Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on FOX

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    Well pretty much what all "Huddy" fans were anticipating. For House & Cuddy to kiss, or break the sexual tension at least, but that happens at the very end. Cuddy finds a mother who offers a baby for her, while House is being a jerk about the whole thing because he is secretly in love with her. A whole bunch of problems occur though as the mom gets sick, they deliver the baby early a bit undeveloped.

    Baby turns out fine, then the mom wants her baby back. Sort of a filler, except for the kiss at the end. I called it a filler since she didn't get the baby after everything. The case was a bit bleh for me. It was pretty average. The thing that made up for it was Cuddy's plot.