Season 8 Episode 14

Love is Blind

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on FOX

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    The Shenanigans between House and his mother just didnt come to any resolution that was worthwhile diffused by Billy Connoly as his possible father ..what happened to R LEE ERMY who I thought was his father from a previous old episode? The Case--on the other hand was not very interesting (again) until the last ten minutes--the choice between being left blind AND Deaf was not achoice anyone would want to make. I thought the resolution to the episode was too jovial..things do not always work out in REAL life. Also--if this man is Blind, and needing such decision making, where are his parents and relatives? people DO visit their relatives in the hospital. LACKING. As far as Park seeing the others as characters out of Peter Pan and similair was amusing but again, a Gimmick. Cute but too random. Episode was ok,..but still season is so amiss from all previous. Eight episodes to there a reason in this waste of a season they could not have delved deeper into WHO these people are that treat the patients (we never DId learn if Park slept with more or less than 30 ), Adams seems to have been wasted for much of this season, Wilson just holds House's hand, and HOUSE--whatever became of his real nemesis..PAIN and DRUGS...not a word about it this season. Sorry--season is a failure except for a scant two or three episodes..stil lthis one is about a 7.