Season 1 Episode 20

Love Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 10, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

At the clinic, an Asian boy, Harvey, is waiting to be treated while House is catching a game with a patient and discussing Cameron's return with Wilson . . . and the fact he has to take her on a date. When House comes out he (literally) runs into Harvey, who panics then has a stroke as House tries to apologize (to avoid a legal complaint).

Cameron shows up to the joy of her fellow doctors and is greeted with the new case. She immediately figures out he has a metal plate in his jaw from a prior injury, preventing a MRI. They come up with alternate tests and House tells Cameron to keep her condition private – it doesn't last long. Foreman visits with Harvey, who is accompanied by Annette – Harvey's parents are dead and he has no other relatives. Harvey reveals he's been grinding his teeth for at least six months and is having trouble thinking of nouns. Annette has some medical knowledge but Foreman is reluctant to involve her but soon has no choice. Meanwhile House is called in to treat an elderly woman suffering from vaginal pains. Ramona's older boyfriend Myron is a bit too enthusiastic thanks to some Viagra. Ramona is concerned Myron go to someone else even though she doesn't want more sex.

Cameron treats Harvey but doesn't come up with much, other then the fact his "guru" Annette has sent him to a bunch of acupuncturists, chiropractors, etc. Chase suspects aneurism from blunt trauma and House goes with his magic 8-ball and Foreman's suggestion. They go in to find Annette seemingly choking Harvey, and Chase figures out she's his dominatrix and was administering carefully regulated erotic asphyxiation. – in return Harvey does her taxes and her yard.

Chase reveals his own background and his knowledge of Annette and they end up going with Chase's diagnosis, and then Myron shows up. He has his own story about how he doesn't want to perform but Ramona insists. As House gives him a placebo, Cuddy congratulates him on dating Cameron. Annette is banned from the hospital due to legal reasons, much to Harvey's dismay. He's also suffering from weakness in his hands – Foreman's treatment isn't making a difference and Harvey's still having mini-strokes. They prepare him for surgery while Cameron and House prepare for their date. Harvey begins to panic again without Annette present and Chase begins to throw some domination moves at him, without much success. They sneak Annette in past Cuddy and Legal to get Harvey to sign permission to undergo surgery. But Harvey undergoes mood swings and yells at her to leave, then goes berserk due to another stroke.

The clinic's lawyer advises they can't operate without his consent or approval from the parents. The lawyer needs a death certificate to prove they're dead and so House's staff is off to track them down. Foreman tries to give House advice on his date, warning some relationships aren't meant to happen. Cameron and Chase are at Harvey's apartment and find nothing but domination equipment and tic tacs. Trying to track Harvey down by phone, Chase gets a hang-up from a Mr. Park and House manages to get through by telling him Harvey is dead and asking him to identify the body. The parents refuse to help their son due to his "proclivities" and refuse to give their consent, and House threatens to make sure everyone knows they refused treatment – they give in. Wilson gives some advice to Cameron, warning that he's concerned about House who may get hurt if he opens up again.

House and Cameron go on their date and House tries to make small talk, without much success. Cameron whips out the Freudian diagnoses, which doesn't go much better. She comes straight out and asks him – how does he feel? House is typically blunt about how she's looking for charity cases after the death of her husband, and he's perfect since he's"damaged." That pretty much ends the date.

Harvey's surgery takes place the next morning as everyone wants to hear the details of their date. The surgeon reveals there's no indication of an aneurism and they discuss other possibilities while Myron and Ramona show up. House reveals he gave placebos to Myron and tells them to face up, then figures out they're having an affair. They figure out they both don't want quite so much sex, but as Myron uses a breath spray House gets an idea.

House talks to Chase about how he found the tic-tacs at Harvey's – he has an infected jaw and the damaged tissue that broke off is blocking off bloodflow to the brain. House drains some pus from inside to verify his diagnosis and orders the metal jawplate removed. Later House goes to meet with Harvey, and Annette who has snuck into the hospital disguised as a nurse. Annette talks about how their relationship is about openness and trust, but House doesn't tell Harvey whether his parents came or not when asked. House is left to study an old photo of a past love.
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