Season 5 Episode 10

Let Them Eat Cake

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2008 on FOX

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  • Fantastic! Finally, House is House again!

    I've been really worried this season. The low point came with the Kiss episode, which was the most boring, depressing episode of House ever. Not a single funny joke, and none of the medical mysteries were interesting. Even the House-Cuddy kiss seemed awkward, and put me off the idea for the two of them ever working out. But slowly, House began to pick up the pace again. Last week's episode showed promise, and this week, I simply loved the episode! The medical mystery was great, the prank House played on Kutner was fantastic, and the House/Cuddy relationship was back where it should be: In Chemistry land ;) I don't understand why they took away the clinic, which was a high point of the early seasons. It was a playground for House to show his brilliance. Without it, I think they struggle more to find a decent balance between humor and drama in the show. I hope they see the err of their ways, and bring The Clinic back. I'm also pleasantly surprised at the turn of Thirteen's storyline. I never liked that character, and she didn't seem to click with House. But in this episode, they seemed just a little bit in tune. And I'm hopeful that Janice might bring some more aspects to thirteen.

    Thankfully, they're not jumping the gun with House and Cuddy. We all now it's going to be hard to see these two in a functioning relationship, so I hope they take their time before putting those two together. Overall, I Loved It!