Season 8 Episode 13

Man of the House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • Irritated by shows conclusion

    I'm one of this shows biggest fans. House is one of the 3 shows I actually truly like. This episode however appears to be the beginning of the end though (hope not) and here's why:

    1) The result of the patient's decision is that having dangerously less testosterone, makes him a better person specifically for his wife and career (even though he admited testosterone makes him feel like himself, clear and great). This sounds like the message for this episode is that men are better off without testosterone. As if Testosterone is the cause for most or all men's problems. If "testosterone" is the problem, then why not solve all of the male characters of House's problems by removing most of all of their Testosterone. That would solve Gregory House's problems appearently. I find all of that to be very illogical.

    2) There was no Gregory House to have a smart argument with the patient about the issue at the end. It simply ended with the patient throwing away his manhood. That seems very weak and non-House to me, and actually pretty disappointing. I was hoping for an end conclusive argument to be something that points out that testosterone can be both good and bad as well as estrogen in women, and that you need to be a mature grown up to find the balance and be the best version of yourself. But instead the message was, Testosterone = bad so throw it away. That's both illogical and actually sort of misandrist.

    Is the show "House" loosing it's touch? This is the show I go to for deep and smart debates about the finding the truth, exploring many sides to a problem, yet this episode seemed very onesided and with no real thought provoking conclusion.

    Again, if the show really is insinuating that Testosterone is the male problem and that men would be better off without it, then that basically solves all Gregory House's problems, which makes his character no longer interesting because of how simple the solution for him would be, and makes everything that has happened to this point, kind of meaningless.

    Anyway, thats my feeling on it. Just my opinion.