Season 3 Episode 4

Lines in the Sand

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • Perfect.

    This episode was absoultely brilliant. The actor who played the autistic child was so harrowing and so very realisitic. I thought the portrayal of a family in trouble was absolutely brilliant, and very moving.

    I also thought it was great character development from House- it was interesting his parallels with Aspergers, even though Wilson and House both know he doesn't have it. As Wilson says, "You wish you were (autistic)". House envy of the boy, and his interaction, were extraoridnary viewing. House, who rarely visits his patients, was brilliant in how he interacted with the boy, and the end scene when the boy gave House his gameboy and looked him in the eyes was one of the most powerful scenes in House.

    I thought the stalker episode was brilliantly handled, and hiliarious funny to watch- especially when House gave his "Casablanca" speech! Trying to get his carpet back was also entertaining, as it always is when he and Cuddy are at war.

    Overall, this is the best episode of the Season to date- a brilliant episode, so moving and extraordinary.
  • An emotional and hilrious episode!

    My favoruite scene is the one where Wilson cant get Adam to stop moving and everyone is there trying to calm him down and then House comes in and Adam trusts him. That was pretty deep.
    I also love the scene where Cuddy and House are aruging about the stalker and when Cuddy walks away back to the room with all the people House yells, "You cant stop our love!" and smiles really big. Hugh Laurie never disappoints!
    The running gag with the carpet not only shows how funny House is but also how much he hates change. I dont know what else to say! GREAT episode!
  • A house best....

    A severely autistic child, Adam, is brought to Dr. House and his team after a period of choosing to draw squiggly lines rather than respond to pictures, breaking out in screams of pain, and having odd choking spells. Meanwhile, Dr. House engages in an office battle of wits with Dr. Cuddy and confronts his jail-baiting stalker.

    "Lines In The Sand" does everything that makes House M.D. a brilliant show and it does it so good. The acting could not be better with Hugh Laurie going even above his already usually high standards, Leighton Meester stealing every scene as House's stalking temptress, and Braeden Lemasters giving a very shocking performance as Adam. Of course, the medical mystery case is also very interesting and has a very satisfying conclusion. The humor is also in abundance with House using every available place in the hospital but his own office for conducting meetings so Cuddy will bow to his will, House's back-and-forth with his booty-licious stalker, and just flat-out being House. But where there is humor there is also depth and drama with the motivations behind House's office battles and a terrific one-two emotional punch ending.
  • She's back...

    Hey, the from GG returns, that's nuts! Well that girl is nuts & it turns out she was the one sick all along, I love her attitude though, she was funny through the whole episode. I loved when House found out she was sick. Hilarious! Another plot I liked, the carpet stain! That was amazing & Cuddy finally gave in & gave it to him, Cameron looked so in love with House in this episode. The sexual tension was everywhere! Now finally to the patient, a kid eats sand and gets worms, I liked when the little kid gave House his favorite game in the end, And I would not want to have tape worms in my system. A great episode.
  • Some of the funniest, some of the worst scenes of the series

    OK, does anyone remember that I have a son with autism? The work being done with the son is not done with anyone with seizure disorders, severe retardation, self injurious behavior or the like.

    I am going to vomit if I ever hear the word SAVANT again. Suggesting that House has Asperger's was pretty insulting.

    As usual, the diagnosis came out of left field and was what no one would have suspected.

    On the other hand, the part with Ali having San Joaquin Valley Fever is one of the funniest ever. The part about needing the carpet back? That was pure anal retentive House at his best.
  • Review

    Good episode, though it got a little boring from time to time. The end of the case is where it really got a little out there for me, the diagnosis seemed so simple. I also didnt care for the part where the kid tells House that he eats the sand. The best part of this episode was House wanting his carpet back in his office and going every which place in the hospital for him to get it back. I thought the connection between House and Cuddy in this episode was fantastic and still remain that they have the best connection on the show to date. Overall, the episode had some funny moments and I thought the drama with the little kid was very hit or miss. The scene at the end with the kid giving House the PSP was a very powerful scene, but the episode was missing that little something to get it up there in my rankings.
  • House identifies himself with another human being! House has a stalker (or maybe two)! House wants his carpet back! House gets a present from a patient!

    This week's patient was an autistic boy and the source of his distress. In the meantime he demands for his blood stained carpet and tries to handle a underage stalker.

    The writers did portrait the autism storyline to present and discuss the dissapontment of having a not "normal" kid and the often missunderstood condition.

