Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on FOX

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  • Closure

    This episode more than any other convinces me that Chase fathered Cameron's baby. The bonding that happened between House and a dying patient was interesting. The game of truth or dare between Wilson and 13 was weird, but not as weird as Foreman and Taub getting high while comparing personal files.

    I found Cameron giving up and walking away from the Hospital to be hard to watch. She has always been the strong one, trying to save House, Foreman, and Chase. But after 7 season she finally gives up and decides that they aren't worth saving. I guess people change, and Cameron finally grew out of her Florence Nightingale syndrome.
  • The worst house episode ever.

    I never write reviews but this episode got me so upset. Cameron's replacement was worse than usual and the whole Forman getting high was just stupid. I know House to be a really good show. Th writers must think we will accept anything. I know TV is free and we can just change the channel. Last night I really wanted to. I kept watched because I thought that somehow House would carry the show to greatness as he always does. Istead we got to see the really lame Cuddy be the hero. In 9 to 5 she was great but one Cuddy episode is enough.
  • David Shore must be running out of ideas.

    I will support this episode because Hugh Laurie directed it, but other than that, it was...odd. There was no medical case. All it was was Foreman & Taub getting high (horrible acting), Wilson & Thirteen playing truth or dare (Wilson used the word "breasts" & unnecessary Jewish background music) and House being non-confrontational and egotistical as always. And oh yeah, Chase and Cameron getting it on (random much?) It was a strange episode, not like anything I've seen on this show. Hugh did a fine job directing, but it felt like a waste of time. I'm wondering when this show is going to end.
  • Episodes for everyone..

    So, the hospital goes into lockdown and everyone is where they are and they cannot get out. So we have few "mini-episodes" in this episode, showing what they are doing turning those hours.

    To be honest.. none of those mini episodes were superbly striking. House's one had very deep feeling and that colorschema on that scene even made the depression even intenser. But that mini-episode served it point but there were things I am not sure..

    Chase and Cameron's part of the story wasn't (in some moments) not bad either. I mean.. there were really powerful moments like when Cameron yelled she did not know.. But again, the ending somehow felt weird...

    And I am not even start telling about Wilson vs 13 or Foremand and Taub..
  • Bravo,Hugh

    My first House review ever.. What an episode! Bravo,Hugh! Maybe not a "great" one as we are used to watch! But surely a unique one!
    There were lots of funny parts including Taub and Foreman encounter at the archive department as well as 13 and Willson "game".
    But we watched also some nostalgic and sad scenes: Chase and ex-wife discussion and ...outcome. Same goes also for House and his full of meaning lines between him and the dying patient.. And they managed among all these to tell a story with enough suspence involving the Lockdown..So, for all these, Thank you, Mr. House :-)
  • Don't you just love it when House gets multiple personalities?

    I honestly thought House was over. Seriously. Those two soap opera seasons? The high strung drama? I was genuinely ready to move on.

    As it turns out, the reason this show was so good to begin with seems to be that it has clever people in charge. The problem was diagnosed, the treatment provided and we're back to House as it is meant to be.

    And, just to prove the point, here is a treat. Every now and then House likes to break it up with a few different parallel storylines, often with mixed results. This attempt was on the positive side of the balance for the same reason the last few episodes have been so good: it was fun to watch. The drama was engaging (and related to the actual "patient", rather than on the main cast, which is always a plus) and the comedy was, again hilarious. Kudos to Omar Epps, by the way. After six seasons of House we had kind of forgotten that the guy can be funny. Ditto for Olivia Wilde. She's gorgeous at all times, but the playful intelligence she shows in this episode is normally so far outside the range of TV eye candy it almost makes me feel guilty to watch her.

    In short, keep them coming. House is proof that self-conclusive stories and hard hitting narrative are not mutually exclusive on television.
  • Hospital goes into a lockdown because of a baby gone missing, and we see a series of character interactions.

