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    Well pretty much what all "Huddy" fans were anticipating. For House & Cuddy to kiss, or break the sexual tension at least, but that happens at the very end. Cuddy finds a mother who offers a baby for her, while House is being a jerk about the whole thing because he is secretly in love with her. A whole bunch of problems occur though as the mom gets sick, they deliver the baby early a bit undeveloped.

    Baby turns out fine, then the mom wants her baby back. Sort of a filler, except for the kiss at the end. I called it a filler since she didn't get the baby after everything. The case was a bit bleh for me. It was pretty average. The thing that made up for it was Cuddy's plot.
  • Cuddy's desire.

    This episode fell a little flat with probably the most boring patient I have ever seen on this show. Seriously, he was sooo dull. I guess that was sort of the point of the diagnosis, but nevertheless there was little interaction between the characters.

    Cuddy's storyline with the girl was heart rendering, however, and it was easily the best part of the episode- I would have probably raised it to 9.5-10 if it wasn't for the patient.

    House's reactions to Cuddy was also very interesting- we see his care for her, and I believe he doesn't want her to have a child because of his own feelings for her. I loved how they kissed at the end- and then House just walks out- very House like! House should definately be with her!

    Nevertheless, the patient storyline was a huge letdown- I am not sure if thats because of the writing of the lack of the old team- the episode lost its way with the medicine, and focussed too much on the drama for my liking- I hope thats not a start of a slipperly slope. Great in places, but nowhere near the high consistency of other episodes.
  • Cuddys adoption plans fall through at the last minute.

    In this episode of House, the following happens. Cuddy meets with the birth mother who has chosen her. House deals with a patient, who is having re-accruing blackouts. The team soon learn that he has a cocaine problem, which he buys during his blackouts during which he also sleepwalks. Cuddy takes the birth mother to the hospital, where it is discovered that the baby has a problem with her lungs, which are underdeveloped. Soon the mother develops problems and an emergency c-section is performed. Soon the patient's daughter is also sleepwalking and having blackouts. When Cuddy goes to see the mother the next day, she has changed her mind. She now wants to keep the baby. The team learn that the father and daughter have a Mediterranean disease, which the team cure. At the end of the episode House goes to see Cuddy. She is still upset and crying. She kisses House and he leaves.
  • The best!!!

    WOW...This episode was incredible!! Really intresting case but even more intersting; Cuddy's baby girl: Joy. I feel sooo bad for Cuddy, she lost her baby (again!). She tryed sooo hard this time, She would be a great mother, Becca knew that and she still took her baby back. She could have had another baby, Cuddy can't have her own!! And House! He should really support her more! She needed all the support she could get, and she didn't get much. He is leading her on, but then he stops and leaves her alone, avoids her just because of the kiss. I was soooo happy when they kissed!!!!! I've always thought they should get together, this might be the first step!!!! yay!!!!!
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    If things stay the way that they are for this show from now until the series end, then I will forever be the one who will always say that they should have involved Cuddy more in the show. She has the best dynamic with House right outside of Wilson and she is a very underused chaacter. I knew the outcome of this episode when it started, but it still was a very powerful epsiodes nonetheless. Everything that she has been through to try and have a child and this is what happens to her. Like I said, I saw it coming but it was still heartbreaking to see it happen. I'm not sure what to make of the House and Cuddy kiss at the end of the episode. I have wanted them to hook up for a long time now, but I always thought that them being together forever would be the end of the show and since I have no idea when this show is going to end - I'm not sure how I should take it. Overall, the standard case was pretty boring but house and Cuddy saved the sub-par episode to bring it up to an 8.5
  • A must see for anyone who enjoys this series.

