Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on FOX

Episode Recap

Jerry Harmon is drinking coffee and wants his daughter Samantha to bring over a friend for her birthday. As she leaves for school, she tells him she isn't interested and leaves. Jerry tries to find some coffee but discovers that his five coffee machines are empty. He gets a can of coffee from the cupboard, turns, and finds them all gone. His daughter comes in and tells him that she's back from school: eight hours have passed without Jerry realizing it. He wipes his face… and finds himself in the living room with hours later and no idea how he got there.

Cuddy brings the case to House as he arrives but he's more interested in pointing out that as a single mom she has little chance of adopting. She's going to see the baby but he concludes she's not defensive enough. The mother, Becca, is delivering in two weeks, and has used drugs in the past. House warns there's probably something else wrong and notes that Cuddy isn't equipped to handle a child. She leaves, telling him she's not changing her mind.

The team goes over Jerry's case while House starts a pool on how soon Cuddy changes her mind. The team sticks with the differential and Thirteen wonders if he was exposed to a toxin and House has Thirteen and Taub go to Jerry's house, which has little decoration or ornamentation. Taub doesn't think single parents should have kids, including Cuddy, but he also believes the traditional family is a fraud. They find mold along the baseboard and takes samples. At the hospital, Thirteen tests Samantha for mold and the girl says that they have no friends or do anything outside of the home. She's indifferent to the death of her mother when she was four and says death is no big deal. Thirteen admits to Foreman that Samantha is weird, but as they talk they see Jerry waiting at the elevator. He keeps repeating that he has an appointment and has to go. Foreman checks his eyes and realizes that Jerry is asleep.

In differential, the team considers the new symptom of sleepwalking and House prods the team toward an answer while claiming he doesn't have an answer himself. The mold doesn't account for the symptoms and House eventually suggests they send Jerry home and see what he goes for his sleepwalking appointment.

Cuddy meets with Becca at a coffee shop and admits she hasn't thought much about the baby's name, although she's considering "Joy." Cuddy wonders why Becca chose her and Becca explains that her grandfather and father treated their wives badly, and Becca's boyfriend Tony treated her badly. She read Cuddy's bio and wants her child raised by someone who isn't a loser. Cuddy notices a rash on Becca's arms and the girl admits she's had overall joint pain. Cuddy insists on getting her checked out.

Taub and Thirteen are watching Jerry when he starts sleepwalking and they follow him.

Cameron checks Becca but doesn't determine anything worse than a heat rash. Cuddy orders additional tests but they show normal, and she admits Becca anyway and orders a full fetal wake up. House points out she's acting irrationally and then throws baby vomit on her. Cuddy goes to change her sweater and House points out that if she can't handle a stain, she can't handle a baby.

Jerry is driving and Taub and Thirteen follow him in their car. He pulls up to a woman and exchanges something. They pull up to her but she tells them to leave, and Thirteen realizes she isn't a hooker. They catch up to Jerry and find him with cocaine. The team wonders how Jerry started sleepwalking before he took the cocaine. House wonders if Jerry forgot and whatever was used to cut the cocaine caused the memory loss. He tells Taub and Thirteen to buy cocaine from the dealer, Sadie, and test it.

Cameron conducts an ultrasound and finds a pulmonary hypoplasia: undeveloped lungs. If the baby is born presently, it will die so they give Becca drugs to slow the labor. Cameron is forced to admit that Cuddy was right.

Thirteen and Taub find Sadie and she sells them the good stuff, but Thirteen wants the poorer grade stuff the dealer gives to her regulars.

Cuddy is packing when House visits her with some more insights. She's not in a good mood because of the baby's condition and he notes there's no such thing as unconditional love. House insists that the baby would be better for Becca because at least she knows she isn't a good mother. Cuddy orders him out and he gets a report from Taub that the cocaine was cut with lactose. House deduces that Jerry is lactose intolerant and orders them to give Jerry an allergy test.