    This has to be one of the best House episodes there has been, especially when set in contrast to what is been quite a dull season so far.

    Like all the great episodes of House, it depearts from the normal routine of the differential diagnosis, the miraculous last-minute, talk-to-Wilson-then-somehow-realises-the-problem epiphanies that we've seen. We get to see a series of one-on-one character interactions, and each of them we're done brilliantly. Taub and Foreman were hilarious on drugs, and the revelation of Taub's lost ambitions gave his character a new dimension and depth, and gave potential to a boring character to be interesting. Hopefully the writers will expand on that in later episodes.

    The Wilson and Thirteen part worked really well. Quick, sharp dialogue and intellectual depth that we've come to expect from the two characters, and when combined the both of them have great chemistry. I'm surprised that Robert Sean Leonard has yet to receive a nomination for an Emmy or Globe for his performances; he is the most consistent and likeable character on the show.

    The House and dying patient part was interesting in the sense that he revealed his vulnerability and placed some importance to the woman he met at the psychiatric hospital. Will she appear later on in the season? Meanwhile, though it was nothing out of the ordinary apart from the character development, it seemed much smoother than House's previous interactions with patients. And lastly there was Cameron and Chase. For me, this was probably the weakest of all the parts, but I could live with it. It was nice seeing Cameron come back for the both of them to talk it out, considering the minimal character development we've seen in both them for six seasons now. But to bring up the dead husband incident was overkill, and it's sadly probable that if Cameron comes back, House will be too crowded of a show, as it was before. Nonetheless, job well done House.
  • "House" is NOT "Gray's Anatomy"

    Just like "Wilson" and "5 to 9", this episode is controversial. Why? Because people are afraid that "House" might turn into "Gray's Anatomy".

    Fear not. "House" will never be like that. Quite the contrary.

    It is all about contrast. "Gray's Anatomy" is basically a soap opera, like so many other series set in a hospital. It works well if the daily chit-chat is contrasted with real drama of life and death.

    "House" is actually the other way round. Here, the medical drama is in the center of attention, and is contrasted against the characters. But with the exception of Gregory House, all these characters were boring and lifeless - and it wasn't the actor's fault, the scripts did not give them any chance.

    Sure, there were episodes that showed their problems. Take the whole "foreteen" bit - it never seemed 'real' at all; the problems all seemed odd and farfetched. It really felt unrealistic.
    But now, finally, these characters really come to life.

    Don't worry, this will not change the tone of the show; it will only intensify the experience.

    Nicely done.
  • Some parts good...some parts very bad

    This episode was overall pretty good. I especially loved the Wilson and 13 parts where Wilson had to steal a dollar. The parts with Chase and Cameron were not very enjoyable. I thought that the way she left before was better, but her sleeping with Chase was disapointing and made her leaving even more sad. Chase is a great character but he doesn't need to have Cameron to be great. The Foreman and Taub parts were incredibly unbelievable. I admit, when they first got high they were kind of funny, but they are supposed to be doctors! What if somebody needed them?! Foreman has been obnoxious since the start of the show, and I am disapointed that he is still here and Cameron is leaving. The parts with House and dying guy were okay but House didn't make many witty retorts or be funny in any way. The patient was very whiny and I don't see why he was so mad at House for not taking his case because it wouldn't have mattered anyways, he still would have died. This episode didn't really have a main case, even more so than the rest of season 6 which isn't really focused on the cases and House anymore.
  • Lockdown

    Hugh Laurie made his directorial debut in tonight's House, and it was quite the episode. It was almost like The Breakfast Club in a hospital. The characters were all divided into groups of two, some of which worked, and others which did not.

    I loved the Thirteen/Wilson scenes. They were funny, informative and just very entertaining. I lol'd hard when Wilson got caught stealing the dollar.

    I was excited for Cameron's return, but that interest waned pretty quickly. She's been one of my favorite characters on the show since I started watching it, but this was a fairly pedestrian way to say goodbye, and a real cop out by having her sleep with Chase.