    Dr. House with his no tolerance for emotion or vulnerability intrigued me to watch this series. Characters aren't usually so aggressive in their potrayals. Usually the writers will give a softer side to the character because they don't want the audience to completely hate the character unless they are suppose to play villain. This is what this episode brought. Wilson was Dr. House's vulnerability and now hopefully Cuddy will be too. I for one was waiting for some action between the two and I finally got it. Hopefully that wasn't the start and end to that storyline development. I know that ensuing a relationship between them will probably leave no room for the writers to do much with them after that.
  • great episode!!

    i loved it, i been waiting for this kind of episode for so long.
    Let's see how the history between house and cuddy continues.
    The case, well it was really boring. It was more interisting what happenned with cuddy and the baby, even house pay more attention to that!!
    I didn't liked the actress qhe interpreteted the mother of Joy, I don't actully know why, but it didn`t convinced me.
    Lisa eldstein was excelent on this episode, when she is alone in the bedroom, before house showed up, her face and eyes were, i don`t know how to explain, i belive her, i belive all her pain, she is a great actress.
    Let`s talk about the kiss. I wasn`t expecting that. I want to see how they manage that.
  • Eventually!

    The very special episode many of us were waiting, the one in which, eventually, House and Cuddy kiss. The medical case itself is not interesting at all, sometimes also boring, and that is a shame because even if the main story of the episode is Cuddy and her try to get a baby, the show shouldn't leave behind so easily its medical part. While you watch you almost forget about the two patients perspiring blood, something that could have been much more interesting, but that wasn't developped in the right way. Anyway Cuddy's character is extremely well acted, and the misterious (maybe so not misterious) behaviour of House will lead many funny and interesting scenes in the next episodes for sure.
  • Really cool sleepwalkers

    This one reminded me of an x-files episode for some reason. Really good for halloween time and there is some strong sexual tension between Cuddy and house

    An ailing man suffers from blackouts and sleepwalks, leading the team to wonder if his sleepwalking is a symptom, or how the man is becoming exposed to something else. When the man's daughter grows ill as well, the team must provide a diagnosis before both die. Meanwhile, Cuddy adopts a newborn but when the birth mother displays a rash, she has to make a decision between putting the mother or daughter at risk.
  • Better than I expected

    It was better than I expected. I was fearing the worst with the Huddy stuff but it wasn't that bad because it was so awkward. However, the whole adoption storyline seemed like an attempt to get House and Cuddy to kiss. It was obvious Cuddy was never going to get the baby. If she did, she would have to go on maternity leave and wouldn't be around for the rest of the season. And how was Cuddy allowed to be involved in charge of the mom's case? She was doing her best House routine to try and manipulate the mom into pushing back the deliver.

    The case was interesting but with the adoption storyline, not focused on enough. 13 was fired last week because drugs interfered with her not being able to do her job. She is still obviously doing drugs so the only reason drugs aren't interfering with her job is because the writers don't want it to interfere with it.
  • While a decent episode, it seemed both story lines were distracted from each other.

    While this episode was relatively good and concluded, possibly, the whole baby and Cuddy story, I do think both story lines in this episode distracted from each other. I feel the storyline should have been the pregnant girl and maybe a clinic case. House should have been more involved with the baby case and could have lead up to a more epic kiss at the end of the episode. Even though we do know where that's going to go. I'm glad they're keeping 13 as a more tough version of Cameron, sticking up to House and being more street smart.
  • Not bad, could be better

    The series overall has hit a snag. It was actually doing pretty well in the beginning of the season, in my opinion. People thought that the Wilson storeline was solved a bit to quick, but I think it was done fine, since Wilson didn't blame House for Amber's death, it actually narrowed it down a couple of episodes. This episode however, wasn't as grand as I thought it would be. The trailers pretty much gave it away that they were going to kiss at the end, plus from the expression she had on the trailer, I'd figure the baby was gone somehow. I thought that the pregnant chick, Becca, was a bee-yatch. Seriously, I just wanted to throw something at her when she wanted to kill baby/keep baby. If you've watched the show, you knew this was going to be inevidable. He got some from Cuddy in the past, so it wasn't like this was out of the blue (they had a one night stand) nor should people be shocked and think that it is the end of the world for House. Diagnosis wise for the "Patient of the Week" it wasn't bad, though the opening confused the hell out of me. You can't really get that original with this concept, and I think they should try to at least steer away form this concept a bit and focus it more on House & co. It has worked before in "Birthmark" (which is the best episode for the season so far) and other previous House episodes. Overall, the episode was predictable (due to the damn trailers), yet still had me watching intensely. It could do better, but I don't see any danger for House as of now in the case of "Jumping the Shark" or ratings.
  • Tidings of Joy

