Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

A newborn is delivered into the world and the parents discuss what to name her. Her parents Donald and Sarah and their son Walker visit later and Donald goes to get something to eat. Meanwhile, Chase is paged to the front desk and finds Cameron waiting for him. She asks if they can talk.

Donald returns and finds his son and wife asleep. He looks for the baby and discovers that she's gone. They notify security, who confirms that no one has left the hospital. Cuddy meets with Donald and determines that the proximity alarm on the baby's bracelet didn't go off, meaning the baby is still in the hospital. She puts the hospital under lockdown.

Cameron wants to know why Chase won't sign the divorce papers. He wants to talk but Cameron leaves the papers and storms out... only to discover that she's been locked in the area.

Wilson and Thirteen are locked up in the cafeteria, while Taub and Foreman are caught in the records room. House is forced to leave the hallway and enters a patient's room. Meanwhile, Cuddy tries to calm down Sarah, and Donald wonders why the police aren't talking to their nurse, Smits.

Thirteen and Wilson try to find a way to kill time and end up playing Truth or Dare.

Cuddy talks to Smits, who notes that Walker pinched the baby when he held her.

Foreman finds Taub looking through the records, and Taub explains that he's found the staff credential files. They can look up anything on anyone, and Foreman is initially reluctant. However, he agrees that they can look at House's records.

House tries to find something on the television and notices that the room's patient, Nash, is on morphine. He starts diagnosing why his heart disease is preventing the morphine from working, and Nash admits that he has a day or two left at most. Nash knows who House is and explains that he sent a letter to House asking him to take his case. House refused to take something as mundane as heart disease, and Nash wonders if it bothers him. House isn't concerned.

Wilson and Thirteen continue and he asks if she's had a threesome. He's surprised to learn that she hasn't. Meanwhile, the police patrol the hallways and Sarah insists to Cuddy that Walker wouldn't have done anything with the baby. Cuddy points out that Walker is her stepson, and Sarah admits that Walker has been fighting recently, hitting hard enough to draw blood.

Chase and Cameron talk, and Chase stands by his decision to murder the dictator. She wonders what is going to happen and points out she isn't going to reason her into coming back.

Taub and Foreman go over House's files and discover that he's faked all of his files by claiming Cuddy was his patient every time. Foreman has some Vicodin and suggests that they take some so they can really get into House's head.

House notes that Nash doesn't have any cards or flowers, and Nash explains that he is a professor with few friends. When House suggests that he disable the morphine regulator and let him drift off quietly, Nash isn't interested.

Thirteen and Wilson discuss how her father reacted to her coming out, and she notes that he didn't react. She asks him if he's dating and he dodges the question, but then she refuses to answer his question about Foreman. Wilson then dares her to show her breasts to Taub and she agrees to do it... eventually.

Cuddy talks to Walker, who admits that he hates Brooke. However, he insists that he didn't do anything with the baby.

Nash offers House his morphine, and House admits that he's just been taking ibuprofen. When he admits he doesn't want to test for the source of the pain, Nash figures that it's a woman. House realizes he's projecting and asks who the woman in Nash's life is, and Nash refuses to answer at first. Instead he asks what time it is and House figures he's waiting for someone so he won't take the morphine.

Foreman and Taub relax a little too much under the influence of the drugs and start fighting. Taub notices Foreman's credential file and realizes that's why Foreman came down there. Foreman chases after him to get it back.

Cameron agrees to answer Chase's questions in return for his signing the papers. He asks if she ever loved him and points out that she was on drugs the first time they had sex. Cameron insists that she did but Chase notes all the times that she got cold feet, and that he couldn't stand up to the memory of her dead husband. She finally admits that she doesn't know if she loved him, and he thanks her for her honesty.

Thirteen returns to Wilson's future dating and she notes he doesn't want to talk about this love life. When he refuses, she dares him to steal a dollar from the cash register.

Taub discovers that Foreman was on academic probation for faking a lab result, and figures Foreman came down there to destroy the record before it got digitized. Foreman admits that he figured he had to beat the rich kids, and Taub points out that he didn't have to do it. He wonders why Foreman felt he had to destroy the records 12 years later, and figures Foreman doesn't believe he belongs at Princeton. Foreman finds Taub's files and the chase starts again.

House talks about Nash's lost love and how pathetic it is, and Nash finally admits that it's his daughter, Gracie. He explains that he left his family when she was six when he had an affair with a student, and never loved his wife. Gracie, a dance teacher in Atlanta, will get home at 9 and he plans to call her when she gets home. Nash asks House what his secret is, and House explains that he's always preferred to be alone, until he met a woman at the psychiatric hospital who left. He figures that they're all better off alone.

Wilson approaches the cashier, Daria, and tries to get her to fix a sandwich. He claims that Thirteen needs it but Daria wonders why cold chicken salad won't suffice. Wilson eventually convinces her to go to the kitchen and he takes the money from the cash register but sets off an alarm as everyone looks up. He puts the dollar back.

Cameron wonders why Chase is taking the news so well, and he explains that if she never loved him then he didn't ruin their marriage. He tries to comfort her and Cameron says that she did love him, but not in a way that would ever have worked. When Chase asks why, she admits that everything he said is true and she's an emotional mess that can't be fixed. They both admit that they're sorry. Chase then takes the divorce papers and signs them.

Thirteen and Wilson return to their game and Thirteen admits that she never told her father about being bisexual or having Huntington's. Wilson doesn't think she should suppress her life for her father's convenience, and Thirteen notes that he's doing the same thing with House. Wilson admits that he's considering dating Sam Carr, his first ex-wife. Thirteen figures that he's not ducking her because of House, but because he's worried about himself and things turning serious.

Cameron and Chase discuss their marriage and she admits she's going to miss dancing. Chase turns on his MP3 player and they dance.

Foreman reads Taub's file and can't find anything wrong. When he wonders why Taub acts like he's ashamed, Taub notes that he's just a fellow, working for people years younger than him . He points out that Foreman's life has been trending up.

Cuddy checks on Sarah, who asks if she has kids. When Cuddy says she had a daughter, Sarah explains that she adopted Walker after she married Donald, and worries that she can never love him the same way. When Cuddy goes to get her some tissue, Cuddy notices extra towels on the rack. She tells Smits to see who delivered the extra towels. She then notices another nurse, Adrienne Maldonado, who is standing shocked in the hall. Cuddy takes her arm and determines that she's having a pilomotor seizure. She realizes that Adrienne has been working on autopilot, and may have inadvertently taken the baby.

Cameron notes that they never had a proper goodbye and kisses Chase on the cheek. He kisses her back and things grow more heated for a moment. She then goes to the door and locks it

At 9 o'clock, House hands Nash the phone and he calls Gracie. The professor gets her answering machine and he hangs up. House realizes that he waited until he knew Gracie would be out. Nash admits that he just calls to hear her voice, and he has no right to need her when he was never there for her. House redials the number and tells Nash to say what he has to say. Nash tells her that he loves her and then hangs up.

Cuddy finds the baby in Adrienne's cart and returns her to her mother.

Cameron and Chase hear that the lockdown is over and reluctantly leave.

Wilson tells Thirteen that he called to make a date with Sam. He realizes that Thirteen lied about her father to get him to call Sam.

Taub asks if Foreman wants his file, and Foreman says he doesn't. They agree not to tell anyone what happened and Foreman leaves for the night. Once he's gone, Taub shreds his file.

Nash asks House to turn off the morphine regulator and House does so. He apologizes for not taking Nash's case and Nash drifts off.

As Taub leaves with Thirteen, she flashes her breasts at him.
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