    In protest for his carpet, House refused to work in his office, which led to mildly amusing brainstorming sessions in the clinic, Wilson's and Cuddy's offices, the chapel and a conference room, which gave us the much teased "You can't stop our love!" moment.

    Overall, the team was unenthusiastic about the case, approaching it with a close-minded predetermined diagnosis that Adam was screaming not from pain but merely as a result of his autistic state. Again, they showed their limited ability to think outside the box ? or in this case, the sandbox. The boy's problems stemmed from ingesting wormy sand.

    Weaving in and out of the team's diagnostic efforts was the pointless fatal attraction begun in the last episode. House's underage crush, Ali, returned to the clinic with a "rhino thing" and an overwhelming desire to bare her chest to a doctor more than twice her age. House may not have encouraged her advances, but he didn't necessarily discourage them, either. He left that dirty work to Cuddy, who all too happily obtained a restraining order. In the end, House tricked the girl into believing her love for him was a symptom of a spore released during an earthquake in California.

    Despite these uneven happenings, there were shining moments in which House earned the credibility that he regularly brings into doubt with his over-the-top and often antisocial antics. Hidden beneath all that bluster is a man who is able to communicate with his patients. Here, by communicating with his patient on a monkey-see/monkey-do level, House managed to cut through the assumptions of what the boy could and could not do.

    Cuddy had a couple of shining moments herself, when both Wilson and House danced around the topic of getting it on with her. Interestingly enough, Cuddy called House's bluff but outright rejected Wilson's sarcastic offer to make out. Could be she's the true stalker of House's body, yet his wariness about having imperfect children may keep Cuddy chasing him for quite some time.
  • How would you treat an autistic child?

    THis is one of those episodes that show that Doctor House is a good and nice guy sometimes. His episode was the perfect example of that. This episode begins with a child taht as it turns out in the end has worms in his lung, liver, and brain behind his eye that also went in to his eye and live there. Doctor House discovers this and treats him. In the mean time, Ali a patient of doctor House's daughter, is still in her crush mode over him. And is stalking him. That is until he finds out that there had a been an earthquake and that that is what is causing her crush.
  • Here´s looking at you kid!

    Here ´s looking at you kid!
    First English is not my mother language so I ´m sorry for any mistakes. And now the review....
    This season is getting better and better. Very funny episode, the carpet problem, the diferents places where the diferencial was held, really funny, and at the same time the episode deals with a very serious issue, autism. And House quoting Casablanca, if I wasn´t already a fan I would became one just for that scene (yes Casablanca is my favourite movie), thank you writers. And the end… Brilliant. House was able to make a connection with the kid and comunicate with him. Definitely a ten.
  • brilliant, my brother and i have been saying for the past two years that house has aspgers syndrome

    Coming from a family who copes with this type of problem every day this episode really affected me as it was very well dealt with and I thought that the character development was stunning.

    my little brother has aspgers syndrome and so has my mother, and many members of my family recon that he has aspgers syndrome (all though Monk--from the TV show monk--is more the aspergic type) house reminds me very much of my brother, over opinionated and always thinking that he is right. (and did I mention arrogant—I love my brother but he wont listen to a word I say)

    Oh and as a side note am I the only person who couldn\\\'t stop laughing over the \\\"you have nice hair\\\" comment??
  • Autistic boy, communication problems and stalkers...

    I really liked this episode. Autism has always been a very interesting topic to me. I really think the writers and actors outdid themselves. The House-patient interactions were great! I espicailly liked the way House used the PSP to get his point across. Though, his stumbling out of the room after inhaling the anesthesia comes a close second.

    I also think that this was a good episode in which we could get into House's head, at least, in a way that we already suspected. Wilson summed it up quite nicely with his comments on how House envied the boy in his ability to disregard the rules and norms of society due to his unique viewpoint of the world.
  • The case involves a majorly autistic boy. House seems rather caustic because he wishes he didn’t have to deal with other’s emotional baggage and “social nicieties.” He complains about his carpet to see if Cuddy will replace it.

    The episode starts in so profound a way (like most episodes) with no indication of what show it is. Which is exactly what hooks new viewers. Think about it: a medical mystery with all those cool visual “shock effects,” and you’re suddenly caught up in the action. The scene starts with an autistic kid and a persistent father trying to get him to identify various objects, but the kid keeps drawing lines. Afterwards, they begin eating and the kid starts, as his mother says, “choking,” though not technically, because afterwards he starts screaming.