    I felt so happy for Cuddy when Joy was born, I mean that was so sweet but I never really expected her to get the baby. Either she was going to die or the mother would change her mind, there was no way it was just going to work out that perfectly for her. That would be to easy and to happy.

    That last scene, putting aside my personel feelings about House/Cuddy and my love of House/Cameron, that was extra strength weird. I still don't completely understand what House was doing through the whole episode ragging on Cuddy about becoming a mother and so on and so on. What was the point of all that? Was it all because he likes Cuddy I don't see the connection honestly because of that last scene. He came to her house and said "to bad you'd make a great mother", I so don't get him. I mean was the point just to be negative, to diminish everything? Is that what he was doing through out the whole episode and in that end scene there. And then like out of nowhere he just kisses her and she totally kisses him back, full on and then it's just like slight surpirse on House's end and a goodnight from Cuddy. Weirdest House/Cuddy moment.
  • Or at least what the writers intent it to be..To show Cuddy's moving from in vitro to adaption (and maybe the closure of the story),House supposedly realizing his "feelings" to her ..or whatever.I guess it constitutes as a "development" on "House" now.

    First time it was "a good ep for the season 5"...yes, I have to come up with a new system ,because if fairly compare what we have now (for over a season by now) to "House" in season 1 ,I'd have to put "abysmal" and stop watching...which I can not do...because I've got addicted to this show when it was different.Vicious circle, really...:D After second time watching I found only 2 things likable in the ep - House's lines about adoption and HL and LE performances(except the kiss ,which was awkward,forced and had no sexual chemistry whatsoever).Though the reason always logical House would try to scare Cuddy out of adaption is not any clear - there's no way all those things would matter for a women in this state of mind,so why then? He "wants her for himself" as she guessed in "Insensitive"? Kind of cheap for House who bluntly sent away "the love of his life" once he analyzed the situation and realizeed re-neval of these relationships will end bad sooner or later...But that is the major problem with the show and the main character lately - absence of the logical reasons behind the lines ,except it would help thew writers to glue things together. "Things" would be random (not always good by themselvs) jokes,assorted storylines to please all the shippers, need to incorporate the old team into the script somehow and have a reason to perform certain number of the medical procedures on the show..It used to feel the other way around( al to let us see House's way of life and personal phylosophy ), but oh well - it's been a long time...

    The medical story -actually both of them - were weak. The symptoms didn't match the diagnosis first of all -not to mention cultracin would never make the patients "happy,happy,happy" ,but I try not to count medical cases since "You don't Want to Know" -it's useless,most of them are very inaccurate - the last weeks one wasn't any better. I also find the adoption story not that good - it came out of nowhere (it's been a long time since that issue was rased in s 3) and as much as LE was really beaming - what was the point to show Cuddy's receiving and opening the boxes of baby stuff in her office? To somehow put a hidden commercial for "Stokke" in the ep?OK, but she may just as well to do it all at home. Of coarse she's very busy,can't stay home for deliveries...but somehow finds the time to paint the baby's room all by herself (such an overused cliche :x ) Chase and Cameron suddenly became obstetricians.And it's still annoying even after the whole year of pretending there's a real reason for them still be on the show.Wilson seem just usually annoying ,but that's about right for now.And btw post-adaption depression is a documented condition too - so his point had no point actually.

