Season 5 Episode 9

Last Resort

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on FOX

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  • House, 13 and a bunch of extras are held at gunpoint by a patient looking for 'the truth' to his mystery illness. This makes House like him. Cuddy emotes while the rest of the team con call their suggestions and furrow their brows at the telephone.

    This is the first episode of House I can recall that actually felt disappointing – not because the whole kidnap scenario is such a desperate TV cliché, which afterall it is, but because the writers of this episode could add nothing original to it whatsoever even with the gift of such an interesting character as House. Worse still, it felt as if the writers had suddenly forgotten what makes their main man so compelling. At his best House is a manipulative, self-obsessed sociopath. His capriciousness only makes us love him more. So how is it that he can suddenly become so stupid and predictable? This episode felt like going to a great restaurant and ordering the best dish only to end up with burger and fries.
  • w..h..a..t t..h..e s..l..o..w - m..o

    yeah, too much "style", not enough substance for my taste. lets hope they try to write this episode off as some sort of dream sequence, via 13. yeah, the next episode can start off with her waking up from a drug induced black-out...buck nack-ed. yes, that's the only way this episode can be salvaged. my preference would be ass cleavage, which i think would appropriately reference this episode...with some poop on the floor. well that's all i got. now to fill in the the rest of my word count 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, end.
  • Boring, pretentious and nothing like House.

    It was the worst episode ever! It was boring, pretentious and for a fan like me - painful to watch. Besides, it seemed that the screenwriters didn't know this series and House or maybe just didn't understand... This episode was like from some other series. The worst thing, however, is that the writers made House act like a moron - he has many faults but not this one! They just screwed up with the character. I hope this episode will be quickly forgotten and there will be no consequences in the plot in the next episodes. This is my favourite series but this episode left me disgusted.
  • My least favourite episode of all time.

    This is the first time that my score for this Series, that I have now reviewed from Episode one, has dropped below an 8.5.

    I thought the beginning part of the episode was thrilling, with House being held hostage. I loved how he was still able to be such a jerk even held at gunpoint. I also loved how he looked out for Thirteen, and how he included the old team in his diagnosis. Thirteen was also good in parts in this episode, and we see her actually with a desire to live, and to take up Foremans offer on the clinical trials.

    However, they could have expanded the diagnosis scenes, and the plot was completely unbelievable. For one, I have no idea why the guy freaked out quite so much as he did just over medicine, and that wasn't really explained properly. Also, what one earth was with the writing of the scene with House and Cuddy?? Normally so dynamic, this was pretty poor. Also, the scene with Wilson was a let down as well- Wilson and House have the best dynamic of the whole cast. And most of all House giving back the gun. Yes, he is obsessed with puzzles, but even that was a stretch of his character.

    Overall, the worst episode of House I have ever seen. Saying that, it could have been a lot worse than it was, and it was still entertaining in its own way- in comparison with other House episodes, however, this was dire.
  • Very cool concept ruined by terrible character decisions.

    This is a very original episode, bringing something new to a rather episodic show. Besides it has one of the most interesting medical case in the show`s history and brings House in a situation he has never been before..this has the potential of a 10, so what went wrong? There is no other way to put it:Thirteen.
    If there was any doubt, this episode confirms her status as the worst character of the show imo and I know I`m not alone in that. Her decisions of being a martyr throughout the episode, though intentional were abysmal. The character is a very bad copy of Cameron...she takes Cameron`s most annoying aspects, multiplies it by 10 and leaves out all the good ones. The worst thing is that the writers continuously keep one trying to make it work, it just don`t and most probably won`t. Along with the team, she works ok but center the story on her and the thing becomes a snore feast. This episode could have been so much better if it was someone else like Cameron or Wilson or even better Cudy in the place of Thirteen. I don`t doubt Olivia Wilde`s talents as an actress and she is damn sure hot and sexy but the character is a failure.
    House was as good as ever but Zeljko Ivanek stole the show ,he was brilliant. Overall, well directed episode with a overwhelming sense of danger that could have been so much more.
  • 509

    Something about this episode really annoyed me. I don't know if it was Olivia Wilde's acting, or just the over dramatic scenes that made you want to cringe. The formula for the episode was good, considering House has never done a "held hostage" plot. I liked House enabling the patient. I

    I just, for some reason wasn't crazy about this episode just like everyone else was. I think Thirteen was incredibly dumb overall, but in the end she realized she didn't want to die which was development since now she is going to start drug trials. The slow-mo explosion in the end was cheesy in my opinion. A cliche House this week since nothing we saw was really new here or original, but it was entertaining, I will give it that.
  • House, Thirteen and others get trapped in Dr. Cuddy's office by a man who simply wants a diagnosis.

