Season 5 Episode 11

Joy to the World

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 2008 on FOX

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  • joy to the world

    when he thought the girl had mold exposure what was the name of the diagnosis, and can you treat it with steroids,
  • One of the best this Season so far.

    I have no idea why some of the negative reviews existed in this episode- it was classic House. The patient had real emotive depth (it reminded me a little of "Heavy" in Season 1), and you could really emphasise with the character.

    Meanwhile, Kutner confronts his demons of being a bully and tries to atone at the end- shows some good character development there, and is actually very consistant with how the old team reacted to certain patients. This "jumping the shark" didn't apply in this episode. Him and Chase tricking the school bullies was very funny.

    Taub's reacting to House's mysterious gift was also very well done, and House and Wilson's scene was one of the funniest this Season- it led back into the fantastic clinic patients who are very much missed! Cuddy's interaction with House was also brilliant in this episode- it was good to see them clash over the medicine again. It was also nice, at long last, to see Cuddy get what she wants.

    Foreman and Thirteens progression moved along nicely- I know they aren't liked much as a couple but I thought Thirteens reactions around him were pretty cute to be honest. Overall, I thought this was easily the best episode since Birthmarks- the case was exciting, simultaneously tragic and joyous, and the humour was spot on. Brilliant.
  • This is by far the worst episode. Forman and 13 that's just wrong. Cameron, Chase and Forman just have to go House has a new team deal with it. And lately, very little House, a lot of everyone else, just stop that.

    This is by far the worst episode. Forman and 13 that's just wrong. Cameron, Chase and Forman just have to go House has a new team deal with it. And lately, very little House, a lot of everyone else, just stop that.

    This episode was just wrong, its like house has become a secondary character, his previous team still there with absolutely no relevance.

    This season has been very bad, it's almost not worth to watch anymore. It's like the writers never came back from the strike. And this episode, please don't make another one like this. I almost don't wan't to see the next one.
  • Shocking but not in the good way.

    This is an amazing show but honestly I'm just gonna pretend this episode never happened. It bombed almost everything except for the clinic patients but that has always been great. The Cuddy and baby thing well alright we get it she wants to be a mom but seriously there are so many holes in this its ridiculous besides since when does everyone get what they want? House was extremely under-appreciated in this episode and they really need to just cut off Chase and Cameron, I wish they would cut off Foreman too but whatever. Which brings me to the 13/Forman thing, I mean seriously? I couldn't even watch the ending I had to turn away or vomit. The writers really need to stop it with the soap opera already.
  • Cuddy finally gets the baby she longs for

    In this episode of House, the following happens. The patient in this episode is a teenager girl who collapsed during her school show. The team soon learn that her liver is failing, but then she gets worse. The team believe that the mushrooms which she ate may have had an effect on her, but after tests are run this turns out not to be true. The team learn from one of her old friends, that she used to buy a couple of bottles of vodka a week, but stopped when she said she could get it cheaper herself. But she admits to Cuddy that she quit drinking over 6 months ago and didn't even drink half of the ones which she bought. House works in the clinic and deals with a female patient who turns out to be pregnant even though she claims to be a virgin. After tests are run on her and the fiancée he learns that she is in fact pregnant and yet she is still a virgin. She is a 1 in a million case where the baby she is carrying has only her DNA as she had a cell mutation. But he later admits to Cuddy that he lied and that she had cheated on her fiancée. The team learn that the patient has eclampsia. Cuddy talks to the patient and she confesses that she was pregnant and gave birth over a week before. She thought that the baby was dead and took her to an empty house, where she also gave birth. The patient is also told that the damage to her heart and liver is permanent and that she will die. So Cuddy sets off o find the house, so that the patient can have a funeral for her daughter.
    When she gets to the house, she finds a woman there with a baby. This turns out to be the patient's daughter. She didn't die after all. Cuddy takes her back to the hospital, where we learn that neither sets of grandparents want the baby and so she is put up for adoption, Cuddy then tells House that she is going to foster the baby and then she is going to adopt her. We learn at the end of the episode that the patient was denied a transplant and that she will die within a couple of days. At the end we see 13 and Foreman together; they start to kiss each other. We also learn that Kutner used to be a bully in high School.
  • Review

    Quick review of the episode: Nothing new between House and Cuddy, but Foreman and Thirteen hook up at the end of the episode. I did not seeing anything happening between those two to spawn that kiss at the end of the episode. The case in this episode was pretty boring right up until the baby part of it. I thought the fact that the girl left the baby in an empty house was pretty jaw dropping. I didn't see that twist coming but I am glad that Cuddy found the baby and is now going to keep her. House saying Merry Christmas was also unexpected. I laughed twice for the first time in a long time with this show. I used to laugh at least 1-2 times an epsiode, but lately the weakening writing of the show has caused me to look at funny moments...not so funny? Overall, solid ending hopefully it will be better when the show comes back for the second half of the season.
  • It is what it is.

