those lines. And Thirteen all indignant that the patient was innocent and telling the truth, thinking on the positive side? Very Cameron. And grumpy Taub is just grumpy Foreman.

    I don't actually hate the new team but I do resent them. They're nothing spectacular and they've taken what the little screen time the old ducklings had and reduced them to one liners. I have a firm belief that you do not fix what isn't broken. There wasn't nothing wrong with the formula or cast on this show so I do not know why they had to shake it up so. Was one of their worst decisions to date. If this was greatly need they could have at least done the survivor storyline in fewer episodes or perhaps had the new team for a short period, temporary. Or added a smaller team and incorporated the old gang and put them to use. But they way they did it just plain sucked. Some fans blame the writers strike for the outcome but that 'struck' long after Chase & Cameron were turned into glorified extras.

    I know quite a few have given up on the show but I'm still sticking with it, it's been my favourite for the past few years now. However I greatly hope that they rectify this travesty. I mean I found Cameron greatly annoying but in the right dose she could be quite good. And even if I find Thirteen as an 'improved version' at times (even though she's a tad bland), I'll still pick Cam any day – it's old school for me. Chase, Cameron & Foreman helped make the show what it was. Bring back the old team.

    And in regards to this, well the ending was bittersweet. Seeing Chase, Cameron and Foreman again together. Their smiling faces? Ah memories. And then the new team joining them?

    I guess this Christmas episode (in particular the ending) was very much like Christmas for many people. Happy and sad, filled with promise and regret.
  • For all those who are wondering about classification. Heck it was a Christmas episode and in February too boot! This

    For all those who are wondering about classification. Heck it was a Christmas episode and in February too boot! This also explains my score the sentimental value of a Christmas themed show since the story was a typical House episode. The mother who suddenly goes paralytic didn't do anything for me especially since the show felt the need to beat us over the head with the title being the theme every 3 seconds. So of course in the end she and everybody else was lying about something. Wilson is revealed to be concealing what House believes is a romance and that was about the only interesting part of character development in this one. Still if you like House you should've enjoyed this typical House episode. Not great or groundbreaking but an adequate step towards the end of the season.
  • House finds another wierdo to diagnose. It's Christmas time at the hospital and House's staff are so stupid that they fail to spot the 'old secret santa trick' (well all the viewers did). Must admit though - I never saw that donkey comming....

    After many weeks of character development for the new team we give that a miss this episode just have a 'normal' week (yeh right) with a wierd mother daughter relationship that comes in. In reality the daughters annswers to house's questions would be enough for social services to have her removed but that of course is glossed over as the team go after the diagnosis. All efforts fail of course until House has his 'flash' of inspiration with about five minutes of the show to go (as usual).
    House strangly agrees to a secret santa session between the team and with alarm bells triggered you instantly realise that this must be a trick. With House dishing out the names that 'he' has written it's obvious what he has done but the other doctors don't see it! Meanwhile back at the ranch, sorry clinic a prostitute (or is she) is diagnosed as having a rash that she has cought from too 'close' a relationship with a donkey. Poor girl may miss her show but House comes to the rescue........
  • interesting episode...

    A mother is brought with her daughter and it seems that they keep no secrets towards each other. House is skeptical, of course, and believes that the mother is lying. In the end, the mother was hiding that her daughter was not really hers. House, of course, saves the mother with one of his spur of the moment ideas...The case was pretty interesting in this episode. I liked all of the conversations about truth. I really liked the whole secret santa in this episode. It was funny. House just wanted more stuff for himself, but the team found out and still gave him stuff. Overall, good episode.
  • To lie or not to lie, that's the question. It is so actual and concerns everyone. Brilliant.

    First of all it was almost ridiculous to watch a Christmas episode in February. I know, it was broadcasted on 29th January but still it is a month after Christmas, isn't it? I am aware it might have something to do with the writer's strike but I do not follow it so I'm not gonna complain about it anymore. Anyway--the plot was very well written. House's staff giving him presents were just hilarious! Each one did not want to get caught as if they were giving him bribes or something ;D But I thought they would give him something more meaningful that would give House the reason to mock them or to analyze their personalities (he always does it and we love it, don't we?).

