Season 5 Episode 19

Locked In

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on FOX

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  • A really good episode

    In this episode of House, the following happens. We open this episode with a man in a coma, and everyone thinks that he is dead. Luckily for him, House is in the hospital and believes that the man has locked in syndrome. House is there after having a motorcycle accident. Soon House calls in the team to help him to understand what has happened to the man, and to see if they can cure him. We also spend this episode, hearing the man's thoughts, which is really interesting and yet similar to what ER did in one of their episodes, with Cynthia Nixon off of Sex and the City. Soon as the doctor treating him doesn't believe House that he has cancer. When the evidence proves that he does, the wife agrees to transfer her husband to House's hospital. The team keep running tests hoping to learn what has caused the patient to become locked in. The team soon learn that he has an infection which he caught through a paper cut. They start him on treatment and by the end of the episode the patient starts to move his finger, which is a good sign. Soon he is able to talk again.
  • The best House episode ever.

    I absolutely loved this episode. Mos Def is awesome as an actor and the way it was filmed showed how others see the team. This was one of the episodes that made me cry. The Mos Def character's inner dialogue was so authentic. Also thought it was comical when he said that they didn't know what was wrong with him, again. I think this every episode, they have all of these ideas and only the last idea 5 minutes before the end of the episode is the right diagnosis. I didn't get the ending about why House was seeing a psychiatrist. But the very end when House got into the elevator and Wilson said he'll be alone; the locked in view from House was interesting. House is locked inside of himself. Very deep.
  • Amazing episode.

    This is exactly why I watch House- brilliant drama and storytelling, mixed with humour and emotion. The actor who played Lee, a patient who can only communicate by blinking, was absolutely brilliant, and easily one of the best guest actors they have had on the show.

    I loved the beginning of the episode, when House continuously outsmarts the New York doctor. I also loved how we saw a lot of the episode through the patients eye. It gave a new insight to the familiar characters, especially a more caring Taub who is now desperate to keep his job.

    I also loved the ending, where House himselves seems to be "Locked In"- he seems socially inept of communicating or having a proper relationship with anyone.

    Overall, this episode was pure gold from start to finish- a must see.
  • Much better than last week's weird yet OK episode

    I was excited about this episode when I heard of it and Mos Def was the absolute right choice to play Lee. The whole plot and direction of this episode was superb and I relished every single part of it. While I was hoping to see House crash his motorcycle for some reason I got over it when I realised it wasnt that important to be shown on-screen. What was great was how the first half of the episode was filmed from the patient's perspective and we could hear his thoughts. House was typical as I knew he found the patient fascinating only because he could only communicate through blinking. I liked how House made Taub fight for his job and in the end take him back because he cared enough to lie about the origin of the diagnosis (Kutner). The ending where House says, "Suddenly, you're not so fascinating" was satisfying enough as the patient at the end of the day was cured.
  • House has been going downhill for me... This episode brought me back.

    I would have to say that when i first started watching House, I was always so concerned with the patients and rooting for them to live. Well, lately, i find myself not caring. I mean, that cat lady was just intolerable. However, watching from the patients point of view really made me care about him. I wanted to know whether he was really dead, plus, the comments he makes about the cast are hilarious. It makes me feel like I'm a patient on the set. The scene i really loved was when House was questioning him while he was hooked up to the mouse thing, and the background is spinning. it's really fantastic.

    This is probably one of my favorite episodes of House. i would go so far to say that you could skip pretty much every episode of this season and just watch this one.
  • Review

    Better then most of the season, but still coming up a little bit short. You have to give credit for the writers to try something new - bringing us a very unique perspective with someone who couldn't even move. The case itself started off pretty strong, but got a little boring towards the end. The epsiode focused a little more on Kutner and Taub rather then House, with Kutner making the final call in the end. Cuddy has virtually been out of the show for a handful of episodes now, coming in only for a couple of seconds here or there. Wilson and House go back and forth, with Wilson trying to figure out why House was away from the hospital. It turns out House was seeing a psychotrist, which would have made interesting drama, but the end of the episode shows House not caring enough anymore. So now we won't even see him in the office having a talk even one time, which is kind of dissapointing.
  • This episode focuses on a patient's with Locked-In syndrome and how he experiences the hospital staff and his treatment.

    The episode starts off with Mos Def (the patient) waking up, not able to move and the viewer sees and hears only what he can see and hear. Luckily for him the patient next to him is House who just happened to be in a motorcycle accident and realizes that Mos Def is not brain dead but suffers from Locked-In syndrome.
    After a rough start House manages to get him transported to PPTH where he is treated and in the end of the episode cured.