    Hostage episodes have been done on just about every drama, but as far as the best ones this has to rank up there somewhere.

    We got more laughs than usual from House, and yet the show still was able to capture the real fear, intensity and magnitude of the situation. The writing was top-notch and it made the slightly extended runtime fly by.

    People have criticized the show's fifth season, and I am not going to state that I have a sanguine temperament about its future, but if they can produce episodes like this on a weekly basis no doubt will House continue to be regarded as one of TV's top dramatic series.

    Zeljko Ivanek who recently won Emmy gold for his portrayal of Ray Fiske on Damages may capture another come September for this guest role (although Jimmy Smits might give him some stiff competition for Outstanding Guest Star in a Drama for his work on Dexter).

    The show is also giving Olivia Wilde more screen time and rightfully so as she is easily more entertaining than the majority of the supporting cast. It was hard to find anything positive to say about her persona on The O.C. but Thirteen is definitely one of my favorite females to watch on the telly.

    The low ratings for this episode really boggle my mind because this is about as good as House can get.
  • Probably one of the best episodes of house so far. This is exactly why i love this show.

    This episode is an amazing episode. The hostage situation was pretty intense. With House and 13 trapped inside Cuddys office with the hostage taker. The man just wanted to be cured by Dr.House. Before taking each of his treatments the hostage taker told 13 to try all of the treatments first. After a while the hostage taker let some people go. Finally it was just House and 13 with the man. After each medication this man made 13 take it was killing her. At the end it was just the hostage taker and 13. 13 made House get out when he had the chance. The hostage taker also had bomb so when 13 was in there with the hostage taker. When the bomb blew up 13 survived but the medication were still ripping up her body. All in all this was a pretty amazing episode. The best one this season so far.
  • It just didn't feel...well like "House"

    Hmm not too sure how i felt about this one. I'm an avid house fan and would watch every episode either way. I probably wouldn't have noticed any flaws with the show if i hadn't discovered these forums. However, this episode made me realise what all the critics are talking about unfortunately. House (the series) has definately changed since the first two seasons, it is much more dramatic now, only the focus of the drama it hardly ever medical these days.

    I found the first half of the episode quite as good as usual until they left Cuddy's office and went to get th CT scan. That's when it went a bit...well off.

    House is seemingly becoming more and more crazy as each series wears on. To be honest i didn't find the whole handing back of the gun thing that much out of character, but the fact he showed little to no remorse at the end of the show, considering what could have happened to 13 just didn't sit right with me. He seemed far too happy about the events for my liking.

    I hope it's not too late to redeem House's character but if it keeps veering off like this, i think the shows days may be numbered...let's just pray the writers realise their mistakes and correct them before that happens
  • House gets taken hostage

    In this episode of House, the following happens. A patient goes mad in the hospital and takes several hostages including 13 and House into Cuddy's office. House and 13 start to try and work out what is wrong with the patient. But before any of the drugs can put into the patient, he demands that the drugs be tested on someone else first before himself. House manages to convince the man with the gun to let him talk to his whole team on the phone, so that they can solve the case. House soon diagnoses him with lung cancer, but they need a CT to confirm. So he ties the hostages around himself and they all head there. House manages to get him to give up his gun for the CT, so he gives up 2 hostages, as they run for their lives. But the CT shows that he does not have a tumour. So House hands him back his gun. House then speaks to the team on the phone and they come up with another diagnose. The drugs are sent in and yet again the drugs are tested on 13 first. Yet again the diagnose is wrong, but now 13 is getting worse and her kidneys seem to be failing. Soon they learn something from his history which he never mentioned, and so they come up with the correct diagnose. He trades House against his will for the drugs. 13 is yet again forced to take them even after she is told that they will kill her. Just as she is about to inject herself, the cops burst in and save the day. We then se 13 in a hospital bed, getting her kidneys cleared with dialysis. At the end of the episode Cuddy goes into her office, and sees the destruction and chaos that has been left behind.
  • Review

