Season 7 Episode 9

Larger Than Life

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on FOX
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House and the team must treat a man who collapsed after risking his life to save a stranger who fell onto the subway tracks, but it appears that there is more to this good deed than meets the eye. Meanwhile, House tries to avoid a birthday dinner with Cuddy and her mother, and Taub gains some unexpected attention and gets some help with his personal life from Martha Masters.moreless

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  • Is love enough?!

    House couldn't have started its middle season with a better episode than this one. We got to see more of that juicy relationship that has become of House and Cuddy. Hugh Laurie keeps getting better and better with time, he's like a bottle of wine. LOL

    Lisa Edelstein is really getting her territory marked now. She's actually having more on screen time, obviously do to Cuddy's and House's new relationship, but still, it is very nice to her getting the attention she deserves.

    Wilson, poor guy. Was dumped by his ex wife/ ex girlfriend and all he wants is a friend. And what does House do? He sedates the guy, for cying out loud! Classic House behaviour and wonderful on scene. The actress that played Cuddy's mom was fantastic. Her and Hugh had a great chemistry on film and the scene where she just dozes off is one of the best of the episode.

    For once, the actual diagnose was not something that seemed out of an episode of The X Files. The casa was very intriguing and the guy wounded up having chicken pox. Kudos to the writers for finally ending Taub's marriage! Great one too.

    I've already seen next week's promo, and I think we're for a treat!moreless
  • 1/17

    "Larger than Life" is more disappointing than I could have imagined. The first new episode of House in months and what do they do? They give Taub a huge storyline. Taub should not be a huge part of an episode, he shouldn't even be a part of this show. I did not feel for him when his marriage fell apart, I don't know how anyone could get behind that character.

    This show is really starting to test my patience. Even Dr. House did not have any good lines tonight and that is almost like a guarantee when you watch this program.moreless
  • Where can I get an autonomic Dysfunction admission?

    There are only a scarce few hospitals in the entire United States that handle autonomic dysfunction. The nearest one to NEW YORK (where I live) is in MEMPHIS at vanderbilt University Hospital. I plan to go there as soon as i can get my doctor and insurance to approve it. This weeks House featured another UN-interesting patient with what turns out to be ..well--

    a childrens disease. While this weeks episode

    was well written for the ever engaging and advancing

    interpersonal entanglements of the characters

    it was as vacuous as Forman has been all season.

    Why is he even ON the show anymore? I also feel

    the lack of ANY soundtrack (background score) since Mid-last season is another mistake. It forces the viewer to pay attention and that calls for the script wrtiting to be completely engaging. In MANY episodes last season the writing was anything but

    engaging. They are continuing the scoreless trend this year except for a scant 60 second song at the very end. Now regarding Autonomic Dysfunction.

    I would not expect the staff at Princeton-Plainsboro to be that knowledgable about a disorder few know how to diagnose or treat. They would have needed to bring in a CONSULTING doctor whose speciality is the central nervous system and autonomics.. This was a GOOD episode but without the music score it FEELS quite naked. Without engaging patient interaction it seems egotistically slanted toward

    character relationships ONLY. The downfall to all this is while it maintains its strong character interplay it LOSES on the emotional and gut wrenching levels of such episodes as GAMES or HOUSE'S HEAD. House's character has also been

    dumbed down since Season 4 (culminating in

    Speed Dating last season of all awful things).

    So I give this week a '7". Now where can I go for

    a Pituitary autonomic and adrenal gland biopsy?

    Serious inquiry.moreless
  • Another enjoyable episode - I might have to "up" the score on this show, and add it to my favorites.

    Well actually, before that happens - there will need to be several more good episodes. That means less House "team" and more House and his friends, including Cuddy of course. I loved the dinner scene, it reminded me of vintage scenes from the past; with excellent dialogue between Wilson, Cuddy, her mother (played by an excellently cast, Candice Bergen) and House. By the way, am I the only one who thinks Cudy's little girl is a little creepy? The side story, involving the disintegration of Taub's marriage, didn't bother me as much as I expected it too. And I kinda like the Amber Tamblyn character - she handles herself well. I might even miss her when Olivia Wilde returns and she is phased out. And just like in previous years, you cared less about the actual medical case the team was working on,(although it was great seeing Matthew Lillard), than in the interaction of the team. Here's hoping for several more good shows.moreless
  • Guy Doesn't Walk Into a Subway Train: A House Team Adventure

    A man jumps in front of a train to save a woman having a seizure but is struck ill himself and hospitalized at Princeton Plainsboro. House tries to manipulate from both sides to avoid Cuddy's birthday dinner with her mother and Wilson's Hong Kong Action Festival night out to mope after having lost Sam. Taub finds fame as his face is put as the poster boy of the hospital on a billboard and his wife takes a keen interest in this new angle of him. Cuddy's mom surely proves to be a handful the likes of a lesser Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) but this episode had a good balance of the House-ish fiendishly clever scheming, witty remarks, and a lesson that we can take away from it as our favorite medical team returns for the spring.moreless
Matthew Lillard

Matthew Lillard


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Sprague Grayden

Sprague Grayden


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Shyloh Oostwald


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Jennifer Crystal Foley

Jennifer Crystal Foley

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Kayla Colbert

Rachel Cuddy

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Rylie Colbert

Rylie Colbert

Rachel Cuddy

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    • Masters: Jack has an infection that's spread to his mastoid.
      House: Great. We'll confirm that in a week, when your secret cultures have sprouted.
      Masters: Am I in trouble?
      House: I only get mad when you waste my time. Couldn't care less about yours. But let me know when they come back negative, and I'll mock you.

    • Dr. Wilson: You have to go. Your girlfriend's birthday? It's not even a question.
      House: She has one every year. How often do you break up with the love of your life? Okay, for you, it's more often than most, but still...
      Dr. Wilson: I'm a big boy. I think I'll survive.

    • Taub: I was mugged once. When I saw the gun, my legs went out.
      Dr. Chase: I always thought it was fight or flight. Didn't know it was fight or flight or faint.

    • (about a billboard poster of Taub)
      House: We finally know what Tuab would look like if he were life-size.

    • Masters: Why is your assumption of his guilt more valid than my assumption of his selflessness?
      House: Because my assumption is backed up by millions of men, and Taub, who cheated on their wives.

    • Arlene: I wish that you would take a second look. I'm tired all the time, and when it's cold I get this weird pain in my shoulder.
      House: I have a pain in my leg. You don't hear me complaining... except for just now.
      Arlene: How do doctors get this idea you're better than everyone else?
      House: Probably all that pulling people back from the brink of death, it's just a guess.
      Arlene: My own daughter is a doctor. She makes a hobby of dismissing my concerns.
      House: She sounds smart.
      Arlene: Did she tell you to say that?
      House: I've never met your daughter.
      Arlene: That's hard to believe, since you're currently shtupping her.

    • Dr. Cuddy: House… I need you to come to that dinner for two hours. Keep your mouth shut, and behave like an adult. Yes, you will be in Hell, but I will feel better having you there. That is what a relationship is. We average our misery.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Wilson.
      House: It's uh, bowling night. He'll never forgive me if I don't. Oh, screw it. I'm coming.
      Dr. Cuddy: No, no. no. I am not going to be responsible for that. You drugged the man, you go bowling with him.
      House: Well, my chances of sex are considerably lower with Wilson.

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