Season 1 Episode 20

Love Hurts

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 10, 2005 on FOX

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  • One of my favorite "House" episodes. (Spoiler warning)

    Cameron comes back to work, but only if House takes her out to dinner on a date. Chase and Foreman laugh about this, while Wilson and Cuddy give some advice. The part with Wilson and the clinic patient at the beginning was funny. The off-key singing was awesome :) As House walks out of the clinic room, he runs into a guy who he thinks is carrying an open urine sample and screams at him. This guy (Harvey) ends up having a stroke, and voila! He's the patient of the week who happens to LIKE pain. Ooh, kind of freaky. It's crazy he pays someone to strangle him, but what's even crazier is that Chase knew the dominatrix girl. Haha. There was also a clinic patient subplot, where an elderly "couple" tells House they're having too much sex, but they don't tell each other. House later finds out they're having an affair. I enjoyed watching House and Cameron's date, and although I'm not a "Hameron" shipper, I wish we could have seen more of the date. I wonder if they spoke much more after House told Cameron what he thought of her? Loved House's reflective scene at the end, the music went great with it, too. All in all, this was a nice episode.
  • Love Hurts.

    House's old episodes are viewed by many as superior to its current offerings, but this was pretty much on par with the most recent season. Not a horrible episode, in fact I rather enjoyed it, but the medical mystery seemed to take a back step to House and Cameron's date, and when that happens on a medical drama it is never a good thing. The Grey's Anatomy episodes that accentuate romance over medicine are lackluster this way as well.

    The scenes with House and Cameron were good though, as these are two of the better characters on the show. I really wish they explored their potential courtship further, but the writers had other plans with her getting together with Chase.
  • The episode we were all waiting for - the date between House and Cameron...

    The main plot of the episode, the patient with the infected jaw, wasn't all that interesting, but of course, House had a few nice jokes about him, and those old patients and their case was very boring which was another reason for my score... But, the main thing of this episode - the date, that was very good! I loved the way House burned Cameron because she saw it coming! I would be disappointed if they hooked up because they are just not right for each other! i don't see what did she (the happy, cheerful person) saw in him, nor I can understand what did he (like a cynic, sadist and a man who have to prove the others that world isn't all that great) saw in her...
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house house exadently triggers a stroke on a clinic patent and he keeps having them and they must figure out why he keeps having them and find a way to stop them also in this ep its final the day that house and her are going to go on a date the cuddy and wilson and the rest of the team are giving adive to house and her and the date does not go as planed house does show up but sorta puts her down becasue he is not really been on dates this was a good ep
  • House saves the day yet again, and Cameron blackmails House into a date.

    Is it just me, or did the whole blackmail scenario bug anyone else? The whole time I was watching this episode, I just kept thinking that if the tables were turned, if it were House blackmailing Cameron into a date, holding her job/salary hostage against possible romantic entanglements, the entire viewing population would be screaming "sexual harassment"!! But for some odd reason, since it's the woman doing the harassing, it seems to be ok. Why is that?

    Is it because the writers are male, and purile? Unable to escape the dream of being "sexually harassed" by some beautiful female, thinking that it would be fun, when the reality is that harassment is harassment, and it doesn't matter who is doing it and whom it's being done to?

    Usually, I enjoy the storylines, particularly House's clinic scenes and this episode was no exception there. But the harassment aspect of the episode really spoiled the rest of it for me.

  • It was good...

    I disagree with Stig14. Cameron only does this to convince House to date her, not to blackmail him. She knows how he feels about her, and she is basically saying that she can\\\'t work with him unless he fesses up. This is prefectly reasonable. Would you want to work with someone who you had feelings for, and felt the same way about you but would not admit it? That would suck. so bad. I give the 8.5 because my older sister and I literally squealed (something we don't fact, never do.) when House agreed to take Cameron to dinner. Besides, it was the first episode where the rein of Vogler had officially ended. I wanted him to get cancer like in House's dream but...oh well.
  • House is my favorite tv show, but I swear: if he ends up with Cameron I'll renounce my love for the series.

    Oh, please! I just loved Detox, when he acknowledges his addiction but does not take the common-sense road to say "oh, I have a problem!". That's exactly why I love the series and the character as well, because it is never obvious. And I just loved when House put Cameron in her place during dinner, saying that it was not him, the person, that she likes, but rather the challenge he represents to her. I just hate those people who make a point on trying to change and "save" the others.

    But the ending left me worried. Because it was implied that he somehow felt something for plain-old-sex-and-the-city Cameron. And if something happens between them, if she somehow manages to "save him"... oh, boy! That will the shark jumping of the millenium.
  • The show's theme is there is pain in love. It applies both to the case being studied and the relationship between House and Cameron. How will it all turn out? Painful and Lovely, of course.

