Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a outbreak in the hosptial and people are really getting sick and house and the team are drawn to this kid who is 12 and his sitoms are not the same as everyone eles and they must figure out why and they come across some real serious reasons and house is tring to get her tom come back to her job afte quitting and she has one and only request that he goes on a date with her but she does not know if she can do that this was a good ep
  • Silly 12 year olds and they're silly diving and silly meningitis and silly, silly pregnancies.

    This is an average episode of House. That being said, it is also a very good hour of television. I guess that tells you what you need to know about House.

    There was a nice little twist at the end (not the very end, a nice twist there would have been if House beat Cameron silly with his cane, then told her to get out of town or else instead of agreeing to go on a date with her, Oh look a run on sentence!) To be honest, I was betting that the diving coach was like, molesting the kid or something. I mean, c'mon, we're how many episodes in and there hasn't been any child abuse. This is FOX for crying out loud! ...And I'm complaining for lack of child abuse, ummm, righto, ignore that.

    See, now one of the things I don't get about this show is that in this episode when House is interviewing replacements and in "three stories" in the lecture hall, the writers have demonstrated their ability to create some rather interesting possible future House-lackeys. And yet still, they insist on keeping Cameron around. It puzzles the will.
  • There's a meningitis outbreak, a strangely affected 12 year old out-of-town diver, and a sucession of potential replacements for Cameron.

    It was an episode like any other from this quirky, character-driven medical procedural.

    Then the end came and I clutched my pearls like an old woman. The oh-so-modern-yet-emotional Dr. Cameron refused to come back to the hospital unless her boss went on a dinner date with her!? Am I the only one who thinks that's just not right? I don't want to hear a whiff of sexual harassment tossed House's way; if anything it was Cameron who harassed House, especially in the last three episodes of the season.

    The young lady who played the main patient this episode was engaging and sweet. Very easy to root for.

    I hate when Cuddy chews out House, but I hate it more when she's right. Glad she's there to keep House "in his place."

    Anyhow, the majority of the episode is good enough, in spite of the caution against finding out that the 12 year old insists that sex at her age was her idea and taking responsibility for her consequences. I echo House in that felon is the more accurate term for the jackhole that took advantage- something that isn't even hinted at during the episode, keeping the story about the patient, in the end.

    An episode that is recommended.
  • An episode that makes you want to see more - character revealing and touching in every way.

    An episode with an unexpected diagnosis that made me tingle. Not just because it's such a prime example of kids growing up too quickly, but it was an episode about the characters. Already we know House isn't a people person, but the way he handled the situation with the little girl made me fall in love with him even more. Though I would have liked to see a little more interaction between him and the little girl character - build up the caring doctor/ fatherly figure relationship, it's still that connection and his reaction that makes me want to rewind the tape.
    I was torn by the scene between House and the parents, you could tell he wanted to explain to them, as it would help the girl and give her support, yet he held back, and it hurt him, making him all the more real and approachable. And when everything came together, his reaction, though quiet, was significant - touching. Again actions speak louder than words.
    This episode was one where House had to face his emotions. Getting attached to the little girl, as well as having to admit to Cameron he wants her to come back. He's getting closer to people, how long this will last we don't know, but I like the character growth and I think is what gave this episode it's standout quality.
    Highly recommended!!
  • Anothre great episode, but a couple of niggles...

    Yes, another great episode of House, incredibly watchable. Story was god, and yes, I suspected there might have been some child sexual abuse going on - kinda glad there wasn't...

    However, there were a few things that niggled a little. To start, I think House interviewing potential fellows had a lot more comic potential - there was so much more they could have done with this. Would have liked to have seen a few more minutes devoted to this subplot.

    Second, although I really liked the relationship House seemed to build with the 12-year old and the way he handled her, I found the language he used at the end "if you can bleed out of your vagina..." a little crude - yes, I know that's House, but still... she's 12!!!

    Third, as much as I loved the fact that Cameron has blackmailed House into a date... it is mos definitely sexual harrassment, and seems a little wierd that House would agree to it (although, as he pointed out "wierd works for me"). True, my husband pointed out that technically it ma not be sexual harrassment because she was techically not his employee when she asked for the date (although it was a condition of employment...), and House is very much in the power position here, yet it still didn't seem right - and frankly a little bit juvenile (who the hell blackmails people into dates at her age?!)

    I'm in Australia and haven't seen the next episode yet, but I know the date doesn't end well. Kind of what you'd expect given that she had to force him into it. Come on Cameron - surely you're not that stupid? What did you expect?