    Once again the actors who played patients (mother-to-be included) less then mediocre..Oh, and the camera angles , especially on close-ups were weird and unfaltering - if there was some big agenda behind that way to direct the ep - I missed it..I seem to be mussing a lot on "House" lately.Unfortunately , I'm not alone.
  • Joy? Not really - on way too many levels...

    Joy? Not really - on way too many levels...

    What a lot of irony to call this episode Joy. Maybe we should all rejoice - after all, the dialogues were mostly good, the new team was really getting there - especially Taub and 13's interactions, House was completely accurate about his "diagnosis" of Cuddy's illogical actions, Wilson is back on nagging and House bites his shiny red apple (a symbol? - it sure looks like it) just to spite - so all seems to be great - but if so, why is it still so very very bad?

    Maybe because this time again the medical mystery was so utterly ridiculous? By now I'm used to almost ignore it when it at least tries to make any kind of sense - but this time I've really had it. If the writers think the audience is THAT stupid, then maybe we really shouldn't even bother with it anymore.

    A bit of suspense of disbelief is necessary while watching any TV drama, but how in the world can anyone still see House as a medical genius if he even suggests all the weird symptoms the patient suffered from were caused by... lactose intolerance???! Hello? Are there really any medical advisers on the show? "This job can be done by a monkey with a bottle of Motrin", you know...

    And that final "revelation" of the Familial Mediterranean Fever - where none, repeat - none - of the symptoms House mentioned were even remotely connected with it? And then there's the even more ridiculous "happy ending": the father and daughter so very affectionate as a result of the "treatment" after just a couple of days... Seriously - don't the writers have the ability to at least google it up and not let the whole farce go on and on like that?

    I know may people don't watch House for the medical mysteries - I never put it on the top of my list while watching it either. But it has come to the point where the ridiculous and illogical cases and solutions make House look like - well, like an idiot, rather then a world renowned medical genius - and this is something that can't be ignored anymore - no matter how good the dialogue is or how great HL delivers it.

    As for the rest of it - Cameron is now an Obstetrician? Chase is doing the c-section? Cuddy can take charge of the woman who's baby she's about to adopt? Can this show get any more ridiculous, I wonder? Oh sure, no problem: besides acting like the most hysterical person on earth - it seems like Cuddy has nothing better to do but to get all the baby stuff in her office of all places... Then once the baby is delivered what does she do? Go home to paint the baby's room... what a great priority list this dean of medicine (?) has. Will the stupidities ever end? I guess not. And since it looks like all this is here to stay - I guess there's really no point in reviewing this show any longer - at least not until it'll start to make sense once again and treat it's audience with some respect.

    Oh, last but not least - I thought the kiss really sucked. It came out of nowhere, made no sense at all and there was zero chemistry between HL and LE while at it - the fact it was less awkward then the famous House-Cameron kiss doesn't improve it one bit. We know that House is capable of much more then this - we've all seen him with Stacy after all - so the question rises again - where did that House disappear to? Because it would be really really nice to get to see him once again. Until then - I guess we're better off with watching old episodes.
  • Emotions.. a lot of.

    I do not know but I really liked it - maybe because it had some really shocking moments on the end, the case was interesting and again very far of what it seemed to be on the beginning, and mostly for Cuddy. I have never been too keen on her char but this one really opened her up and show the really human, caring side of her what she just cannot show much as mostly she has to deal with House trying to walk over her. But in this episode - she was a person who has her own agenda, her own dilemma and I loved how Wilson said she is going to be the happiest new mother - and the way she was that yellow painted room.. so happy.. and then soon after again there totally broken down...

    I think emotionally and the way it was built, it was amazing episode.
  • So, it FINALLY happened. Warning: Spoilers.

    Ok, so when I first saw the preview for this episode, I wasn't quite sure. In all honestly, I thought it was going to be some fake, teaser, where they show them "almost" kissing and then something happens, House pulls away, Cuddy pulls away, something, and they end up in an awkward stance instead; staring at each other. Obviously, that did not happen!