    House is a study in contrasts. He embodies all available rudeness and unkindness on the one hand, and achieves abnormally high levels of compassion on the other.
    The scene of the date between House and Cameron is one of my all time favorites. It tells it all and tells nothing at the same time.
    The whole jaw infection thing is pretty gross, but it did remind me this was in fact a medical show.
    The older couple's affair is one of the more amusing side stories of the season.
    House shows his true nature with the flower. The fact he is nervous about the whole date is as telling as anything that comes out of his mouth. Wilson's friendship is once again a valued part of the show. He helps to balance out and humanize the despicable and wonderful House. This great show keeps its audience entertained in what would have been a filler episode on any other series.
  • Great episode - but left you wishing for more.

    A really fun episode - the taunts, suggestions and advice given by the characters to House and Cameron were as delicious as the date itself.

    I wish we could have got a bit more from the date though - it was over way too soon.

    Interesting how House thought they probably wouldn't date again (surely I've put her off me after that little performance at dinner last night?), but Cameron said she didn't know (he's just trying to push me away, but I don't give up that easy).

    Clearly they are putting off the whole Cameron-House thing for a while - putting it off, but not closing the door on it. Cameron clearly hasn't given up just yet.

    Also loved Wilson in this one - his depth of concern for House clearly demonstrated by his little talk with Cameron, and his show of support at the house before the date heartwarming.

    The medical case was also interesting - and gave us a little more insight into Chase!
  • The date was hilarious but ended sad, but STILL, I don't want them together! It's like dating your dad!

    Just like any other episode, there's always a smart storyline and House saves the day. But the highlight definately was!!!................when House triggered a STROKE against a patient! I thought that was soo funny!
    But really, the date was so funny, but if they end up together, kiss or makeout, someone quick, bring me a bucket.
    Chase and Cam together forever! Besides, they're going out in real life!
  • I was really excited for this episode...

    I really liked this episode. I know that a lot of people seem to think that House doesn't like Cameron but I think he does. When she asked him what he thought of her he never once said he didn't like her he just rattled of the list of reasons why he thought she liked him. On many episodes he's shown little hints of having a thing for her, little looks, some comments...

    I for one wouldn't object if the two of them got together.

    As much as I love his curmudgeon ways, I would like to see him in a relationship... or even a pseudo-relationship.

  • A new viewer

    I only get to watch House on USA because of night classes. I have to tell you, though, that this is a pretty good show. I really liked this episode, though. There is something about Dr. House that is both attractive and utterly grotesque, and I wonder what Cameron sees in him.

    This episode presents House going on his date with Cameron, and his eventful talk down towards her. He really does tear her apart, and I do not understand how she takes it. But, if you look at this episode, you are able to see that this is a well-written show, and this episode provides a great example.
  • A brilliant episode that highlights the realtionship/ relationship problems between House and Cameron.

    i thought that this episode revealed some really interesting relationship points between house and cameron. Cameron has great feelings for house and he may have them for her however he may be afraid of showing them for fear of losing her. Some people say that cameron blackmailed house into the date, however if he really did not want her around then he could have just said no, despite the pressure from Chase and Foreman. Also the viewers never discovered what happened at the end of the date, this leads them to ponder what had happened. I still think that there is something between House and Cameron despite the evidence of the latest episodes.
  • Better than the average episode.

    This episode sort of plays as "the calm before the storm" because it was not quite as intense or emotional as the two preceding episodes, and the next two are basically concluding the first season. Now having seen the previews for the final two episodes, i remember I thought this episode was going to set them up a bit more than it did. It did show House looking at a picture of his ex-wife at the end though.

    This episode was a little odd, but in a good way. The woman was a dominatrix and the patient was a very odd individual. The characters were pretty unique in this one. The symptoms were alright, but the final presentation of the medical problem was interesting.

    Medical Problem: infection in the jaw, bad surgery
    Rating: 9.4/10
  • 50/50

    I didn\'t like the main story. I did like the sub-story line. Cameron forcing House to take her out on a date.
    I did find one little flaw. aroun 16 min and 38 seconds in the show (including the start). Chase starts saying, \"Then we should shedule him for a...\" He said shedule not schedule. (I guess this would fall under triva) There were also a few times when there were references from Sherlok Holmes.
  • The usual a patient with odd symptoms and House dealing with his problems.

    I really didnt care for the situation with the patient. I was more intrested with house and that girl.(i can never remember her name) House just can't except that she wants him. So he's way of being charming is telling her what her problems are. I think what he told her about him being damaged and her just needing to fix things is so true! I mean why does she want him? All the advice their employees gave them didn't even work. I just love the way house can't except people and the way he deals with it!
  • This was a very special episode, we got to see Cameron and House's date, althought it was a little bit of a disapointment.

    So Cameron came back to work. I was so happy because I did not want her to leave in the first place. Chase and Forman thought it was really funny that they were going to go out on a date, and Chase kept makeing fun of her.