    And I do love the new team. Thirteen seems to be nicer to me than Cameron although they ARE alike at some points. But I really thought she'd be thougher and wouldn't bring House the gift. Kutner is a bit like Chase used to be (I think Chase would be the first to give House a secret Santa gift, WOULDN'T HE?!) but Chase himself is too smart now to be an errand boy. But we have Kutner :D I never really liked Foreman but having him on the team especially with Cuddy's permission to (at some point) control House's actions is interesting.

    And one more thing that I just have to bring up. Why does everyone say that Wilson's joke "I know it hurts you" is so cruel? It's not! Actually it's quite funny! Am I weird or something? And by the way it was a cutting retort. You all act as if House was never mean to him.
  • Matter of honesty...

    I like the ethical dilemma in this episode. House is always the person who says what he thinks and is sure everyone else around lie, but he just cannot accept that someone may be honest with others - but it is not so simple as it first look. It was lovely Christmas episode. I am only sad it was not aired during the holiday season and now. All the storyline with secret Santa gifts - it was well done. Little more tension and games, but.. will it be always like this? I did liked the case this time, to be honest. It had it's own beauty and there was always the mystic what was really matter with her. But the way it was solved and.. it promised to better than it was...
  • New team, same show?

    Gregory House is still himself and carries the show, but lately it seems he has been carrying it too much. I guess I'm getting tired of the whole House ordering around his minions thing. Also the new characters are less interesting and are still undeveloped in relation to each other. They only seem to have an interesting history with House himself. The old team had more of that development, the Cameron and Chase fling, Foreman and Cameron conflict. I'm sure as the season develops we'll see more of that development. Good episode overall. House and Wilson were funny as usual.
  • Quite a dissapointment, since the series has been gone for quite sometime.

    The episode was good, but not great. Its a bit anti climatic since the last episode ended at such a high note. Also, the theme was still christmas when it aired in the end of January! I dont know why the long reprise of the series, probably due to Am Idol or due to the writers strike. The story was pretty decent, the acting a little off, gregory house is still his usual self, thank god!
    The first official non elimination case the new team had served as a sort of test case, and each of the characters traits didnt really materialize. little to no exposure as to the characters of chase and cameron, the whole donkey thing was pretty clever surprise.
  • i thought this was a very interesting episode, well house is always interesting but this one i really liked it was different i would have never even thought that was possible!

    at the beggining of the episode i thought it was gonna be the girl that had something wrong but then in was the mom.... i would have never thought that someones bones could start to turn to stone like that. and when her eyes were are red and starting to bleed i really thought she was gonna die. i thought it was funny how house decided to do the secret santa thing , how he didnt believe that they had no secrets was funny. i never would have thought you could have breast cancer in your knee like that i thought it was gross!! when house squirted the the milk in her mouth i thought it was very funny but really really gross!
  • I loved the episode .I've watched it only twice by now, but it seems it's much deeper than it may seem from the first sight, which is especially great considering we possibly won't get more than a couple more new "House's" for months…

    Unlike so many "survivor" eps this season, this was a very well balanced one , even though there were 3 more than usual (for previous seasons) characters on the show, everyone had enough time and space and all work on the plot. Two scenes could be speared though IMO - the last "old and new are mingling happily together" (I'm guessing, we doomed to see Cameron for the rest of the season) and less, but still forced "Chase and Foreman operating".Foreman , by the way,should really start wearing his lab coat (he is NOT House!),but I guess, it's the next stage of his transformation from the smug and irritating nobody-knows-what-his-position-here-is to just another fellow. I'm sure, the team could function without him just as well, but as long as he is on a downplay I'm OK with him being on the team. I ,actually, even enjoyed his interactions with Taub – they look so natural working (lying;)) together. And the same goes for Kutner and 13 (she need a real name, stat!!!) , although, I'm afraid "comic relive" Kal Penn will be boring very soon and 13...Well, there's something scarily brutal about her – the way she snaped House's hands with the laptop lead reminded me of how cruel (borderline sadistic) she dealt with House in "You Don't Need to Know". That liver biopsy looked almost like a scene from a horror movie. And the fact that she's smart and clever makes the whole thing even scarier. On the other hand, it doesn't seem she's going to fall for House and that's really promising...