    Not an outstanding ep, but a nice Christmas one. The minor story of House attempting to pull a prank on his team successfully captures the essence of the show and the character House. A man not even interested in opening a gift from his only friend, but extremely interested with messing with the minds of others. It's interesting how Wilson is almost House's "nemesis." The balance is obviously necessary, but the one-upmenship is simply fascinating. I like the new team...but I miss Chase and Cameron. One line in an ep for Cameron isn't enough. How is a child going to play into the relationship with House and Cuddy?
  • House investgates a fat teen girl whos organs are shutting down. Wilson makes a christmas bet with House while Forman and Thirteen get closer to one another.

    This episode was saved from being mediocre by a great story arc between Wilson and House about holiday spirit. It may seem a bit harsh but this season of House has been a serious let down and I found myself not caring for the characters in the show in momments I generally would.

    This week House treats a patient that has her heart, brain and liver all shutting down. She is overweight and has been bullied by most of the students in her school and has almost no real friends to speak of. House finds it hard to discover what iswrong with her but Cutty takes a personal interest in the case and solves it, but not with the happy ending we are usually used to. But in tragedy comes some ray of light in this case that I won' spoil.

    Christmas is in the air and Wilson discovers that House is using an old gift of his to trick his team. Wilson then bets House that none of his patients would actually get him a gift as he is incapable of being nice. This is the highlight of the episode of House attempts to be charming and nice in the clinic to get one of them to get him a gift. We have a woman who is pregnant but supposed to be a virgin with her fiancee and the old lady who can't work an inhaler. House wins the bet by lying to the pregnant woman saying it is immaculate conception.

    Meanwhile 13 continues her trial for Huntingtons and discovers that the woman she talked to with advanced symptoms dropped out because Forman told her to get over the side effects of the drugs. She convinces him to apologies and ask the woman to rejoin the trial. Over the coarse of the trial the two become more attached to one another and share a passionate kiss at the end of the episode.

    This episode truely was saved by the christmas bet story arc. Everything else seemed stale and was honest hard to truely feel for another of the characters. The show is improving from where it was at the beginning of the season but one can't help but feel this still has a long way to go before it is back to its best.
  • wow i really liked this episode a lot!

    Joy to the World is an awesome episode. I loved all of houses meetings with the people in the free clinic because he was trying to be nice but its always full of conniving idiots. Yet another amazing House quote arose from this episode when a woman who is pregnant asks him "Isnt it possible to get pregnant from the toilet seat?" and he replies with "Yeah but its way more possible if there is someone between you and the toilet". This episode also helped add to the house and cuddy love story. Joy to the World is an amazing episode and quite possibly the best Christmas episode of house yet!
  • House and the team struggle with another case. One that is almost a background story. House decides he can be nice and in the holiday mood. The group is suprised. House buys Cuddy a sentimental gift.

    As usual, another well written and well acted episode. House and Cuddy..will they or won't they. WHO knows? It's fun watching. Of course we want them to get together. But then again we don't. We don't want another Sam and Diane on such integral characters. House being happy is also counterproductive to the show. But Cuddy should be happy, and the baby should help. But what about Greg?

    Seeing Foreman and 13 interacting the way they are adds a new wrinkle. Foreman trying NOT to become House is becoming one of the most interesting parts of the show.

    I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • On this episode a fat teen is House's patient. She sufferes from the liver and the heart, later on Cuddy discoveres the cause of the girl's problem. House proves Wilson that he can be nice to patients and he receives a gift from a couple.

