Season 5 Episode 5

Lucky Thirteen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2008 on FOX

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    Are there dudes saying this episode is bad??? is that why its comment got so many thumbs down???hahahahah. episode was great. this whole series is great. House rocks, season 4 rocks, and lesbian episodes can never get bad ratings. ha-ha-ha-ha literally.
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    Well first I would like to say yay for Cuddy. All of the plots sort of tied together, and in the end, Cuddy is ready and willing to adopt a baby with the help from Wilson of course. Wilson and House playing games on each other I felt like it was a new beginning or chapter in their friendship. (i.e. Finally no more Amber drama) I usually am not a huge fan of Thirteen, but this episode that was focused on her, I really enjoyed. Sort of picked up where last season left off. Huntington's. Her continuing to spiral out of control in the end even after everything she went through in this episode sort of disappointed me. Oh well. Perfect 10.
  • Down we goo.... down the crapper.

    Yeah, don't get me wrong. I LOVE House. I love Wilson. I love Cuddy. I love Foreman. I like Chase. I love Cameron. I love the patients. I love the nurses. I love House's cane. You get the point right?

    But the new team? LOL, I hate them. And 13 is the worst of all.

    13, or as I previously called her, Wannabe-Cameron got YET ANOTHER centric episode, and ruined it... yet again.

    I guess the writers thought it's a good way to gain audience by throwing in some lesbian scenes. True. Olivia Wilde is sexy. And there's nothing wrong with her. But her character... she made lesbian scenes feel BORING!






    I dont care about her. She should've died AGES ago. No, better. She shouldn't have JOINED the show in the first place.

    The writers need to bring back the show to its original state, because the fans and the viewers are obviously starting to lose interest.

    Apart from 13 - everything else was fine. Loved House/Wilson, and the ending with Cuddy, but I just dont think those factors justify the crapfest the rest of the episode was.
  • 13 or 31, she's not 2 bad

    Not a bad episode at all this one. 13 is not a bad character for the series, shes mysterious, shes pretty fine, shes got Huntington's, she swings both ways and shes a replacement for Cameron either way you look at it. And up to this episode I still hadn't made a decision if I liked her or not. So when House fired her, I was like "oh okay, didn't see that one coming...kinda wish she stuck around cos, well im used to her." The episodes plot itself wasn't mind blowing but it was decent in what it wanted to achieve, IMO being to make the viewer see a different side of 13, to accept her, if the viewer hadn't already.

    OK enough about her, good to see the other cast members act marvelously again as always. The ENDING tripped me out though, with the whole House being mute and not even congratulating Cuddy on her good news. I mean, cmon really? HOPEFULLY will be explained in upcoming episodes hey its interesting indeedy. :)
  • Thirteen self destructs...

    Although good in places, this was one of the weaker episodes so far of Season 5.

    Althought I am not a Thirteen hater, I do prefer Cameron and her dilemnas that Thirteen's. Nevertheless, it was interesting seeing her previously composed character self destruct and House fire her (albeit temporarily). It seemed House was trying to teach her to bond with her patient- I love House's teaching methods.

    The idea of the girlfriend was also good, and it added a new dimension, but I have to agree with other viewers that this was a ploy to boost ratings- a disappointing side I haven't seen them use so before.

    House and Wilson are back, and House hires the P.I temporarily to try and find out what hes hiding. Although I found his character interesting, he seems pointless now- he lost a lot of interest now Wilson's back, and seems a flat character! Where was his fancying of Cuddy, for example? It seems like the writers gave up on the idea.

    Overall, however, it was a good episode- just a bit of a drop from the previous couple.
  • Ok...why does everyone hate 13?

    I find this whole dislike/hated of 13 a little weird...yes she was in the episode an awful lot but this wasn't a bad thing. I thought the episode was it focused on her troubles and how she's losing control. I liked how House was analysing I don't understand why people aren't warming to her as a character. A little strange really...

    I like her relationship with House...he wants to know about her and she knows it. I won't deny that she can sometimes be similar to Cameron but then if we can't have her...then why not have 13? She's a good actress, an interesting character. However House is the highlight of the show...he never fails at being funny with his comments about 13 or Wilson.