    Wow, it was...I don't want to say subtle, because it happened rather quickly, but then not so much. I was surprised when she kissed him back with as much passion, in some regards I believe, even more so. But then, he pulled away and said, "goodnight?" WTF? I don't think House would just walk away like that, but apparently he did!

    So...that in itself was worth watching. I've been waiting for 5 seasons for that damn kiss and it finally happened! Having said that, I don't see much going past that, but I guess we shall see. I just don't see the writers "playing" around with it as much as I'd like it to be.

    As far as Cuddy and the baby. I think if she were to actually of had that kid, that is, the mother not want it back, then I think the plot would be somewhat ruined. It wouldn't be the same, so I'm happy, but sad, that Cuddy didn't get the kid. It was a very clever way IMO how they did it though. Didn't expect the kid to live at all...and then what happened afterward. Wow!

    In all, great episode. Several things happened, some significant and some not so much but all exciting nonetheless.

    As for the next episode, I'll be curious as to how they proceed with this after this. Wilson better not get in the way! I saw how he told Cuddy how he "felt" 9at least that's how it seemed in the previews), but he better not! Ugh! And then Cuddy wanting to talk to him. It'll be great. I think this episode added a something extra to this season.

  • Not what I expected.

    With each new episode, House is slowly drifting away from the formula that made it compelling to watch. Gone are the insane clinic patients and the well written scripts that kept the show in the ratings top 10. While the set has gotten larger, the scripts have become stale and unoriginal. Even the cranky Doc is less restrained and more hyperactive.

    The sleepwalking patient who could feel no emotion was interesting as well as seeing the lengths House makes the team go though in order to diagnose him and susequently, his daughter. What was less interesting was seeing Cuddy's impending bundle of Joy used as a plot device to further advance some romance between House and Cuddy. While House's character has managed to remain constant, if not at times over the top, Cuddy is becoming a relative stranger from the person we saw in the pilot episode. Gone are the days when Cuddy wasn't afaid to stand up to House and actually acted like an hospital administrator. These days, she's become nothing more that a sex object that House desperatly wants to reconquer. As a long devoted fan of the show, my hope is that the best scripts are yet to come. House needs to make a return to the formula that made it original and fun to watch.
  • It was alright...

    I wasn't really to excited for this episode because it didn't really seem like anything good was going to happen. I'm not a fan of the House Cuddy relationship, I think they should just go their separate ways in terms of finding a boy/girlfriend. As always there was the funny moments like when House took a bite of Wilson's apple and then gave it back to him. Priceless. I wish that Wilson would get some more screnn time so hopefully that happens in the coming weeks. After viewing the preview for next week it appears that Chase and Cameron will get some screen time so I'll have to look out for that.
  • It's only going to get worse

    "Joy" was an episode that follows the lead of all the horribly soap opera imitations that have been aired this season, and the previous one. The beginning was promising, and the whole episode was filmed really well-a good change from last week. Though the storyline and script did not live up to the bar they set when this show started to air. The playful banter that has existed between House and Cuddy throughout all the seasons have crossed a line and has brought the amazing character of Lisa Cuddy down to being a person House can just walk straight over. In this episode the dean of medicine we met is the Pilot gone and replaced with someone who lets emotion get to her and stops her from doing her administrative duties. In season one she was the character holding everything together, though pushed to the background a lot, in this episode she is self-absorbed and gives a woman medical advice that benefits her and not the woman- this would not "season one Cuddy" do.

    This episode could have been amazing, if they'd expanded this storyline over a few episodes instead of cramming it into one episode, letting us to get used to the fact that Cuddy was having a child, and then after a few episodes revealed that Cuddy would not get this baby. Instead of doing this they pushed aside the PoTW to rush this storyline so that they could have Cuddy and House kiss. This episode was a disappointment, loosing the high standard that it had so long ago in season three. Tough acting was great, the rest failed to succeed, and what is left is a great cast with episodes of soap opera tendencies. This show is soon fighting with shows like Grey's Anatomy about cramming the most drama into one episode. I don't know if I want to be around for that.
  • House and his team treat a sleepwalking man. Cuddy is conflicted between saving the life of the kid she wants to adopt or her mother.

