Season 5 Episode 10

Let Them Eat Cake

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on FOX

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  • This is more a review of the last few seconds than of the entire episode, so it's basically a spoiler in its entirety.

    I'm as cynical as the next guy, scratch that, more cynical, but that last scene made me sad. She shouldn't have expected any different, but she looked so disappointed.

    They say that a series goes down hill when the lead couple finally get together because all the sexual tension is gone, etc, etc. I think that's just a cop out. I'd like to see the writers take on the challenge of House and Cuddy as a couple. I think they NEED to take on the challenge. We're not surprised when the person who looks sick isn't the one who is sick in the opening, we're not surprised when the diagnosis is wrong. Nothing much in the show happens that we aren't expecting. Do I know how they could make House and Cuddy work? No, and that's why they need to do it.
  • Back to form

    I thought this was a nearly absolutely perfect, right until the end when they runined with Cuddy not meeting with House- a cheap ploy by the writers there! Quite annoying.

    Nevertheless, after the previous episodes disappointment, this was a much need return to form. The patient had a good character and some great development- I loved her scenes with Taub. She was a geuinally interesting patient, and House's diagnosis at the end was also entertaining.

    House and Cuddy, meanwhile, play games on each other as Cuddy waits for her office to be redecorated. Their scenes (right until the end) were filled with sexual tension. House being completely inappropriate was so frustratingly like him, but we saw a change in his character as he gave her a present in the form of a desk- very touching.

    Thirteen, meanwhile, starts the drug trials and we see more of her human side as she remembers her mothers deterioration- it was nice seeing that side of her, although Foreman's position was a little flat.

    Taub and Kutner are hilarious, however- their scenes was very funny, especially as House tricks them both in the end. It was a classic House trick, and it was good to see him team up with Cameron and Chase.

    Overall, a brilliant, witty episode that was marred just slightly by the tease at the end- keep with the wit and interesting patients/character development, not cheap drama tricks.

    This was a great episodes and one of my favorites overall (not just of the season but the series.) The prank that House played on Taub and Kutner was hystericel, i never expected that. I liked the story about Thirteen (i know the majority dont like her but i do). i thought it showed more about her character, revealed her past and showed us her future. The interaction between House and CUddy was brilliant. i loved the part where he grabbed her boob and then he gave her the desk but in his own special House way, screwed up a good thing in the end. As if that were not enough The Woman Was Cured By CHOCOLATE CAKE! if i had to have a disease that would be the one id pick!! :)
  • Another good one

    In this episode of House, the following happens. The patient in his episodes is a fitness trainer who is shooting a new TV fitness show. We soon learn that the fitness instructor had a gastric band fitted in order to lose weight. Since Cuddy's office has to be re-done, she has decided to use House's office until hers is all sorted out. 13 is taken part in a clinical trial with Foreman, for her Huntington's disease. House and Cuddy come really close to kissing again, but both back out at the last moment, although House does feel her breast instead. The team soon learn that she has a genetic condition in which she needs to go back to the way she was before her surgery. But she refuses to have the gastric band removed, and so they have to try to come up with something else. Cuddy's office is finally finished and when she goes in, she sees that the desk is not the one which she ordered. She soon sees that the one now in her office is the one which she had from medical school. Only one person knew where it was and that she was redoing her office, House. She goes to see him, but sees him with another woman and instead, just walks away.
  • Review

    How many times are we going to have to sit back and watch the writer's tease us with House and Cuddy? The ending of the episode was uncalled for, with Cuddy walking in on the fake patient. I'm so sick of the storyline they tease us with but never happens. If the show creators want it to never happen, just end it all ready and stop doing the week by week thing. The only problem being is that they have devoloped this relationship since season one, which makes it too perfect not to try and this point. The rest of the episode was okay. Foreman and Thirteen being off on their own means nothing to me. I don't connect with the relationship that they have nor did I ever really care about Thirteen and her issue. Cutner's fake website idea was kind of cool and I thought the trick House pulled was pretty funny. The entire episode was about House and Cuddy and right now its looking like it just won't ever work. I don't know, the show still has its moments where I'm interested but other then that its gone pretty much downhill this year.
  • Not exactly the best episode of House but still worth it's salt.

