Season 4 Episode 10

It's A Wonderful Lie

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2008 on FOX

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  • After a long time, finaly new episode.

    The story (4.8):
    I like the story. I don't care if medical cases can be true, so I don't bother myself with it. And because I don't know what they are talking about I don't realy care about that part as long it looks good to me.
    Head story is about woman who lost strangt in her arms while her little girl is climbing. I like start because you don't realy know who will this episode be about.
    Backround story is once again about House manipulation with his "co-workers". He is done fireing, but he sure have some tricks. I realy love the story of this one.

    The Production (4.2):
    Hugh Laurie is once again great in his role. Liana Liberato is good too.
    Story is giong on in two places. Starts where the girl is climbing and then in hospital. They could search pacients home like they use to. This would realy make episode more colorfull.
    There are some special effect when they are talking about how she got sick. They could use more. Mabe they could use more if those secuences. I always like the those scenes where they are showing us what is happening inside human body.

    I have seen better episodes but still this is great one. So from my point the score is 9.0.