    I wasn't too impressed with this one. Most of the scenes between House and his team just plain out bored me. Maybe its the writers... but the new team has no saving grace at the moment. None of them are even vaguely interesting. It also seems to me like Cameron and Chase are the only two other doctors in the hospital besides House and his team. He does every surgery and she handles everything else. It was okay the first few episodes.. but now TBTB need to make a decision whether to include them on the show some other way or boot them completely. Wilson too hardly had much of a role this episode or the previous one. I'm left wondering whether it might have made the show better if he didn't come back... or atleast not so soon. Atleast that might have caused House to go down new avenues and might have made the show more interesting.

    The House and Cuddy interactions were nice. But I didn't really see the spark. It's more like it was two beaten down people turning to each other for comfort. Maybe this will change in further episodes... but now I have this sad feeling that it can't really go anywhere significant.

    It seemed to me like the case House had taken was given a major back seat to Cuddy and her problems and I have noticed over this season that House spends a majority of his time involved in needling either Cuddy, Wilson or his team and/or trying to find out stuff they don't want him to find out. While that is House's nature and they can't change it they need to find a balance between the cases and House's personal life.. like the earlier seasons. So far there has only been one episode this season where the medical part of it was interesting to watch... else its just been Drama.

    Right now I have no idea where this show is headed. I certainly don't see a great many seasons more if it continues like this.
  • Great plot line with a good, albeit forseeable, twist at the end.

    Definately a good story line within the series that will almost certinally be continued in comming episodes, it gave some interesting insights into Cuddy's charachter and by the end of the episode House as well. Some good humour throught with house taking bets and going against cuddy's desicion however his extreme behaviour is to be expected now which takes the edge off the jokes. An unexpected thing for him to do now would be something compassoinate rather than annoying and i think that this is what the episode's ending tries to do. i hope that futre episodes continue along the same path.
  • Strange, but good.

    There is something strange about this episode. Director Sarafian uses extreme close-ups and unusual composition (like Thirteen centered and filmed from a low angle). It gives the episode a surreal feeling. I really like this. It's like you're watching a dream. The case was great. Very interesting to me. I didn't like the way it was solved, though. Wilson's monologue when House knew what was wrong with the patients was very stupid. It's like the writers were critizising their methods. There was some good humor, especially with Taub buying the cocaine. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Then Cuddy... I actually felt bad for her. All credit for this goes to Lisa Edelstein. She shows what a great actress she is. And the end... I'm not a shipper, but I'm still very curious to see what will happen. Damn FOX, letting us wait two weeks again.
  • This episode marks the end of House as we knew it. Sad, but true. It all started in the 4th season actually, but they had the chance to change it in the new season. They failed. Let me explain why.

    This episode marks the end of House as we knew it. Sad, but true. It all started in the 4th season actually, but they had the chance to change it in the new season. They failed.

    At first they took away House's clinic duty - those hilarious tiny episodes (the orange moron, the guy with mp3 player, the girl with strawberry jelly, you name it). And still season 4 did have some great episodes ("Alone", "Frozen", etc). In spite of the strike, the writers didn't completely lose it. They still managed to develop and explain characters through the cases, through the patient stories. We saw the story and learned something new about the characters. Now the cases take, like, 50% of the episode. Patients became wooden puppets, they're not characters anymore. And the main characters became addicted to breathtaking twists in the storyline, writers cannot develop them as gently and naturally, as before. The show has actually become yet another soap opera. And the way House solves cases... I don't know what to say. Just watch this 'Joy' episode - it seems, like the writers had no idea how to resolve this. And they decided not to think hard. That's a shame

    I'll keep watching House because of Hugh Laurie, but it won't undo the fact that the show turned into something different, something lacking the quality of prior seasons, something i don't really like.
  • Solid medical mystery just like mama used to make coupled with profound character revelations makes for a must see episode. SPOILER ALERT.