    Him and PI have provided great scenes...loved the ending as well. We find out Cuddy is adopting...House's face was priceless...was he sad, confused or what? Finally Foreman realises he's really boring...! Great one.
  • Another good episode

    In this episode of House the following happens. 13 spends a night with a girl, who then has a seizure and is rushed to the hospital. Cameron meets them at the hospital and when 13 is asked the patients name, she says that she doesn't know it. House admits the patient, who soon confesses to 13 that she followed her to the bar and only slept with her in order to get to House. She tried to set up a met with him before but was unable to do so. We see learn that 13's condition for Huntington's disease is advancing and House fires her for coming to work after pulling an all-nighter at a night club.
    We soon find out that Wilson is now dating someone new, who used to be a prostitute. All of the team want 13 back, but House is still against it. The team discover that the patient has a condition called LAMB. Houses P.I. goes through Wilson trash and finds needles in there and believes that Wilson is using drugs. Of course House knows that this is not the case, Wilson knows he is being watched and lies about the new girlfriend and planted the needles himself. LAMB of course turns out not to be the right diagnoses. They soon learn that she has a condition, which is not life threatening. House follows Wilson and we soon learn that Cuddy is there and she is adopting a baby.
  • Does anyone really care about 13?

    I don't think this episode was nearly as bad as most people here have been saying. Sure, even the janitor who wears his pants backwards is more interesting than 13, but I for one welcome the idea of her self-destroying. House was right to fire her, that was one of my favorite moments ever.

    It was good to see House and Wilson together again. I think Wilson just needed to get over the fact that Amber was gone and that it was never even House's fault to begin with. As for the PI guy, he's really not that interesting, I hope this episode was the last we'll see of him.
  • Awesome! Sexy

    I really liked this episode because of all the girl on girl action I wouldn't mind watching this one over again. House is his usual self this episode was really hot. One of the better episodes of the season as the sexual overtones made this episode a can't miss. I highly recommend checking this one out.

    Thirteen brings her one-night stand to the hospital after the woman has a seizure. However, the woman admits she slept with Thirteen just so she could get to House and have him diagnose her condition. Meanwhile, House continues to pay Lucas to spy on Wilson.
  • A clever attempt not to compete with last weeks episode turns into a funny and sexy episode. But the entire episode focuses on the fact Thirteen is bisexual, which isn't as interesting as it sounds.

    When you have a great episode such as "Birthmarks" which is an episode they've been planning ever since Season 4 then you really don't know what to do about next week.

    Now what this episode did wasn't try to compete plot wise or story wise. It tried to not make a better episode but still have viewers happy by adding lesbian scenes and funny jokes.

    The humor with House and the case plus House and Wilson was great and very funny.

    But the flaw was the entire episode was shaped around one thing. Thirteen being bisexual. Half of the jokes and half of the scenes all tied in with the fact she is attractive and bi.

    Now it's an interesting theme but an entire episode completely devoted to one theme and maybe a few very small themes isn't very balanced and in turn isn't very interesting or good.

    We have the small themes of House, The PI, and Wilson. Also Foreman was interesting but not as interesting as he was back in Season 1 through Season 3.

    In the end they sort of loosed focus with Kutner and Taub. Which is disappointing but not as much as it should be. In the end it sort of brings us to the realization that we need to change the team around. I enjoyed Season 4 but I think I'd prefer House going back to Chase, Cameron, and Foreman. Although I wouldn't mind adding Taub or Kutner to the formula in the end.

    This episode proves that these characters, or at least Thirteen, aren't really that interesting and that House needs more balanced episodes like in previous seasons.
  • I'm not overly fond of Thirteen in the least but this episode, at the very least, made me realize I can tolerate her.

    I almost feel bad for Remy, almost. I'm not a huge Thirteen fan but this was a pretty good episode, or at least considering she's a character I'm not fond of I was interested in everything. Her interactions with the patient were very sweet and it is very sad that she has even less time then she thought. I don't blame her for spiraling.

    I was however not expected Forman to be affected by her, now granted House is the one who put the idea in his head that is boring and Chase reinforced it but I sensed during that last scene that through Thirteen and her situation Forman is about to make a move to be less boring. Still who else finds it hysterical that after something like 5 years House can still push Forman's buttons in exactly the right way?

    Glad to see Wilson is back in more ways then one, it was pretty obvious that he was lying about the hooker girlfriend though I must admit when Lucas pulled out the trash for a second I thought he maybe was using drugs, he wouldn't account for his where abouts the other morning, but it was just a little to much to be true.

