Season 5 Episode 5

Lucky Thirteen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 2008 on FOX

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  • Thirteen self destructs...

    Although good in places, this was one of the weaker episodes so far of Season 5.

    Althought I am not a Thirteen hater, I do prefer Cameron and her dilemnas that Thirteen's. Nevertheless, it was interesting seeing her previously composed character self destruct and House fire her (albeit temporarily). It seemed House was trying to teach her to bond with her patient- I love House's teaching methods.

    The idea of the girlfriend was also good, and it added a new dimension, but I have to agree with other viewers that this was a ploy to boost ratings- a disappointing side I haven't seen them use so before.

    House and Wilson are back, and House hires the P.I temporarily to try and find out what hes hiding. Although I found his character interesting, he seems pointless now- he lost a lot of interest now Wilson's back, and seems a flat character! Where was his fancying of Cuddy, for example? It seems like the writers gave up on the idea.

    Overall, however, it was a good episode- just a bit of a drop from the previous couple.
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