    Also, House's comments to Cuddy about her "funbags" surely could go down as sexual harrassment - although I suspect he knows he can get away with this with her. (Again, makes you wonder what really has happened between these two in the past).

    Nevertheless, still a great episode, and will keep me coming back for more.
  • Tears filled my left eye when I realized I wasn't saying Allison goodbye.

    The episode starts with a 12 year old child that's about to jump from great height into a waterpool. Standing up there some feet high she begins to feel dizzy. Everyone, including me, thinks she's going to drop dead or whatever. No, all went well. Great dive. Too bad everyone else proceeds to feel sick.


    Anyway, lets skip the boring part. Every episode is about curing a patient, and it always ends out fine. Boring.

    Highlights include, Cuddy, interviews with possible replacements for Allison and more Cuddy. Not to mention House going on a date with Allison. :]

    Not so highlights include a pregnant twelve year old and her refusal to tell her parents. But how surprising, in the end she caves in to House pressure and tells her parents the entire story and everybody lives happily ever after.
  • This must be one of my favourite episodes, even up until this point.

    This one did it for me. Even without seeing any previews for the Season Finale, i knew it was coming within the next couple weeks because of the intense episodes this week and the last. The whole meningitis outbreak was an awesome way to spice up the episode quite a bit. They could have just made it like the others where the patient has their own room, if they did that this episode would not have been nearly as good. It was deceiving at first at who exactly was going to the patient, this was actually well done.

    The scene where the viewers found out that the young girl was indeed pregnant was very shocking to me. It was one of the last things i would have expected, especially since she was a young girl with something important in her life. Very exciting and unique episode.

    Medical Problem: TTA Condition, underaged pregnancy
    Rating: 9.6/10
  • The best episode ever!

    This is my favorite episode of House. It has the most clever dialogue, the classic tense setup (House and Cuddy at odds), but with a twist (House and his team can\'t get anything they need done, plus no Cameron). Cameron\'s exhortative condition for coming back to work is awesome and adds a great cliffhanger; the interviewees (especially Gilmar!) are awesome. The reference to the Producers rocks hard; the line about the produce aisle at Wholefoods was insanely funny. And the character of the patient was fascinating, as was the way House deduced what was wrong with her. This episode is quintessential House.
  • I love this episode! I\'ve watched it so many times!

    I've seen it at least eight times, but I never get tired of it! It's so good.

    Last year I was sick and had to miss school, so I spent the whole week watching s1, and on the third or fourth day my mom thought I might have had menengitis (I don't know how to spell), but on the way to the hospital I self diagnosed that I didn't have menengitis because the symptoms didn't fit. Turned out my neck was sore from lying down infront of the tv all day. Go figure.

    Anyway, the only reason I subtracted 0.4% is because there needed to be more Cameron. Other than that it was a pretty good episode.
  • House begging Cameron to come back and an epiademic

    I really hate when they do that to us. You think something is gonna happen to one person but something really happens to someone else and then you're like oh. I really thought that something was going to happen to the girl at the beginning not the pool judge guy. The writers threw us a curve ball and I like that once in a while.

    I really enjoyed seeing House try to beg Cameron to come back at the beginning and at the end. It was scary that he actually agreed to go on a date with her in the end.

    Okay a pregnant 12 year old is defineately different. The case was pretty original and I really enjoyed that about the episode. Oh and House's speech about how he was only suggesting that something was wrong with her to prevent him from being bored was good too. And I loved the tormenting of Chase.

    All in all probably one of my favorites of the season.
  • House begs Cameron to come back.

    Well, I loved how House begged Cameron to come back. I was like watching tv, and all I could say was: say yes cameron. Please yes say you come back ! Well, she didn’t do that. She clearly only wants to come back, if House tells that he wants her back because he loves her or something like that. Not ‘I think you’re a great doctor’. House did knew what Cameron wanted, but still, he didn’t want to give her those 3 words. I want totally stunned when he did agree on going on a date. An epidemic on a hospital makes House and his gang having a hard time rushing all over the place in the hospital. Still House makes time for a joke here and there. Well, that’s why we all love House. A 12 year old girl who is pregnant is totally a new story. I hope something like that doesn’t happen in real life, because that would be too freaky for me.
  • A meningtis outbreak and a puzzling twelve- year- old diver. Plus, House tries to get Cameron to come back to work.

