Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 2004 on FOX
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When a virus is spreading among the hospital, infecting six babies, House and his team must make decisions that could compromise the lives of the babies.

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  • Nothing like a good baby epidemic to lighten the mood.

    Seriously, this was the kick in the leg the series needed at this point. Everything was too episodic until a cool epidemic virus comes and starts killing babies. This episode really made me question whether or not House is a good person (generally the answer is a bit of both, but for telly it's all different of course); and a show that makes you think that much about something is always a good one, the other good show that does this is Dexter. I came to the conclusion that House is a force for good but he needs to be forced to be a force for good.

    But anyway, daym: babies gettin' sick. So House and his team of frowny concerned doctors get right on the case. This was a tense episode, and it actually felt like there were some stakes at play, so kudos to the writers. Still needs some character development, but it has made up for it in other areas, so it's okay for now.moreless
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the show house there is a virus spreading through out the hosptal and its spreading amoung babies and house and his team must figure it out and thing is its comes down to sacrifing one patient to save the rest of the babies and one of the babies dies and house ends up figuring it out this was was a good ep and i thought it was well done and it showed that house is not one of those shows were none of them die . i thought it changes from the rest of the showsmoreless
  • This episode was extremely good, but a little depressing because of the new born babies dying. The only thing was that it seemed a little unethical for a hospital to be giving out stuffed animals to new borns...moreless

    This episode was extremely good, but a little depressing because of the new born babies dying. The only thing was that it seemed a little unethical for a hospital to be giving out stuffed animals to new borns. I mean wouldn't they know that is a major way that infections spread? I mean they are doctors for pity's sake. The poor mothers, I can't imagine losing a new born. All in all it was a great episode.moreless
  • It's a nice show and the dialogues are very witty, but if you've seen one episode you know how the rest will be.

    Although it is located in a hospital as many other shows, it doesn't copy any of them. It's a standout hit amongst other shows which debuted last season, and I really enjoyed watching a few episodes of this show.

    Problem is, that the stories are repetitive, and so are the once brilliant dialogues. House needs some kind of a jolt.
  • baby case

    Well last night episoide was intresting wasn't it, i mean having patients beening baby was good. Last 3 episoide have adult patient so it was intresting to see how house dealt with it. what i find so intresting was if he wasn't in matunity doctor louge he wouldn't of known about case and only reason he was there was to watch his Soap. it's intrestingly planned.

    ok, so one baby died, that's hard but it provides intresting look into Cameron who seem to have a problem telling patient that their baby dead but it goes deeper then that because when House at end of the episoide question her, he kinda of suggested she had personal experience of this, if that's true it makes a little bit more intresting, i'm hoping in future episoide we might find out. What got me here was fact he cared enough to ask her about it?. He's does take his job responiablity of his speciast team quite seriously.

    i liked women who found out the baby was her husband and i really like how she asked him to deliver the baby, The only reason he agreed was to watch his soap, so i'm really begaining to like this chacter. next week episoide looks very intresting.moreless
Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Edelstein

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Omar Epps

Omar Epps

Dr. Eric Foreman

Robert Sean Leonard

Robert Sean Leonard

Dr. James Wilson

Jesse Spencer

Jesse Spencer

Dr. Robert Chase

Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison

Dr. Allison Cameron

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie

Dr. Gregory House

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the scene where the team is working on the baby boy, Chase keeps saying that the baby has gone into ventricular-fibrillation or v-fib, which is when the heart is disoriented to the point where the blood won't flow properly, when is goes into view of the heart the heart is stopped. That is called asystole, not ventricular fibrillation.

    • At the beginning, when the baby first starts spitting up, and the parents say she hasn't eaten anything yet and there's nothing to spit up. Yet later when House presents the case, he says the baby was 36 hours old when it started spitting up. Babies are fed well within 36 hours of their birth.

    • While generating a list of possible viruses that are causing the disease in the newborns, Wilson reports that ribavirin, the first-line antiviral for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), was ineffective, which should rule out RSV as the likely cause of the present illness. But Cuddy eliminates herpes virus instead, and later on RSV is actually added to the list.

    • When House and his team are listing viruses that might be causing the infants' infection, they rule out the herpesvirus family, but cite cytomegalovirus as a possibility. Cytomegalovirus is a member of the herpesvirus family (human herpesvirus 5).

    • Dr. House very clearly states the date: December 2, 2004. But in the last scene, when he tells the doctors he will deliver a baby in March, one of the doctors exclaims "That's five months from now!" Even the end of March is only four months after the beginning of December.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • House: We have an epidemic!
      Dr. Cuddy: Two sick babies is very sad, but it doesn't prove an epidemic.
      House: How many do?

    • Dr. Chase: Good news: No epidemic.
      Dr. Foreman: (to House) Tragic, huh?

    • House: Lift up your arms. You have a parasite.
      Jill: Like a tapeworm or something?
      House: Lie back and lift up your sweater. You can put your arms down.
      Jill: Can you do anything about it?
      House: Only for about a month or so. After that it becomes illegal to remove, except in a couple of states.
      Jill: Illegal?
      House: Don't worry. Many women learn to embrace this parasite. They name it, dress it up in tiny clothes, arrange playdates with other parasites...
      Jill: Playdates…
      House: (showing her sonogram) It has your eyes.

    • Pregnant Girl/Jill: Do you think you...
      House: No
      Pregnant Girl/Jill: ...could do the prenatal...?
      House: No
      Pregnant Girl/Jill: ...or deliver the baby?
      House: That would be "no".
      Pregnant Girl/Jill: Okay...

    • Pregnant Girl/Jill: Thank you so much. I gotta get you a gift or something.
      House: Sometimes the best gift is the gift of never seeing you again.
      Pregnant Girl/Jill: Okay, all right!

    • House: This is our fault. Doctors over-prescribing antibiotics. Got a cold? Take some penicillin. Sniffles? No problem. Have some azithromycin. Is that not working anymore? Oh, got your levaquin. Antibacterial soaps in every bathroom. We'll be adding vancomycin to the water supply soon. We bred these superbugs. They're our babies. And they're all grown up and they've got body piercings and a lot of anger.

    • House: How's Cameron?
      Dr. Foreman: Dr. Cameron?
      House: Sure, let's start with her and move on to all the other Camerons we know.
      Dr. Foreman: I'm sorry – I'm just not used to you asking about someone's well-being.
      House: I can understand how the question would surprise you. I don't quite get how it would confuse you.
      Dr. Foreman: Why do you want to know?
      House: Why do you want to know why I want to know?
      Dr. Foreman: Just curious.
      House: Me too.
      Dr. Foreman: You don't get curious.
      House: I'm the most curious man in the world.
      Dr. Foreman: Not about trivialities.
      House: Then this must not be trivial.

    • House: I sometimes forget patients. I thought you were this idiot who didn't know how to use birth control.

    • Charlie: C'mon, Jill - he obviously doesn't want to talk to us.
      House: Oh, I was trying to hide it...

    • Dr. House: The most successful marriages are based on lies. You're off to a great start.

    • House: If (Cuddy) doesn't solve this soon, her head's going to explode and I don't want to get any on me.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Well, there's got to be something in common.
      House: Yeah – that would be the difference between an epidemic and a coincidence.

    • House: Get up. We're going hunting.
      Dr. Chase: For what?
      House: Wabbits.

    • Dr. Cuddy: Shrink. If you would consider a shrink, I would pay for it myself. The hospital would hold a bake sale, for god's sake.

    • Dr. Wilson: I'm still amazed you're in the same room with a patient.
      House: People don't bug me until they get teeth.

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