    Other then the complete unbelievableness of the entire episode, it was rather entertaining to watch. It does seem like someone breaks into this place with a gun though at least once a year and does something crazy. I thought the guy that they choose to play the hostage holder was a very good casting call. I have seen him act in other areas and he always does a good job at holding an crowd. I thought that the Cuddy / House moments were poorly written. This is also coming from a Huddy supporter who wants the two of them to be together. All of this nonsense would work better if they actually were together - I'm starting to think that we won't get what we want in the end. This season has been rough but I'm glad to see Cameron and Chase joining in on the cases more and more in the last two episodes in particular. I hope this is a trend that will continue into the future episodes.

    This eppisode is exactly the reason i watch this show! This is the best shw yet and i cant belive how good they made it.. Wonderful suspence, bone chilling excitement and everything in between! I never knew how wonderful this was until i watched it! I always put it off and then i finally watched it and now i watch it all the time! This episode is so good tat i am going to buy season 6 on DvD just so i can watch this! If you have not seen this episode you /need to watch it! You need to watch it now! So all i can say is best episode yet!
  • "Desperate House … and Cuddy"

    Ok we know House is not going to do something to get closer to Cuddy other than acting like a 15 year old trying to get her attention by annoying her. On the other side I hoped that Cuddy would stop being so stupid and take matters into her hands. They need to be together so that they can break up in order for things to get normal again. The sooner they get together the sooner they will break up the sooner the show can go on the right path. If not they have to rename it to "Desperate House … and Cuddy".
  • House has to diagnose a gun wielding maniac as the SWAT team prepare to storm the buildings..........

    Well this episode as certainly polarised the viewers [at least if the reviews on here are read]. I take the view that anything that gives us a break from the usual plot of - Cuddy brings in a file and tricks House into taking the case, House gets stumped for 40 minutes, Wilson says something that triggers House to spot the cure - has got to be worth exploring. But don't get me wrong about this, House is like Columbo ~ its the same every week and that's how we like it. OK you can let the odd patient die but mess with the formula at your peril. Give the producers a break here guys this episode was not too bad.
  • Brilliant episode. Guns, crazy patient, 13 self-destructing until the very last second, SWAT team meanwhile House is still House.

    Fantastic episode with all the thrill you can expect from a video production. The suspense until the very last moment while House classically keeps his cool and his pushy ways even under a gun-point. The end of the episode is puts the cherry on top of a deliciously filling episode. Guy with the gun keeps House and bunch of other patients hostage because he wants the "answer". Since this is all House ever wanted they connect in a "Stockholm Syndrome" way and House gives him the gun back when he has it for a short time during a CT scan. 13 voluntarily takes all the medicine given to the guy due to her self-destructiveness that peaked in the last episode. The mix puts her in a terrible shape along the episode and the last shot will her if she takes it. I don't want to ruin it anymore for you but this episode is definitely in the top 5 of the legendary House series.
  • Okay episode but pretty unbelievable

    This episode stretches the believability to the limit. The whole situation is so completely unlikely that you can't even pretend that it could ever likely happen. And although Hugh Laurie is at his sarcastic best, over all the dialogue is flat and differential (my favourite part) boring. The episode doesn't even move the on going story line along with Cutty and House both still admitting to liking each other and that is it. So in my opinion if you missed this episode don't stress and certainly don't go out of your way to find a copy as nothing happened that you can't work out from the next episode.
  • What a Great Episode, absolutely perfect!