    What makes this episode so interesting is the different narration style (first person narrator). The camera settings (seeing everything from the patient's view) is sometimes a little disturbing but it would be boring if they made every episode the same.

    I was laughing really hard when the patient arrived at PPTH and heard Wilson confronting House about his Vicodine use and thought "He's on drugs? What?" and "You guys are friends?" or when he was complaining about Taub's "midlife crisis", Foreman's boring talk about his relationship issues and especially in the OR scene when Chase told him they'd put him out for drilling the hole in his head and he was thinking "Oh that's... very thoughtful of you".
  • When a patient gets Lock in syndrome and he thinks it couldn't get any worst…he gets treated by the curious and irreverent Gregory House….isn't there a god around here?

    Let's keep it simple, the case was pretty interesting but only because we get to see him in the perspective of the patient. Mos Def does a great job giving his voice the special voice tingle to describe the working and personal dynamics of the doctors from the hospital…Foreman is failing at keeping us interested in his love arc, due to the fact that he is so boring (as explained by Chase on an earlier episode) the Taub storyline feels flat and Kutner and Thirteen did an ok job…but as usual Gregory House gets the best lines especially when discussing their "bromance" from the patient perspective, something refreshing yet light probably preparing us for some dark episodes on line.

    Good job, creative writing and yet so poor medicine…and yet I found myself totally concentrated for the whole episode
  • Premise is from "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly".

    A good episode, but the premise is a complete steal from "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", a French film based on a true story about journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby. Bauby was the editor-in-chief of the French magazine Elle. He fell victim to locked-in syndrome after a massive stroke. Like Bauby, the patient in this episode is mentally aware of his surroundings, but is physically paralyzed except for some movement in his eyes. Both the move and the episode chronicle a first-person view of a person with locked-in syndrome. There are also dream events in both that include playing at the beach with family, In this episode the patient was played by Rapper and Emmy nominated actor Mos Def.
  • I'm torn...

    I have to say, I was intrigued by the concept that this episode offered, but I think that the majority of it was short circuited by the terribly portrayal of the patient by Mos Def who mumbled and lisped his way through the episode, coming damned-near ruining the entire experience.

    Seeing House's old crew is always fun (as they never seem to appear on the show anymore and you really have to wonder what the point of them even being on the show actually is) and the interaction between House, Wilson, and Cuddy is the primary factor why I keep tuning in. I suppose I can forgive an insufficient guest star this time around.
  • Locked In - Oh I really wan`t be on place that man

    I write this review because that episode was different from all. The man "Locked In" his body without physical motion. A lot of episode we see eyes of this man, that is curious look on world, on start when some doctor want kill u and get your heart... really scary and that man can do nothing with this. Thanks God House was there :). "Locked In" can only blink to eyelid on start of course later he comunication through
    computer which was connect with his brain. Finally we find trouble this man and when he been during "work", there he to infect rat`s urine ( piss ). In this episode we can see also fight Taub to saty in the work and brilliant Kutner`s ideas.

    I like this episode so much.


    House rulez
  • House gets a patient that has locked in Syndrome when he has no apparent physical movement. Solid ep with a different point of view.

    It's always good to see established shows try and do something out of the box. This method is usually reserved for cable shows where massive ratings are usually not an issue. But by pushing it to a mainstream show House has been finally able to bring something different to network TV.

    This week House is in a nearby hospital after suffering a motorbike accident where he sees a man who the doctors have written off as brain dead. House notices obvious brain activity through the patient's eyes and eventually gets him moved to his hospital. All this seems very much like a normal House ep except that most of the ep is seen through the eyes of the patient. This adds a new dynamic to the show as you try and experience the feeling of not being able to communcate as well as what it would be like to get to know House and his crew from a different perspective. The parts of the ep that don't revolve around the first person perspective are about why House was in the area where he had the bike accident as he lives and works no where near the place. This leads Wilson to expect something strange and begins to probe House on it. Much like House's patients, Wilson solves it after 40 mins of wrong guesses.

    The only gripe I have with this ep is that the whole change in style tends to contradict the whole appeal of House. First of all this show is very mainstream in its appearance and were it a less popular show I think many viewers would be put off by the perspective. Also the show is very scripted in its plot and very rarely shells out any surprises and this one definitely surprised me. Not to say I didn't like the format, on the contrary I quite like a change a pace, but this should be a one off in its style. Lets see some regular House next week.
  • House finds himself in a different hospital after a motorcycle accident, and occupies himself by meddling in another patient's case, and finally hijacking the case to his own hospital.