    I really love House, in my opinion is the best show on tv. But the new episodes make me sick, I don't know what's happening. The stories are so unreal, I don't get it, they really expect that the audience is going to believe that Cuddy went to an abandoned house on her best clothes to get a dying baby without police or social services ?? It's completely over the top, unconceivable. It makes me sad, watching a brilliant show fall. I'm outraged. On the other hand, I liked the end Foreman and 13 make a good couple. I'm a romantic. But the baby story RUINED everything
    So sad
  • Christmas special.

    Let me start with the intro scene. I am SICK of christmas carols on tv show. Also, vomit. We don't need to actually see it, thank you.

    I didn't feel an ounce of compassion for the patient of the week. I think she was painfully pathetic, just whining about how no one likes her and how much she sucks but she got the cake for Stupidest Patient Ever when the truth came out. She was pregnant, she just went on with her life as usual without taking any precautions or telling anyone and she had the baby on the street! Did she know about contraception? That she could get septic and die? Being willfully dumb and ignorant cost her her life.

    But hey, Cuddy solved a case! I never expected that to happen, mainly because she isn't a part of House's team and the fact that it has always been implied that any doctor who isn't House or a part of his team can't even diagnose a flu.

    When House said "Merry Christmas" to her and she didn't even care because she finally had her baby I realized she had been using him all along to get over her failed attempt at adopting a baby. This can only reinforce House's misanthropy.

    Chase and Cameron helping out with those dumb kids from the girl's school was nice, I guess he isn't so reluctant about working with House anymore.

    I loved the way Taub and Kutner figured out House's trap, they're getting to know him better.

    Kutner wasn't treating those kids like badly - justly, I might add - out of resentment but out of guilt, because he was a bully himself. I never thought he would be a self-loathing kind of guy.

    And it was nice to see 13 and Foreman getting together at last. I love the way their relationship developed, slowly but consistently. When she told him he was House that hit a nerve. Seems to me Foreman doesn't even know who he is. Yet.

    House being "nice" to people was fun to watch. He even wore a white coat! Are people really as stupid as the patients he had? That possibility is scary.

    I would love for "Joseph" to find out that House lied to him by, gee I don't know, asking for a second opinion, looking it up or telling other people about it and report him to whoever has the power to pull his license or reprimand him. But he won't, because every patient in House's Universe is dumb.
  • House, Cuddy, Foreman, Thirteen and Kutner.

    House and Cuddy, after a couple weeks of nonsense seem to have finally come to their senses about one another. Or at the very least seem to be over the momentary insanity they were feelings towards one another, thank god. And hey bonus it looks like House and Cuddy might be done with whatever was happening for quite some time seeing as Cuddy has finally gotten her baby. Good for her! It was so sweet that she finally got a child after what happened earlier this season with her first attempt.

    Foreman and Thirteen somehow tripped into a relationship, in weird ways it does kind of make sense but in other ways it seems out of the blue. Then again most couples aren't hinted at and built up for seasons like most couples on House. I guess it's about time they got one that's not like House/Cameron, House/Cuddy, Cameron/Chase. The only other one they did was Wilson/Amber and we all know how that turned out.

    They snuck in a little Kutner too which was nice. I hate how they put most of the focus on Thirteen. We've seen some Taub and we've been getting little doses of Kutner but they put so much on Thirteen because of her sickness and now I'm assuming her new relationship with Foreman it seems unfair. Whenn it was Foreman, Chase and Cameron they spaces it mostly evenly (though Chase often times did get the short end of the stick). Then again the new fellows aren't half as interesting or as entertaining as Cameron and Chase, though anyone is better then Foreman.
  • Niceness isn't necessarily a virtue.

    A charming episode that combines humor, tragedy and a small miracle. The team treats an overweigh teenage girl who admits to being the target of bullying-which brings out a surprising confession from Kutner and Cuddy. Taub and Kutner try to find out who sent House a thoughtful present while Foreman learns the hard truth about why he was asked to run drug trials.

    Cuddy's interest interest in the patient leads her to come up with a diagnosis as well as a shocking discovery that the girl had recently given birth. The patient was likeable but I'm really tired of seeing all overweight people being portrayed as unhappy, unlovable and depressed. Cuddy did a great job of trying to convince the patient that high school is something that happens to all of us and what happens to us there doesn't have to ruin the rest of one's life.