    We are in the middle (the end??) of season 4 and and ,I guess, some level of repetitiveness is unavoidable. And that's where having all (well, almost) new people on the team pays off big time. How else it would be possible to give another (and a good one ) take to famous "Candy canes?? " ? And the same goes for the Secret Santa subplot – it just wouldn't make any sense with people have known each other for 3 years. I really like it – yes ,it's yet another game ,but unlike so many during "survivor", this was highly reasonable and very in character for House. But there is a causality of a 4th season – medical part of the show. And not only because it's same old formula - person's getting unexpectedly sick – lots of tests – getting better/getting worse- epiphany moment for House -voila. Finding the new ideas have become more and more difficult – I really can't stand another case of "paraneoplastic syndrome". And the MRI-PET scan- lp- bone marrow extraction routine became so predictable (which is very normal for a real hospital ,but very boring for a 100th time on TV) it just doesn't worth paying any attention anymore. Oh, and poor POTW,of coarse, there are very limited number of ways how to show misery and despair of being sick on TV and I dare to say we've seen them all by now. The helpless exclamation of the-most-honest-mover-in-the-world "I can't see! I can't see " was the exact replica from the "Pilot" and I have to say kindergarten teacher Rachel-Rebbecca win. But,as I said, it's normal for such a long run – it just means I'm done concentrating on medical stuff, but I do expect the writers compensate my "loss" by accelerating drama and for me that means going deeper into House's inner world.

    Probably the brightest highlight of the ep was the clinic patient story.It's been a long time since we've seen such intense chemistry between House and cp.That ,plus Boccaccio- quality writing made those scenes pure delight to watch. Incredibly seductive actress playing "innocent" hooker ,who in her free time participating in a local church Xmass "Nativity" play and getting sick ,not because of her "sinful" profession ,but the real literal donkey - what could be more Decameronesque then that! Loved it…

    Lots of well written and played House/Wilson scenes in the ep, but , and I can't even say unfortunately –I gave up on Wilson completely after " 97 seconds" (and lots of the older eps re-watching) – Wilson didn't show any sign of change in the ep. Yes, he's still around eating pizza/getting coffee (well, he made House pay for it ,but I don't really consider it a change) ,but it's not a dialog – it's Wilson's monologue with House's comments. And on the top of all "I know it hurts you". It would be really funny , if House's leg didn't hurt for REAL. But since it does ,it's not funny – it's just plain cruel.I hope he'll brake a hip someday. Maybe then he'll understand…

    So, on the whole it was a great comeback (because it was two months for crying out laud!) and the next ep looks even more promising - life is on in the House-addicted world. At least for now.
  • House going to church ? on Christmas eve ?!

    This episode was good I liked the ending and of course House's qoutes but there wasn't much character development it was just focused on the patient. The "Secret Santa" wasn't to effective I think it wasn't as intriguing as it should have been.

    The end of the episode shows us another demostration of House misery and his impossibility to relate with others outside his work . I did liked the Melanie's appareance and the whole donkey act I think it was pretty funny.

    I don't have much else to say I just hope next episode is a little better than this one
  • Finally, a truly good old House episode this season. Too bad it's going to be such a short season.

    Finally, a truly good old House episode this season. Too bad it's going to be such a short season.

    A good and nicely balanced episode, which only demonstrated how the "survivor" arc was just too long. Here is House, back on track with his new team and all is well. It feels so natural and I didn't miss the old team at all. Even Foreman, for a change, mingled well with the new guys, so at least he wasn't too annoying either. It's still a mystery to me what he's still doing there, but if it's going to be like he was on this ep, so be it. He wasn't obnoxious or pompous and even managed to dress reasonably this time around! - A true Xmas miracle indeed.

    In comparison to last year's Xmas ep - MLC - this one was a breath of fresh air. Just thinking about how House looked last time and how all his friends treated him, makes me shudder. No wonder he was off on his own at the end. Good for him. And him going to church to meet the donkey show lady... priceless... great clinic patient she was, and they had the best chemistry in a long while. Hopefully he's got himself a nice Xmas gift there too...

