Season 7 Episode 4

Massage Therapy

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on FOX

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    Finally, they give Chase an actual storyline! I was starting to think he was just there to say something in his funny accent, and for House to make fun of what he said in his funny accent, but we actually got to learn a little bit about his emotional state post-Cameron and has someone who misses the two of them together on this show, that was refreshing.

    The House and Cuddy stuff was also not too bad either. The prostitute masseuse seems like something straight out of a raunchy comedy, but David Shore knows exactly how to incorporate this kind of stuff into this show without it seeming too over the top.

    The case of the week was good as well, and I loved the horror movie-esque opening scene.

    Great House tonight!
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    Well this episode goes to show that this season is getting better and this season has definitely progressed from the first episode of the season. We've got interesting cases and dynamic characters, even an interesting romance, just like the glory days of House.

    Looks like this show is going back to the norm, and I'm enjoying every minute of it, just like this episode. The medical mystery was very intriguing and the result was quite unexpected, definitely caught me off guard, if anything else. The patient having schizophrenia, I would have never guessed since she just came off as a pathological liar in the beginning.

    I really don't get why they put Olivia Wilde in the opening credits, I mean her replacement comes rolling in to House's team only 2 weeks after Thirteen's leave. I couldn't warm up to Dr. "Kelly", and I was happy that she quit in the end, Chase's interest in Kelly was just as uninteresting as Wilson rekindling with his ex-wife unfortunately.

    The House/Cuddy plots are getting way better and they make sense, and this time around, it was the humor of the episode, and at the end we got some emotions with House having dinner with Cuddy's daughter, really good development. So all the plots were pretty much great. Great impressive episode of House.
  • Uneasy mix of strong drama and a sitcom premise.

    I'm a huge fan of HOUSE and have supported its plot tangents and questionable story arcs from the beginning. I liked the Tritter episodes, the rehab stint (aside from when he got onstage to sing rap), Thirteen (who seems to get inexplicably severe criticism on this site)... If the show didn't open up to new ideas and allow the characters, including House, to grow, it would've gotten boring. And while I didn't care for the first episode of Season 7 that much, I figured it was a necessary exploration. However. This epsiode reduced House and Wilson to one-dimensional sitcom characters put in a position that was both ridiculous and unbelievable. The medical portions of the show were up to par, but I hated seeing House and Wilson reduced to doing a third-rate Lucy and Ethel impression. Especially when you go back to an earlier episode which briefly featured a child swallowing a coin (or something metal) and House placed a magnet on the kid's abdomen to prove it was no big deal and on its way out. That was more in keeping with the reality of his character. I'll admit the final gag was funny, but I hope this episode was just an aberration. I expect the House/Cuddy relationship to end by the end of this season, so maybe this was just a lighthearted romp to set up the downward emotional spiral.