    A couch collapses at a diving meet and it is discovered there is a meningitis outbreak and everyone at the meet is rushed to hospitals. House is put on duty there after unsuccessfully convinving Cameron to come back to work. He soon strays away from his job as he discovers Mary\'s, a twelve- year- old -diver, usual symptoms but the fact she is unusally still alive. He calls Chase and Foreman off duty and they spend a couple hours Cuddy gives them on her case. Wilson and House interview a hopeful for Cameron\'s posistion but House is less than impressed with the tatooed twenty -something- year- old and sends him on his way. He later rejects a sassy woman because of her uncomfortable looking shoes.

    House finally discovers what is wrong with Mary. She is pregnant which, in very unusal cases, can cause TTP, her disease. She asks House if he will tell her parents and says he won\'t because it\'s not his decision.Mary\'s pregnancy is terminated and she asks the doctors to see her parents afterwards. House watches as she, crying, talks to her parents who start crying too but comfort her. It\'s really a good scene. House goes back to Cameron\'s to try to convince her again. They strike up a deal: House goes on a date with her and she\'ll come back to work. They shake on it and he leaves.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. The interviews were funny and I sort of held my breath both times he went to Cameron's. I thought the case was really good and her pregnancy came as a added twist. Great job!
  • Review

    I think the two scenes between House and Cameron effectivly covered up everything that happened in the episode. House turned down everyone that came to interview for the job and then fought for Cameron once he realized that she was going to work somewhere else. I would like to think that there will actually be something between House and Cameron, and there might, I just dont think it will last for very long even if they do get together. I thought the case in this one was interesting, yet pointless at the same time. I find it hard to believe Foreman and Chase, two very experienced doctors, couldnt find a pregnancy between all of the tests they ran. I know everything was hectic and they may not have been able to use the same equipment as usuall, but I dont see them missing that. Good episode all around though, drama and comedy wise
  • Pregnant twelve year old diver. Classic.

    I remember this episode! Outbreak of meningitis, little blonde girl who is allegedly twelve, (but we all know that the actor is older than that), and she turns out to be pregnant!

    Everyone assumes that because the girl is sick, she must have what everyone else has in the outbreak; meningitis. However, after many conclusive tests, she does not have meningitis, and in fact is pregnant. How unfortunate, yet true of many young girls. They think he loves them, they give in to pressure; but it's all a lie. I must say, the actor did quite a good job of purveying this startling perspective.

    The other very interesting theme of this episode -to me, anyway- was House agreeing to date Cameron in order to get her to return. A far cry from what I expected of him.

    Over all, a great episode, just like every other in the series.
  • TTP is a real disorder- ask me how I know?

    Truly this episode is special to me because I actually had this disorder. I AM A SURVIVER/ 7 months! I LOVE HOUSE and don't remember this one. But I was glad to see this rare condition talked about and I am sharing it with my Non Profit Organization (KYS cause for TTP)! It's good to see the word getting out there. This disorder is real and scary. However I was not pregnant, mine just came suddenly. I wish more people, including Celebrities would stand up and tell the world if they have it…Everyone talking about it helps create awareness and could help save a life!

    PS: In Fact, the entry/review before mine (Oct 19,2007) Was the day I collapsed and was rushed from the plane to the ER to the ICU!
  • An epidemic spreads.

    This episode seemed quite unrealistic with a 12 year old girl being pregnant, causing symptoms, but still it was intriguing & worth watching, of course it wasn't the same with Cameron not being there. But it shows her the Beginning & end which made this episode all the worth while, I liked the 12 year old girl's attitude, she did seem more mature than others, and she did a mature thing to tell her parents. What made the episode all the worth while is that cliffhanger in the end, Cameron will go back to work if House & her go on a date, which is the strangest negotiation ever. I like the people getting interviewed, but of course you can't replace Cameron, a great cliffhanger!
  • Epidemic and interviews

    So another 10 for House, but you can hardly blame me for that! The episode took on a whole different swing from the beginning, where the audience expects the diver to have something happen to her, but was completely curve balled by the judge collapsing.

    Of course, it was the diver who was the patient of the week, and she displayed some of the best acting for a guest star. House's care for her was once again seen when he stares into her room as she breaks down to her parents at the end of the episode, and the audience is shown the message of kids growing up too fast.

    It is also amazing how the diverse the writing is for this series- the previous episode was dark and dramatic, whilst this one was far more comic, yet both matched each other in their near perfection. House's interviews were hilarious and displayed some of the most quick witted dialogue so far, whilst his torture of Chase was also entertaining.

    And, for the Hameron fans, Cameron agrees to go back to work if House takes her on a date- quite unlikely a circumstance but also entertaining, and sets up the next episode nicely.

    Overall, a very entertaining and special episode, showing how the series has hit its stride going into the last few episodes.