    It was great to see him back on his games - the Secret Santa was fabulous, especially now that he explained his hidden agenda other then just playing with people's heads. He actually wants to keep on driving them apart - to encourage the conflicts as part of their learning process. If they like each other too much, it could jeopardize their ability to focus on the case and solve the puzzle. Could be questionable, but at least it's not just an arbitrary game. I like that. Great to see him once again involved with the case, talking to the patient and her kid, solving the puzzle and singing out loud... Yay to all.

    The new team shows real promise - Kutner is the curious edgy one, with the child like enthusiasm. Even though it's clear he's still very insecure around House, it's great to see that he seems to really want to be there and work with House. It's about time to have someone like him on board. He sure isn't the intellectual type (not that any of the old team was either), but he shows real medical understanding and is capable to do 2 things at once: talk about Xmas gifts and the patient's condition at the very same time and still not lose a detail. Nice. Good to see he's not afraid to feel empathy for the patient though he knows well they will all mock him around.

    Taub also keeps improving. As House points out, he's capable of delivering "clear, simple statement of facts, with absolutely no attitude or fear". Of course House claims he doesn't like it too much but, it feels like he actually does. Taub is smart and good doctor - he shows some real nice bed side manners, which he also quite efficiently uses to manipulate the patient and others. It sure looks like he has still many layers to unfold. He has quite an eye for detail and makes some interesting observations. So far, "I'm with the little guy".

    13 (isn't it time to call her by her name? It's getting really annoying and it doesn't add to my sympathy for her character, which is not too high to begin with) had some nice moments this ep - like her "that was cold" about the kid, and House agreeing to it... or her ability to figure House's manipulation better then anyone,. Yet it's still strange she ends up doing what he's pushing them to do, like when she brings him a gift despite all. Her standing against him is good, it is what he wants after all, but her aggressiveness is way too over the top - what's with almost chopping House's hands off with the laptop?! And shouting at Kuther not to get House a gift?! She's taking assertiveness to a very awkward level...Wouldn't hurt at all to mellow her down just a bit. At least she doesn't seem to have a crush on House, which is really nice...

    Cuddy was hardly seen at all. She should get a bigger part, especially if it's going to be a nice dialogue like the one she had with House this time around. It brought back the good old Cuddy back to the game. And even her was nicely dressed for a change. Miracles upon miracles, it seems.

    Wilson - nice moments there too, on the whole. Them eating pizza together, House paying (!) for the coffee... House telling Wilson about his amazing "pure truth" moment (which of course, Wilson managed to ruin, but what's new about that). He's still not there yet - he looked quite drunk on that scene and the stupid "reindeer" hat. Oh well. I'm sure most people loved that. What I absolutely hated was his "I know it hurts you" joke. One of the only times he acknowledges House's pain and it has to be again in a cruel way. The guy sure shows a deep problem here. I hope one day we'll get the explanation for that. Right now it's just annoying and pathetic.

    The kid actress was excellent. Can't say the same about her mom. Her monotonous voice just drove me crazy and made it very hard for me to feel any empathy towards her. The medical case was quite strange on the whole. It's one thing to have the breast cancer cells grow all over the body, but getting milk out of the patient's knee was way too weird, even if it's medically possible... and House giving the kid a taste of it... Eew... A moment I could live without.

    Chase's short scene with Foreman was good, yet pathetic at the very same time. He either gets a real role there or just send him away. Same goes for Cameron - who had the perfect number of lines this ep - zero.... loved that. Now that we know they're still together, how about sending them away. It'll do the show and them a lot of good. It's time.
  • Another great episode

    Another great episode - I'm glad they decided to keep #13 (I don't even know her name, so I'll keep referring to her as #13). I love this show, it just keeps getting better and better! I don't know why there are so many people calling this a filler episode. Every time you think you have House figured out, they throw you a curveball, so I think it was pretty cool how they did something totally unexpected of House...I mean, come on, church? Regardles of the reason he was there, I was certainly shocked.