    House and Cuddy are blah for me. I don't want them together, I find them boring and far to predictable. Having said that even if I did like them I wouldn't surprised by House in this episode. Over the years a lot of fans have said House has changed and even grown in his own ways, that he might be capable of sustaining a relationship with someone (though it would have a lot of troubles) but then an episode like this comes along and while it's true that other episodes have shown change in House (he has changed somewhat over the years even though he'd never admit) he is still the self sabotaging jerk he's always been. Just look at Cuddy's reaction. We all know there can be more to him, there is more to him but he's so determined to be miserable he hardly ever let's it out. We've seen it but that other side, the one you just want to kick the cane out from under is still alive and well.

    But the same he ran on Kutner and Tub! Priceless! That was fantastic. When Kutner started using House's name I had a feeling it was only a matter of time before House made him pay and when Taub jumped on the bandwagon I knew this was going to bite them in the butt big time but I never expected the whole sick patient thing to be a giant scam. When she jumped up in the morgue I screamed right along with Taub and Kutner. So brilliant! If House would use his evil powers for stuff like this more then being a jerk maybe he could sustain a relationship with someone.
  • House at his best

    I love House. He's an unique character and the show itself is something totally different from the typical doctor/hospital drama.

    I like the new crew and so far, the writers have been giving us fine episodes with stories to develop their life stories. Just think Cameron and Chase are pretty much left to dry out there. Chase is a guy who just walks away from most of the cases and Cameron is herself but with little screen time.

    Since Wilson came back, he ain't doing much either..

    Anyways, House and Cuddy are interesting. Cuddy is beautiful and she's into House. But House, well,.. we all know how's he like..

    The plots are evolving and I just expect to see more of Wilson and the olg gang together!!

  • The team takes on the case of a fitness guru on an all-natural diet who collapsed while filming a video. Meanwhile, Cuddy is forced to move into House's office, and Kutner uses House's name to run an online medical-advice website.

    This episode has everyhting! ! ! ! ! ! ! A great medical case ! Many funy scenes ! ! and especially between House and Cuddy ! (House: I'm in an elevator, can't run away. -Dr. Cuddy: Can't run away anyway. -House: That's just mean. Why are we still together? -Dr. Cuddy: We are going to our office. -House: Pronoun confusion. Starts kicking in once you pass child-bearing age. -Cuddy: Now that's just mean.!!!) ! Much of the unexpected House reactions (and "overeaction" as said by House! !) ! ! The only thing missing is House in the Clinic but you won't think about it when you'll watch this episode ! This is for shure !
  • House takes on a fitness instructor with a mystery illness while Cutty shares his office while hers is being fixed. Cutner starts a second opinion website in House's name.

    This show has been disappointing this season to say the least but this ep was a fine example of why this show still has what it takes to keep an audience. While it still has the same old structure of patient is on death's door as they try to cure her of the 200 diseases they think she has over that hour, this ep also has some great moments where the characters are furthered and developed. This week House is handed the case of a fitness instructor who promotes an all natural fitness and weightloss program. As with all House's patients you soon find her to be a liar and that she had gastric bypass surgery to get her trim body. Taub grows attached to her as he believes she genuinely just wanted to be healthy and that her being pretty had nothing to do with it. Needless to say more is revealed of this character and the cure is as obscure as it comes, even for House.

    Meanwhile, due to the aftermath of last ep, Cutty moves into House's office to work. Wilson seems to realise why she is there and not someone elses office but she is in denial, as is House when he continues to damage her office more that will extend the renovation time. There is a moment where these two confess how they feel (not in as many words) but in true House style it is not what you would expect. This plot is handled very well and leaves for more to come later down the track.

    Cutner decides to set up his own second opinion website to make more money. All seems to be going well before he reveals that he has used House's name to get more patients. Taub and Chase use this to get a cut of the profits without House finding out. In this ep you always have the suspicion that House knows but isn't saying anything.

    Finally 13 has started the Huntingtons trials set up by Foreman. She is devoted to the tests but refuses to go because being around the other trialists reminds her of her mother before she died. This is a delicate plot line that makes you understand 13 a bit better as a character (even if she is my least favourite of the new crew).

    All in all if this is not the best ep of House this season it is bloody close. Set back and enjoy, House is still a hoot!
  • War of the Roses, Huddy style.

    In this rousing episode, House is determined to make Cuddy's life miserable after he's forced to temporarily share his office with her. Thirteen is haunted by her final memories of her mother while participating in Foreman's drug trial and the team treats a fitness guru whose symptoms may be the result of gastric bypass surgery. Meanwhile, Kutner is dispensing medical advice via website that bears House's name.