    This episode is one of the best i've ever seen in House, M.D.
    It's not a normal circunstance in house. One patient very sick, many others patients and a nurse locked in cuddy's office with House and Thirteen, one gun, the Swat, the negotiation., it's all perfect.
    Everybody toghether again to solve the case. the old team, the new team, Wilson and Cuddy (looking like she's in love for House).
    I think this episode it's not in the "House, M.D." line, but sometimes the producers have to do this to remeber why "House, M.D." it's amazing.
    We're in the 5th season and still having surpises.
    Great episode...
    Congratulations to the Writers, producers, director, anyone else.
  • House is held at gun point to diagnose a man who is obsessed with finding out what is wrong with him. This puts 13 at risk of dying.

    This season for me has been disappointing but I must say that this definitely a highlight. This is because the story of furthered by the involvement of 13 as well as House and that it was a change of pace where it was not the same old situation you see every episode.

    While House is in Cutty's office trying to break into her desk draw, a man comes in with hostages in hand, one being 13, demanding to know what is wrong wth him. As House attempts to diagnose him he is handing over hostages for meds but not before he shoots one in the leg to make his intentions known.

    The tests get out of hand when the man demands that the drugs are used on others before himself and 13 being a willing lab rat. The cocktail on meds are reaking havoc on her body and she won't last long with all those drugs in her system. This episode shows that 13 doesn't want to die and though she would like to think she has accepted and early death she clearly hasn't.

    To be honest I have never been a fan of 13 as a character but ep showed a new side to her that I think is worth exploring if they want to make the character more interesting to watch. There is also a nice moment at the end of the episode with House and Cutty where it is made obvious that they desire one another but House being House wants to screw with her some more before anythign actually happens.

    A good that I hope will push this season to greater heights than what we have seen thus far.
  • Something different..

    Ok.. I most say I liked that they came out with new idea - patient is so desperate that he draws a gun and forces House to diagnose him. It sounds crazy and the whole episode.. it was little crazy too - the way House gave the gun back, how it all was from miscommunication and not complete patient history..

    What I liked: I liked the idea and the whole mess they made up - the scene when Cuddy comes back to her office and sees all that.. the look on her face - it was worth it. I loved the way House responded to hostage situation.. he took control and played it - it was his play not that man with a gun.. and those swat men outside realized it too. And it is weird but House somehow cared how this ends. And I liked that in the end Thirteen wanted to live.. maybe now she can put herself together and start living again..

    Ok.. there were some things that were not so good but.. class half full or hall empty? This time I will go with half full..
  • Magnificent.

    Now I don't usually read negative reviews because they usually ruin the experience of a good episode for me but I can imagine people are condemning House's decision to give the guy his gun back, I don't. I think it was perfectly within his character and one could argue that it was the moral thing to do.

    Think about it: He gives him the gun back, and finds the answer and saves his life, and that way at least everything that happened that day makes sense. Sure, in the process he potentially risks the lives of 13 and the boy; if he doesn't give him the gun back, he goes to prison undiagnosed and probably dies because of his condition. So to me it was likely death vs more likely death.

    It made sense for Chase to not want any part on this case and for Cameron to stick around. I also like the way things are moving with Foreman and Hadley, slow but safe.

    I hate it when she plays a big role but I don't mind that much if that role is her being on the edge of death.
  • Impressive

    Let me start by saying that the music in this episode was brilliant. I've complained about the pop music in other episodes; some episodes just had too much of it and it would take the emotion away (for me). Here, the score is great and mood-enhancing.

    The episode does have some minor flaws, but I thought the story was convincing enough. I don't think House's behaviour was out of character. House knew he wasn't going to kill somebody. That's why he shot the man in the leg. And he didn't force Thirteen to take the shot. He's using extreme measures, not deadly. The real star of the episode is Zeljko Ivanek. What a brilliant actor. If you haven't seen Damages yet, go watch it. In conclusion, a very good episode.
  • Would have been better if someone besides 13 was taken hostage.

    It would have been better if someone else was taken hostage besides 13. How many times are they going to bring up the fact that she is dying? It is getting old.
    Great to see Cameron working on a differential again. And she got the diagnosis!
    I don't know whether to be happy that Chase can finally stand up to House and say no or angry that he didn't care enough about other people's lives to help.
    Either have House and Cuddy have sex or stop bringing it up. Why would the SWAT guy even think they were dating? Cuddy was worried about the hostages so she is dating House? Doesn't make any sense.
    Hard to believe House cares so much about the puzzle that he would give the gun back. He could have kept the gun and continued working and just told the SWAT guys he got overpowered.
  • One of the best episodes of House I've watched in a long time.