    I'm just wondering why they aired a Christmas episode at the end of January?
  • Christmas time at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital and a patient-of-the-week that "never lies"

    Probably one of the better patients of the week, but it led to a horribly obvious ending. The episode starts with the usual focus on a girl who you think will have the incident, but then it focuses on her mother, who actually has the problem -- this week, paralysis. The interesting twist is that the mother and daughter never lie to each other. Everything is open, including (as a bit of lol-wtf to both TV watchers and House) the girl knowing her mother's preferred sexual positions.

    But as I was watching the episode, I knew exactly how the episode would end, and it was a very unsatisfying ending. House would discover some pivotal lie that the mother kept from her child and by discovering the lie, it would save the mother's life. House wins.

    The obvious ending (where House always wins -- not so much fun) along with the pointless clinic patient makes this not as good of an episode. I mean, what was with the constant eye-sex between House and the clinic patient, right up to the ending of the episode? And it's so pointless, just like many of the other patient plotlines, and especially with the CIA doctor from a few episodes back.

    The Christmas theme was cute (and omg Wilson's floppy hat, haha), and I liked the idea that the old and new ducklings began chatting at the end, though it felt more of a way to let viewers know that Chase and Cameron are still on the show. I like 13 more and more, especially since she's constantly trying to convince the others not to fall into House's traps. The Secret Santa was also really funny. So all in all, I liked the little character developments, the episode was funny, the patient of the week was interesting, but the overall storyline was not so great and its predictability was really disappointing.
  • It's all about lies, truth, Christmas, and the Patient of the Week as House breaks in his trying to break them.

    This episode was alright, nothing spectacular, the word "vanilla" comes to mind-It's not all that bad, but not as tasty as other things.

    The POTW was alright, not nearly as interesting as some in the past. Her muscles were tensing, eye bleeding, blindness, and her skeleton was becoming harder. She had a tumor on her leg with milk in it which related to her condition. She had an interesting relationship with her daughter which could be described as "enmeshed" there was zero tolerance for lying which was interesting given the woman was not the biological mother of the daughter. 13 wanted to believe that this woman was honest as she was very forthcoming in her admissions interview, but we all know how cynical House is...Overall this part of the show was alright and was honestly kind of boring.

    The rest of the show was great as the character interactions were awesome, the dialogue was deep and rather funny, and the direction was quite good. The device of a "secret santa" function at the hospital was brilliant to illustrate how the new team works together and the innovative ways House has of testing and grooming them. House put his name infor all five entries of the secret santa in order to sow chaos amongst his staff. It was rather effective given that the team had to think creatively and worry about outdoing one another as they sought to treat the POTW.

    House's comment that referenced Cuddy and Bondage was hysterical! Hugh Laurie is brilliant on the show every week but he was in rare form last night. He was serious, sarcastic, and humorous to equal degrees of greatness.

    Overall average episode, nothing to write home about and not as spectacular as the show could be. It was a bit dissappointing, but even a dissappointing episode of House is still pretty good.
  • After a long time, finaly new episode.

    The story (4.8):
    I like the story. I don't care if medical cases can be true, so I don't bother myself with it. And because I don't know what they are talking about I don't realy care about that part as long it looks good to me.
    Head story is about woman who lost strangt in her arms while her little girl is climbing. I like start because you don't realy know who will this episode be about.
    Backround story is once again about House manipulation with his "co-workers". He is done fireing, but he sure have some tricks. I realy love the story of this one.

    The Production (4.2):
    Hugh Laurie is once again great in his role. Liana Liberato is good too.
    Story is giong on in two places. Starts where the girl is climbing and then in hospital. They could search pacients home like they use to. This would realy make episode more colorfull.
    There are some special effect when they are talking about how she got sick. They could use more. Mabe they could use more if those secuences. I always like the those scenes where they are showing us what is happening inside human body.

    I have seen better episodes but still this is great one. So from my point the score is 9.0.
  • A House Christmas Episode....In January.

    So, all in all, I thought the episode was pretty good. The only real bummer about this episode was that it was a Christmas episode...which aired a month after Christmas. LOL. Found that to be a little weird but with all the writer's crap going on right now, I guess I can't really complain.

    I'm hessitant to say 'filler episode' because I don't really think it was. If it had nothing to do with Christmas, than I'd say hell yeah...but because it was suppose to be in December as the Christmas episode for the season, I'm not going to say it.