    The patient of the week was quite interesting, especially her genetic diagnosis. Who would ever think that being thin can be dangerous for your health? I really found myself empathizing with her decision to keep her surgery a secret, especially from the people she enjoys motivating. I liked the fact that the writer's tried to show that there are other ways of losing weight and that bypass surgery is just one alternative.

    The most interesting aspect of the show was delving more into Thirteen's childhood and learning exactly why she has been having a hard time confronting her disease, which really wasn't for reasons I had expected. I'm pleased to see that she finally has come to terms with her disease and is finally able to move forward. Hopefully, we'll see more of Thirteen moving on in her life and a little less focus on her Huntington's.

    Kutner's scenes were by far the funniest, especially when his entrepreneurial spirit comes back to haunt him in a hilarious way. House's revenge was masterful and fitting for Kutner's unethical deeds. The office scenes with House and Cuddy were just what I did expect, high on banter and immaturity, yet endlessly entertaining. House's surprise for Cuddy left me speechless. Cuddy didn't expect it and it was great to see House go out of his way to do something nice for her. The ending scene left little doubt regarding Cuddy's thoughts on a relationship with House but one can always hold out for a little hope.
  • Hopefully this Huddy crap is over.

    I have been complaining about Cuddy moving into House's office ever since I heard about it. It makes no sense; their offices aren't near each other. You can't tell me there aren't any free rooms; doesn't even need to be an office. I guess them playing pranks on each other was supposed to be funny and meant they liked each other. It just took away from the case, although I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me. I was hoping when it looked like House just wanted to have sex with Cuddy they would drop this. Unfortunately, the writers had House get her old desk. Hopefully after the hooker, this whole storyline gets dropped once and for all.
    Cameron and Chase went back to their old roles of 30 seconds. Guess the writers decided if they are on screen too much, people will realize how annoying their pet, 13, is. I could care less what 13 went through when she was young and her friendship with a Huntington's patient.
    The prank on Kutner was funny. And House getting Cameron and Chase to play along was great as well but that was the only good part of the episode.
    And House figured out that it was about looking good for the patient and not about feeling good.
  • Good episode but nothing too special

    I most say House is almost the most important show I am waiting every week.. Weird, last season it was the bottom of my list and now top.. I do not know what has changed but they have really great atmosphere lately.. or they have little turned back the way the used to make episodes or I am just getting used with that new way.. Anyway, this episode was nothing special - another House episode but with compared with everything else I watch.. it was good. I loved the story developing between Foreman and Thirteen and the website where Kutner posted medical advices in House name.. great ideas.. and the case.. nothing too special but I loved how she just got better after the cake.. What a twist...
  • Well, this episode was a big step up from the last one.

    Well, this episode was a big step up from the last one. It had good sub plots and a some what intriguing medical mystery. And the best prank ever. Seriously, I did not see that coming.

    There was a lot of character development in this episode. Usually I find the character development kinda boring, but the development in this episode actually served to further some of the story lines as well. We find out a lot about Dr. Hadley's past with her mother and the relationship between House and Cuddy takes a step forward and then backward.

    I do have a couple problems with the episode though. Even though it lead to a hilarious climax, since when is Kutner stupid enough to set up a medical advice website under House's name? Seriously, he wouldn't have done something like that. Also, since when was Dr. Cuddy's office destroyed to the point it needed complete renovation? From what I remember, there was some blood on the wall, maybe a bullet hole, and some writing on the wall with permanent marker and then some furniture got moved around. Nothing that warranted complete renovation. So the whole Cuddy has to use House's office thing was very contrived.
  • Oh men! I almost cry on the last scene!!! Amazing!!!

    Oh, I loved this episode!!!
    First, when Cuddy go behind House for them office! Cool!

    And them, All the scenes involving house and Cuddy, really funny! The thirteen treatment, so emotional, when she tell Foreman the situation of her mother... I really like the episode!

    The patient of Taub and Kutner!!! Singing!!!!!
    So cool! And the situation when she supposedly die! Awesome!

    And the last scene...i really almost died!
    It was so, charming...when Cuddy will thanks to House and he was with the hooker...!
    And the hand on her breast!!!!!!
    I loved it! Was so sexy! was so big!