    Big deal, the kid screamed. But when the case is brought to House, he is suspicious because the parents haven’t brought the kid in for screaming before. Cameron is surprised because, in her words: “since when did we start believing parents- or anyone?” They start testing the kid for various things, seeing as House won’t budge. House gets infuriated about his carpet and he demands that Cuddy replace it, which starts off a chain of events, firstly where he goes to work in the clinic and meets Abby, who develops some sort of crush on him. They run the autistic kid through an MRI and nothing pops up, so they do a lung biopsy (tactfully convincing Wilson to do it since he’s an oncologist and it took half an hour to do the MRI). House comes in with the kid screaming hysterically, takes the mask, puts it on his own face and the kid sees “another monkey eat the red berries.” Monkey see, monkey do. As House says: “the kid’s still just as messed up as when you brought him in.”

    House then introduces the circle of the “skinny, socially-privileged white people.” He says he envies the kid because he is free of emotional baggage and worries, which are degrading and therefore meaningless.

    He talks with Cuddy. Apparently Abby has called 15 times. House blackmails Cuddy with the line, “you can’t stop our love,” in front of a bunch of people.

    The kid turns out to have liver cells in his armpit, and somehow House brings up the idea that he should test his stool. He finally uses Cuddy’s office and Foreman is kind of skittish about it, when she bursts in.

    The autistic kid turns out to have raccoon roundworms (which you can read about at the bottom link), Abby has a spore in her brain impairing her judgment, and Wilson convinces Cuddy House has As Berger’s (sort of goofy since I have a relative with As Berger’s and House is not the type), and therefore “needs” his carpet back.

    Overall this was a very packed episode but very good. The only disappointment was the diagnosis of the roundworms (again, see bottom link).
  • Legally House had no problems with pursuing Ali

    You can alwasy tell when a show is filmed in California or if the network is scarred about a plot line. Ali never had to look into the age of consent in Iceland being 14, she didnt even have to look outside of her own zip code. In the great state of New Jersey as well as many others in this great country the legal age of consent is 16. House was not her doctor or teacher when she first came on to him so there was not a problem. As far as House episodes go this one was right down the middle but it would have been nice to see him with someone he didnt have to pay for.
  • Not too shabby at all!

    Being diagnosed with Aspergers myself, I eagerly awaited this episode to see what would be made of it. I must say I was for the most part very impressed with the portrayal of Adam\'s Autism, as well as the range of reactions to it. I think it was brilliant that House claimed to not pity but envy the boy. Whilst this is a very controvertial view, it is not unheard of. This is one of the very very few instances in visual media where it has been suggested that Autism may be more than just a disability. This is great to see, as the view is not at all uncommon amongst people with Aspergers.

    The attention to detail was excellent; throughout the piece we saw Adams \'stim toys\'; the blue water see-saw, the chalk board, his gameboy. I particularly appreciated the message that Autistic kids do things in their own time; I\'m sure a lot of parents struggle with criticism that their are over-indulging their child and letting them get away with anything, when in fact often the best strategy for all involved is to let the kid finish their game, even if other people have to wait.

    I do have one relatively small qualm about the episode, that being the ending where the kid gives House his gameboy. Whilst this managed to capture beautifully the unexpected moments of clarity and connection when an Autistic child just blows you away with an insight that you didn\'t know they had, it was quite unrealistic. That gameboy was an anchor for Adam; it was his way of keeping an all-important routine, his way of finding calm and solace. There is no way in hell I would part with anything that gave me that kind of comfort, and I seriously doubt that Adam would either. I think a much more realistic ending would have been for Adam to go up to House and touch his face; an action that, whilst not entirely appropriate, indicates that the child is acknowledging and reaching out to you. I also don\'t think Adam\'s parents would have let him part with the gameboy; sure, they were thrilled that he was reaching out, but they would also have known that their child would most likely not be able to cope come \'gameboy time\' if he didn\'t have the gameboy. I would also like to point out that I do not think Adam actually made eye contact, which was consistent with Autism; instead he looked over House\'s extremities.

    Despite that small dither, I think overall a great episode; certainly a nice change from the stereotype kid who doesn\'t talk but can tell you the square root of 1098732478903421098732487903214!
  • A surprisingly realistic portrait of dealing with an autistic child.

