Season 5 Episode 9

Last Resort

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on FOX

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  • House gets taken hostage

    In this episode of House, the following happens. A patient goes mad in the hospital and takes several hostages including 13 and House into Cuddy's office. House and 13 start to try and work out what is wrong with the patient. But before any of the drugs can put into the patient, he demands that the drugs be tested on someone else first before himself. House manages to convince the man with the gun to let him talk to his whole team on the phone, so that they can solve the case. House soon diagnoses him with lung cancer, but they need a CT to confirm. So he ties the hostages around himself and they all head there. House manages to get him to give up his gun for the CT, so he gives up 2 hostages, as they run for their lives. But the CT shows that he does not have a tumour. So House hands him back his gun. House then speaks to the team on the phone and they come up with another diagnose. The drugs are sent in and yet again the drugs are tested on 13 first. Yet again the diagnose is wrong, but now 13 is getting worse and her kidneys seem to be failing. Soon they learn something from his history which he never mentioned, and so they come up with the correct diagnose. He trades House against his will for the drugs. 13 is yet again forced to take them even after she is told that they will kill her. Just as she is about to inject herself, the cops burst in and save the day. We then se 13 in a hospital bed, getting her kidneys cleared with dialysis. At the end of the episode Cuddy goes into her office, and sees the destruction and chaos that has been left behind.