    I liked the completely new perspective of this episode. After 5 seasons of an unconventional, uncaring and verbally brutal doctor such as House (not that we don't love every minute of it, of course!), the show needed the patient's perspective. And it's what this episode mainly does, literally getting inside the mind of the patient and showing us his every thought, emotion and reaction. We can see the agony he feels, how he panicks when he sees that his doctors don't know anything about his disease(that was also needed since House's technique of experimenting on the patient until we find out what's wrong with him might be producing medical results, however it is morally debatable), how he worries about his family and how sometimes the lies the patients tell are not due to deceit but to love. Also, we get to see the doctors of the team from the patient's point of view, and how they sometimes unload their personal burdens on the patient when they think he isn't listening, or when they expect him to recover in order for them to personally feel better (like Taub basing his renewed self-confidence on the patient's communicative skills).

    Taub seems to be back on the team, which is good because I think the team is only just starting to meld. However, I was troubled by the final scene, when House's vision blurs as the elevator door closes. Could it be he is visiting a psychiatrist because of a serious health issue? Or was it just an allusion to the way he "locks" himself inside and isn't capable of finding a way to communicate with the outside world? House is a self-loathing, tortured character who hides behind his defensive mechanisms because the outside world is inaccesible to him. On the other hand, he is heavily abusing the Vicodin and all kinds of painkillers. So it could equally mean one of the two things...
  • House manages to hijack another hospital's patient & cure him, with the team's great help, when the original doctor had written him off as a goner. Fantastic humour, fantastic patient, fantastic episode.

    I don't usually review shows on here, but this episode was so brilliant that the relief made me write !! House has not been itself since the "newbies" appeared and started being boring. I hate not seeing Cameron & Chase, whereas Foreman stays and is as dull as dishwater. However, this episode was wonderful - House at his best, Wilson and their running contest to see who can out-psych who and of course... the patient. Mos Def was awesome, the inner dialogue was perfect and I cracked up when he was reacting to Foreman whining on about 13 ;) Best episode this season by many miles !
  • kutner figures this one out, house helps it along

    The reason i put unoriginal is because of the filming. Alot of the show was shot through the eyes of a patient, who couldnt talk. This was done on Mash in the 70's and was a great episode then. Not a bad idea, but Mash did it better actually, and for those of us that remember that Mash episode, you know what i am talking about.

    however, it was a pretty good episode, ... and the controversey with Taub continues. We find out house is seeing a psychiatrist???

    Kutner is turning into a great doctor, maybe even better than Foreman.

    I wonder how the season is going to end, and if there will be a cliff hanger type thing.
  • Some really great developments

    ok, I really liked the way this episode was different - the point of view first.. It was little confusing first and maybe little destroyed the fluent story telling, but had its purpose and worked it out fine.

    I think this episode was mostly about setting stage for something else as the last scene was really promising but then they ofcourse cut it out.

    It was ok, but there was still something that left me bugging. I am not so sure what.. First I thought the camera work - very moving, wavy.. but no.. it wasn't the story either - it was good, ok, sometimes really fascinating.. so I am not sure what but after watching the episode I felt somehow bad.. like I had watched something unpleasant.. i am not sure why..
  • Interesting POV change

    This was an interesting new perspective. It was interesting to hear the guy's thoughts on House, the team, and other people. His thought on Taub was funny, "Have your mid-life crisis somewhere else." His thoughts on Foreman's jewelry story were funny as well. However, it got annoying after awhile.

    Of course they have to push Huddy…again. It is annoying enough when they had Wilson and Cameron doing it. But people that don't even know them are somehow catching on to something. The SWAT guy somehow thinks Cuddy is dating House because Cuddy wanted to help. Now the patient sees 20 seconds of interaction and deduces that Cuddy likes him? He just found a new job. He can be House's psychiatrist. And of course Wilson had to put his 2 cents in on Cuddy at the end of the episode.

    They made a point the other episode that Chase wasn't a brain surgeon. But now Foreman did the brain biopsy at the beginning?

    I wasn't expecting Cameron or Chase to be in this episode so it was nice to see them. Especially Cameron since she wasn't in 4 out of the past 5. And Cameron showed again that she still has the smarts for the job, which was nice. And House gave her his own type of compliment.
  • Starts w/ House as a PATIENT (wounded due to motorbike accident) diagnosing another patient. Events seen thru the eyes of guest Mos Def's paralyzed charac (1 blink for 'Yes', 2 for 'No'). Ends w/ House having fuzzy vision, his blank eyes on Wilson.