    When Wilson did account for his where abouts I was floored though! I mean whoa, I know they've been working up to this Cuddy having a kid thing but I wasn't expecting that to be it or for it to be happening so suddenly. But what was with House's reaction? I mean he seemed totally floored and totally unable to hide it. Hameron fans brace yourself.
  • Penthouse Forum meets Medical Mystery...

    Very good one liner to describe the ep... I say the penthouse part was overdone. Seriously sick girl in a hospital heating on a (OK ,her last night's lover :roll: ) doctor during the examination?? Unbelievable – literary. And beside of overused sexuality , I think, I'm officially tired of 13 as a character and even more of Olivia Wide as an actress – no matter if she's considered "hot" by Hollywood standards and her career is on the rise. She's a mediocre actress,who makes a cliché (and unfortunately ,oh so often repiting Cameron's storylines ) character even more dull. But, unfortunately again ,they are clearly building Foreman/13 romantic story, so I guess we are up for more 13 later in the season… Is it not so interesting to write for House mainly ? And if so -how come?

    The "medical mystery" part wasn't interesting at all –it seemed more or less OK for the first time watching until they came up with a diagnosis –the autoimmune condition ,which is not that difficult to diagnose really (that no tears/dry mouth thing would be one of the patient main complains ,so.. ),but impossible to pay attention starting the second time - so nice to have a fast-forward option on DVR...Or maybe I just tired of the same old same old stories of the patient going through all the invasive tests, dangerous treatments and endless operations ? They are there to create the drama after all…Right ,but that's when the drama is interesting – somehow it's not much anymore.

    The House/Wilson mutual pranking – another storyline which suppose to be funny and highlight all the sadness of dieing 13 /patient one ,was not the best of them IMO. I'm still trying to understand why, because everything was more or less as it used to – House curious, Wilson "moralizing" (quite happily this time ) ,but it felt wrong all the same. I think, it's the little things –first of all it used to be on the background of the medical story and/or the ark in progress –House solving the case and "hunting" Stacey for instance and while at that interacting with Wilson etc etc.. It changed - H/W stories became stories themselves and lost nonchalance because of it. And IMO the presence of PI Lucas (fun character ,but so out of the place in this show) makes it even worse – it doesn't feel right - House sitting in the car (cafeteria, park bench ) analyzing his relationships with Wilson with another guy.The PI feels more like a House's therapist/PI now – would House go to the shrink ? I somehow doubt that…

    What else is there? Foreman's declared "boring" –OK, but that was kind of a given and again is written to built the story for him and 13…Cameron and Chase are still there ..a little, which is more and more pathetic considering the producers are still keeping them in main cast listing – I can only imagine how many questions their walking along side of House during the opening credits rises for the new fans, who haven't watched first 2 seasons ,"How come House is diagnosing (in transit;) ) with a surgeon and the ER doctor?..oh, but I know the third one – he's Foreman, House's boss…or maybe not.." :roll: ..And the prelude to the Cuddy's adoption story we are going to have in the next ep. I have mixed feelings about the scene – on one hand all this happiness around the baby crib shopping was nauseating –come one, what's next Wilson's hosting Cuddy's shower? On the other House's pause to "Are you going to congratulate me" and his,"If you are happy, I am.." raised so many questions. Did he feel betrayed by both Cuddy and Wilson for not trusting him? Did he get bored and out of place in this stork-themed place with his happy-happy (why it suppose to be that uplifting thing –looking for a crib?:roll: ) friends? Or…?...I guess we may find some answers in the next ep I hope it'll be more to Caddy's adoption story then recycled from "Finding Judas" and "Fetal Position" ideas, because, really ,how one of the reviewers so rightly quoted House –ideas aren't soda cans, recycling sucks…
  • house-joking-willson put aside, the episode was meant to gain new "customers"...

    ...and loose some on the process! a friend's sending me these recorded episodes from the US but my family and friends will only see them on TV next month, and they're NOT gonna enjoy it... I mean sure, i'm straight and i can't deny 13's just plain HOT. even better when she's lookin miserable (i must have the wilson syndrome). However, the episode should be a lil better constructed as it gives the wrong impression. I mean, it's good to see these new characters FINALLY developing, but to the average onlooker it just seems they're selling lesb sex to raise auditions. I did enjoy the house-wilson scenes but for some reason i haven't been able to actually laugh out loud more than 2-3 times in this new season... something's missing...

    oh, and to some of u who got it wrong: house didn't really mean to fire her, he was just "waking" her up. dunno if to help her or himself though, LOL!
  • 13's personal life hits her worklife head on when one of her one night stands in admitted into hospital for a mysterious disease (surprised?). A slow return to form for House!

