Season 8 Episode 14

Love is Blind

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on FOX

Episode Recap

A blind diabetic, Will Westwood, goes to a jewelry store to buy an engagement ring for his girlfriend Melissa. The owners, Sam and Stacy, help him out and he goes out onto the street with his purchase. However, as Will starts to cross the streets, he suddenly starts hallucinating sounds. Confused, Will stumbles across the street, narrowly avoiding being hit, and collapses on the curb at the other side.

The team gathers in the conference room for differential, but House is on the speakerphone calling from the lobby. He's watching as Wilson escorts a woman in and tells the team to tell everyone that he's at an out-of-state medical conference. Chase doesn't care what House is up to and suggests schizophrenia, but Taub notes that the psych tests proved normal. Park suggests epilepsy and House tells the team to run an EKG. Adams asks who House is hiding from and he says, "Evil." Meanwhile, Wilson brings the woman into the conference room and she introduces herself to the team as House's mother, Blythe House. They lie and tell her that her son is at an out-of-state medical conference.

Melissa checks on Will, who insists that he won't be there long and figures that he just ate something that disagreed with him. Park and Chase come in and Park says that Will has epilepsy, but Chase isn't so sure. Will insists he hasn't had seizures before but Chase warns that he could have had mild ones and not even known it. Melissa hasn't noticed but explains that she hasn't seen him in the last five months because they were on a break. He jokes about it, insisting that he's sure he doesn't have epilepsy because he's acutely aware of his body at all times, and Chase suggests he prove it by taking a test.

In the cafeteria, Wilson and Blythe talk about House, and Wilson says that his friend is doing better than he has in a long time. When Blythe asks if House is happy, Wilson can't answer but she understands. He notices that she has a hospital wristband on and Blythe claims that she was in to have some moles removed. However, Wilson notices that she has a pamphlet in her purse. Blythe asks Wilson to get House to call her at her hotel if he gets back early from his conference and goes to get a refill, and he confirms that the pamphlet is about dealing with terminal cancer.

Taub and Adams run the auditory tests and Taub comments that Melissa is hot. He figures that Will is the one who convinced Melissa to take a break, because women want to break up when they take a break. Adams doesn't buy it and thinks that they're too young to get married. Will starts to convulse but the EKG remains steady, meaning it isn't a seizure. He starts to choke and Taub performs the Heimlich, and they realize that Will is losing his teeth.

The team confirms that Will has lost three of his teeth. House is on speaker phone again and suggests periodontitis, explaining that the infection spread to Will's brain and caused the auditory hallucinations. He orders broad-spectrum antibiotics and goes back to playing video games with Dominika in the children's ward. The children are doing drawings of Africa for House so he can convince Blythe that he's in Africa with Doctors Without Borders. Wilson tracks him down and says that they need to talk, and explains that Blythe is dying. He tells his friend that he should talk to his mother, gives him her hotel, and leaves.

As Park and Taub administer the antibiotics, Melissa starts to lecture Will on his hygiene but then catches herself and apologizes. He suggests that she go get something to eat and then asks the doctors to take his engagement ring and hide it at his apartment so that Melissa won't find it. Will explains that Melissa is the one who wanted a break so that Will would be sure that she wanted to marry him. At Will's apartment, Taub decides to search the place in case they're wrong. Park eats some of Will's ice cream and gummy bears while Taub figures that her low self-esteem comes from a boyfriend who broke up with her. She admits that her college boyfriend convinced her to take a break, slept with three of her girlfriends, and then dumped her. Park realizes that she's eating sugar-free ice cream and candy and spits it out.

House goes to the hotel and finally knocks on his mother's door. She answers it, dressed in a bathrobe, and he storms in and asks to see her medical records. However, when he sees a naked man, House's biological father Thomas Bell, he realizes that Blythe isn't dying. She admits that she put the pamphlet in her purse to fool Wilson and that they wanted House to be the first to know that she and Thomas are getting married.

Will goes into convulsions and they manage to stabilize him. Back in differential, the team disagrees on whether Will has epilepsy or not. Park suggests LSD even though the tox screens were clean. When Taub asks why she thinks that, Park says that she's tripping even as they speak. Park thinks that Chase is a rabbit and Taub is the Tooth Fairy. House just looks like House. Taub tells them what she ate at Will's apartment and House tells them to find out where Will bought the drugs.

Chase and Adams talk to Will, who explains that he took the LSD in the hopes that he might see something. They ask where he bought it and Will says that his girlfriend got it for him. However, he admits that he has a new girlfriend, Julie, and the engagement ring is for her, not Melissa. When they were on the break, Will met the new girl. She's on vacation with her parents and Will gives them her cell phone number, but says that he doesn't want her to know he's in the hospital because she'll freak out. Adams is disgusted with Will, who says that it's not easy on him and he still values Melissa as a friend.

Wilson comes to see House and discovers Park on the couch, giggling. House tells his friend that Blythe isn't dying and that she's having sex with his biological father, but that he isn't interested. Wilson figures that House values Blythe's opinion and must be interested in Thomas, but House denies it.