    House's unusual approach to helping out a woman who doesn't want her virgin fiance to find out that she cheated on him was touching and downright hilarious. While niceness certainly is a virtue House wasn't born with, it was nice to learn that a nice House is a boring House. While the ending was tragic, it did provide hope for Cuddy in her quest to become a mother. While I certainly didn't agree with the final choice made by the parets concerning their grandchild, I found myself respecting their decision. Watching Cuddy with the baby was a special thing that was meant to be. How Cuddy will Cuddy manage motherhood and a career? What will House do about his feelings for Cuddy now that she's a mother? These are some questions that will make for an watching the rest of the season more interesting.
  • Is it so hard to be nice?

    I most say I liked the idea and the spirit - trying to be nice - House in his own way and it was quite funny what he did with those two young adults in the clinic, then Kutner in the end, correcting his mistakes, Foreman, to going and getting that patient back..

    I know most of people do not look House for find "niceness" but I think it worked for this episode, the whole patient story and the reminder in look of Christmas spirit..

    And I most say I will like if Cuddy would get that baby.. she in that old house.. then finding the girl alive.. I think it was beautiful conclusion for the storyline of losing child.
  • Cant bother giving a summary, watch it!!!!

    I got nothing much to say about the episode, except the ending which was a complete blunder, The parents giving up their only child's baby up for adoption and Dr.cuddy so conveniently taking the kid up for adoption. I mean which parent would give up the last existing memory, or proof of their child's existence. Rather they'd take that kid and raise it.

    Anyhow Im a die hard fan of House, that's why I gave it a 9 even though it kinda doesnt deserve it. Except the part with the patient who denies having sex and claiming shes a virgin.

    I hope the show improves gradually through out the season and brings some killer episodes which we cannot forget. GO HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Who wrote this? I'll assume you've seen the episode and don't need me to recap it.

    First, I love House. I own all the seasons and have watched some episodes a few times because they were so well written and intelligent. Who ever wrote this one forgot they weren't working on the X-Files. Some creative license is OK, too much in a show like House is ridiculous. The doctors can just go to school and have security open up lockers and take illegal drugs and walk out? No police, no warrant? No one calls police to report a kid being drugged? I was able to pretty much guess the ending after about 20 minutes. The episode title containing Joy and the pregnant clinic patient gave it away. They often use clinic patient to solve the big mistery but this one was just lame. Cuddy is told by a kid that she gave birth to a baby, let it die, and abandonned it in a vacante house, she A)does not call police and children services, B) dresses up in thousands of dollars of designer clothes and heads right for the "hood" to look for a body? IT's A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE the baby is alive. The grand parents who are about to loose their daughter make no effort to keep the kid? Cuddy calls her lawyer? I mean what the hell?? Most characters were out of character and this one was really, really bad. Oh, and we haven't seen House pull the wool over Wilson's eye 50 times already and watching him steal food is not getting old at all.... Wilson says the same thing on every episodes - they just take out the thesaurus to write his part by now. So disapointed....
  • The episode was pretty lame

    Let's see how much of this has already happened. Patient being overweight and being made fun of? Check. Patient being pregnant and not telling parents? Check. House sending a present to himself to mess with his team? Check. Cuddy being maternal over a patient? Check. Chase and Cameron getting screwed over in screen time during a Christmas episode and only showing up at the party (except for Chase's quick 30 second trick of making the classmates think she was getting surgery)? Check.
    Why was Cuddy even on the case?
    Of course they have to bring Huddy up again, Taub thinking Cuddy was in love with House. Last episode was good closure to it, why do they have to bring it up again?
    They also had good closure to the baby storyline and it looks like that will continue as well.
    It was an interesting turn that Kutner was a bully and not the one being bullied.
    If it wasn't for the clinic scenes, I would have rated this episode even worse. The inhaler patient was great. And House saying the woman had a virgin baby just to get a present was great as well. Other than that, the episode was lame.
  • human side of house.

    It is once again an episode in which we see that house actually has a soul and i , personally, love these episodes.

    the storyline was pretty interesting but more interesting was what happend around it: cuddy gettin extra-maternal for no reason,but maybe just to show us again how much she wants a child. kutner and taub fighting a little over high-school bullies. house and wilson and the christmas spirit. and 13..well...13...

    what i can say is that , altough not an extraordinary episode, it was interesting and worth watching and the ending was sentimental and in the same time optimistic. i really belive that eventually the writers will give us the cuddy-house relationship we're all waiting for. or maybe, is cuddy the "one who got away.."

    i just hope that the cases will get more relevant for the show and that we won't constantly see basic phsihological explanations for everycharacter's action.

    and yeah. 13. seen that coming. but i tought she's a lesbian?! hmm. maybe bi them.
  • Too much drama...too little time....with a Christmas twist!