    Surprisingly, House's scenes were not very interesting at all. No offensive jokes, no clever observations, just way too serious for Greg here.

    As a whole, this was a well done episode. I liked the lockdown storyline much more than some random patient with a stomach illness.
  • A very interesting episode

    This episode was very good, even though there was no actual medical case. The hospital going under lockdown is a very good idea, and I'm glad they used it.

    I'm happy Cameron returned, and I read somewhere she would continue to have a recurring role on the show. The scenes between her and Chase were very good and I'm glad they're going through divorce on friendly terms.

    It was nice to see Taub and Foreman bonding, although I was very surprised when they took the Vicodin. I laughed at the moments they had while high.

    The storyline was interesting, and for a moment, I actually thought the step-son had something to do with the baby's disappearance.

    House had one of his humanlike motnems while talking to Nash, and I was glad he persuaded him into calling his daughter.

    I enjoyed the Thirteen/Wilson moments and I was shocked when Wilson actually stole the dollar. All in all, Hugh Laurie's directorial debut turned out to be great and I hope we see more episodes like this one, just with a little more of the actual medicine.
  • The hospital goes under lockdown when a patient's baby goes missing.

    Some plots of this episode were amazing, and some on the other hand were quite the opposite. Cuddy orders a lockdown when her patient's baby goes missing. The rest of the episode is Cuddy trying to find the baby and tries to find out who took the baby. House gets stuck with a dying patient who he connects with. Meanwhile Cameron returns just so Chase can sign the divorce papers, something that he's been avoiding. Chase & Cameron are stuck together in a room, as they try to find out what went wrong in their marriage. Thirteen & Wilson play truth or dare and finally, Taub & Foreman look through confidential files, and they get high. I absolutely loved the idea of this episode, and I loved Cuddy's plot, her trying to solve a mystery. Who took the baby. Something that no one was expecting: A nurse took the baby, since she was having precognitive sezuires. Her mind was on auto-pilot all day. She took the baby. The baby is safe by the end. A great unexpected twist that I definitely enjoyed.

    House's plot was okay, we learn a lot about the patient, and House helps him come to terms with her daughter. So that plot was okay. I loved the Chase/Cameron plot. Finally they get closure, the way Cameron just left like that before was not a proper goodbye. Now I think she's covered all the bases, and satisfied her fans with a proper goodbye, from Chase anyway. They still end up divorcing.

    The goofy plots: Thirteen & Wilson playing truth or dare. An unlikely pairing, but definitely enjoyable to watch. We get to learn a bit more about both of them. We learn that Wilson is getting in contact with his ex-wife so that's eventful. Thirteen being dared to flash her breasts to Taub was hilarious. Taub & Foreman get "stoned," as they're looking through confidential files. That plot I definitely did not like. My least favorite characters paired up in an incredibly ridiculous plot. No thank you. Although it was nice of Taub to shred up Foreman's file in the end. Overall, this episode was really enjoyable. It was good, other than some minor setbacks. It definitely was better than the last episode, that's for sure. Great episode.
  • Hospital on lockdown

    The whole premise behind this episode wasn't even realistic. I can think of 4 times off the top of my head House has lost a patient and they didn't shut down the hospital- the faith healer in season 2, the lacrosse player in season 1, the heart transplant girl in season 2 or 3, and the kid who thought he had an alien chip in him in season 3. Sure, none of them were babies but the alien kid was like 10 and all of them were sick and shouldn't have been walking around the hospital because they might get worse or they might infect other people (since when they got lost, House's team didn't have a diagnosis). And why have they decided to change it up so much this season? There was Wilson's and Cuddy's episode and now this. They only had one episode the first 3 seasons where they didn't have a patient (One Day One Room) and that is when they were at their height. Why the change now?

