Season 6 Episode 17


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on FOX

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  • Hospital goes into a lockdown because of a baby gone missing, and we see a series of character interactions.

    This has to be one of the best House episodes there has been, especially when set in contrast to what is been quite a dull season so far.

    Like all the great episodes of House, it depearts from the normal routine of the differential diagnosis, the miraculous last-minute, talk-to-Wilson-then-somehow-realises-the-problem epiphanies that we've seen. We get to see a series of one-on-one character interactions, and each of them we're done brilliantly. Taub and Foreman were hilarious on drugs, and the revelation of Taub's lost ambitions gave his character a new dimension and depth, and gave potential to a boring character to be interesting. Hopefully the writers will expand on that in later episodes.

    The Wilson and Thirteen part worked really well. Quick, sharp dialogue and intellectual depth that we've come to expect from the two characters, and when combined the both of them have great chemistry. I'm surprised that Robert Sean Leonard has yet to receive a nomination for an Emmy or Globe for his performances; he is the most consistent and likeable character on the show.

    The House and dying patient part was interesting in the sense that he revealed his vulnerability and placed some importance to the woman he met at the psychiatric hospital. Will she appear later on in the season? Meanwhile, though it was nothing out of the ordinary apart from the character development, it seemed much smoother than House's previous interactions with patients. And lastly there was Cameron and Chase. For me, this was probably the weakest of all the parts, but I could live with it. It was nice seeing Cameron come back for the both of them to talk it out, considering the minimal character development we've seen in both them for six seasons now. But to bring up the dead husband incident was overkill, and it's sadly probable that if Cameron comes back, House will be too crowded of a show, as it was before. Nonetheless, job well done House.