    A very intriguing look at some of the issues parents who are raising autistic children face. I've rarely seen such an accurate portrayal of autism on tv. Massive kudos to Braeden Lemasters for such a skilled performance, as well.

    The parents were portrayed with devestating accuracy. The over-controlled, over-scheduled life as an attempt to give their son his best chance for progress. The fear of losing their son mixed with relief at the break that they have from their 24/7 job, mixed with guilt at feeling any relief. My nephew's high-functioning autistic, and the mental toll autism causes caregivers is practically unbelievable to anyone who's never seen it themselves. The scene at the end when Adam gives House the gameboy was both touching, and so true. On the very rare occasion that someone with that level of autism does notice the world around them, generousity of that type is typical. The only note in the entire autism storyline that rang a little false for me was the idea that both parents would give up their careers to take care of their son. Many of the therapies needed for their son are very expensive.

    The secondary story line, with House's stalker was a little implausible, but funny enough to make it worthwhile.
  • This episode of House was one of the reasons that I watch this show.

    When a severly autistic boy is dying, it's up to House and the crew to save him from dying. It is also much harder than it sounds and looks when the boy is struggling and screaming all the time. It's also a problem when they don't know what is wrong with the kid. Cuddy decides to gets House's rug changed, he decides not to go in his office until it is changed back and he goes everywhere in the building. Also, when House's supposed girlfriend (the doctors mostly think she is a stalker) keeps showing up at the hospital, the doctors all think she is a problem to House. In the end, they find that the boy had worms in his eyes. Overall, I liked this episode. I found House to be brilliant and witty because he still saved Adam, being distracted with the carpet and Ali. I liked this episode and now I can't wait for the new ones on October 31st.
  • Brilliant!!

    I am a new fan of this show; I watched it once about 3 weeks ago and got addicted quicker than House to Morphine. I don't think there is a more brilliant writing team on television right now. In this episode; it was obvious that everyone assumed sexual abuse from the beginning; thats why it wasn't. I quickly learned that it is never as it seems in this show. My only regret is not watching this show from the beginning; but I dismissed it at first due to the fact that there has already been about 150 medical shows and I thought the notion seemed rather tired. What a long term show this will be.
  • House got off to a flyer in the third season. Another awesome episode - I truly enjoyed it.

    There are a lot of things good in this episode.

    - It's hillariously funny: some of the exchanges are just magical.

    - I really liked the 'lines in the sand' foreshadowing the worms at the end - I thought that was good.

    - We get to see House being really stubborn and selfish regarding the newly changed carpet, which to me is a bit odd. It's a side of House I didn't really expect to see.

    - Ali appears again in this episode. The way that House ended their 'relationship' is a classic!! I'm still unsure whether the 'spore' explanation is true or whether it is just one of House's ploy...

    Overall - another great installment of a great show, just like the previous 3 episodes of the season. Long live House!
  • House stubbornly demands that the blood-soaked carpet be returned to his office, and feels a twinkle of happiness when the autistic kid he cured gives him his PSP. CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!

    A really great eppy of House. More is revealed of Wilson and Cuddy's secret discussions about House, who shakes off his under-consenting-age stalker, demands he get his blood-stained carpet back, and saves another life all in one episode. After hours of frantic searching, the group fins out that the kid had worms from eating dog-poopy sand, and fix up the problems with his eye, chest, lungs, etc. House shakes off his stalker by diagnosing her with a spore that causes irrational behaviour, and we're still unclear if she really had the spores, or he was just shaking her off. House also experiences a better high than Vicadin can give him when the kid gives him his PSP, which Wilson comments on, saying "That's a 10", after he and House talked about the position of various "highs" on a scale. We figure out more of House's inricate personality, as he cannot stand things being mixed up, and gets his old carpet back. A great episode with tons of feeling and character development.
  • An interesting episode.

    An autistic child who can't stop screaming made for an interesting episode. I'm gonna say that it was also weird because I have an autistic cousin named Adam who is 6 so it was kinda weird to me.

    I was upset that House didn't make anymore comments about Cuddy being pregnant but the two of them were still hilarious. I enjoyed their arguments about House's carpet and his 17 year old stalker. House was like all over the clinic it was funny when he decided he was gonna do the diagnostic stuff in the middle of the clinic because Cuddy wouldn't give him his carpet back.

    There was also some nice chemistry between Cameron and House. I loved how they were in Wilson's office it was entertaining.

    There was some interesting stuff with the characters and the case was pretty interesting too.