As Chase and Adams run the scan on Will, she tells Chase how disgusted she is with the patient. They find a black spot on the brain scan and call in House and Taub. House says that it's a clot--a cerebral venous thrombosis--and it caused first the hallucinations and then the seizures as it grew larger. Untreated, it will lead to death. However, it doesn't account for the tooth loss. House believes that it's Behcet's Syndrome, and they didn't catch it because the other symptoms are visual. He tells the team to do an eye exam and goes to check on Park.

Park is going berserk, accusing a rabbit of stealing her teeth. Wilson tries to fend her off and Thomas and Blythe arrive. Thomas is well-acquainted with bad trips and manages to calm Park down, much to Wilson's surprise. When House comes in, Wilson tells him that Thomas can't possibly be related to him.

Chase checks Will's eyes and confirms that it's Behcet's. He leaves Adams to take care of Will's eyes, and he is aware that she thinks he's a jerk. She thinks it's unfair that he's leading Melissa on, and Will insists that they don't work as a couple. He says that he's going to tell her eventually but he wants to do it the right way. Will explains that he originally bought the engagement ring for Melissa, but she said they were going to have a break without consulting with him. He was hurt and felt that she treats him like a child, and tells Adams that Julie doesn't see him like that. She trusts him to make his own decisions and help her make decisions for herself.

House goes back to his office and finds Blythe tucking in the dozing Park. Wilson and Thomas are going over Thomas' scrapbook, which has photos of a young Greg. There are also photos of Thomas and Blythe protesting the war, and House is surprised to learn that his mother went against her husband's wishes. Thomas hugs House and says that they're almost family, and says they'll see Wilson and House later. Once the couple leaves, Wilson explains that he invite them to dinner and said it was House's idea.

Melissa comes to see Will and explains that there was no one for her while she was on break. Will starts coughing up blood and Taub checks him and then says he needs to discuss the case with the others. Once he leaves, Will starts to talk but Melissa tells him not to. He complains that she's always telling him what to do and that he needs to speak. Outside, the team meets and Park apologies, wondering if she kissed anyone. They wonder why their treatment for Behcet's isn't making Will worse, and Park suggests that their treatment caused the clot to dissolve, ending up in Will's lung. She suggests that they continue the treatment, but Adams warns that if he hemorrhages then they won't be able to stop the bleeding. House agrees with Park, and an angry Melissa storms out of Will's room.

Later, Wilson, Thomas, and Blythe wait at the restaurant. House arrives and introduces Dominika as his wife, and says that thanks to Wilson he's now going to be open and honest with his relationships.

As they run the MRI, Adams talks to Chase about how she doesn't really understand handicapped people. He isn't particularly interested, and they confirm that their treatment is breaking down the clot.

House explains in great detail about his green card wedding. Thomas approves of what they're doing, saying the immigration policy is a travesty. Determined to get a rise out of him, House then explains that he's been lying for the last year. Blythe knows that he was in prison, and then says that they got married two months after House's father passed away. House asks if there's anything else, but when they don't say anything further, he says that he confirmed that Blythe's husband wasn't his biological father. Thomas insists that it isn't possible and House shows him his matching birthmark, pulling down his pants. Shocked, Thomas says that Blythe told him that House was born prematurely, and if he had known he was House's father then he would have raised him to not be a pill-popping sociopath. Blythe comes to her son's defense and insists that Thomas apologize, and he storms off.

Will starts screaming in pain and the doctors confirm that his eye tissue is rotting. Chase believes that it's drug-resistant streptococcus and that they have to operate and remove the necrotized tissue. House checks the scan of the clot in the lung and realizes that it's actually a spore infection. Will breathed it in and his lowered immune system meant that it spread quickly throughout his system. House orders the treatment despite the fact that, combined with their previous treatments, will leave Will deaf. Adams gives the news to Will, who refuses treatment because he can't handle any more burdens in his life.

House goes to his office and finds Thomas waiting for him. He apologizes and says that it's great news that he has a son, but House figures that Blythe told him what to say. Thomas admits that she did, and House says that he respected Blythe's husband. However, Thomas says that they have to get along for Blythe's sake and says that he'll see House for dinner.

Melissa comes to see Will and he figures that Adams convinced her to come there to convince him to live. He says that it won't work and Melissa agrees, saying that it's his decision, not hers. Will asks why she came back and Melissa says because she loves him and wants to be with him as long as she can. She goes to his side and says that she will always love him, and he asks if she would love him if he were deaf. Melissa assures him that she would no matter what.

Will takes the treatment and Adams assures Melissa that he's responding. His hearing is gone but they don't know if it's permanent. Melissa takes his hand and squeezes it to let him know that she's there. Will asks her if she'll marry him and she says yes, and Will can hear her.

House comes to see Wilson and asks when he was going to tell him. He saw Wilson take Thomas' fork at the restaurant and figured that he needed proof that the man was House's father. Wilson shows him the results confirming that Thomas isn't House's father, and House is happy that his mother isn't as boring as he thought.