Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on FOX

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  • Don't you just love it when House gets multiple personalities?

    I honestly thought House was over. Seriously. Those two soap opera seasons? The high strung drama? I was genuinely ready to move on.

    As it turns out, the reason this show was so good to begin with seems to be that it has clever people in charge. The problem was diagnosed, the treatment provided and we're back to House as it is meant to be.

    And, just to prove the point, here is a treat. Every now and then House likes to break it up with a few different parallel storylines, often with mixed results. This attempt was on the positive side of the balance for the same reason the last few episodes have been so good: it was fun to watch. The drama was engaging (and related to the actual "patient", rather than on the main cast, which is always a plus) and the comedy was, again hilarious. Kudos to Omar Epps, by the way. After six seasons of House we had kind of forgotten that the guy can be funny. Ditto for Olivia Wilde. She's gorgeous at all times, but the playful intelligence she shows in this episode is normally so far outside the range of TV eye candy it almost makes me feel guilty to watch her.

    In short, keep them coming. House is proof that self-conclusive stories and hard hitting narrative are not mutually exclusive on television.