    "can you leave me this?"


    One of the best episode ever!!!
  • Fantastic! Finally, House is House again!

    I've been really worried this season. The low point came with the Kiss episode, which was the most boring, depressing episode of House ever. Not a single funny joke, and none of the medical mysteries were interesting. Even the House-Cuddy kiss seemed awkward, and put me off the idea for the two of them ever working out. But slowly, House began to pick up the pace again. Last week's episode showed promise, and this week, I simply loved the episode! The medical mystery was great, the prank House played on Kutner was fantastic, and the House/Cuddy relationship was back where it should be: In Chemistry land ;) I don't understand why they took away the clinic, which was a high point of the early seasons. It was a playground for House to show his brilliance. Without it, I think they struggle more to find a decent balance between humor and drama in the show. I hope they see the err of their ways, and bring The Clinic back. I'm also pleasantly surprised at the turn of Thirteen's storyline. I never liked that character, and she didn't seem to click with House. But in this episode, they seemed just a little bit in tune. And I'm hopeful that Janice might bring some more aspects to thirteen.

    Thankfully, they're not jumping the gun with House and Cuddy. We all now it's going to be hard to see these two in a functioning relationship, so I hope they take their time before putting those two together. Overall, I Loved It!
  • a slow but still good episode

    In this episode comes the aftermath of what happened last time. Cuddy's office is torn to shreds from the gunman so she decides to temporarily move into House's office, which causes great tension to the both of them. Thirteen begins her Huntington's treatment with Foreman and Kutner starts up a patient-help site using House's name for some extra cash. Taub finds out and wants a piece of the fees. And in the middle of it all, there's a sick fitness trainer. The trainer annoys the heck out of Taub for some strange reason and he doesn't hide his personal distrust of her. He feels she's a cheat since she had gastric bypass and lies to her customers about losing weight and doesn't feel sorry about it. Since Thirteen is in trials, it cuts into her clinic time, much to House's outrage because he needs her help. Thirteen has her own personal problems to deal with. She's more than willing for treatment. Another patient though in Foreman's trial stirs up bad memories of Thirteen watching her mother suffer through Huntington's and how Thirteen couldn't understand what her mom was going through and had a sour goodbye to her mother. Foreman is frustrated over Thirteen's dodging and demands she get over whatever personal baggage she has. Foreman and Thirteen are not quite a couple yet. In this episode, Foreman treats her like a younger sister. The hug at the end shows how far they're progressing. They may not be intimate but they're more than just work friends and they have moved past simple friendship, as Foreman's feelings seem more than just mutual concern. I still keep hoping they will start a relationship. Another relationship in question is Cuddy and House's. Wilson correctly guesses that Cuddy chose House's office to stay so she could get under his skin, to have him confront her and expose his feelings for her. She's smart enough to know House is not one to spill his feelings unless pressed. Kutner and Taub run into trouble when an online patient demands to see House and they can't help her themselves. They wind up killing her and suffers House's wrath for not telling him. Relax, that patient's not dead. She was a hired actor. It was a usual set-up from House, scamming Kutner and Taub to make Kutner reveal the truth. Now House wants 50% of the fees and since Chase "helped" Kutner hide from House, he will get 25% and with Taub's cut, Kutner barely has enough money for himself. For the fitness patient, it turns out she was healthier being fat. She has a genetic disorder that requires her to eat a high sugar-fat diet. Strange. She opts to get alternative treatment and not the cure. She doesn't want to surrender what she has gained from losing the weight. Taub winds up disappointed that someone could be that superficial. Cuddy finally confonts House about her feelings. House is vague as ever. However, he does one of the nicest things he has ever done for everyone for Cuddy: for her office, she gets her old college desk. Cuddy is happy, feeling that House has taken a major step. And he has, in order to do something so unselfish. She runs to see him but turns away when she sees House with his actor friend. After last episode, this episode is kind of slow. However, it does set up possible future events to happen. I do want to see a Cuddy and House relationship, even if it can't last. Same for Foreman and Thirteen, even though they have slightly better chances. Just look at Chase and Cameron. It is a nice, slightly slower than last time, and still good episode from a show that still continues to surprise in amazing ways.
  • Tonight's episode was a fun one.