    I must admit I thought that the best of this show was well behind it but the last two eps have given me hope of good things ahead.

    This ep sees 13 being the centre of attention as her struggle to cope with her eventual death looms over House's crew as one of her one night stands ends up in the hospital with a mysterious illness. This whole mysterious illness thing is nothing new to the show but having thefous off house for long periods of time sure is. At first I was a little worried about this tact but House is in enough scenes to keep things interesting and move the story forward. This ep tells you two things. The first is that things are changing and the other is that 13 is a ticking time bomb set to go off any day now. This keeps the show interesting but at the same time keeps the formula the same. The first few eps of this season showed that if you mess with the formula you are in deep trouble. Now all that was missing here was more screentime for house's old crew. Seriously the sooner they are back full time the better!
  • A well written episode, but with some very questionable priorities.

    A well written episode, but with some very questionable priorities.

    This episode raised some mixed feelings - though it was well written on the whole and better then many episodes we've had lately, it still concentrated on the wrong characters.

    The main question is - who needs one more episode in which 13 is at the main character? And so early again on the season? I get it that the show wants to attract some new audiences - but at this rate the title of the show will soon be changed from House to 13... I can't recall too many episodes where any of the team members got so much exposure as she's getting in all the seasons combined. I'm not too crazy about the character to begin with, though imo she's still better then Cameron, but that doesn't count for much.

    The POTW story was pretty lame on the whole and the diagnosis was quite sloppy and made very little sense and/or drama. It's a real shame that House is hardly a medical drama anymore. If the potw was there to serve a purpose for us to see 13's emotional side (while again recycling the old Cameron's cliché "I love you so much better when you're dying"...) then the purpose was lost - because OW just didn't deliver the goods. There must be more then one expression this actress can explore, isn't there? Guess not...

    Either way, the "dying bi-sexual doctor" theme feels so very fake, not to mention the recycled scenes - guess that's what happens when the writers of Hunting and Sleeping Dog Lies meet. Bottom line for this storyline should be: we get it - we really get it! Now can we move on please? Thanks in advance.

    All the rest was much better though - the House and Wilson part of it was light hearted and them pulling pranks at each other was very good. I liked the fact both were equally into it - the milk and doughnut was great and so was Wilson's "hooker" and then with His "drugs" - with House catching it on so quickly was pure fun. Though it's a shame some things still never change when it comes to Wilson: he's still a manipulative liar and once again plots with Cuddy behind House's back, right after he promises him "nothing has changed".

    Cuddy's storyline with the adoption was quite a downer. The "no woman can be happy unless she's a mother" cliché seems to be back on - like the show needs one more cliché. At least the fact she kept it from House made some sense, as we know he was all about the importance of genes early on and she had reasons to believe he's not going to approve.

    But his expression (HL at his very best again) at the end showed he was hurt by her and Wilson's hiding it from him. What a pair those two are... and House's "If you're happy - I'm..." was great. For a brief moment that was the good old complicated House all over again - which in itself is a very good thing but at the very same time is a sad reminder for all that has been lost since the show began... But it was great the line was so ambiguous - it felt he wanted to say that good old cliché but just couldn't finish the sentence. He knows he can't share Wilson's and Cuddy's idea of what happiness is - it's obvious he's o.k. with it and at the very same time he's not... Excellent moment.

    Then there's the Foreman revelation - he's boring! Seriously? We didn't notice that at all up until now. Thanks for pointing it out. And now it has come to his attention what does he do about it? He boldly takes of his tie... Wow - how impressive. As for the fact it looks like he's going to hook up with 13 soon - it's so scary I don't want to even go there. 2 actors with 1 expression is really more then one can handle in a lifetime. Hopefully this awful idea would be ditched soon - after all - so many more important and interesting issues were ignored before - so this one most definitely should...

    Lucas the PI is back and it seems that when he's part is not overdosed he can be fun. But still - there are already way too many characters around and it's just too much. Though I'd take him instead of the useless Chameron pair any time...
    At least Cameron's involvement with the case was somehow justified in this episode - though there must be something that can be done about the poor woman's wardrobe - having to wear those ugly pink ER uniforms at all times must be tough on anyone. And Chase being yet again the wonder boy surgeon who can do it all - is so pathetic and repetitive there's really very little to say about him. At least he had one nice scene with Foreman.