    Cuddy was happy to see that House was finally going out for a chage. And Wilson was a bit nervous for House and he talked to Cameron and told her that if he opened up to someone again and he got hurt then he did not think that there would be a next time, so he told her that she better de sure that she wanted this.

    The date ended up being a bust, house was an a$$ hole like always, so they will most likley not be going out again.
  • Weird guy that likes to be strangled and House and Cameron's date

    Okay the guy who liked to be strangled was weird. I really don't understand why anyone would like to be strangled but that is just me. I really found the beginning where House the patient and Wilson were watching something and the patient and Wilson started to laugh at House for going out with Cameron. It was so funny to see the patient call House gay and say stuff about how Cameron wanted him to do her it was so so funny. House running out and Wilson taking the little tv thing was good too.

    House scaring the guy into a stroke was something that House would definaltly do but the way it happened seemed kinda weird.

    The Clinic couple was beyond funny. That old lady and old guy were having too much sex and how they wanted House to lie to the other for them it was just priceless.

    House and Cameron going on that date was really odd. I loved how House was trying to make excuses as to why he shouldn't go. And Wilson and House talking about the date before and after were just really good conversations. And Cameron talking to Chase and Foreman about it was good also.

    It was a Great episode but not Superb.
  • House and Cameron's date was not what I want it to be :(

    Dr. Cameron: I have one evening with you one chance, and I don't want to waste it talking about what wines you like or what movies you hate. I wanna you feel...about me?
    House: You live under the delusion that you can fix everything that isn't perfect. That's why you married a man who was dying of cancer. You don't love, you need, and now that your husband is dead, you're looking for your new charity case, that's why you're going out with me. I'm twice your age, I'm not great looking, I'm not charming, I'm not even nice. What I am is what you need...I'm damaged. and I was like :( :( :(

    I wanted them to be together. And I guess this was the chance of a lifetime. Sure didn't work out, but maybe .. Somewhere I hoped they did. But they didn't.. I know the whole stroy doesn't only go about Cameron and House, for me it feels like it. I know somewhere deep down indside, he does loves Cameron, but doesn't want to get hurt. That's what hurt the most, becuase he will be loved.. by Cameron.

    I'm sorry I'm not writing anything about Harvey.. This was just a House/Cameron thing for me :$
  • The patient shares the spotlight in this episode as everyone is more interested in House & Cameron's date

    Cameron comes back to the hosptial and although House instructs her to keep the fact they're going to go on a date a secret, she informs Chase and Foreman immediatly. The patient Harvey, who had a stroke after talking with House, is examined and his friend questioned but everyone is still more intrigued by the possibility of House and Cameron being together. House also deals with the conflicting views of an elderly couple on sex, each thinking the other one wants it. Wilson and Cuddy offer advice to House and when the big evening finally arrives he even has a corsage ready for her. Cameron unbashedly confronts House on the fact she wants to know how he feels about her. House ends the scene with a speech about how Cameron feels she needs him because he's "damaged."

    I LOVED this episode and I laughed out loud many time. ( Esspcially that one where we hear him and the patient singing "..In a tree,K-I-S-S-I-N-G " about House and Cameron) It was great to finally see Cameron stop just sit around smiling at House and see her get somewhere.This episode was awesome
  • Review

    The long awaited date between House and Cameron went less then what we all expected. House once again shut her down and the next day neither seemed like they wanted to talk about it. After this episode I would really like to learn about Houses past. It was clear he was looking at photos of his former lover / girlfriend near the end of the episode and it would be good to see how his heart was broken and why he isn't able to open up to Cameron like I think he wants to. The case in this one was random, but okay. I've learned the case in question really doesn't matter, the comedy and the inside drama is what makes this show what it is.
  • Definitely not what I expected.

    I thought Cameron & House were going to start dating or something, but the complete opposite happened, House totally dissed Cameron for no apparent reason, she just wanted to know how he felt, so he was just being blunt. Hey! The guy from Harold & Kumar is in it, and his perversion hasn't changed, this episode was sort of creepy for the patient, having his parents hate him because of his weird sex life, how would they know that? I like how Chase & Foreman were teasing House & Cameron throughout the episode, definitely not what I expected but still good anyway.
  • House and Cameron finally go on a date

    I have mixed feelings about this episode, and its my lowest score for this season.

    The patient case just didn't interest me at all, and lacked in any drama. The parts with the patient being into pain was vaguelly disturbing, although it gave away to many of the humourous moments with House and the patients parents.

    What was more interesting was the upcoming date between Cameron and House, and it was this that made the episode a lot better- House reacting in the way you would expect him too. I personally wanted them to make a go of it, but I don't really think House is that into her. Nevertheless, we learn his softer side again when he brings her that flower (seemingly quite out of character), and we also learn more about his past relationship, teasingly hinting at the final episodes of the season.

    The clinic patient storyline was also hilarious, and one of my favourite one of the whole series- it was just a shame that the excellent episode was let down by the lacking patient of the week- a rare lapse in the excellent show.
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