As Cuddy treats Becca, Becca figures the baby's lungs are because of the drugs and she wonders if Cuddy hates her. Cuddy notes that if Becca were perfect, she wouldn't be adopting the baby. Becca admires Cuddy's perfect life and then her heart rate increases and her placental wall breaks, causing vaginal bleeding. Cuddy describes the situation to House and he notes that if they deliver the baby now they save the mother but the fetus' lungs won't support life. If they wait, they put Becca at risk. House suggests Cuddy have Becca deliver now. When she agrees, he wonders if she's serious and told her the wrong answer. He points out that her motives aren't medical and some part of her doesn't want the baby. Cuddy insists she's telling Becca to take the safest route.

House goes to Wilson for advice but Wilson figures House is doing it just to upset Cuddy, who is moving on with her life and growing up. House doesn't think much of his theory. Meanwhile, Taub checks on Jerry who can't believe he did coke. Taub suggests he isn't responsible but Jerry doesn't accept that. As he goes over the charts, Taub notices blood on Jerry's short: he's bleeding from his pores. The best diagnosis the team can come up with is leukemia and House orders them to do a bone biopsy.

Cuddy advises Becca to wait, and the girl wonders if that's her opinion as a doctor or as a mother. Becca doesn't want to wait: she wants to be rid of the baby as soon as possible for her "stupid mistake." Cuddy says she should keep the baby to break the cycle of the poor parenting of her mother and grandmother, but Becca insists on delivering.

Taub and Kutner take the bone marrow sample but Taub notices that Jerry's legs are tanned, meaning it's not leukemia. His kidneys are failing and his blood pressure is too low for dialysis. House orders them to test for vasculitis but Kutner warns that Jerry will need a kidney no matter what. House suggests they use one of Samantha's but they need Cuddy's permission since Jerry has an interest. House goes to the operating theater where Chase is removing the baby. House insists that Cuddy's place is acting as an administrator, not a mother. Cuddy insists on staying and after delivery, finally the baby cries. House congratulates Cuddy then tells her she has to go work.

Cuddy goes over the procedure with Samantha but the girl is strangely apathetic. House refuses to proceed, saying he can't because Samantha is sleepwalking as well. They have to transplant to save Jerry but they can't risk it. Thirteen reports that the daughter has started bleeding from her pores and all they have left is a genetic disorder. Each test will take a week to run but they have no choice but to proceed.

House talks to Wilson to come up with an idea but Wilson points out that House lost on the pool and since Cuddy adopted, she won't go through post-partum depression because her dopamine receptors weren't stranded. House gets an idea and visits the patients. He says they'll be fine and they don't react. He concludes that their anhedonic, unable to feel pleasure or happiness. Jerry took cocaine because he subconsciously wanted to be happy. House realizes they lied: he asks Jerry his real name and Jerry finally admits he's Jamal Hammoud: he changed it when the U.S. invaded Iraq. They have Familial Mediterranean Fever, which causes all of the symptoms. House warns the treatment is problematic but orders them to receive the medication.

Cuddy paints the new baby's room that night while Jerry and Samantha receive treatment. In the morning, Jerry wakes up and is able to smile with happiness. A smiling Samantha is similarly recovered, and can now donate her kidney to save her father.

Cuddy visits Becca and tells her the baby is doing fine. Becca admits she was selfish and remembers Cuddy smiling at the baby. She realizes Cuddy would have done the right thing and wants to do the same, and wants to raise her baby. Becca refuses to reconsider.

As Cuddy looks longingly at the baby in the nursery, Samantha and Jerry share some happy moments together. Cuddy goes home and sits in the baby's room, alone, until House arrives. He says she can always find another baby but she doesn't want to go through the same thing again. He notes that she's giving up, again, and says she would have made a great mother. Cuddy snaps at her, noting that he's reversing himself again. He admits he doesn't know why he does it… and then they kiss. After a few seconds he backs off, says good night, and leaves.