    Kutner and Taub were almost nowhere to be found this time around but let's hope they're not going to be compensated with 50% of any of the next episode... If there's one thing this show needs more of - it's House...
  • Review

    Didnt care enough to even watch the final 20 minutes of the episode. The House - Wilson dynamic is back, but House is still paying the spy to get details on him. I no longer see the point in paying for the spy treatment. I thought the Wilson-House hostility would last longer, so I figured the spy would hang around for about a half a season. Now that Wilson is back - I dont really care to see him at all anymore, personally. I mean, he's a great actor and I liked his guest roles on Six Feet Under a lot, but he is no longer needed. The entire case was just as boring as you can get. I don't care about thirteen and her drama, not at all. This shows expectations have dropped massivly since 4x01 which is one of the only episodes post-old team i thought was good. This show will forever be judged as a show that shouldnt have messed with an original formula. Season Five ranks among the bottom, right there along with season four.
  • All about Thirteen

    So, we have very one char specific episode and as I have no problems with char development, so I think it was good episode. We had the major thing going around Thirteen the way she was used and what she is going on her life and she gets fired but in the end, she is back - so no harm done, nothing changed, we just had one episode.

    I most say I enjoyed very much the little substoryline of Wilson back and how he fooled House with everything. And having that private investigator around adds much for the show, in my point of view. I like that other kind of friendship House and he has to contrasts to House and Wilson friendship.

    The writers continue to shove 13 down our throats and I continue to be bored. I must have accidently changed the channel during the first commercial because I was no longer watching House, I was watching 13 MD. I kept looking at the time, thinking it had to be over soon. The writers think 13 having hot girl-on-girl sex will improve ratings but it is having the opposite affect. I don't care about 13 and don't care how she is handling her diagnosis. House's reasons for firing 13 were completely plausible. However, his reasons for hiring her back weren't. She was fired for her personal life getting in the way of doing her job. At the end, she was having sex with another random person so presumably she is still doing drugs as well. The only way her personal life doesn't get in the way of her job again is if the writers choose not for it to happen. And it won't get in the way of her job again because she is the writers' pet. If 13 got fired for real, they wouldn't have anything to write about.

    Wilson tricking House into thinking he was dating a hooker and doing drugs was good. The Foreman and Chase conversation was good. With Cameron in the first 2 scenes, I thought we might get lucky and she would be in more, but nope. Her 45 seconds of time were up and the writers had to get more 13 in.
  • Thirteen gets her own episode.

    I get the impression that the thirteen character will not be around next season. It appears that her Huntington's is progressing faster then expected and in the world of television that usually means weeks rather than years. The only thing I wonder is whether or not she has the acting chops to document a young woman's decent into hell. So far all I have seen of Olivia Wilde's acting skills is an undeniably sexy pout and vacant stare.

    The House/Wilson relationship seems to be back on track and we finally seem to be seeing some conclusion to Cuddies baby ambitions.

    Everyone thinks that Foreman is boring ... me included.
  • Basically the whole episode centres around thirteen...again...

    It seems that this season all of the episodes have been pretty much the same (something that NEVER used to happen in House). There has mostly been a woman around the same age the majority of times (being the patient), and once again, this episode is all about Thirteen and her disease. Let me just say that not even Cameron, Chase or Foreman have ever had an episode named after them. It even took Wilson 4 seasons and quite a while for HOUSE. I am so sick of hearing about Thirteen. I find her boring, bland and just plain uninteresting. The medical case in this episode was just stupid, I think the writers are getting lazy or something.

    The lesbian storyline was OK, and I loved House and Wilson and Cuddy's interaction. But I just kind of think House is losing its spark, you know? I go back and watch repeats on dvd (and let me tell you, I am an obsessive House fan and have been since the day it aired)and the repeats are wonderful. Everything about them is just ten times better. I don't like the new team and this episode did not change my mind about them one bit. The medical cases, the characters, the storylines and even the fandom has gone down since season 4 and 5, and this episode was no different. Bring back the old ducklings!!