    Joy's medical mystery du jour is about a mild-mannered product tester and his tween daughter...two very blah people living very blah lives in a very blah house. Evaluation for blackouts reveals that dad has been sleepwalking his way through life - literally - which becomes more interesting when he starts sweating blood and losing organ function, only to have his daughter follow suit.

    In usual fashion, House's team rummages through their house, banters wittily, argue differential after differential as the plot thickens, only to have one of House's "a-ha!" moments save the day. Nothing particularly fancy, but as amusing and intense as the great episodes have been in the past.

    In other news, Cuddy connects with a former druggie now over eight months pregnant, ready and willing to make her a mother almost as perfunctorily as the unheard-of-two-weeks-ago adoption agency vetted her for the program, and naturally some additional medical drama ensues.

    I couldn't agree more with those who object to the flash-bang reemergence and fizzling of this story arc. When the dilemma between mom and baby's health arises, the severe ethical dilemma and histrionics of Cuddy seem hard to believe. While the thoughts of baby names and cornucopia of kiddie crap in Cuddy's guest bedroom lend some legitimacy, this just all happened far too fast for her to become so excited as to be so upset. And when the mother ultimately decides to keep the baby, it's hard for us to care or feel Cuddy's forced agony. And when she says she's giving up, it doesn't make much sense.

    But these facts, of course, are not the point. The point is how House reacts to all this. The instant he finds out he begins railing against Cuddy about what a bad mother she will be, and while there are certainly reasonable objections to the workaholic single woman nurturing a small child, those are not the attacks he launches. When she "loses" the child, he goes to her house for support; when she says she's giving up, he tells her what a great mother she would be, and - otherwise speechless - kisses her passionately then sees himself out.

    It would seem that Greg, for all his childish antics, is emotionally not much more mature than that. To any regular viewer it's known that despite the constant locking of horns between House and Cuddy there is an underlying flirtation and respect, and it's been made clear that the two shared at least one likely erotic, possibly drunken evening together. In "Joy" we get to see that it may go farther than this...that while House wants Cuddy to be happy with Child, he doesn't want to lose his chance and can't constructively express it. He impulsively kisses her and - at a loss to articulate the feelings responsible - flees the scene. It's a side of House we only occasionally get a window to, and it's simultaneously intriguing, and endearing.

    On a side note, I can't help but think that it's time to let Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer find new jobs. While Chase and Cameron were interesting, viable characters and writing them out of the diagnostics department wasn't even necessary, the show has moved on and they now serve as dead weight. As it is, having five on the team is stretching the interest and character development a bit thin (for reference, see any NFL halftime show), but at least their spot in the series makes sense. It is simply implausible that a gifted immunologist like Cameron would become an ER attending and happen to treat most of House's patients, or that Chase would be performing an exploratory surgery one week, a planned splenectomy the next, and then a C-section where much more appropriate specialists would really be available. So give them cameos here and there, but take away the weekly wedge ins, and give Peter Jacobson, Kal Penn, and Olivia Wilde the head billing they deserve.
  • a good Cuddy episode