    House (HL) was just as good as ever. Of course this is the first episode with the 'official' new team. I liked it actually. It's definitely different than season 1,2 and 3...but I still like it. I'm not running away anytime soon.

    What I really liked about it was the scene's with House and Wilson. There were numerous ones, all of which I loved! Favorite scene was when House and Wilson were outside and Wilson had the moose hat on! LMAO. How cute was that!!! Oh and of course when House took Wilson's iPhone as well.

    I was also happy to see some clinic work in there. Always love those clinic moments with House and the patient! Cuddy was hardly in this one...which kind of surprised me...but at least she made an appearance along with the rest of House's old ducklings.

    In all, I rate it a 9.2.

  • Medical case = weak. Everything else = strong.

    Well, the case of the episode was really something this show has done way too many times already. House having a moment of realization in the very last moment is really getting old. And I really couldn't care so much for the mother anyway. I thought the actress playing her did a poor job. And the twist with the daughter not even being hers was called from a mile away. Again, because this has been done.. many times.

    Another thing this episode messed up was the christmas. Well it wasn't the writers' problem, rather Fox's. Seriously. Christmas episode at the end of January? Ehh... Otherwise the whole secret santa thing was good.

    I liked the light hearted humor and I also loved the ending. Finally it wasn't depressed House like the previous season's christmas episode...

    Every scene with Wilson was outstanding as usual. However, the new characters are not really capturing my attention. Taub and 13 are cardboard cut characters if you ask me. 13 might me mysterious but I think she's overmystified and I don't like that. And her whole presence is so... Cameron. Speaking of her, where was she? Chase was hardly featured earlier. It's funny cuz they are still credited as regulars.

    So, the medical case was weak, everything else was strong - but the timing was way off. Oh well.
  • The new team tries to find the cause of a mother's sudden paralysis while House gets into the Christmas spirit by having a secret santa gift exchange.

    This episode would have packed more punch had it been aired during December rather than the last week in January. Everyone was in the Christmas spirit, including House. The patient of the week was bland and I found myself losing interest in her case. The lie she was holding back, the fact that her daughter wasn't really hers, was something I figured out twenty minutes into the show. I did find the clinic patient more exciting as her chemistry with House was instantaneous. House did find her interesting enough to accept her invitation to attend a church service, which shows that he has found a way to keep his misery to a minimum.

    The episode did have a few humorous moments but they were few and far between. The funniest moment was when House stole Wilson's IPhone and gave it to himself as a gift. The new team seemed to be holding their own with House and they seem to be comfortable working with each other. The only complaint I had was that Chase had only two scenes and Cameron was featured briefly at the end. Foreman is still getting the most screen time but hopefully, the writer's will find better ways to incorporate Chase and Cameron into House's team.
  • House?? Christmas?? They don't really go together!!

    This shows why House is still the best show on TV today, even when its out-dated and somewhat mediocre, it still rates a 9+. Cmon, you knew that they were going to make this lady better. You knew that they weren't going to let a lady die on Christmas, which makes House like every other show, right! But, you were still intrigued by the way they got to the solution. They had this lady dying, even convinced the daughter (and hopefully the audience) that she was going to die on Christmas. Then that light bulb went off in his head , as usual, and he saved Christmas.
    Yes, somewhat predictable but usually Christmas episodes are!
  • Review

    The epsiode was pretty slow moving in terms of how the case went and I felt that "big reveal" at the end that the girl wasn't even this ladys daughter, while they havent done it on the show before, felt a little similar to the kind of twists they usually give us. I wasnt totally blown away with the episode in terms of the drama in the hospital case, but I did think that the side comedy of the Secret Santa was really well done. I also thought the woman that came into the clinic did a great job for her one hit wonder on House. I actually thought the two of them had a great connection, but I dont think the writers will expand much on that. There really is no relationship in the show right now, which is kind of a downer. I always liked the little bit of sexual tension in the episodes in the earlier seasons, but there hasnt been much of that this season. Overall though, the episode was pretty funny I just didnt care for the drama. But thats what dramedy shows do - if the dont blow you away with the story it can still be solid with the humor.