    Can't wait till November.
  • Amazing episode

    Everything about it was great. As usual, House was witty and intelligent. This is exactly why I watch House. I loved the end, where the kid gave him his PSP and looked him in the eye. It was, at the risk of sounding cheesy, touching. And I\'m glad he got his cane and attitude back. He just wasn\'t the same without them! Now he\'s back and perfect, just like always.
  • Good Episode

    This was a good episode, which is a good thing because its at the start of a new season. In this episode there is a severly autistic boy that cant even look people in the eye. And he has had no health problems in the past until one day he randomly starts screaming. And like always House cant figure out whats wrong with him. In the end they find out that it is worms in his body. They got in through the mouth while the kid was eating sand. And they save him. One of the other big things that happens is that House's stalker is more determined then ever to spend time with him.
  • Informative and Hilarious at the same time, this is why I love the show.

    This episode had me on a rollercoaster ride for the most part, it took me watching it twice to get a real read on my interpretation of how I felt about it.

    Unfortunately for me, there were a lot of famous lines and dialogue "borrowed" from other shows/ movies that made this episode extra special....I apparently need to watch more classic movies, cause I hadn't heard of most of them, hence having to watch it twice to get most of the injokes.

    I wasn't happy with the return of stalker girl, but it's done and over with, I can move on now. I knew it was coming and just gritted my teeth and bared it.

    I did like how we delved a little more into House's character, and why he identified with Adam (the POTW) so much. I always wish for more, when it comes to House's character revelations, but I know if we find out too much, the show would be I'll take it in little bits, so that the series is around for awhile.

    The ongoing carpet issue made for some hilarious scenes in this episode. I believe that the carpet was just a minor distrubance, that we blow up further into the season. I don't think House has dealt with being shot yet, and this is just the beginning of the cracks in his armor.

    I'm not looking forward to 4 weeks of baseball, thankfully I can watch repeats, cause starting Halloween...things are going to get REALLY good.

    Best lines of the episode:

    House: I'm feeling frisky!
    Cuddy: I'm ovulating, lets go!
    House: The frisky, it went away.
  • A pretty good episode, with quite a few truly hilarious moments, which we haven't had in a while. Good acting and an interesting medical story.

    House was most definitely at his best – intriguing, provocative, emotionally distant, yet very sensitive and thoughtful when it came to solving the kid's problem. It was great to see that House was the only one who could communicate with the autistic kid (good acting on his part too).

    It was pretty odd to see how House insisted on getting the old carpet back. I think part of it is indeed his way of winning the power game with Cuddy, but also because he needs the constant reminder for himself and for everyone else, that he was shot in that room!!! Everyone seems to act like nothing happened ever since he came back - they only spoke about his operation and the Ketamine. Yet for some odd reason no one has yet bothered to explain what has happend!!!! Who was that guy? what happend to him? what about the trauma that House had gone through (and his team, witnesing that, for that matter). I hope that the stain is there to hint that at some point this will be dealth with. Of course, Wilson had to come with the "House is slightly autistic" theory to explain Hous's stubborness. Sometimes I'm amazed that the writers still go on and on with the same routine when it comes to Wilson, Cuddy and House. Good for House for telling Wilson to stop lecturing already! Wilson needs a life other then analyzing and criticizing House all the time. It's getting too predictable and boring.

    The "Ättica!" and "Casablanca" moments were great, but hopefully it's not going to go on like this on every episode from now on. Most are inside jokes and whoever is not familiar with the originals ends up missing a lot of the subtext and it's a shame. Very interesting development with regards to the sexual tension around the team members – I guess provoked by the girl in love with House: Foreman mentions his girlfriend screaming the day before (great House joke about that), then he walks into the clinic when House's is happily checking Alis's breasts… Wilson asks Cuddy if she wants to make out at the stairway…. Cuddy tells House she's ovulating….. Wow, where is this going to end? I hope this writer isn't taking them a step too far with all that. May end up as an "everyone sleeps with everyone" show, and I'm not too thrilled about that. It killed too many shows and it's far too early for that! Writers should keep in mind - tension is so much better then the action!!!
  • "A very special episode"... and I mean that sarcastically.

    Well, it was House, so that gets a medium score in the first place, just for having Hugh Laurie. And yeah, he solved the case, and had some really funny clinic scenes, so that raises the score a little as well.