    The Irene Adler idea was very well played in this episode… going back to the first patient gives us a glimpse of how far the character have gone in this past 5 seasons, the Cuddy-House love- hate story arch has proven to be inconsistent but we can always fall back to the House-Wilson relationship for a good set of laugh; Taub and Kutner have problems getting their characters fleshed out in this episode out mostly because "13" is having the best basic storyline so far but since everything is not perfect… her relationship with Foreman feels odd because is played fast and loose, I can't remember Chase or Cameron for most part of the episode. Foreman in the other hand did a great job showing remorse and restrain as a mature Dr. Even when people around still him consider him "House light" The bittersweet ending about the girl being diagnose with Post-partum Eclampsia (handing the girl a death sentence because of the damage already done to her organs) and the beautiful baby found by Cuddy gives us a dramatic yet real perspective of the everyday live of the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey.
  • Ok, this isn't reality TV, but the show should not completely depart from reality.

    The female hospital director going alone into a crackhouse to look for a dead baby??? She could have had a cop with her and not really lost any impact of the scene. Kutner being a bully is fine, but the thing the writers missed the mark on is that bully's have the luxury of forgetting their victims while the victims will remember the bully forever. Often, the bully lacks the self awareness to even think of himself as such. This really rang false. The main story of the girl getting impregnated by the popular kid was silly as well. You can't try to give this hormonally driven kid depth by wanting to be with the unpopular girl who used to be his friend while making him ridiculously shallow at the same time. Can someone order a psych consult? House's initial interaction in the clinic with the "virgin mother" made up for the above transgressions though...
  • Not My Favorite House Christmas Episode. Spoilers as always.

    Ok, so the episode wasn't that bad, but it also wasn't that good either. It was an okay episode all together, but there wasn't a classification of just, "okay."

    I felt at times that the episode was just kind of...standing still. At one point I thought, "Didn't they do something like this already with the chubby kid." Ah yes, when Chase talked to her last time. Wow, wasn't that like season 1 or 2? Anyway, just didn't cut it for me this time. I was looking for something a bit more...special. Especially for a Christmas episode. Maybe the could've saved this episode for another one and created a better Christmas one?! *Shrugs shoulders* IDK, I guess I was looking for more...maybe I'm too picky? I was just comparing them to past Christmas episodes and this one is definitely the bottom one.

    One of the things I did...well, not so much as enjoy, as more of smile during the scene is when House was talking about adopting the baby and House was like, "Merry Christmas, Cuddy" and then walked out of the room. That was kind of a not so House way of course. I'm curious to see what they're going to do with the kid though. I can't help but think that if Cuddy has a kid/adopts, etc, that it'll change the show. Almost like if a relationship starts with them (House and Cuddy) that the show will change. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for Huddy, but if they ever do go down the route, the writers better make damn sure they do it correctly. Otherwise, it could total screw a show up. To me, it seems like they're slowly drifting away from it though, but who knows from the previews of the new episodes in Jan. Speaking of which, I'm not too happy about it being moved to Mondays either! Ugh, I'm in school at 8PM on Mondays! Grr!

    Ok, so the part where almost thought of, "Oh No! Jumped the shark!" Ugh, I bet some of you know what I'm talking about. OMFG, 13 and Foreman kissing? WTF? Oh please don't make a big deal of this ship (or whatever the hell you want to call it). I can already see the shippers coming out of the closet and onto the forums as we speak. I haven't seen many that are for them because, like me, I could give a rats a** about 13. I like Foreman more than 13, but by much. And then them together? Oh god, just more air time for them. Please throw me a bone here!

    Funny moment: When Taub and Kutner went to ask Wilson about the present and he was like, "Green wrapping" or something. LMFAO. And the story he told and they were all like, "Are you serious?" LOL Ahh, that was pretty good. I'm glad to see Wilson getting a few more lines in now. And what was up with Cuddy in House's office so much. I believe it had to do strictly with the case...of course, a child. I swear any case to do with a kid, teenager, etc, and Cuddy's right there.