    This was very different for House. It wasn't the normal 'confined to the bed, House with his team working on a patient' case. There's been a few times House has taken this approach and I haven't really liked it before. This was the first time I truly liked it. I liked the idea of the guy taking people hostage. It was very different for House, which can get mundane with its plotting. It's the reason why I don't watch CSI like I used to.

    In this episode, a man takes House, Thirteen and a couple of others hostage in Dr. Cuddy's office. I really enjoyed the change of pace in this episode. I got to see all the characters for once, even if they didn't stay long. A different and rewarding episode in my opinion.
  • Wow, this was really unexpected. I don't know how they could have gotten it so wrong. Everything about it was just off.

    First of all, House just wasn't, well, House.
    He lost his impulsive behaviour altogether and this was a big downfall. For instance when 13 kept taking the needles he didn't even TRY to stop her. Usually he would have grabbed it and told her how stupid she was being. He did tell her that she wants some sort of control by killing herself quicker but he didn't actually stop her like he usually would.

    I think this will be an episode that the writers will forget about in the next episode. Sort of like when House almost killed himself and then there was no allusion to it in any further episodes, not even at the start of the next one. The only difference being that that episode wasn't CRAP.

    There was no sense of suspense in this episode at all and as such it just seemed bland.

    I don't care how much House related to the patient.
    There was no reason for House to hand the gun back to the guy, he could have just told Cuddy and the SWAT team that he still had it and continued to diagnose him. House would have never put 13 in any true danger especially by walking out of the room. It just made him seem extremely pathetic which is unbelievably bad for his character development.

    It would have been a perfect opportunity for House and Cuddy to officially 'get together'. Yet the writers just didn't take that opportunity and I don't understand why.... I thought it was leading up to that the whole way and nothing happened. Extremely disappointing and I've never talked about a house episode this way.

    In short, I wish I'd never seen this episode.
  • Worst episode ever. Writers need to bring up SWAT teams to make the series exciting. It's their last resort. And that's exactly what makes it boring.

    I do agree with other reviewers that it's out of character. But it's not only about House giving back the gun. The whole show is now out of character.

    And this episode was boring. All this hostages-swat crap just kept me yawning. This might be good for another show, but not House. House has never been about cheap suspence for dummies.

    I know, most people would disagree with my review just because of the score, and i don't really care. But if you want to get my point, just watch the "One Day, One Room" episode from the third season. It's a great episode, and it's intense, although nothing really happens there.
    I'm not saying all episodes should be like that one. It's just an example how you make something exciting and interesting without stupid hostages stories.
  • I am a rabbid Hose fanatic, and this episode was the worst thing I've seen on TV in quite a while. It was an incoherant mess, and the writers irreparably damaged House's character.

    Worst. Episode. Ever.

    Is this just a case of not meeting my extremely high expectations for my favorite show on TV? Partly.

    Bust mostly I feel that this episode crapped all over House's character, and must be forever be forgotten by fans of the show.

    In this episode, Dr. House used his well-known powers of observation to point out when the people locked in the room with him were inexplicably violating their evolutionary survival impulse. As such, this theme divided the cast into those who valued their lives, and those who had already given up on them. And as though we were supposed to wait in suspense to discover which team House played for, his character played the field: from self-sacrifice, to idiocy, to disregard for human life, to suicidal tendencies. But this is not the House I know and love.

    The real strength to House's character - that which I see now that some writers still have not gotten the hang of - is that when all is said and done, he retains the most significant and desirable qualities of a doctor, which why he is the best. He cares about life and it is always his highest moral charge to do what he can to preserve it. It's not about how cool he is, or how much drama surrounds him.

    But in this episode, House handed his life and the lives of others to a deranged patient on more than one occasion. He acted as though he cared about nothing but the puzzle. He empathized with the patient, who would obviously have justified killing just to solve it. And I'm sure that thirteen and everyone else on the show will shrug off his total disregard for their lives and cheerfully work with him in the next episode.