    But that teenaged stalker thing... just not good. And then having it suggested that he is autistic, and that's why he needs his carpet back. Hmm... interesting route to go. And, of course, the main story line, where he figures out what's wrong with an autistic boy who can't tell him what is wrong. Nice that he could connect in such a way that he really did connect with the boy... unfortunately, I found it entirely unrealistic. The handing over of the gameboy (TM) at the end was just saccharine sweet, and not what I want to see in a House episode. And that's why it gets the low score that it does.
  • House, humor, and the most-touching-without-being-overly- dramatic-moment to date!

    Last week, was rough. It was gritty and disturbing. This week we're granted sweet reprieve with the comedic stylings of every House character. I don't think the ensemble has been this funny ever. I ENJOYED IT IMMENSELY! On the same note, the final scene between House and the boy brought to my mind Wilson's statement. No House doesn't have autism but he relates with this disease moreso than any other. House lives in his own world (Not for long judging by the chemistry b/n him and Cameron...) and there he's safe. He's what he always is...House.
  • I guess it's not much about the plot of the episode... It's just that it reminded me of something I've been through. I wish Wilson would tell me the same thing he told House at the end.

    Yesterday’s episode was... all too familiar. Just hearing about the autistic boy on the preview brought on some angry feelings. But I think I’ve decided to keep it on my tape just because Wilson said that House didn’t have it. He listed all the symptoms, which did sound something like House, but he said at the end that he doesn’t have it, although he wishes he did. He’s just a jerk.
    My mother and stepfather’s idiotic ideas about my brother and me have ended with me crying into my pillow, asking myself if it could be true. It’s hard to imagine House actually wanting to have it. I wouldn’t be able to stand having any type of handicap and I’m still sore from the past experiences I’ve had with my ex-housemates. I wish I knew how Wilson could possibly know House doesn’t have it. I’m less introverted then he, and no one can prove to me one way or the other what’s true. When you have a 3.6 GPA... don’t take pride in it because you haven’t tried from the beginning of High School and still get A’s and B’s, talk to people all the time online although one symptom of autism is not talking, and feel as though it’s impossible to be any different from others when most people have the same experiences and feelings as you, I don’t see how someone can say you have something wrong with you.
    I guess this isn’t much of a review... but that’s almost all I could think about during the episode.
  • Never thought a show about medical practices and hospital could be this good!

    I never thought a show about medical practices and hospital could be this good. That is why I didn't watch House before. However, this episode has changed my mind! At the last few scenes, the little boy came up to House, trying to get a good look of him with his damaged eyes. I was already very moved by that. Next, he handed his precious gameboy over to House. Damn, that made me cry. When the boy's life was saved, he went through this psychological transformation, moving from a demon that screams all the time to a mature, good boy that no longer touches gameboy. House saved him in so many ways that a boy could be saved. I was so touched! I am going to start watching House now. I look for more fine examples like this in the future!
  • Great focus on autism. Kudos.

    I absolutely loved this episode. My little brother is autistic and all the information was pretty accurate and the kid who played the autistic boy did a great job. The eye contact at the end was absolutely perfect, and the parents reaction was great. I was alittle angry at the ducklings for their treatment of the boy, mainly Foreman and I hated how CAmeron didn\\\'t even seem to care about the case, she jsut wanted to know what was up with House. But besides that, a great, funny, and touching episode .
  • This episode combinds the drama, mystery, character development, and House-isms that we all know and love. And, well, a blonde teenage stalker.

    I will say, that this episode was fairly good. It had a great medical mystery of what was going on because the autistic boy could not tell House what was wrong. They just couldn't find it anywhere. And then, finally, House is able to communicate with him and figure out what was actually happening, finding clues by what the boy was doing. But, I won't give that away, just in case.
    Then, of course, there was the character development, especially with House (who wanted his bloody carpet back) and Cuddy (Is she jealous or concerned?)
    There were two small problems with the episode. I found that there were a lack of really great House-isms. I mean, I loved when he yelled to Cuddy, "You can't stop our love!" or how he (I believe) completely tricked the stalker girl (Ally?) into believing that she was infected by something that was making her love him.
    But the whole "stalker" thing was a little weird. He's old enough to be her dad, so the attraction was... weird. She really became infatuated with him very, very fast, and she's only 17. I was a little weirded out by it, but I guess it wasn't really a problem.
    All in all, a great installment, but not the best; I want each episode to be so packed with funny quotes from House that I'm unable to breath by the end of it.
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