    The episode opens with the POTW shooting an fitness infomercial when she collapses. After the credits we see Cuddy walking with House trying to interest him in the patient. But Cuddy continues to follow House even after he has accepted the patient and tells House they will be sharing his office until her is repaired from last week's hostage crisis. Let the fun begin.

    The POTW is having lung problems that have nothing to do with her lungs and heart problems that have nothing to do with her heart. Cuddy right away interferes with the DDX and things just escalate from there. House and Cuddy continue both one upping each other untill Cuddy calls House on their game and tell him they should be kissing but House in his usual (running scared) m.o. puts a stop to it by being crude.

    Meanwhile while the POTW is being tested we find out that Kutner has been running an online advice service in House's name and Taub naturally asks for a cut to keep quiet. But then one of Kutner's online patients comes in and he and Taub quickly find themselves over their heads, or do they. It turns out that House knew what they were up to all along and set things up to teach them a lesson. Elsewhere Thirteen has started her drug trials under Foreman. And we get to see flashbacks into her past and how she felt about her mother's death.

    Finally the POTW chooses beauty over her own health. And Cuddy goes to see House after he arranges a very thoughtful surprise for her only to find him flirting with the actress(?) that he had hired to fool Taub and Kutner. She walks away very sad.

    I loved how House pawned Kutner and Taub. The last scene with them was priceless. I also love that Chase and Cameron worked with House to pull off the pawn. Chase and House (and surprising Cameron too) make good "partners in crime" I am not sure what to make of House and Cuddy interaction just yet, except that we know House acts worse when he is afraid so Cuddy must of scared the hell out of him. The Thirteen stuff was actually rather interesting this week. I liked learning her back story and liked how it tied into the problems Foreman is having with his own mother. They may turn out to be a good pairing.

    I can't say that I care much for the POTW. I found her boring and unsympathetic.

    Over all it was a really good episode and I would gladly watch it again.
  • A fun episode

    I loved the old fashioned banter between House and Cuddy in this episode. Many people are morning the death of Huddy (which is a stupid name), but I think it is premature. We don't know House did anything yet and they are both clearly into each other. Now that that is out of the way we can talk about another big development. We appear to be giving Formen a personality, which is great. They don't do enough with his character and this is a good development. He also make me like Thirteen more, so that is good. So, like I said this is a particularly cute and fun episode.
  • A Pretty Good Episode...With A Depressing Ending For Huddy Fans. Warning: Spoilers

    Ok, so I was looking forward to this episode. Cuddy moving into House's office? How great could this be. So, I loved when she was playing with his...ball. And then later, she said something to the effect of, "I've got your balls." LOL Sorry, my memories slipping right now and I don't feel like going back and looking right now.

    So...the whole Taub and Kutner thing. OMG, how funny was that. I thought for sure House was going to kill them. And then to see how get up and start giving the "dead person" chest compressions. For a second I was like, "what the hell is he doing? Has he lost his mind?!" And then when she came "alive" and House got off of her and looked at Taub and Kutner...OMFG! It was priceless! LOL But then, the end...*Sighs* When that B*tch was like, "You still have 3 hours left." Ugh! I knew it, I just knew that Cuddy would walk in on them or see them together. I mean, come on! The whole desk thing that (I'm pretty sure it was him) House did for Cuddy was cute...but then he had to ruin it. But, like someone said on the forum, how was he supposed to know that she would walk in on them? She did seem mad...or hurt, or something. But when she was walking away from him at the end, she looked very broken. Like that was the final blow or something. I feel bad for her. It's like House is giving her mixed signals. Of course, he kind of was an ass in his office earlier when he grabbed her breasts. I mean, nothing wrong with that *Smirks* but he could've...IDK, said something! Maybe actually tell her his feelings for once? But nooo! So send her away instead. I can't help but wonder if we'll see anymore of "them" this season. =( I'm kind of upset with the way things went down at the end. I don't think we'll see anymore of that woman in his office but who knows! Just when I think one thing will happen, the show turns around and does something completely different. *Throws hands in air*

    As far as 13 goes, I'm kind of sick of her attitude about things. She's had a lot of air time too, and since she's not really my favorite, ehh...not really enjoying it too much.

    Glad to see some Wilson in this one, though not enough. =) I love how he told Cuddy that she wanted to be with House, that's why she chose his office to re-locate to. LOL

    In all, pretty good episode, but also had some difficult, disappointing parts to it (only if you're a Huddy fan though). Can't wait to see next weeks episode.