    Loved the episode!!!

    Just wanna share that I noticed something great and curiosity-burning at the very ending of this episode!!!
    This was my initial inkling: that Dr. House HAS this Locked-in Syndrome AND THAT Dr. House had a motorcycle accident because his muscles just froze and his reflexes just stopped working!

    OMG, it all makes sense to me!!!!

    In the latest episode's very final scene,
    when Dr. House himself was inside the elevator AND Dr. Wilson was outside the elevator simultaneously saying something to House,
    the camera focus suddenly became hazy
    JUST LIKE when the camera was fuzzy as the majority of the story unfolded via the point-of-view of Mos Def's sick character!!!!!

    Could it be that [1] Dr. House DOES HAVE this so-called "Locked-in Syndrome" [2] Dr. House's being stricken by this Syndrome was what prompted him to go to New York to see some other doctor
    [3] This Syndrome was what led Dr. House (who's been regularly riding his motorbike for a long time already, ever since Season 1) to get into an accident.

    Remember, Mos Def's character also was riding a bike (that is, a non-motorized bicycle). Mos Def's character was on a bike when he saw an open car door ahead AND YET he suddenly stiffened up and lost control of his voluntary reflexes, which rendered him unable to avoid the impending accident.
    What if that's parallel to what happened to Dr. House?
    What if House was also riding his motorcycle somewhere in NY, when an obstacle lay ahead of him and he saw that obstacle BUT can't move his muscles in order to maneuver his motorcycle and move out of harm's way?
  • Old House in all his old time glory this kind of episodes were the ones that got me hook in this program

    ok, so house goes to new york only he knows why he crash or something like that he finds a new awesome patient he of course has to safe him,being the good people he is, so after a while we learn that rats has something to do with and so he cured him. the real important part for me its that this episode has everything that the old house has, interesting cam angles and everything so good episode they should make more like this one,also i cant wait that Cuddy make a move o house make a move on house so the can you know.....,, ps. the part where 13 gets piss on should be hilarious
  • Could be the best "House " ever!!!

    That could have been the best "House" ever, to be inside the guys brain, from that perspective was great. All the things you think about when you might die, if you are going to die, your wife, your kids, what people might think of you. I recall MASH doing the same idea once, but it really worked well. What was with that blurry ending?? And if the rumour is true, they've really set it up for it being Wilson or Taub to committ suicide? Just when I thought "House" was losing it, this episode brought me back.
  • Who is really the one that is "Locked In"?!

    I really loved this episode. First of all Hurt!House. Always a fan. Super cute when Cuddy was checking up on him!

    Second it was so interesting to hear the comments of the POTW as he was introduced to the new characters. His confusion over the House/Wilson friendship and their bantering was hilarious. His observations of the team were interesting and I really enjoyed his thoughts about House as he learned more about him.

    I also loved what they did with the visuals of the show. The scenes where they're moving from the POTW's home to the place where he cleaned up. Those were some cool effects. I enjoyed how they played around with the POV.

    But the BEST part of the show had to be the last 30 seconds. Wilson ferreting out that House was seeing a psychologist and House's admission that he was going to stop because it didn't work. Talking didn't help. And the real kicker when they switched to House's POV to show how he's really the one that suffers from being locked in. Heart-wrenching and awesome!
  • Mos Def guest stars as a patient who has locked-in syndrome.

    Probably the best episode of the season! Absolutely amazing. This was a VERY original plot for House, which has been feeling a little melodramatic and formulaic lately. This episode had drama, humor, House vs. Wilson, surprises, great acting (especially voice acting by Mos Def), House badgering his team-even the 30 second appearance by Cameron seemed meaningful! Plus the camerawork was phenominal! It really felt like you were inside this guys head-the blinking and everything-it was great. Let's see, hoow many more ways can I say great: spectacular, amazing, fantastic, moving, pulchritudinous, you name it. If every more House episodes are like this, it will be the best show on TV! Hands down!
  • Wow, what an episode.

    I had no idea what was going on in the opening seconds, but as soon as I figured things out I just got hooked immediately.

    To be honest House has been a bit stagnant this season, producing quality episodes no doubt, but having months between classics. Tonight we got an excellent episode that saw the story told through a patient's eyes for about 80% of the time which allowed us to get a different perspective on the group of misfit doctors.

    This was a great story of hope, and definitely one of this year's best episodes of any show.

    The amazing thing is that the preview for next week is hyping up a blowaway episode. I don't know if they can top this, but let's hope they can.