    I'm sorry if you don't like my opinion, but this is what I think and I have every right to express what I think =]
  • Girl Gone Wilde, Girl Gets Fired

    This was an episode to showcase Thirteen. Apparently, her Huntington's is progressing faster than thought. She starts living like there is no tomorrow - drugs, hot sex. House feels it is starting to affect her work and cans her. Will she be back?

    There is a sick woman who wants to get House to work with her. She has a one night stand with Thirteen and has a seizure the next morning. Mission accomplished. There are many twists and turns before the team comes up with the proper diagnosis.

    There are some interactions that seem insignificant now that will make more sense in later episodes.

    Lucas is back. Wilson has a secret and House has to find out what it is. Wilson is a crafty little bugger and has House completely thrown for a loop. All becomes clear at the end of the show.
  • We get more info on Thirteen; House and Wilson's friendship is back on track.

    No matter what they do, I just can't connect with Thirteen. This episode ALMOST got me there, but I still can't make myself care about her. She's still annoying, and Wilde is mediocre at best which just doesn't cut it when she opposite such a fine line-up. Putting my thoughts on Thirteen aside, the my storyline was well-done and intriguing. The secondary storyline, I found much more interesting. It's a relief to see House and Wilson together again. For me, this is what makes the show so much fun. Laurie and Leonard are both excellent actors and play well off of each other. The twists and turns in this week's plot were a perfect, entertaining example of that chemistry.

    Above average marks for Plot 1. A+ for Plot 2.
  • a revealing episode

    Thirteen holds her own in an episode that's mostly all about her. Angry, confused, sad, and scared over what she knows will be a horrible death by Huntington's, Thirteen's careful, controlled demeanor slips as she starts experimenting with drugs and picking up random chicks. Her latest lover happens to be stricken by an unknown disease. The team once again has to solve the mystery while Thirteen is unwilling and psychologically unable to help. Meanwhile, House and Wilson's friendship, even though Wilson made up with him, is not all patched up and House still has his trusty spy keeping tabs on his best friend. This episode gets its strength from focusing on the characters. House is still having Wilson trouble, Wilson is returning back to his routine and having House back in his life, and Thirteen is struggling over what will become her end and succumbing to a wild lifestyle to compensate. It's revealed that Forman is seen to be boring because he's always so composed and collected, aside from a few teenage mistakes. Forman tries helping Thirteen through her problems and to me, his concern is a little more than mutual towards her. Personally, I'd like to see Forman have a relationship with Thirteen. The possiblity's there. Sadly, I don't think it will come to pass. And it's revealed Cuddy's looking to adopt a baby and all of a sudden, House is unusually invested in the ordeal. It was great seeing Chase again; I'm still dying to know if he and Cameron will ever fully get back on the show again or if they'll forever be squashed on the side. The medical mystery wasn't exciting this week because of the focus on the characters and the show needs to get back to being a medical mystery. Other than that, another great installment and the buzz next week: *Spoiler: House and Cuddy kiss!!!! Hopefully next episode will be great.
  • Well despite being mostly boring, this episode was kinda revealing.

    Well despite being mostly boring, this episode was kinda revealing. We do get a little incite to how Thirteen is dealing with her Huntingtons. Dr. Foreman also gets to step into the spot light a little bit, which I really enjoyed.

    I really enjoyed the scenes with House and Foreman, and Chase and Foreman. Those scenes made me nostalgic for the first 3 seasons. Seriously; Chase, Cameron, and Foreman are much stronger and more interesting characters than the new team ever will be.

    I love the interactions between House and Wilson. Wilson played a great joke on House. It might be just me, but I think the on screen chemistry between Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard seems to have improved.

    There were several good moments in this episode, but it didn't make up for the boring plot.
  • Oh so boring.

    It's frustrating when really bad scritps happen to good shows. Tonight's episode is what happens when writer's forget what makes a good show great and use boring sex in place of an interesting storyline. The patient of the week is a one night stand of Thirteen's who uses the out of control doc to get Dr. House to treat her mysterious symptoms. Once again, the writer's have tried to give us a storyline where Thirteen must confront her fear of death and yet again, the audience is left with little read to care about such a wooden character. Wilson's return and the return of PI Luke were the most memorable parts of the show. Wilson and House's friendship hasn't changed too dramatically but House and his juvenile potty humor could use a rest. The most out of sync part of the entire story was Cuddy's sudden announcement that she's been accepted for adoption. At least it's comforting to know that the writer's haven't forgotten about this storyline so here's hoping they get this storyline right.