    Truth or dare? Seriously? How old are 13 and Wilson? They have the whole cafeteria. It's not like 13 and Wilson are friends. If Wilson didn't know anyone else in the café, why would he sit with 13 instead of sitting alone? 13 was sitting alone before Wilson joined her. Wilson coming up with the story to try and steal a dollar was pretty funny though.

    Why exactly was Cuddy interviewing the nurse and the mom and the kid? Why weren't the police doing that? I'm pretty sure they would have someone with more experience in interviewing people. And what exactly were the police doing? It seemed like Cuddy was running the investigation. And I'm glad they brought in a helicopter to search for the kid when they knew the kid hadn't left the building.

    It was funny that House's file wasn't correct and he would try and screw with anyone that tried to read it. Taub's and Foreman's reactions to the vicoden were pretty funny.

    I hate how Chase blamed Cameron for their whole relationship. He was the one that didn't trust Cameron enough to tell her the truth about Dibala despite House and Foreman knowing. And all along he was the one pursuing her but then he just gave up in Teamwork and just let her leave. I'm not saying Cameron is blameless, I just think Chase needs to look in the mirror before blaming the separation completely on Cameron. She fixed the relationship after Chase wanted to break it off when they had problems with the engagement and prior to the wedding. She went and proposed to Chase after Chase broke it off and then she offered to destroy her husband's sperm before Chase let her keep it. She was trying. Cameron's admission about being so screwed up and unfixable was pretty heartbreaking. It seemed like this was the first time she thought about it and she admitted it to someone who just got done yelling at her for ruining their marriage. A mention of Cameron's parents? We didn't even know they were alive or anything about them. And at the wedding, Cameron walked down the aisle by herself.

    I wish they would have mentioned what Cameron was doing. Is she working? It would be interesting to see what kind of position she could get after her 3 year fellowship with House and then running the ER for 2.5 years.

    And I have said this every time there is heavy Chase/Cameron relationship stuff that happens, but Jen and Jesse did a great job. It had to be hard for them discussing relationship problems and why it failed considering it happened to them. The guy bringing up that he wanted House to take his case brings up an interesting point. Who is declining his referrals now that Cameron is gone? Cameron had to come back the one episode because no one on the team was doing his charts. And I'm pretty sure charts are more important than declining referrals. I hate how random patients try to psychoanalyze House and it seems like they know everything about him.

    I guess it is pretty obvious the storylines I didn't like and the ones I did by looking at how much I wrote about each pairing. Chase and Cameron have always been my favorite characters but I just thought their relationship was rushed and only put in because a) they were together in real life when it first started and b) the writers couldn't think of other ways to get Chase and Cameron screen time in seasons 4 and 5. I like Wilson but I can't stand 13 and truth and dare is just a ridiculous way to pass time for smart doctors. I am indifferent to Taub and starting to really not like Foreman so everything about their past I didn't really care about. Cuddy pretty much running the investigation made no sense. And House with the patient wasn't really exciting because we didn't learn anything about House; it was all about the patient. However, Hugh and David were great together.

    It was great to see Cameron again but I wish she wouldn't just be used for the Chase/Cameron relationship. And I said this when she left and afterwards, but I really wish they would have showed how other people were affected besides Chase. House was clearly affected because he almost went after her. It seemed like Wilson and Cameron bonded over Amber but he didn't show any reaction at all. Foreman seemed to have formed some sort of weird relationship and he was going to go see her in Frozen when Cuddy lied about firing her and yet he didn't show any reaction either.
  • Nice episode - so full of life. Well done.

    Nice episode - so full of life. Well done.
    ( A c t u a l l y , t h a t ' s a l l t h e r e v i e w , I ' m j u s t f i l l i n g u p t h e s p a c e - w h y d o I n e e d t o w r i t e a h u n d r e d w o r d s a n y w a y ? )
    By the way, there was a mistake at the end - showing Olivia from the back :)
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