Season 1 Episode 19


Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 03, 2005 on FOX

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  • Anothre great episode, but a couple of niggles...

    Yes, another great episode of House, incredibly watchable. Story was god, and yes, I suspected there might have been some child sexual abuse going on - kinda glad there wasn't...

    However, there were a few things that niggled a little. To start, I think House interviewing potential fellows had a lot more comic potential - there was so much more they could have done with this. Would have liked to have seen a few more minutes devoted to this subplot.

    Second, although I really liked the relationship House seemed to build with the 12-year old and the way he handled her, I found the language he used at the end "if you can bleed out of your vagina..." a little crude - yes, I know that's House, but still... she's 12!!!

    Third, as much as I loved the fact that Cameron has blackmailed House into a date... it is mos definitely sexual harrassment, and seems a little wierd that House would agree to it (although, as he pointed out "wierd works for me"). True, my husband pointed out that technically it ma not be sexual harrassment because she was techically not his employee when she asked for the date (although it was a condition of employment...), and House is very much in the power position here, yet it still didn't seem right - and frankly a little bit juvenile (who the hell blackmails people into dates at her age?!)

    I'm in Australia and haven't seen the next episode yet, but I know the date doesn't end well. Kind of what you'd expect given that she had to force him into it. Come on Cameron - surely you're not that stupid? What did you expect?

    Also, House's comments to Cuddy about her "funbags" surely could go down as sexual harrassment - although I suspect he knows he can get away with this with her. (Again, makes you wonder what really has happened between these two in the past).

    Nevertheless, still a great episode, and will keep me coming back for more.