    In reality, House's cold demeanor is a defense mechanism. His pragmatic take on life pushes him to express a lack of caring. He is morbidly curious, and needs to solve riddles to feel in control, but none of this can ever compel his as much as the desire to survive and heal.
  • This is a superb episode well worth watching.

    The episode opens with a desperate man, Jason, taking House, Thirteen and several clinic patients hostage to force the hospital to provide him with a diagnosis for his illness. From there we begin a journey of wills: Jason's will to give up everything in order to find out what is wrong with him, House's will to risk himself and others to solve the puzzle, Thirteen's will to risk her health and life because she thinks it don't matter anymore. House is a natural born leader weather he wants to be or not. So he takes charge of dealing with Jason's treats. As the crisis proceeds he tries to solve the case and protect the other hostages in his own housian way. But as things move on House starts to empathize more with Jason and his plight. Thirteen in the mean time has become ill and is growing sicker from having all the drugs tested on her before Jason will agree to take them. At one point House is able to talk Jason into giving up his gun in order to complete a test only to return the gun to Jason so he would have more time to solve the puzzle. I can understand House giving the gun back, even if it was not the smartest thing to do. I believe that House had become empathetic towards Jason at that point. I also believe that the stress of the past few months may have contributed to him to reacting in the way he did.. I don't think House was acting in a truly rational way for him. I am probably wrong but I think House used the puzzle as a way to keep from facing any fears he may have had. And I think by the point he handed the gun back to Jason he had invested himself so deeply in both his game and the empathy he had with Jason that he could not stop himself.

    At this point both House and Thirteen condemn each other as cowards. Thirteen condemns House for placing others in danger so he can solve his puzzle. House condemns Thirteen for not caring enough to protect her own life. Both have good points. Both are right and wrong about the other.

    The situation climaxes after Jason tells the SWAT team he is releasing House to get his finally treatment. House refuses to leave at first knowing that testing the final treatment on Thirteen will kill her. House even offers to take the drugs himself in attempt to save Thirteen, but is refused. House leaves the room believing he has caused the death of his fellow. Thirteen now faced with certain death if she takes the drugs finally decides she really does want to live and convinces Jason not to test the drugs on her. The SWAT team brakes in just as Jason takes the drugs and the crisis is over.

    In the end Jason got his diagnosis. And was happy even thought it cost him his freedom. House solved his puzzle but takes no joy from it but maybe a little relief.. And Thirteen found out that she wants to fight for what left of her life instead if giving up.

    The episode as a whole flowed well, keeping my attention at all times. The story was nicely thought out and the directing beautiful. Mark this episode as one of my favorites.
  • an exciting, tense episode