    It might not be just me. For some reason, House hasn't been as interesting lately as it used to be. Maybe it's because I've watched the show from the first season and have become too well-aquainted in that I can predictably guess what's going to happen. Or maybe in the fifth season, House is beginning to stumble. Post-strike season four seemed oblivious to what happened but it's like now the show is starting to catch up to what happened. And it often is hard for a popular show to retain originality during its fifth season. In this episode, House and the team work to diagnose a man with sleepwalking problems. In a parallel case, Cuddy works to find a mother willing to adopt and she finds one, in the form of a 20-something who made a mistake like her mother in pregnacy. The girl begins to feel ill and Cuddy has to work to save both her and her potential baby, who she has already named Joy. Meanwhile, House is acting snotty around Cuddy and why is up for debate. Wilson comes on the mark when he says House is jealous that he will lose Cuddy. The team figures out that the man and his daughter have no pleasure, they can feel joy as part of a genetic disease. Odd and ironic. Cuddy saves the baby and the mother but the mother decides at the last minute to keep her baby, to Cuddy's dismay. I should have seen that coming and in some sense I did. The way I figure it, the people on House can never be happy or aren't happy for very long. Everytime they reach happiness, something tragic happens. House reconnected with wife Stacey, only to give her up again. House had surgery to correct his leg but he became a cripple again a few weeks later. Cameron and Chase had a complicated sexual relationship and they broke it off and they only came together after they were slightly phased out of the show. Foreman broke up his only relationship seen on the show. Wilson had Amber but he lost her through a tragic accident indirectly caused by the carelessness of his best friend. And Cuddy, who desperately wants to be a mother, probably will never be one. House tries to comfort her and reveals why he was acting strange: he was jealous. Then, in a neat surprise, House and Cuddy share an extremely passionate kiss. It was slightly awkward, because it can't end good. It never does. If last episode was all about Thirteen, this episode is mostly all about Cuddy. Once again, the medical cases are not as interesting as the character conflicts, which would be find but this is a medical drama. It needs to fulfill the medical mystery part of the show. This is another episode that shows a noticeable flaw with the new team. I honestly like the new team. Cutner, Taub, and Thirteen, they're interesting individually. But as a team, they don't share the same chemistry as Foreman, Chase, and Cameron. Cutner, Taub, and Thirteen work together and that's it. They don't have much give and take with each other. The old team, they connected. They fought, they spat, they at times hated each other, but they had a mutual respect for each other and a sort-of-friendship they shared. It's a generic flaw that has been there since earlier this year but because part two of season four was so short, it wasn't extremely bothersome. It started to be noticeable now when they're on for what I can safely presume to be te whole season. I just hope Chase and Cameron can get some sort of involved action this season. I haven't completely given up hope the old team can reform but as Season Five goes by, it seems less and less a possiblility of ever happening. This wasn't a bad episode, it was a good Cuddy episode, and the House/Cuddy kiss was years overdue. I just think the medical mysteries need to be more interesting and have more of a team dynamic.
  • Huddy!

    Two different story lines going on at the same time. It could have been hopelessly confusing, but each were clearly dealt with.

    Cuddy has been approved to adopt a baby. She is speaking to the birth mother, who is due in two weeks. During the initial meeting, the doctor notices a skin rash on the mother. The pregnant lady is admitted to the hospital. Both she and the baby girl are in danger. Will Lisa get her baby Joy after all?

    Oh yes, there is another patient for House and his team. It involves a man and his daughter. He uses cocaine while he sleepwalks. The two live in an unusually aesthetically sterile environment. The dad gets sick. The daughter is too. The diagnosis is something really obscure.

    The best line was Wilson's: I said something. You know what the problem is and you are going to walk out of my office without saying anything.
  • Well this episode was a big step up from the last one, but still this episode wasn't as powerful as it could have been.

    Well this episode was a big step up from the last one, but still this episode wasn't as powerful as it could have been. On paper this episode looks really interesting and dramatic.

    For a while the show was continually exploring the Cuddy wants a kid story line, but then it just disappeared for a while only to pop up again last episode and was seemingly resolved in this episode. Had they not put that story line on the shelf for so long the resolution would have been much more powerful. Because the story line wasn't present for so long I just didn't care about the outcome.

    However I was impressed by guest star Vanessa Zima acting ability. She plays the mother of the baby that Cuddy is going to adopt and the scene between them after the baby is born is very touching.

    The medical case in this episode was the kind of mystery that we love, complete with huge twists and turns with House getting the epiphany at the end. But the characters weren't developed properly so, again, I didn't care about them nor the outcome, which is sad because once the case was solved and the patients started getting better is when I started caring about them.

    But the episode wasn't about them, it was about House and Cuddy. I'm not going to give anything away, but holy crap, you have to see the very end.