    Oh well. Can't wait to see what they have in store for us next. Previews look pretty good...especially the one with all the water falling on House. ROFLMAO.

  • House is ridiculous.

    It was funny to see more of the clinic patience. We haven't seen those in awhile, and it's fun to see house's fast talking diagnosing either confuse them or piss them off. The asthma lady was hilarious, and the virgin birth thing was classic.

    I did feel like the acting of the 16 yr old kid's parents wasn't realistic, and definitely needed more emotion. They had one scene where the mother was like "Do the treatment!" but after that, they were pretty calm after they received the shocking news at the end, like they didn't care she was dying. The girl played her part well though.

    Cuddy's baby may have brain damage from lack of oxygen but all that doesn't matter because it won't grow up in time for us to find out. Unless house goes on 4 more seasons.. I hope so.

    That point where Taub stands up and comes strangely close to House while claiming he knows how House feels about Cuddy seemed awkward. The whole time I was like what is Taub doing?! It had me feeling awkward, and it was weird how House just brushed it off instead of putting him back in his place.

    Kutner's whole bully arch felt forced.

    I support 13 and Foreman.

    Good episode overall.
  • This was an interesting episode, very enjoyable.

    I had a lot of fun watching this episode. It was a joy to see the return of the clinic patients. House telling the clinic couple that the pregnancy was a virgin one (just to win his bet with Wilson)had to be one of the most outrageous things he has done on the show and I loved it. I loved it even more when he threw the gift he received from the couple at Wilson to prove he won the bet.

    The patient and Cuddy story was touching but sad. It's is always a downer when House losses his patient but especially so when the patient is so young. While I am glad that Cuddy got her baby, I wish they had found a way to save the patient's life as well. I also found it interesting that House choose to use the kindest way to find his diagnosis.

    As for the other parts of the episode. I found it was interesting that Kutner was a bully as a teen. I thought it was a nice touch that he went to apologize to the person he bullied at the end. I loved the Holmesian reference to Irene Adler. It was a nice reminder to the fans that House's character was loosely based on Sherlock Holmes. Sorry but I did not enjoy the Foreman and Thirteen stuff. I just don't find them that interesting.
  • God I hate Christmas episodes!! They had to ruin a streak of two episodes that are probably my favorites of the entire series with this idiocy.

    House should not be warped to fit the stereotypes of a Christmas episode (ie. some "miracle" happening). It just doesn't work. The acting was terrible to watch for much of the episode, it just seemed unnatural for the actors, especially Kutner. He completely overdid (or underdid) the whole hating bullies because he was one thing, but the thing is I don't even blame him because the lines he was given were ridiculous. Taub was WAAY too interested in (and way too comfortable talking about) the Cuddy/House thing, which was unbearable. It was just too much, and I actually liked the banter before.

    Thirteen's storyline was alright, up until the hookup with Foreman. I just think it's too big a stretch and it makes things awkward, even though they've been setting up for it for a while now. I guess we'll see how that turns out. It may be entertaining.

    Even House faking a woman's parthenogenesis seemed over-the-top, even for House.

    And the ending. Oh My God, the ending. The Christmas "miracle," Cuddy finding the baby alive, but oh no the teenage mother is going to die and her parents don't want the child so Cuddy has the chance to adopt. Yay for Cuddy, I guess?? I don't know what to feel about it. The parents took all the bad news about their daughter too well and too calmly, as did the daughter herself. I guess it was to let the viewers feel happy for Cuddy, but her joy felt too unnatural knowing the extreme misfortune it came out of, literally minutes before.

    I don't know, this episode just disappointed me. They tried to keep it House but make it a Christmas episode, and it did not work at all. And it sure as hell wasn't uplifting for the holidays.
  • Palindromes go both ways________ like thirteen.

    Okay, completely overlooking the unimportant, first fifty-eight minutes of this episode and zooming in on the unexpected. Now I know I haven't been keeping up to date on my House, so maybe I'm the only one who did not see this coming but still I need to rant and write about FOREMAN/THIRTEEN! Are they serious, sure it's about time Foreman got into the dating game, I think I saw one girlfriend way back in season three or was it season two, anyway did we not learn anything from dating co-workers? It seldom ends well (excluding Cameron and Chase). This, I'm positive, will not end well but I'm assuming it will provide some entertaining moments in the next couple of episodes.