    House has been shot before. He has been in a fatal car crash. Now he's being held hostage. A normally routine day turns ugly when a crazy patient storms in Cuddy's office, holding several people, House, and Thirteen hostage until he can get a diagnosis. The SWAT team is called in and the hospital becomes a battlefield of wits: House vs. the patient, the patient vs. the hostages, and Cuddy and the SWAT team as they try and get everyone out alive. This situation could have wound up being extremely flat but this is House and it is done extremely well. House is intrigued of the prospect of solving a case at gunpoint and even though he's forced to solve the case, he do it to the best of his usual ability, calling in everyone, including Chase and Cameron. Chase is quick to walk out, because he doesn't want to play with lives. Cuddy realizes that she has a conflict of interest in the situation because she and House are somewhat romantically involved and she's often forced to bring medicine, trying to reason with House, but as usual, it does no good. The man is paranoid and forces Thirteen to take his medications with him to see the effects and Thirteen's life becomes at risk. House tries to figure out the patient and why he's doing this and the answer is simple but complex but very much "Housian": the man has been sick for a long time and no one can tell him what's wrong with him. He feels he's dying. He'd die to find the answer, he'd kill to solve the mystery. House can relate but at least House doesn't hold anyone at gunpoint. The episode shifts often to Thirteen and her struggle with Huntington's. She's going to die in less than ten years and now she has another life-or-death situation. That's why she's willing to take more risks and become a drug guinea pig and when she has a chance to escape, returns to help the hostages. Her actions confuse the patient, as he sees someone else who is dying and yet doesn't seem to care. More diagnoses lead nowhere and Thirteen suffers from the drugs. The patient slowly lets almost all the hostages go and takes House, Thirteen, and a young kid to the MRA ward. A chance to escape is thwarted by House, he's willing to see the case through to the end. Too bad he's not noble enough to have Thirteen and the kid go before he hands back the gun. House is not a bad person, entirely, but he has personal problems that often come back to hurt someone else. The boy gets to leave in awhile. House finally figures out the case and offers the patient the medicine to cure him. Too bad the patient is still too paranoid about the SWATs killing him. He demands House get out and Thirteen take the medicine, that if she takes, because she has Huntington's and the other drugs in her system, will kill her. Thirteen requests House to leave and he is left, safe. Thirteen holds the syringe, scared to pull down the needle but scared of being shot. Finally, a death that has come quicker than she imagined. The patient confronts her about her choice, over how he feels that she's so willing to die, ready to die, just on her terms, but now he's forcing her to choose where to go. Thirteen, realizing she will die, whichever way, admits she wants to live. She wants to live not just through this, she doesn't want to die at all. Her revelation leads to a change of heart by the patient and he injects the medicine into himself. Why he changed his mind is debateable. It could have been due to seeing someone else in a similiar situation: someone who is dying like him but knows how and is ready to face it and have no emotion towards the end. Hearing Thirteen admit her life is worth something to her, he can't kill her anymore and he decides his life is worth living. The patient is arrested and Thirteen is safe but is put in a ward to rest. Foreman, how sweet of him, waits by her bed. She tells him she's willing to undergo the Huntington trials he offered earlier, she's willing to take a chance to save her life. There's also the severe possiblity of she and Foreman becoming a couple. I want it to happen really bad. Cuddy observes the damages done to her offices. House meets her and she's shocked he's the same cold, sarcastic jerk he always is. House will be House, no matter what life or death situation is thrown at him. House accuses her of being biased during the stand-off because she wants a relationship with him. Cuddy accuses House of wanting that. House says no but it's a "yes" no, he's still scared. Whatever relationship they will end up in, it won't be normal, because House is too complicated for a normal relationship. This was a suspenseful, tense episode that was extremely surprising. Another well done episode. Next week Cuddy moves in to House's office, the relationship is getting pushed closer, and Foreman and Thirteen may start up theirs. Another sure to be exciting episode will be next week.
  • I'm not too sure about this one . . .

    First with the good. I think that it was good for House to see how crazy being obsessed with answers can be. I'm not sure he'll learn, but still good. Thirteen finally realized she doesn't want to die so maybe she'll get less annoying and weepy. I realized I miss the rest of the gang not being in on the diagnostic. The swat guy and Wilson seem to be the only people who know how much Cuddy likes House. Okay, now for the bad part. Why would the guy do it? Its totally weird. I can see shooting people to see whats wrong with your kid, but just cause you have to know? Like I said weird. Also, the swat guys were definitely not involved enough making the whole episode a bit unbelievable. Also, I'm annoyed at how big of a wimp House is being. Just as the woman on a date, but next episode looks fun. Cuddy and House are going to have a dipping each others pigtails in the inkwells competition, should be fun. Overall, I like where the character went in this episode, but ultimately find it very unbelievable.
  • Gimmicky and completely unbelievable.

    I'm generally a big fan of House but this has to be thre worst episode yet. The whole "hostage situation" was weak to begin with and I simply didn't get the man's motivation and his willingness to sacrifice his entire life for a diagnosis. Then - despite House's obvious problems - I cannot believe that once getting the gun he would not only refuse to shoot/threaten the man but actually give it back! The fact that he gave the gun back, deliberately endangering the lives of the remaining hostage and 13 would be grounds for prosecution under any scenario you like. The "I was overpowered" lie would fall over the second the final hostage was debriefed.

    Overall I was really disappointed this week. I love this show and think it can stand perfectly well on it's own without resorting to these cheap gimmicks.
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