Season 8 Episode 13

Man of the House

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • Insulting

    Being an actual practicing physician, I cannot watch this show. The inaccuracies and illogical leaps made drive me crazy. Last night, however, the TV was on, and I got drawn in. Big mistake. The topic itself led me to guess the writers are female, and sure enough, I confirmed it. What an insulting story line. So a man is better if he is castrated? That is the gist of the plot. Ignore all the potential harmful side effects of low testosterone, or gloss over a few at the end, all in the name of being a more sensitive male. Give me a break. It may not be politically correct, but there are big differences between the sexes, and like it or not, we evolved that way for a reason: both aspects of human behavior are necessary to successfully procreate. Next time, have a plot about a woman who chooses to have her ovaries removed so she can have sex without risk of pregnancy with her mate, and see how far that gets you before you hear the women's groups scream at you. Geez...